Scenario:Selfira - To Whom I Love

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To Whom I Love

Selfira is thinking about giving a gift to her grandfather as a token of her appreciation. Not knowing what to give, she asks Lyria for advice.

On the deck of the airship, Selfira looks out to the sky and gives out a sigh.
Selfira: Sigh... What should I do...?
Selfira: What’s the right answer? What should I do?
Lyria: W-We have trouble! Oh! (Captain)! There you are, Selfira...
Selfira: Sigh... Grandpa...
Lyria: ...!?
Selfira: Wha...?! W-Were you listening...?!
Lyria: U-Um... I didn’t see you look weary and give out a seductive sigh... Honest!
Selfira: You were totally listening in on me! Hey! Get back here!
Lyria: U-Um... I don’t really understand, but I think that’s okay! Yeah! R-Right?! (Captain)!
Selfira: Sigh... No, seriously... It’s not like that.
Lyria: Then... what was that?
Selfira: I want to thank my grandfather... purely as another member of the family.
Selfira: And so I wanted to give him a gift out of appreciation, but I have no idea what to give...
Lyria: I see... So that’s why you were sighing back there.
Selfira: That’s right... Oh, but don’t tell anyone I was worrying about it. I want to make it a surprise.
Lyria: Haha... It’ll be a secret among you, me, and (Captain).
Selfira: That wasn’t my intention, but I guess I don’t have a choice...
Lyria: Then let me help! What do you say? (Captain)!
Lyria: I’m sure we can come up with better ideas if we all came together to brainstorm!
Selfira: Yes... You do have a point.
Lyria: Yup! Now let’s come up with a few candidates...
Selfira: ...?! What’s with this shaking?! What’s going on...?
Lyria: Oh! N-Now that you mention it...
Vyrn: Hey, you! Lyria! I told you to get everyone because we got monsters here!
Lyria: I-I’m sorryyy!
Selfira: Oh, geez. You’re so careless... Let’s go, (Captain). We have to fend off the monsters!

To Whom I Love: Scene 2

Selfira is picking a secret present for her grandfather with (Captain). Suddenly, a villager tells them that a monster is attacking. They cut the present shopping short, and (Captain) and the rest of the party head out to where the monsters are.

Lyria: Wow...! Selfira! What do you think of this?
Selfira: Say, Lyria... You keep recommending food to me, but...
Selfira: Don’t tell me this is just what you want yourself...?
(Captain), Selfira, and Lyria sneak out gift shopping at a village they landed at.
Lyria: Haha... Everybody likes receiving food as a gift! Isn’t that right, (Captain)? (Captain)!
Selfira: After he got even older, my grandpa said he’s been eating less and less...
Lyria: It’s okay! I’m sure he’ll enjoy it as long it’s a gift from you, Selfira!
Selfira: Y-You think…? I sure hope so...
Villager: Please help me! Are you guys skyfarers?! There are some monsters coming here from outside the village!
Selfira: Looks like this is the end of picking out the presents.
Selfira: (Captain)! We have to join up with everyone and fight the monsters!

To Whom I Love: Scene 3

Selfira begins performing for the villager. (Captain) and company leave the village after being showered with applause. Lyria is said that they could not buy the gift, but Selfira has decided to give the gift of music to her dear grandfather.

Villager: Thank you... Good thing there were skyfarers at the village...
Selfira: Don’t worry about it. We only did what was right.
Villager: It... might seem weird to say this because you were fighting... but it was a wonderful performance!
Villager: Um...! If you’d like, would you please perform for us one more time?
Lyria: Haha... You heard them! What would you like to do? Selfira.
Selfira: I will gladly oblige. If my performance can bring peace to your hearts...
Vyrn: Hehe! What happened at the village was terrible, but Selfira’s performance to the village ended up being a great present!
Selfira: ...
Upon finishing the performance, the party regrettably leaves the village after being showered with applause.
Lyria: Ugh... We couldn’t buy a gift after all...
Selfira: Don’t worry, Lyria. Besides, I’ve decided to give something else to my grandpa.
Lyria: Wha...? What’s that?
Selfira: Haha... I think Grandpa would like this better anyway.
Selfira: That melody is something we both share and cherish...
Saying that, Selfira has a satisfied smile.
Selfira will hone her musical skills until the day comes when she will give her gift.