Scenario:Robomi - Robomi, Online

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Robomi, Online

Tyrias has turned (Captain) and Nicholas into hybrids, and he's using them to attack the research vessel. Robomi awakens from hibernation, and her personality data is uploaded into a combat-ready body created by Nicholas so that she may protect the people once more.

A new threat to the skies arises in the form of Tyrias the Destroyer.
(Captain) and Nicholas fall into Tyrias's hands after an intense battle. They're injected with abomination cells and mutated into hybrids.
The pair proceed to thrash the Rashomon Research Vessel as pawns of Tyrias.
Abomination 1: Mogygyaaa!
Vyrn: Doc! The ship's barrier can't take any more!
Dr. Rashomon: We're out of options!
Abomination 1: Magyooon!
Vyrn: Waaugh! They're flooding into the ship!
Vyrn: We gotta scram real fast!
Abomination 2: Graak!
Abomination 3: Griik!
The abominations are having a field day inside the hangar of the research vessel, destroying the Robomi replicas and Giganteses.
Abomination 2 & 3: Ungoko!
Eventually the abominations approach one machine that appears older than the rest.
Robomi: Incoming abominations detected. Activating emergency protocol. Startup. Commencing attack.
Robomi: Joint angle initialization failed. Unable to start up.
Abomination 2: Magyooon!
Robomi: Joint angle initialization failed. Unable to start up.
The Robomi replica's advanced state of wear prohibits her from booting up.
There is no way for her to repel the incoming abominations.
???: Accessing the Repulsion Field Vacuum Circuit, database code 6d6567756d69.
???: Activate artificial personality data saved under this domain up to the subconscious level.
???: Beginning communication protocols. Estimated time to completion: 50 milliseconds.
???: Confirming initialization and integrity of data reference.
Robomi: Robomi.
???: Data string confirmed. Moving to next cycle.
???: Are you sure you want to reactivate?
Robomi: I will reactivate if I am needed to fight.
???: People are fighting abominations as we speak. But that doesn't mean you have to join the battle.
???: The people have grown strong. Their primitive weapons combined with their tenacious will have put them on equal footing against the enemy.
Robomi: I have a reason to fight. I can still turn the tide in this conflict.
???: The people will most likely triumph once again.
???: But it will come at a price. Your intervention could certainly spare them that.
???: Moving to the next cycle. Confirm you are capable of fact recognition and resolve.
???: Your spirit was crushed in the wake of a battle. It drove you to convert your flesh to steel.
Robomi: Fact.
???: You were administered a plethora of stabilizing agents. After your brain developed an immunity to medicine, electrical impulses propelled you to fight without emotion.
Robomi: Fact.
???: It must have been torture to go that far to fight for someone.
Robomi: Affirmative.
???: You are no longer needed to fight, Robomi. You don't have to return to that cursed steel body.
???: There is a combat program of your caliber that exists as your proxy.
???: Despite these facts, do you still intend to fight for the sake of others?
Robomi: Yes.
Robomi: If there is anything I can do to save someone, then I choose to go into battle.
Robomi: That is why I parted with my own body... and my own son.
???: ...
???: Understood. Communication protocol completed. Proxy combat program will run in the background.
???: Robomi's personality data will now be uploaded into an assault frame.
???: You will be surrounded by hostiles. Exterminate them immediately after activation and save those people.
???: I was prepared to fight myself, but who would've guessed dormant data would voice an objection.
???: Oh well. That's your choice. But the odds are not exactly in your favor.
???: Good hunting.
??? & Robomi: Robomi: activate.
Robomi: (The memories of the aftermath of my self-destruction have recompiled. It seems I have rebooted.)
Robomi: (There is a lot of noise interference. Optics, voice recognition, and sensors are all malfunctioning.)
Robomi: (No maintenance plan was put in place to guard against the degradation of any of these components.)
Robomi: (It is nothing more than a lump of metal created by extremely inexperienced hands that reverse engineered our technology.)
Robomi: (My old body became a template to produce others. That's what this new body is.)
Robomi: (I see. Nicholas has not forgotten me.)
Abomination 1: Magyooon!
Abomination 1: Gyagya!
Robomi: (Abomination terminated. The situation is dire. This facility has been overrun by abominations.)
Robomi: (Not only that, but my dear companions are about to experience the worst.)
Abomination 2: Shabebe!
Abomination 2: Ayii!
Robomi: (Second abomination terminated. Visual and audio detection are malfunctioning, but I know they are here.)
Robomi: (I will fight again. Initiating locomotion. Readying armaments.)
Robomi: (This will require brute force, but I can correct sensor noise by modifying the BIOS.)
Abominations: Pyopyopyo!
Robomi: Large enemy force detected.
Robomi: (That is fine. As long as I can protect the ones important to me, I will fight.)
Robomi: Commencing offensive operations without commander authorization.
Robomi: (That is what I was reactivated for.)
Robomi's soul embeds itself within one of the machines built by Nicholas.
She vows to return again and again, always prepared to fight with all her might until the end of time.