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Accursed Lovers

After the boy's departure, the couple take a walk through the meadow and think back on the time they first met. It was love at first sight when Sarunan bumped into Honey during a patrol.

Sarunan: ...
Following the Erune boy's departure, Sarunan and Honey stroll through the meadow.
As they walk along, Sarunan gazes at the endless sky above, lost in thought.
Sarunan: Perhaps it was silly for me to dream of reaching the end of a sky so vast.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: My face looks pale?
Sarunan: Yes, I'm a bit tired from walking.
Sarunan: What do you say we rest for a moment? There's a nice shady area here.
Sarunan sits down on the root of a tree.
Sarunan: ...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: This place reminds me of our island somehow.
Sarunan: It really takes me back. Do you remember when we first met?
Sarunan: Hm... There are traces of monsters in this area as well.
Sarunan: It seems as though monsters have indeed started wandering from their territory and attacking people.
Sarunan was once renowned on his home island for his magical expertise.
Confident in his abilities, he used to patrol the island in search of anything out of the ordinary.
Monster: Grrr!
Sarunan: Humph. I expected I'd find you here. But you've no chance against me.
Sarunan raises his staff with a laugh. But just as he's about to cast a spell, he sees... her.
Sarunan: ...!
Spirit: ...
Monster: Grrr... Graaah...
The spirit pats the monster gently, and it immediately becomes docile and wanders off.
Spirit: ...
Sarunan: Who... are you?
The spirit watches curiously as Sarunan gazes at her with rapture.
Sarunan: What...
Sarunan: What beauty!
The strange young man falls in love for the first time at the age of eighteen. However, his first love is not a person, but a spirit.

Accursed Lovers: Scene 2

Sarunan continues to visit the ruins where he met Honey. Upon learning that she has little time left to live, he uses a forbidden spell to give her some of his life force. Other islanders deem this act blasphemy and exile him. Sarunan then vows to find the Island of the Astrals where he can give Honey a physical form and marry her.

From that day forth, Sarunan continues to visit the ruins where he met the beautiful spirit.
Kazann: ...!
Sarunan: Oh Kazann, great guardian spirit of the island! Please wait! Don't be embarrassed! Just listen to what I have to say!
Sarunan: I haven't finished telling you how I feel about you!
Kazann: ...!
Sarunan: Please hear me out!
Sarunan: I've never wanted to talk to someone so badly before!
Kazann: ...
Up to this point, she has always run away from Sarunan.
However, thoroughly worn-out by his unyielding persistence, she finally gives in.
Kazann: ...
She breathes a small sigh and listens to what he has to say.
Strange as he may be, he is still one of the islanders that she has vowed to protect.
Sarunan: Huff... Huff... I was so excited to talk to you I forgot to breathe.
Sarunan: But that's enough about me. I'd love it if you could tell me about yourself.
Kazann: ...
The spirit begins talking about herself for the first time.
She has always used her power to drive monsters away from the islanders. But as she approaches the end of her life span, her power continues to weaken.
At this point, she is no longer able to subdue the monsters unless she interacts with them directly.
Sarunan: I can't believe I somehow managed to stumble upon the reason behind the strange occurrences on this island.
Sarunan: But more importantly, what did you just say? You're reaching the end of your life?
Sarunan: What a tragedy it would be for the protector of the island—a vision of love incarnate—to disappear!
Kazann: ...
Sarunan: You're not love incarnate? You're a spirit? I know. It's just a figure of speech.
Kazann: ...
Sarunan: What is love, you ask? Why, it's the feeling I have for you.
Sarunan: Combine a bit of this and that and a few other things, and you have the magnificent emotion we call love.
Kazann: ...
Sarunan: Wha... That's a lousy explanation? Well, it's not something so easily expressed in words!
Kazann: ...
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: Very well. I shall take my time teaching you what love is.
Kazann: ...?
Sarunan: Please don't worry about your life span. I'll share some of my life force with you.
Kazann: !
Sarunan: It's fine. It won't take that long. I won't need to lose much of my life force.
Sarunan: Heh. I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm known for being skilled with magic, but I have a knack for poetry as well.
Sarunan: So perhaps teaching you what love is will be a fairly quick endeavor.
Kazann: ...!
Sarunan: You don't want me to do it? There's really no need for concern. How should I put this... You could call it a sacrifice for the sake of love.
Sarunan: From now on we'll be connected as one! As a sign of my affection, I shall call you Honey!
Kazann: ...!
Sarunan: Oh, Honey! You're running away because you're so embarrassed? That's just too cute!
Following a pursuit lasting several days, Sarunan at last manages to seal the spirit Kazann into his staff.
Villager 1: Sarunan! Did you really use a forbidden spell?
Villager 2: You're taking the great spirit away from the island? How could you do such a thing!
The villagers are horrified by Sarunan's deeds.
He is exiled from his homeland as a criminal who used a forbidden spell and deceived the guardian spirit of the island.
Sarunan: My eyes were cloudy, but your radiance... No, my eyes were clouded over... That's not quite right either.
Honey: ...?
Sarunan: What am I mumbling about? I'm coming up with a poem to present to you. My first work to commemorate such a joyous occasion.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What's that? You're fretting over the fact that I was exiled from the island?
Sarunan: Heh. It wasn't your fault. It was all my doing.
Sarunan: Actually, for you to understand what love is, it might have been necessary for you to spend time off the island anyway.
Sarunan: That being said, I suppose we should figure out what to do next.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: Why don't we head for the Island of the Astrals?
Honey: !
Sarunan: Well, just think about it. At this point, we've basically no choice but to get married.
Sarunan: But then there's the whole issue of me being a person and you being a spirit...
Sarunan: It could take up to a thousand years for me to become a spirit. So we'll just have to give you a physical form instead.
Sarunan: I imagine that only the Astrals would be privy to such a spell. That being the case, we should make the Island of the Astrals our destination.
Honey: ...!
Sarunan: What? I've got it all wrong? So much that you don't even know where to start?
Sarunan: Heh. Dreams are meant to be big, Honey. If you just keep working toward them, they'll eventually come true.
Honey: ...
Honey's shoulders slump, and she lets out a heavy sigh.
Sarunan: A dream, huh. I've never said one of my dreams out loud before. Heh... I can't say I mind this feeling.
Seeing the hopeful expression on the face of the islander, Honey strangely feels no displeasure.
Sarunan: Oh... I wonder how beautiful Honey's physical form would be! Just imagining it... Ah!
Never mind.

Accursed Lovers: Scene 3

Weary from looking back on memories past, Sarunan falls into a slumber. Honey enters his dream, using the opportunity to have a heartfelt conversation with Sarunan and express her love for him.

Sarunan: Zzz...
Honey: ...
Sarunan soon gives in to his exhaustion and drifts off to sleep beneath the shade of the tree.
Sarunan: Heh heh...
Honey: ...
He's probably dreaming about the time he and Honey met.
Honey guesses as much from looking at the slightly creepy smile on his sleeping face.
Honey: ...
She continues gazing at his face for some time, and then gently places her hand on his cheek.
She then begins to alter Sarunan's dream. There is something very important she wants to tell him.
Sarunan: Ngh...
Sarunan: Oh... Honey... How long was I asleep?
Sarunan: Honey? Where are you?
He looks around, but Honey is nowhere in sight.
Sarunan: What happened? What's going on? Where are you, Honey?
???: Hehe.
Sarunan: !
Sarunan hears a woman's laughter coming from the other side of the tree he is sitting under.
Sarunan: Who... are you?
???: Whoever could I be!
Sarunan: I-it's you!
Sarunan: You're... Honey!
Kazann: Hehe. Correct.
Sarunan: How do you have a physical form?
Kazann: I used a tiny amount of your life force to enter into your dream.
Sarunan: Oh... Haha. A dream. I see, so this is a dream... But even so!
Sarunan: I can't believe I get to look upon your physical form!
Sarunan: Oh, Honey! I'm so happy! This is amazing! I didn't know you had this type of power!
Kazann: Okay, that's enough. Don't you have anything to say to me before you start freaking out?
Sarunan: What? Something to say to you? What do you mean?
Kazann: Sigh... You really have no tact. And after I went to all the trouble of taking this form.
Sarunan: Oh! I know! Y-you look beautiful! You're more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!
Kazann: Anything else?
Sarunan: Um, you're gorgeous!
Kazann: Anything else?
Sarunan: Y-you're adorable!
Kazann: ...
Kazann: That's the best you could do? And here I thought you were supposed to be good at love poems. That was just awful. You get a big fat zero.
Sarunan: What! You didn't have to go and insult my hobby! You're terrible, Honey!
Kazann: ...
Kazann: Hehehe...
Sarunan: Haha...
Kazann: Are you feeling better?
Sarunan: Yes. Much better.
Kazann: Then let's go for a walk, shall we?
Sarunan: Of course, Honey.
Kazann: We've seen a lot of places since we left our island, but I think this might be my favorite.
Sarunan: Heh. Then we're in agreement. I feel the same way.
Kazann: Oh. Well in that case, I take back what I said. The view here is positively dreadful.
Sarunan: Hey... Ouch. You're mean.
Kazann: You're one to talk, after you refused to just let me just pass on in peace.
Sarunan: You wish I hadn't?
Kazann: No comment.
Kazann: Hey, I have something I want to show you.
Sarunan: This is the place we met...
Kazann: Yes. Takes you back, doesn't it?
Sarunan: This is where I promised to teach you what love is.
Kazann: Feels like that was ages ago.
Sarunan: Did I keep my promise, Honey?
Kazann: I'm not sure yet.
Kazann: But the islanders and the people we've met on our journey have all had one thing in common.
Kazann: They get upset and fight and argue with each other...
Kazann: But at the end of the day, they're back together like nothing ever happened.
Kazann: Maybe love is something like that. What do you think? Did I get it right?
Sarunan: It's hard to say. But that very well may be one form of love.
Kazann: I see...
Kazann: ...
Kazann: Then... I love you, Sarunan.
Sarunan: ...!
Kazann: You drive me nuts, you're selfish and pig-headed, and you don't have a single ounce of kindness in you.
Kazann: But I don't dislike being with you. Actually, arguing with you is kind of... comforting in a way.
Sarunan: ...
Kazann: Hmm, I suppose I'm usually the one making the abusive remarks though.
Sarunan: Haha. Don't worry. I can take it.
Sarunan: Oh, Honey... I wonder how well I was able to express myself through my poetry.
Sarunan: I've used every word imaginable to try and tell you how I feel.
Sarunan: But alas. At such a critical moment, there's only one word that comes to mind.
Sarunan: I'm so happy.
Kazann: Hehe. Glad to hear it.
Kazann: That last bit is all I needed to hear. Your poetry is simply abysmal after all.
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: Sheesh. You really are mean.
Kazann: Hehe. Sorry about that. But that was the last time.
Sarunan: The last time?
Kazann: Yes. The last time. I'm glad I got to tell you how I feel.
Sarunan: What are you talking about, Honey?

Accursed Lovers: Scene 4

Honey attempts to break the spell that binds Sarunan to her in hopes that he will live longer. The Erune mage staunchly refuses, but they profess their love for each other once again and come to the peaceful resolution of traveling with (Captain) in the meanwhile until they find a suitable spot to live out the rest of their days.

Kazann: I've been searching for a way to save your life ever since we started on this journey.
Kazann: I've asked the water and wind across all the skies we've traveled through, but the answer has always been the same.
Kazann: Everything that lives must one day die. I have a feeling that not even the Astrals or the Creator could overturn that simple truth.
Kazann: Even if there is a spell to give me a physical form, if it means you have to keep having your life force sucked out, then there's no point.
Sarunan: So you're saying I'm doomed, regardless of whether you're a spirit or a person? What are you planning to do then?
Kazann: I'm going to break your spell. If I'm not around, you'll be able to live a bit longer.
Sarunan: Wait! What are you saying!
Kazann: I'm sorry.
Sarunan: Ngh! My staff just cracked! Are you trying to destroy it?
Kazann: Yes. Before you use up your life completely. You're one of my beloved islanders after all.
Sarunan: Argh! Damn it! I won't let you break it!
Kazann: Please... Can't you understand the feeling of not wanting your loved one to die?
Sarunan: ...!
That's not fair! How dare you try to leave my side by using love as an excuse!
Sarunan: Listen to me, Honey! The four years we've spent together have been everything to me!
Sarunan: I don't care if I live an extra ten years! Not if it means losing you in the process!
Sarunan: Even if my dream of getting you a body won't be fulfilled, I'd still rather spend my final moments together with you!
Kazann: But... I...
Sarunan: You can argue all you want! I'll argue right back at you!
Sarunan: I don't like giving up! You know that!
Kazann: ...
Overwhelmed by Sarunan's zeal, Kazann ceases her assault on the staff.
Sarunan: Huff... Huff... You're as strong as ever, Honey. I thought it was all over there for a minute.
Kazann: But...
Sarunan: No buts! Honestly...
Sarunan takes Honey's hand and drags her away from the ruins.
Kazann: H-hey! Don't pull me!
Sarunan: That place was putting strange thoughts in our heads. Let's go back to that tree.
Kazann: ...
Sarunan: You said it yourself. Choosing to be with someone for better or for worse is the form of love that you discovered.
Sarunan: In that case, being willing to sacrifice anything in order to be with someone is the form of love that I discovered.
Kazann: Then consider my feelings too!
Sarunan: I know. But I still won't let you do it. You won't let me die for you, just as I won't let you die for me.
Kazann: You can't just decide that on your own...
Sarunan: Humph. Well you're the one who said I was selfish and pig-headed. Isn't that right, Honey?
Kazann: Sigh. True.
Sarunan: As long as you understand.
Kazann: Say, Sarunan. Can I ask you one favor?
Sarunan: What's that, Honey?
Kazann: About spending our final moments together... I have a lot of things to say on that matter, but I'll accept it.
Kazann: I don't want it to be here though. Let's find an even more wonderful place together.
Sarunan: I see. So you want to continue traveling with (Captain)'s crew?
Sarunan: Very well. If that's your condition, I'll gladly oblige.
Kazann: Thank goodness. I guess you can be sweet sometimes.
Sarunan: I'll have you know I'm always sweet.
Kazann: Whatever you say.
Sarunan: Honestly. You know, it wouldn't hurt you to say thank you once in a while.
Kazann: Before that, aren't you going to give me an answer? I went to all the trouble of telling you how I feel.
Sarunan: Haha. How could I forget? With everything that just happened, it completely slipped my mind.
Sarunan: I love you too. More than anything else.
Kazann: Thank you, Sarunan.
After that, not another word is spoken.
Having told each other everything they had wanted to say, they simply remain there, hand in hand. They want for nothing more.
Within a pleasant dream, the cursed lovers think about the unknown skies that lie before them.