Scenario:Scathacha - True Dragon's Day Off

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True Dragon's Day Off

The crew is summoned back to Alster Island by a true dragon named Scathacha, who wishes to join them on their adventure. She has prepared a vessel to move around in, while her actual dragon body remains in Alster in case of emergencies.

Naoise (Event) is a crew member

One day (Captain) is having a conversation with a fellow crew member—a knight by the name of Naoise.
Naoise: I'm sorry for taking up some of your time, (Captain).
Naoise: Do you still remember Scathacha from my hometown of Alster Island? She's the one preventing the monsters from going on a rampage.
Naoise: It just so happens that she got in touch with me and asked me to bring all of you back to Alster.
Naoise: I apologize for the interruption in our journey, but would it be possible for us to go and pay her a visit?
Seruel is a crew member, Naoise (Event) is a crew member

Seruel: We, the people of Alster, owe Scathacha a great debt of gratitude.
Seruel: Therefore it would be almost unthinkable to turn down her request.
Any version of Heles is a crew member, Naoise (Event) is a crew member

Heles: I have a feeling she has a favor to ask of us.
Heles: I believe she's reasonable though. It's not like her to make any outrageous demands...
I think...
Naoise (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: It's been so long since we last saw her! I want to go back too! Can we go, (Captain)?
Naoise: What's your decision, (Captain)?
I see... Understood. I'll take care of the details as you wish. Thank you for taking this detour.
(Captain) plots a direct course for Alster Island, where a reunion with Scathacha awaits.
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Naoise (Event) not in crew

Once upon a time the Irestill Kingdom ruled over Alster Island.
The rulers of Irestill forged a pact with True Dragon Deirdre, who kept the monsters on the island in check.
But the previous sovereign, King Connor, was unaware of such an agreement and ordered his knight Naoise to take the life of the true dragon.
With the linchpin of the island's defenses gone, the monsters ran amok and brought Irestill to ruin.
Thanks to her firsthand experience of the efforts and resilience of the royal siblings, the remaining citizens, and the crew, Scathacha agreed to reforge the pact.
And that was how Alster embarked on the road to recovery.
Lyria: Oooh! We got a letter from Scathacha!
Vyrn: Yeah? What's it say, what's it say?
Lyria: Hang on, let me just...
I see, I see...
Lyria: She wants us all to come back to Alster.
Vyrn: Really? You think something might've happened on the island?
Lyria: Hmm... If something did, she would've mentioned it in the letter, don't you think?
Vyrn: Oh yeah, I guess so. Gee, what could it be?
Seruel is a crew member, Naoise (Event) not in crew

Seruel: We, the people of Alster, owe Scathacha a great debt of gratitude.
Seruel: Therefore it would be almost unthinkable to turn down her request.
Vyrn: What's that, (Captain)? We'll know once we get there?
Naoise (Event) not in crew

Vyrn: Haha, you're right about that!
Lyria: Okay! Then let's go visit Alster!
Any version of Heles is a crew member, Naoise (Event) not in crew

Heles: The last time you all came and helped us, we were unable to accommodate everyone properly.
Heles: Hehe. But now that we've made great strides in our reconstruction efforts, we can finally show you a bit of Alster hospitality.
Naoise (Event) not in crew

And so (Captain) and company set out for Alster Island.
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Naoise (Event) not in crew, Any version of Heles is a crew member, Seruel is a crew member

Naoise: It's great to have you all back, everyone.
Seruel not in crew

Seruel: We are here to greet and welcome you on behalf of all the citizens.
No version of Heles in crew

Heles: I'm so pleased to see you all again. Come, Scathacha is waiting.
The crew is taken to the audience chamber of the Great Court, which now stands where the old royal castle used to be.
Scathacha: So you finally made it. Welcome, (Captain).
Vyrn: Heyo, Scathacha! So why'd you call us out here? Betcha want us to do some stuff.
Scathacha: That's exactly right, my brethren. First off, the townspeople were saying they want to thank you.
Scathacha: Go take a walk around the town. I'm sure you'll be treated to a warm reception.
Lyria: We'd really love to go, but wouldn't we be getting in the way of the rebuilding work?
Scathacha: What, you expect them to work all the time? A bit of fun wouldn't hurt. I'm sure they want to show off the rejuvenated storefronts to someone after all.
Seruel: It's because all the people of Alster have a powerful love for their homeland.
Scathacha: And as for my next request... I will accompany your crew on your journey.
Naoise: What! Scathacha, you can't!
Seruel: Out of the question, Scathacha! Your presence on this island is what keeps the peace—
Scathacha: Blah, blah, blah.
Naoise: Sigh...
Seruel: ...
Scathacha: Have no fear. I never said I would stop protecting the island.
Heles: Speaking of which, wasn't there something you mentioned earlier, Scathacha?
Scathacha: Yes. Well, why don't you come with me for now, (Captain). Naoise? This includes you and Seruel too.
Scathacha leads the confused group up the stairs to the roof of the Great Court.
???: ...
Vyrn: Huh? Isn't that Scathacha?
Lyria: What? But how can she be in two places at once?
Scathacha, in her mortal form, walks past the befuddled party toward the true dragon form of herself.
Scathacha: The conscious Scathacha you see before you—this mortal form—is the corporeal projection of the true dragon's dreams.
Seruel: What exactly are you saying? Could you explain it a little more clearly?
Scathacha: Don't get feisty. In other words a vessel in the form of a mortal was created separately from my real, core-housing body.
Naoise: A mortal-shaped vessel?
Scathacha: While the true dragon vessel sleeps, the mortal vessel is awake and vice versa.
Scathacha: Although technically speaking, sleeping probably isn't the right word...
Vyrn: All right, so... Mini Scathacha here is the one that's gonna be coming with us?
Scathacha: Yes. Compared to my real body, this vessel is on the fragile side, but it should handle the journey just fine.
Scathacha: And don't worry about me keeping an eye on the monsters. I can literally do that in my sleep.
Heles: If Alster is ever in grave danger, she can simply wake back up in her true dragon body.
Seruel: Heles... You knew about this scheme—excuse me, this idea of hers, didn't you...
Heles: Hehe. Sorry, but that's a secret privy to us girls.
Scathacha: Yeah, because you and Naoise would stop listening to me the second I said anything about leaving the island.
Naoise: ...
Scathacha: Now, (Captain). Will you let me come aboard your airship?
  1. You got it!
  2. Having a true dragon would've been cool.

Choose: You got it!
Scathacha: I knew you'd see things my way. I leave it to you.
Naoise: I'm sorry, (Captain). She may be acting self-righteously, but I assure you she doesn't mean to trouble—
Scathacha: Who asked you to speak for me? Especially with that awful excuse for an endorsement!
Scathacha: Heehee. I haven't taken to the skies outside the island since I last tangled with the Astrals.
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Choose: Having a true dragon would've been cool.
Lyria: Mm... I know what you mean. Dragon Scathacha is all cute and fluffy!
Scathacha: Hm... Is that so? If you want to touch my dragon form, I guess I'll allow it.
Lyria: Yay! You don't mind? Then here I go!
Lyria: Aaah! Fluffy!
Scathacha: Heehee. I haven't taken to the skies outside the island since I last tangled with the Astrals.
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Scathacha: I wonder how things have changed after all these years... This is going to be great!
And so True Dragon Scathacha, guardian of Alster Island, joins (Captain)'s crew on their adventure.
She'll surely find plenty to surprise and delight her in the world of changes that awaits.