Scenario:Sara - Shedding Tears

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Shedding Tears

Sara enjoys herself at the rocky shores. Intrigued by a sea hare, she takes a step further and unknowingly ventures into a giant sea anemone's territory.

With an invitation from Jin, the crew visits the house of Kaz, their fisherman acquaintance.
After a pleasant chat, the crew sees Kaz and Jin off to the Fisherman's Guild. They then decide to go for a walk by the rocky shores.
Volenna: Sara, Lyria, watch yourself around these rocks. The edges can be pretty sharp.
Volenna: And be careful not to touch those creatures. Some of them are poisonous.
Sara: Okay, I'll be careful.
Lyria: Of course!
Vyrn: Sigh... Volenna can be a little overprotective at times.
Volenna: Hm, did you say something?
(Captain) and Vyrn shake their heads.
Lyria: Let's get going, Sara!
Sara: Okay!
Lyria: Wow! Look, Sara! The pool here has so many fish!
Sara: Really? Wow, there's a lot of tiny shrimp too!
Lyria: I wonder if these are baby shrimp.
Sara: Haha, they must be... Gah!
Lyria: Wah! What's wrong, Sara?
Sara: What is that huge slimy thing over there?
Lyria: Umm, isn't that just the shadow of that rock...? Aah! It's a giant slug!
Volenna: Ah, I believe it's more commonly known as a sea hare.
Lyria: Yikes! Are you sure it's okay to touch that, Volenna?
Volenna: No worries, it's not poisonous. Here, you try touching it too.
Lyria: Umm...
Sara: I'll touch it!
Volenna: Try placing it back in the water.
Sara: Ahaha, it's so soft and squishy!
Volenna: Heh.
Vyrn: Hehe, it's great to see even Volenna so relaxed for once!
Sara and Lyria smile and wave to Vyrn and (Captain).
Sara: (Captain), let's go over there together!
Just as (Captain) approaches the girls...
Graphos: !
Sara: What's wrong, Graphos?
Sea Anemone: !
Sara: Eep!
A giant sea anemone leaps out from behind a boulder. Graphos protects Sara from its sudden attack.
Sea Anemone: !
But the giant sea anemone is not deterred and latches one of its tentacles onto Lyria.
Lyria: Aaagh!
Acting quickly, (Captain) slices the tentacle grasping Lyria, causing it to pull back.
Sara: Lyria! Are you hurt?
Lyria: I'm okay. But the sea anemone looks angry!
Volenna: Heh, I bet it thinks we're invading its home.
Sea Anemone: !
Vyrn: Whoa, it looks ready to fight! Let's do this, (Captain)!

Shedding Tears: Scene 2

The giant sea anemone grabs Sara with its tentacles and slams her against the rocks. Thankfully, Volenna and Graphos step in just in time to save her from the impact.

Sea Anemone: ...
Sara: Whew. It's finally calmed down. Now we should get out of here.
Sea Anemone: !
The giant sea anemone catches Sara off-guard and wraps a tentacle around her ankles.
Sara: Huh?
Volenna: Sara!
The giant sea anemone hurls Sara's petite body toward the rocks.
Sara: Eep!
Volenna: !
Volenna leaps into the air and catches Sara in her arms.
Sara: Volenna!
Graphos: !
Right before the two land against the rocks, Graphos appears just in time to save them.
Volenna: Ugh... Are you okay, Sara?
Sara: !
Sara: Why...
Sea Anemone: !
Vyrn: Oh no! Looks like we'll have to take it down again, (Captain)!

Shedding Tears: Scene 3

Jin goes to console Sara, who ran off in a fit due to a misunderstanding with Volenna. When the teary-eyed Sara returns to the crew, Volenna embraces her and they share an emotional moment.

(Captain) and company defeat the giant sea anemone and leave the scene.
Vyrn: Geez, that was a tough one. Are you doing all right, Lyria?
Lyria: (Captain) saved me, so I'm all right! How about you, Sara?
Sara: ...
Volenna: Is everything okay, Sara? Are you in pain?
Sara: Volenna, you dummy!
Volenna: ?
Sara: !
Sara runs off in a sudden fit.
Lyria: Wait, Sara! What's wrong?
Though concerned about the whole ordeal, the crew is unsure how to react.
Sara: !
Kaz: Hey, wasn't that Sara just now?
Jin: Hm, she appeared somewhat troubled. I'll see how she's doing.
Sara: ...
Jin: ...
Sara: Ah, Jin...
Jin finds Sara seated by the shoreline and sits down beside her.
Sara: ...
Sara: Hey, Jin... I said something terrible to Volenna.
Jin sits there quietly as Sara spills her heart to him.
Sara: For some reason, I feel sad every time Volenna rescues me.
Sara: Volenna has always been with me as far back as I can remember... But that's because I was the Priestess of the Dunes.
Sara: She would rescue me every single time, no matter how painful it might be for her.
Sara: Even after leaving Sable Island, she's never left my side. It's almost like I'm tying her down.
Jin: I see...
Seeing Sara hold back her tears, Jin goes to pat her on the head.
Sara: I hate myself for thinking like this.
Sara: I just can't hold it in sometimes, and I just want to scream. Then, I end up snapping at Volenna.
Sara: Even though I know how much she cares about me...
Sara: I feel like such an awful person, acting selfishly and causing trouble for Volenna all the time.
Jin: The fact that something like this bothers you is proof of your kindness and intellect, Sara.
Jin: I consider those your greatest strengths.
Sara: I'm not kind at all. I just don't want to feel bad or go through these painful experiences.
Jin: Really? I get the impression you're conflicted only because you wish for Volenna to live freely.
Sara: ...
Jin: You know, I really like you and Volenna. That's why I want you two to depend on me more and give me some of the burden.
Sara: Huh...?
Jin: Haha. Making me share the burden is your right as my close friend.
Jin: So, the next time something's bothering you, I want you to talk to me or anyone else on the crew.
Sara: Jin...
Sara: I... I... Sob...
Sara: Eeagh...
Jin: Aww, come here, Sara... It's okay, Sara, it's okay...
Jin (Event) not in crew

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Jin (Event) is a crew member

Meanwhile, Volenna and the others remain dumbstruck.
Kaz: Hey, guys! I just saw Sara run off all alone. Did something happen?
Lyria: Umm, how should I put this...
The crew explains Sara's sudden fit.
Kaz: I see, so that's what happened...
Volenna: You know, I'm actually a bit relieved that Sara did that.
Volenna: She spent her childhood confined in a castle, always obeying the orders of adults.
Volenna: I was worried she'd never be able to be her true self while I was around.
Volenna: So, seeing her vent her anger at me like that was, in a way, reassuring.
Volenna: Heh. I suppose my role here won't last much longer. Sara will probably leave my side so she can be truly free.
Kaz: Hm, I see the situation differently, though.
Volenna: Huh?
Kaz: Well, there are different types of fits. Sometimes, people just want to be understood; other times, they're just worried.
Kaz: I wouldn't jump to conclusions so fast. From the looks of it, Sara just needs someone she can really talk to.
Volenna: !
Volenna nods in agreement to Kaz's advice, and decides to stay by Sara's side.

Continue 1

Shortly afterward, Sara returns together with Jin.
Volenna: Sara...
Sara: !
Sara hides behind Jin in embarassment.
Regardless, Volenna runs up to embrace her.
Sara: Sob... Waaah!
Sara: I'm so sorry, Volenna! Sob... Please forgive me... I...
Volenna: Do as your heart wills, Sara. Understand that I'll always accept you for who you are.
Volenna: You can tell me your needs and wants. You can throw a fit when you need to. Whatever the case, I'm here for you, Sara.
Volenna: You are the pride of my life, and I'll always see you as my little sister.
Sara: Volenna... Thank you!
Overcome with emotion, Sara returns the embrace.
In these skies, bonds forged by overcoming fate are further tempered by minor conflict.
With their feelings toward each other stronger than ever, these two will surely be able to overcome anything that comes their way.