Scenario:Ryan - The Backwoods Bodyguard

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The Backwoods Bodyguard

(Captain) and company visit a mountain village, where they're mistaken for bandits by a young man trying to protect the village. The crew tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but the man seems to only have eyes for Vyrn.

Another day, another adventure.
One night (Captain) and company visit a mountain village in hopes of securing some overnight lodging.
Vyrn: Look! I finally see the village!
Lyria: Wow... It sure took long enough to find.
Vyrn: Anyway, I bet you're beat too, (Captain). Phew... the things I'd do for a big, fluffy pillow...
Lyria: Wait... there's someone at the village entrance. Maybe they can help us find an inn...
Ryan: Please leave.
Vyrn: Hm? What's your problem?
Ryan: No sir. No one's getting in here. Orders from the chief.
Lyria: Er... did something happen here?
Ryan: Bandits. This village can hardly sleep for fear of an attack. Are you friends of theirs?
Vyrn: How dare you! Do we look like a bunch of bandits to you?
Ryan: Grrr...
Vyrn: What?
Ryan: Grrr...
Lyria: E-excuse me! Vyrn's got a bit of a mouth on him, but I can assure you that he's not a bad little guy.
Ryan: Ah, sorry... Seems I got ahead of myself.
Lyria: Huh?
Ryan: Critters don't lie... and they certainly don't keep company with bad folk.
Vyrn: Who are you calling a critter? I mean, I know how I look, but still!
Ryan: What the?
Vyrn: Hey! Where do you think you're going?
Ryan: Something is afoot... I can sense it. Over yonder...
Lyria: Wait. You dropped something. It's so cute! Is this a stuffed—Yikes!
Ryan: You didn't see, did you? That's right! You didn't! Got it?
Lyria: Uh, yeah...
Ryan: That's right! You saw nothing!
With that, Ryan dashes off to find the bandits.
Lyria: Ah! Hold on just a second! (Captain)! We should help take care of those bandits!
Vyrn: Sounds good! Let's get rid of 'em so they'll let us into the village!
After rooting out the bandits with Ryan, (Captain) and company return to the village to find a warm welcome.
The crew leaves the village after a night of well-deserved rest.
Vyrn: Wait a hot minute! Why are you following us?
Ryan: We got rid of the bandits, so the villagers said maybe I need to look elsewhere for work...
Ryan: Besides... my little sister used to tell me something. She said I needed more pluck.
Ryan: (Captain) is still so young and already the leader of a crew. That's exactly the kind of pluck I need.
Vyrn: Say what? What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Pleased to have you.
  2. It's no walk in the park.

Choose: Pleased to have you.
Ryan: Thank you...
Ryan: I used to look after the critters back home. You won't have to worry about Vyrn while I'm around.
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Choose: It's no walk in the park.
Ryan: I'm ready, and there's nothing I can't do with a cute little critter by my side.
Ryan: You know, kind of like Vyrn...
Continue 1
Vyrn: Seriously, dude? Again with the critter talk!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria? That thing he dropped yesterday. What was it?
Lyria: Hehe. I'm not telling. But it was super cute and fluffy... Maybe he'll let me touch it one day.
With the addition of a burly, brotherly warrior, the crew continues on with fresh new energy.