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Messy Memories

The crew travels to an island where a prosthetist lives, a man who could make an arm for Kaisar. However, the materials needed for the arm can only be found in a fog-filled forest dense with bandits. Rita lends Kaisar her assistant, Rocky, who is actually Kaisar's zombified left hand. The crew then loses track of them in the fog.

The crew begin searching for a prosthetic arm to help Kaisar.
The crew heads to a town where there is rumored to be a legendary prosthetist.
Prosthetist: I'm sorry but I can't help you.
Rita: Why?
Prosthetist: The materials required to make an arm reside in a forest full of bandits. I can't secure the needed items.
Rita: So if we get you what you need, then you can make the arm?
Prosthetist: That's correct.
Rita: Got it. We'll go collect what is necessary ourselves.
And so the crew heads for the forest where the materials can be found.
Lyria: Gulp... Do you think ghosts live here?
The forest gives the crew shivers. It is a dark place perhaps because the sunlight cannot make its way through the trees or perhaps because the fog above blocks it.
Rita: Sigh... How can you be scared of ghosts? Are you kidding me?
Lyria: Huh?
Rita: What's the difference between me and a ghost? I'm undead too.
Lyria: There's a huge difference! I mean you're you!
Rita: Nonsense...
Rita hides her faint smile behind her harsh words.
Kaisar: You all really have taken a liking to Rita, haven't you?
Vyrn: Hm? Sure we have! She's our friend!
Lyria: Exactly! And you are too!
Kaisar: M-me? I'm your friend?
Vyrn: Duh.
Kaisar: ...
Rita: Now you see why I'm so comfortable around them.
Kaisar: That I do...
Rita: This fog sure is getting thick...
Vyrn: Yeah. Don't get separated. Getting lost here would be bad news.
Rita: Agreed. Kaisar, don't leave my side under any circumstances.
Rita: If you go off by yourself again, I'll be sure to give you a good spanking the next time I find you.
Kaisar: R-Rita... Do you have to single me out...
Rita: You've got priors. Plus you're my patient.
Rita: Don't cause me to worry about you any more than I already am.
Kaisar: Gulp... I suppose you have a point.
Rita: I know.
It's my job to protect you, so let me.
Rita: This fog is just getting worse...
Rita: I think we should take all extra precautions. I'll lend you Rocky.
Rita: If something happens, just having one arm is going to be a problem.
Kaisar: Rocky?
Lyria: Umm... Who is Rocky?
Rita: My assistant. Rocky, say hi to everyone.
Rita opens her bag and out comes Rocky.
Lyria: Eeee!
Vyrn: Aahhhh!
Kaisar: !
Rita: How rude. Scream like that and you'll make Rocky cry.
Lyria: B-but it's a hand! It's a moving hand!
Rita: Of course. A zombie hand does that.
Lyria: Of course? Is that common knowledge?
Kaisar: H-hey... Rita... Rocky isn't... That's not my...
Kaisar: N-never mind... It couldn't be...
Rita: Rocky, I said say hi. This is Kaisar. He's your father.
Kaisar: So it is my hand!
Rita: Until we get him a prosthetic, you will be his helping hand.
Rita: You don't have a problem with that, right?
Kaisar: I do have a problem!
Rita: So you're okay in your current helpless state? What are you going to do when you need both hands?
Kaisar: I...
Rita: It's temporary. No one's asking you to use Rocky forever.
Kaisar: All right...
Rita: Good. Let's continue.
Lyria: Rita... did... to... Kaisar's...
Vyrn: Huh? Hey! Where'd they go!
The crew searches, but Rita and Kaisar are nowhere to be found.

Messy Memories: Scene 2

As the crew searches for Rita and Kaisar in the thick fog, everyone begins having hallucinations. Rita appears and explains the fog is causing their visions and uses Rocky to find Kaisar. Rita then leads the group into battle against the bandit controlling the fog.

The crew are searching for the lost Rita and Kaisar in the fog.
Vyrn: W-what do we do? With this fog, we're not gonna find them.
Lyria: But we have to keep looking!
Footsteps are heard from behind the crew. They quickly turn and find Rita.
Lyria: Rita! I'm so glad we found you. Where were you?
As Rita approaches Lyria, her figure comes into plain sight, only to reveal a bandit.
Lyria: !
Vyrn: Lyria! Look out!
Bandit: Agh!
The bandit attempting to strike Lyria is taken down by (Captain) in the nick of time.
Lyria: Thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Thank goodness you're safe. But what just happened?
???: That was a hallucination.
Lyria: R-Rita?
Vyrn: Do... you think she's the real thing?
Lyria: Umm...
Rita: It's me. Or are there other walking zombies like me around?
Rita: What proof do you need? Should I fling my arm at you?
Vyrn: Sigh... That's her all right.
Say, why did we hallucinate earlier?
Rita: It must be the fog. The bandit I took out said as much.
Rita: Swallow this.
Rita hands each of the crew members a small, round pill.
Lyria: Umm... What is this?
Rita: This will prevent the hallucinations. Just take this, and you won't have them anymore.
Rita: Once you've had it, let's go searching for Kaisar.
Rita: I'm sure his hallucinations have already begun.
Rita: I told him not to make me any more worried than I already am.
Rita: Didn't I tell him not to leave my side...
Vyrn: How do you plan to find him... Do you know where to look?
Rita: Yes. Kaisar is with Rocky so I know.
Rita: Because I made Rocky, I am always aware of his location.
Rita: Let's go.
With that Rita makes for the deeper part of the woods.
Rita: I can feel Rocky around these parts...
Lyria: Gasp! Over there! Kaisar looks okay!
The crew runs over to Kaisar.
As the crew approaches him, he unsheathes his sword and readies an attack.
Lyria: K-Kaisar?
Kaisar: Tell me, bandits! What have you done with Rita and the others! Answer me or else...
Vyrn: B-bandits... What's he talking about!
Rita: The hallucinations have taken him. We look like bandits.
Vyrn: What! What're we gonna do?
Rita: Sigh... Why do you always fall for the same thing?
Rita: Kaisar, wake up.
Rita launches her zombie arms at Kaisar, and the blow knocks him back.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Kaisar: R-Rita? Why would you do that!
Rita: I had to stop your hallucinations. Be grateful.
Kaisar: My what? What are you...
Rita explains the effects of the fog to the confused Kaisar.
Kaisar: Is that what happened... I'm sorry. To think I raised my sword to those I owe my life to...
Rita: I didn't mind. I knew that was going to happen anyways.
Kaisar: Tch...
Vyrn: So... what are we going to do now? It's not like we can find our way back with this fog...
Rita: Yes we can.
Rita raises her arm and fires it again.
???: Aaagghh!
Lyria: The fog is clearing...
Vyrn: There's somebody over there!
Rita: That bandit is responsible for the hallucinations.
Bandit Mage: Ugh... How did you know where I was? And why doesn't my magic work on you!
Rita: Your magic only affects the living. I'm a zombie so it doesn't work on me.
Rita: As for your location, my assistant told me that.
Kaisar: Rocky!
Bandit Mage: Eeee! W-what is that! A hand?
Rita: There's no reason to answer since you're about to be gone.
Rita: We need to find the materials for Kaisar's arm.
Rita: So we don't have time to waste on you.

Messy Memories: Scene 3

Once the bandit has been defeated, the crew gathers the materials needed for Kaisar's prosthetic. After the prosthetist has completed the arm, Lyria asks Kaisar and Rita what they will do next. The two express their desire to join the crew; everyone welcomes these new additions.

Bandit Mage: Damn it! I'll remember this!
The bandit utters a worn expression and leaves.
Vyrn: He's getting away!
Rita: No he isn't. He needs to pay for what he did.
Rita fires her arms yet again.
Bandit Mage: Eeee!
The bandit manages to dodge Rita's arms at the last moment.
Rita: He's faster than I thought. What about this?
Rita regains her arms and fires again. Her shots go over the bandit's head.
Vyrn: Where ya aiming! You miss—
Rita: My aim was perfect.
The arm suddenly ricochets.
Then it slams straight into the bandit's head.
Bandit Mage: Agh!
Rita: Good. Now let's get to gathering.
Lyria: Ummm.... Okay...
The feeling of shock is shared throughout the party, but nonetheless they begin searching for the needed items.
Rita: Kaisar, how's the arm?
After giving all the materials to the prosthetist, he creates a left arm for Kaisar.
Kaisar: It's fine. It feels a little off... As if it just doesn't belong.
Rita: It's your first prosthetic, so that's to be expected.
Rita: You'll get used to it.
Kaisar: Agreed. At the very least, now I can wield a sword properly.
Lyria: Hehe... I'm happy for you, Kaisar.
Kaisar: It's all thanks to this crew.
Rita: Yes it is. I too owe thanks to all of you.
Rita and Kaisar thank the crew and bow their heads deeply in appreciation.
Lyria: So... what will you two do now?
Kaisar: I was thinking about that. May we stay with you?
  1. Sure, but why?
  2. Do you want to become a knight?

Choose: Do you want to become a knight?
Kaisar: It's not about that.
Choose: Sure, but why?
Kaisar: I want to know more about all of you. I want to know why Rita trusts you so.
Kaisar: So would that be all right?
(Captain) smiles and nods in agreement.
Kaisar: Thank you. For now, we are at your service.
Rita: We'll probably cause some trouble, so I apologize in advance.
Lyria: Hehe... Don't worry about that. We're friends after all.
Vyrn: Yeah! What she said!
Rita: Thanks...
The crew's kind words bring a smile to Rita's face.