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Three Cheers for a Festival

Scathacha is called back to Alster Island where the parliament proposes that a festival in her honor be held regularly. The event will foster the pact and bring greater development to Alster—after Scathacha gives her consent, the crew expresses excitement to help.

For some time now, Scathacha's consciousness has abided in the vessel that's traveling along with (Captain).
But today that consciousness has been called back to Scathacha's real body in the Great Court of Alster Island.
Scathacha: Yaaawn...
???: I do trust you're well, Deirdre. It is I, Elisheba.
The one who called her back was Elisheba, mother to Naoise and guardian of Scathacha in the Great Court.
Elisheba: May I impose myself upon you for a few moments?
Scathacha: Yes, go ahead. The crew doesn't seem to have any missions today.
Scathacha: You don't look to be bringing bad news, so what is it?
Elisheba: We have received a missive from the parliament requesting your opinion.
Elisheba: What would you have me do with it? If you wish, I shall read it aloud.
Scathacha: Yes, thank you. Letters are too awkward and clumsy to handle when I'm in dragon form.
Elisheba: Very well. Allow me to proceed.
Elisheba: "Esteemed True Dragon Deirdre, Divine Protector of Our Native Land:"
Elisheba: "On behalf of all peoples, please allow us to apologize once again for neglecting the pact we once forged with you."
Scathacha: Hm? That issue was supposed to be resolved already.
Elisheba: I believe the parliament wishes to express the depth of its gratitude to you.
Elisheba: But reading this in its entirety could take some time. May I summarize in my own words?
Scathacha: Yes, would you? I don't enjoy when things are too long and drawn out.
Elisheba: Haha, very well.
Elisheba: The parliament appears to be concerned that the islanders might neglect their pact with you a second time.
Elisheba: Accordingly they wish to engrave it into the public's memory with a recurring festivity, one wherein they honor you and celebrate the pact's longevity.
Scathacha: A festival? Well, that sounds fun.
Elisheba: I believe an annual festival could function as a means for them to focus their memories.
Elisheba: And, moreover, it would enliven the island, which could alleviate your boredom to some extent, Deirdre.
Scathacha: Hm, I see. Some sort of action to maintain the pact would be a help to me.
Scathacha: A big enough festival would likely attract guests from off-island as well.
Elisheba: Ah, so their idea has caught your attention. Would the use of your name for this festival displease you?
Scathacha: I know that the parliament members are racking their brains and doing everything possible to develop Alster Island.
Scathacha: There's nothing wrong with ulterior motives like those. The parliament's strong-mindedness is a great asset.
Scathacha: I see no reason to refuse. Let them know that I'll allow the festival to go forward.
Elisheba: You have my personal gratitude for your kindhearted response, Deirdre. The parliament and islanders alike are certain to be overjoyed.
Scathacha: There's no need to be so formal. It's a festival we're talking about. Tell them to make it a fun one.
Elisheba: Yes, certainly.
Scathacha: So it looks like a festival will be held on Alster Island in the near future.
Vyrn: Wow! A festival just for you. You're amazing, Scathacha!
Lyria: Yes, that's a really big deal.
Seruel: I had also racked my brain over how to keep knowledge of the pact alive.
Seruel: Integrating the pact into the island's culture through a festival—it's a novel proposal.
Heles: It seems the parliament members have come to think of and propose plans with more flexibility.
Heles: I find their growth highly encouraging.
Heles: The festival may not manage to draw many tourists during the first few years, but it has potential for the future.
Seruel: No simple fair to middling festival will motivate tourists to come. There needs to be some sort of special attraction.
Seruel: Well, I'm sure that the parliament members are already thinking of that. Come now—let us prepare.
Naoise: So preserving the pact is our main mission. We'll start by making it a part of Alster Island with this festival.
Vyrn: I thought festivals were all fun and games. But I guess you gotta use your noggin too.
Seruel: Any new endeavor should begin with careful consideration.
Heles: Eh-heh. And when it's for the sake of one's homeland, even fun can be found in planning.
Lyria: Hm, (Captain)? You want to help Alster Island?
Lyria: Oh, I see! Since we visit islands all over, if we spread the word about the festival, lots of different people will find out about it.
Vyrn: Ooh, neato! It wouldn't be a festival without big crowds and excitement anyway.
Lyria: That's right!
Heles: My, my. Now it seems we may be in no position to leisurely devise this special attraction.
Scathacha: (Captain) has many connections. There's no telling how many guests we'll get with a bit of promotion.
Seruel: It might be advisable to rush the parliament a bit.
Naoise: What's most important is that the festival is a good one.
Naoise: We'll be there with bells on, won't we, Scathacha?
Scathacha: That we will!

Three Cheers for a Festival: Scene 2

Naoise, Seruel, and Heles return to Alster as Deirdre Fest becomes a reality. Monsters unexpectedly arrive at the castle asking to join the festivities. They're welcomed to participate in order to promote peace between skydwellers and monsters.

The Great Court of Alster Island deliberates on a wide array of matters related to the festival.
The parliament relays its decisions in a meticulously written letter to Scathacha.
Scathacha: Hm, Deirdre Fest?
Scathacha: Doesn't that name seem a little lazy to you?
Seruel: Simpler is surely better. The meaning is unlikely to be distorted by the passage of time.
Naoise: This festival is meant to ensure that we don't neglect the pact we forged with Scathacha.
Naoise: But at the same time, it's also meant to express our gratitude to you.
Naoise: Deirdre Fest is an appropriate name, isn't it?
Scathacha: Very well, I understand what you're saying. Memorability is important to consider.
Scathacha: I'll inform the parliament to choose that name. My consciousness will now return to Alster Island.
Heles: Farewell, Scathacha.
Scathacha engages in lengthy discussions about Deirdre Fest with the parliament.
As the particulars fall into place and the day of the festival nears, Scathacha is absent from the ship more and more.
At the request of Seruel and others, (Captain) temporarily deboards the ship in order to help make the festival a reality.
Sentry: Naoise, sir, these documents contain information on the castle town's security for the day of the festival.
Naoise: Understood. I'll take a look at them right away. You haven't seen Scathacha, have you?
Sentry: Ah, you mean the young lady? I saw her together with Heles just now.
Naoise: Oh, thank you. In that case there's no cause for concern.
Sentry: The young lady wouldn't be a member of the royal family, would she?
Sentry: She seems to be frequenting the roof where Deirdre resides.
Naoise: Ah, yes. It's... that sort of thing, more or less.
Sentry: Huh?
Scathacha: Heh, that was an unconvincing deception.
Scathacha: I finally have some free time. I suppose I'll venture out into town for the first time in a while.
While no one is paying attention, Scathacha sneaks out and heads into the castle town.
Scathacha: They've begun putting the decorations up, and a parade is planned for the town center as well. It's all so festive!
Old Woman: Oh, Scathacha, my dear!
Scathacha: Ah, it's you! I haven't seen you in a while, but have you been in good health?
Old Woman: Yes, yes, I'm doing well. Hehe, this is a festival for Deirdre after all, and I'm as excited as a little girl.
Scathacha: So you're one of the people taking part in the festival preparations. What are you taking care of?
Old Woman: I'm helping to make outfits for the soldiers in the parade.
Old Woman: I've got a few of them ready, so I was just about to deliver them to the castle. Here, take a gander, would you?
Scathacha: Oooh! This is excellent work. The embroidery is so skillful.
Old Woman: Thank you, Scathacha, honey. Hehe, I feel young when I've got something to look forward to.
Scathacha: Ah, that's very good to hear.
Scathacha turns her face from the elderly woman toward the sound of approaching footsteps.
Elisheba: Dei—erhmm—Scathacha!
Scathacha: Mm, Elisheba. How did you manage to find me.
Elisheba: Haha, I rather benefited from my experience searching for Heles and others in my capacity as a wet nurse.
Elisheba: My apologies for interrupting the jubilations. There's a matter I must discuss with you, Scathacha...
Scathacha: Discuss? Very right, I'll return to the castle.
Scathacha wishes the elderly woman goodbye and returns to the castle with Elisheba.
Upon her arrival she is greeted by a host of parliament members and flummoxed sentries.
Monster: Grr...
In the gardens of the Great Court, a monster is resting quietly.
Scathacha: Thank you for waiting. Allow me to handle this.
Sentry: Ah, Deirdre! That would be a major help.
Sentry: It isn't causing any trouble, but, suffice it to say, the thing doesn't speak our language. Can't tell what it's trying to get across.
Scathacha: All right, I'll take it from here.
Scathacha: Monsterly being, what business do you have in this castle of mortals?
Monster: Grrrr...
The seemingly friendly creature communicates its will to Scathacha by purring.
Scathacha: Hm... So you also wish to join the festival?
Elisheba: Oh, really!
Sentry: Wh-wh-what's going on here, Deirdre?
Scathacha: This monster says that ever since the new pact was formed, I, Deirdre, have not only calmed the monsters but also served as a go-between with the mortals.
Scathacha: Many of the monsters are happy to be living free of strife.
Elisheba: They surely are! What more can one hope for than a life of peace.
Monster: Grrrrrr!
The creature says that pro-Deirdre monsters—if they might be called that—would like to participate in the festival as a way of expressing their gratitude.
Receiving word of this, the parliament is initially reluctant to accept the offer lest the festival result in chaos.
Scathacha: The cooperation of monsters and mortals would be proof of peace on the island.
Scathacha: I'd be happy to have them as a part of any festival that shares my name.
And with Scathacha's forceful declaration, the monsters win their place in the parade.
Seruel: Monsters taking part in the festival? For everyone but Scathacha, communication could be troublesome.
Heles: Scathacha has assured us of her full cooperation in regard to that concern.
Heles: As she said, there could be no greater proof of peace on the island than seeing monsters and mortals side by side.
Heles: We may not have reached an understanding with every last monster...
Heles: But this felicitous event is sure to live in the annals of Alster's history.
Seruel: I have no objection to what you've said.
Ezecrain (Event) is a crew member

Seruel: Even on Sharom Island, where the government consists of peaceful monsters...
Seruel: It's merely because the number of people is so miniscule that they can coexist with monsters.
Heles: And on Alster Island, too, our peace is wholly the product of Scathacha's presence.
Heles: Deirdre Fest is important as a means of ensuring that the islanders never forget this.
Seruel: Let us trust in Naoise's leadership.
Ezecrain (Event) not in crew

Seruel: Let us trust in Naoise's leadership.
Sentry: ...
Monster: Grr?
Scathacha: What? Why are you walking so far apart? That won't be acceptable come parade time.
Sentry: Y-yes... It's just that... Deirdre?
Scathacha: Go ahead and speak your mind. I'm here to serve as a go—between for you and the monster.
Sentry: Y-yes, ma'am!
Sentry: But is it really okay to get this close without any sort of armor on?
Scathacha: Of course it is! The monsters understand this situation well. Isn't that right?
Monster: Grrrr!
Sentry: Eek!
Scathacha: Siiigh... We have our work cut out for us. Weren't you supposed to be putting together a team of intrepid warriors?
Naoise: Yes. The participants in the parade are universally considered brave.
Naoise: But all the same, this is our first time ever conducting a parade together with monsters.
Naoise: And most islanders remember the deadly battles against monsters that brought Irestill to ruin.
Scathacha: In other words, they're showing plenty of courage just by refusing to abandon the parade.
Naoise: I'd be grateful if you could see things from that perspective... I hope you understand that they're hoping for the success of Deirdre Fest.
Scathacha: There's not a doubt in my mind. Well, the parade is still a while off. Let's help them take it step-by-step.
Scathacha: It was my fault for forcing things. I'll do everything that I can to help everyone get along.
Naoise: Thank you, Sca—er, Deirdre.

Three Cheers for a Festival: Scene 3

A monster is attacked during a parade dress rehearsal, and with its final breath, the monster claims that its own brethren have gone mad. Scathacha confronts the rampaging monsters, but when they show no signs of being reasonable, the crew has no choice but to put them down.

As the day of Deirdre Fest nears, (Captain) and the others visit Alster Island.
Heles: Thank you very much for your patience, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn.
Vyrn: You betcha! Thanks for coming out to say hello.
Seruel: Please don't think twice about it. We're grateful that you accepted our invitation to Deirdre Fest.
Seruel: And we're delighted to hear that you can spare the time to participate in the parade as guests of honor.
Lyria: Please don't worry about it! It seems like a lot of fun, doesn't it, (Captain)?
Heles: The islanders will also surely be delighted to see any parade with (Captain) and the others—the rescuers of the island—in it.
Vyrn: You're gonna do a dress rehearsal for the parade, right? Where should we go then?
Heles: Preparations are underway in the Great Court. Allow me to guide you.
Lyria: Sure!
Seruel and Heles take (Captain) and the others to the Great Court.
When they arrive, however, the monsters are nowhere to be seen. Elisheba is at a loss at how to proceed.
Elisheba: What ever could have happened?
Old Woman: Hello, Elisheba. I've finished with my decorations for the monsters in the parade.
Elisheba: Ah! Thank you so much for bringing them here.
Elisheba: I'd love to help the monsters try them on right away, but it seems that their arrival will be delayed.
Old Woman: Oh dear! I hope that none of them are hurt or sick. This is gonna have me worried.
Elisheba: Yes, indeed.
Sentry: Elisheba! Where's Deirdre?
Elisheba: What is the matter? Please report with as much composure as you can.
Sentry: It's that—there's a monster who's badly injured at the rear gate of the Great Court!
Elisheba: What!
Elisheba rushes to report the matter to Scathacha, and the two hurry to the Great Court's rear gate.
Sentry: Hey there, stay with me. See, I brought you some water... Think you can get that down?
Monster: Guh... rurr...
Scathacha: Thanks for covering for me! How are things looking?
Sentry: Deirdre! There's been a lot of blood loss, and it looks like even drinking water is a challenge.
Elisheba: Those wounds are horrific. They're not from our weapons, but rather by... another monster?
Monster: Grr... Grrrrrr...
Scathacha: One of your friends went mad? What do you mean?
Monster: Grrrr...
Scathacha: All right, you can relax now. No matter what happens, we're not going to turn our backs on you or the others.
Monster: Guh... rurr...
Sentry: No! Get those eyes of yours open! You can do it! You've got it in you!
Sentry: The bleeding won't stop. Why, damn it, why!
Scathacha: Elisheba, you're in charge here. Give this one a worthy funeral.
Elisheba: Understood. And you, Deirdre?
Scathacha: The monsters that went mad are supposedly coming this way. We have to respond quickly.
Scathacha: I only hope there's enough time left.
Monster: Rrooaar!
Woman: Eeeeeek!
Vyrn: Huh! What was that scream?
Lyria: Something seems to be happening. Let's go help, (Captain)!
(Captain) runs in the direction of the scream.
Seruel: What was that?
Monster: Rrrhooaagh!
(Captain) and the others see rows of festival booths trampled to the ground and a monster attacking townspeople close by.
Woman: Eh... eeek!
Monster: Grooar!
Naoise: Are you okay? I've got this! Run away!
Woman: Ah... Naoise!
Naoise: Hurry!
Woman: Y-yes, sir!
Monster: Groooo!
The wailing monsters see Naoise with a weapon in hand and then surround him.
Seruel: Naoise!
Naoise: Seruel! (Captain) and everyone else!
Vyrn: I'm behind you guys!
Naoise: I appreciate it!
(Captain) and everyone else observe the demeanor of the monsters they're up against.
Heles: That beast is frighteningly homicidal. What on earth could they—
Scathacha: You there! What are you doing?
Monster: Greee!
Scathacha: I asked you to respect the mortals and their territory. And you accepted what I said.
Scathacha: Why all this anger? Why the uproar? If you continue on like this—
Monster: Graaaah!
Scathacha: Wha—
Naoise: Scathacha! Look out!
Seeing that the monsters are ignoring even Scathacha's chiding, Naoise protects Scathacha.
Naoise: Agh... This power!
Scathacha: Naoise!
Naoise: No real damage here! But that uncanny power of theirs—they could hurt themselves chomping on my shield.
Seruel: If they were willing to lash out at you, Scathacha... it's inconceivable that they are in their right minds.
Scathacha: The monster who appeared at the Great Court said that they'd been driven mad.
Heles: Driven mad?
Monster: Grooooah!
Lyria: Eek!
Vyrn: Hey, these monsters are going to hurt the folks in town if we don't do something!
Scathacha: No...
Heles: We have no choice. Scathacha, we must eliminate them ourselves.
Scathacha: All right...
Heles: (Captain), I regret that my invitation drew you into all this.
Heles: But please lend us your strength to protect the people in town!
Monster: Graaaaah!

Three Cheers for a Festival: Scene 4

No choice is left but to slay the monsters who had once participated peacefully in the parade. Scathacha senses a malicious magic from their remains and realizes that someone is deliberately threatening the peace of Alster Island.

Monster: Graaww!
The monsters' ferocious attacks force (Captain) and the others to respond without restraint, and they strike the beasts down.
Heles: (Captain), are you injured?
Heles: Ah, that's a great relief.
Lyria: But still... lots of those nice booths for the festival got ruined. And then...
Lyria looks toward Naoise and Scathacha, who are examining the bodies of the monsters.
Naoise: There's no question. These monsters are the ones who took part in the dress rehearsal for the parade.
Naoise: They're supposed to be pro-Deirdre... How could something like this have happened?
Scathacha: Perhaps that's the very reason it happened.
Naoise: The very reason?
Scathacha: Yes. These bodies seem to bear the marks of someone's magic.
Scathacha: It's a spell that drove them crazy. Someone meant to hurt them!
Lyria: That's... That's horrible!
Heles: Who would ever do that? It must not have been easy to cast spells on this many monsters.
Scathacha: About that...
???: ...
???: Despite receiving my power, they were worthless in the end. How very limited.
???: Humph... How dare you impede me, Deirdre, you nasty little creature...
On this dragon-guarded land of peace and friendship, an uneasy wind is blowing.
A battle is about to begin on Alster Island, one to protect the island, the people, and the monsters from this evil-doing.