Scenario:Ryan - A Heavy Heart

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A Heavy Heart

(Captain)'s crew and Ryan, having gone to great efforts to save the town, are hailed as heroes. Ryan cannot hide his bewilderment at day-to-day life in the town now that he is so acclaimed. Ryan's little sister, having anticipated a situation like this, sends a letter to him, and he decides to head back to the village where he was born to take a break.

Ryan: Hyaaa!
Thieves: Waah!
Ryan, the warrior who wields a giant axe. Together with (Captain) and the others, he confronts the bandits who were attacking the town.
Ryan: Look out, (Captain)! Behind you!
Responding to Ryan's warning, (Captain) turns to strike the thief who had been approaching from behind.
Thief 1: Ergh! Damnit...
Thief Leader: What...the hell is going on? How can two people...defeat all my men?
In the heat of battle,(Captain) looks at Ryan and, feeling the bonds of their friendship, thinks back to when they first met.
Ryan not in crew

Long ago, (Captain) and the others headed for a village in the mountains in search of a place to stay. They were stopped by Ryan, who was guarding the village.
Ryan: I can't let anyone enter the village. The Village Chief asked me not to.
Ryan feared the party might be thieves in disguise, but soon realized his mistake and decided to join them chasing out the real bandits who were attacking the village.
Afterward, they rested up back in the village, and since it no longer needed a guard, Ryan asked to join the party on their journey.
Ryan: (Captain), you're so young, but you’re leading all of these people on a journey. I'd like to travel with you and learn from your bravery.
(Captain) agreed, and Ryan made up his mind to travel with the party.
Ryan: Ha!
Ryan bounds like an animal and, with one hand, throws his giant axe.
Thief 2: Agh! Ugh...
The axe flies at terrifying speed directly into a man who had been aiming a gun at (Captain) from afar.
Thief Leader: What the hell! How did he know?
Ryan: Intuition.
Thief Leader: Agh!
Vyrn: Wh-whoa! Ryan's intution is right on the money!
Ryan: wan't just intuition. I smelled gunpowder. That’s how I knew he was been hiding there.
Vyrn: Huh? Gunpowder? But I didn't smell anything...
Ryan: You didn't? Well, it was faint... It doesn’t matter. Let’s get back to town.
Ryan picks up his axe with a smile, and (Captain) gives him a nod. They and the party head back to town.
When they get back, many of the townspeople offer them words of thanks.
Townsperson 1: Ha, ha, ha! I'm glad we let you guys handle this! I knew Ryan the Hero could do it!
Ryan: "Hero"? That doesn't sound right for a guy like me. I’m not even close to that special.
Townsperson 2: Oh come on, don't be so humble! You saved our town, so you're a hero to us!
Ryan: Uh, okay...
Ryan mutters, and smiles uncomfortably.
Ryan: ...Hey, (Captain). Excuse me a minute. I'll be right back.
Ryan finds somewhere quiet and lets out a tired sigh.
Ryan: ...I just can't get used to this.
Vyrn: Huh? Get used to what?
Ryan: Oh, Vyrn...and (Captain). I didn't realize you were following me.
Lyria: We’re sorry. But we were worried about you.
Ryan: Heh heh...You don't need to apologize. And as for what I said earlier...about not getting used to things...
Ryan: I meant that my skill in battle, my senses of sight and smell, and even my intuition are all getting better. I can feel that every time I fight.
Ryan: doesn’t feel right.
Ryan: I left home to earn money so my sister could have a better life...and then the next thing I know, I'm traveling around with all of you.
Ryan: And now, everywhere I go people call me a hero... It's just too much for me.
Lyria: Hee hee! Isn't it a good thing do be called a hero? We’re proud to have you in our crew!
Ryan: ...Heh heh, proud, eh? Well, if you say so. Maybe I’m just getting tired.
  1. Okay, you can borrow Vyrn!
  2. Let's rest here for a while!

Choose: Okay, you can borrow Vyrn!
Ryan: Wh-what! Borrow Vyrn? I-I can hug him and squeeze him?
Vyrn: Haha! You bet! Hug away!
Vyrn: I mean...Hey! I am not an object! You can’t just lend me out like that!
Ryan: Heh're right. I’m sorry.
Ryan: Thanks for trying to help me feel better, (Captain).
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Let's rest here for a while!
Ryan: No, I don’t have time to rest. I have to earn money for my sister.
Ryan: But thanks for trying to help me feel better, (Captain). I appreciate it.
Continue 1
Ryan smiles sadly. (Captain) can't think of what to say, and things start to feel awkward.
Ryan opens his mouth, searching for something to say, as if he, too, is trying to break the tension.
Ryan: Um, so....yeah. Mind if I tell you about my sister?
Vyrn: Oh, sure! If you don't mind. We're all ears!
Ryan: Heh heh. Her name is Conlon, and she looks really good in a straw hat. She is just sooo cute...
Ryan: And she's also a farming genius! Conlon’s vegetables are the best in the skies!
Ryan: And she has really good intuition, like me! Heck, better than me! She can even hear the sounds of insects, and the wind!
Vyrn: Haha! She sounds pretty amazing!
Ryan: She is! Heh heh, my little sister really is amazing! She's cute, she's beautiful, and she can do anything!
Beaming, Ryan pulls an unopened letter out of his bag and shows it proudly to the party.
Ryan: She always sends me letters like this. And I always write back, of course.
Ryan: Her letters are always about the same things, but I can feel the love in them!
He opens the letter and starts to read. Suddenly, he freezes, his eyes wide.
Curious, (Captain) peeks at the letter.
"Enough already. Take a break."
Ryan: Hah, hahaha... There’s no fooling her.
Ryan: I guess she noticed...that I’ve been wanting a break.
Lyria: Haha... She really does have good intuition. Oh, Conlon...
Ryan: Well, if Conlon says so... I guess I’ll take a break.
Vyrn: Really? Well in that case! Let's head to your home town! I’d love to meet your sister!
Ryan: ...Good idea! Heh heh, let's do it!
Ryan: How long has it been since I've been back? Now I'll get to see Conlon again! Heh heh heh... Oh, I can't wait!
Ryan: But (Captain) have to promise me one thing.
Ryan: You might fall for my sister, and that's fine...but lay a finger on her, and you’d better prepare to die!
(Captain) nods, intimidated by Ryan’s indescribable intensity.
Ryan: All right then, it's a promise. Now, let's care of any jobs we still need to finish up!
Ryan: Then we can head for my hometown! I'm coming to see you, sis! Just you wait!
Vyrn: Wow...Ryan becomes a totally different person when he starts talking about his sister...
With a wry smile of agreement, (Captain) sees the joy in Ryan’s face and thinks about how that may be the first time in a while that he looked so deeply happy.
The whole party is delighted at the idea of going to Ryan's hometown.