Scenario:Rin Shibuya - The Sword and the Song

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The Sword and the Song

One night, (Captain) and company come out to the deck of the airship, guided by the beautiful song that echoed throughout the cabins. There, they find Rin pouring her heart out as she practiced her singing. Although she is already a talented singer, Rin explains that she continues to strive for improvement for her fans. The party was moved by her dedication, but the conversation is interrupted by a sudden attack. Rin's singing also drew in the monsters nearby.

One night... Rin appears on the deck of the airship and takes a deep breath.
Rin: Well...
Lyria: Huh? Is that... a song? Who is that...?
Vyrn: Hmmm... What a soothing voice.
Rin: Whew... Guess that's it for today...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Rin: Wha... S-since when were you...?
Vyrn: Heh heh! We heard the whooole thing! I didn't know you were such a great singer!
Lyria: Yeah! Why do you sneak away to sing when you have such a beautiful voice?
Rin: Ah, well... that was just practice... for voice training. Kinda.
Lyria: Umm... you were practicing? But you're already so good!
Rin: Thank you. But I don't ever want to stop improving.
Rin: I want to always give my fans the best performance I can give. And...
Monster: Gwooooogh!
Vyrn: Whoa... Shouldn't have let our guard down at night! Get ready! (Captain)!

The Sword and the Song: Scene 2

The party defeats the monsters and decides to get some rest. Rin's expression was grim. Unlike the peaceful world she had known, one must fight for survival in the skydoms. Experiencing this truth first hand, Rin was beginning to wonder whether her song and dance were worth anything to those who lived in this world. As if to add injury to insult, the party is suddenly attacked by the remaining monsters.

Rin: Whew... You can never let your guard down in this world.
Lyria: Haha... Y-Your world was really peaceful, right Rin?
Rin: Yeah... You wouldn't get attacked by monsters just walking down the street, at least.
Rin: I never had to fight with a sword in hand like this either...
Rin: ...
Rin: Hey, (Captain). It might be weird of me to be wondering this, but...
Rin: Are things like song and dance meaningless in this world...?
Lyria: U-Ummm... What do you mean?
Rin: I mean, in a world where you have to fight to live, how valuable could just singing and dancing be?
Lyria: Oh no...!
Monster: Gwooooogh!
Vyrn: Damn it! There were still some of them left! Take 'em down! (Captain)!

The Sword and the Song: Scene 3

Rin wondered whether her song and dance could save anyone in the skydoms, where one must fight for their life on a regular basis. She expressed her concern that her life's passion could be worth less than a single sword, but (Captain) and company reassure her. Her confidence returns when they convince her that her talent is a wonderful thing that can bring smiles to the lips of all who hear her.

Monster: Guoooargh...
Rin: Pant... Pant...
Lyria: Rin... about earlier... why did you...
Rin: I wonder if I could save someone with my song... like I could with a sword.
Rin: Could I become someone's... something?
Lyria: I... don't know.
Lyria: B-but! Your singing was so beautiful...
Lyria: So I think... it can make a lot of people smile!
Rin: To make people smile...
Vyrn: Hmph... Lyria's right! Don't you think that's worth something?
  1. I want to hear Rin sing more.
  2. I want Rin to sing more.

Choose: I want to hear Rin sing more.
Rin: Thank you... there's nothing that makes me happier than hearing that.
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Choose: I want Rin to sing more.
Rin: Thank you... I would love to sing more, too...
Continue 1
Rin: Yeah... you're right.
Rin: Sorry for asking such a weird question. Sigh... maybe I'm just tired.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Then stop staying up late and go to bed!
Rin: Alright, thanks Lyria, Vyrn. And you, (Captain).
Rin: Maybe I was about to lose sight of what's really important.
Rin: I won't forget what we talked about tonight. Well, good night.
With that, Rin returns to her room.
The next day, Rin invites (Captain) and the others to a small musical street performance.