Scenario:Seruel - Ruined Prince

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Ruined Prince

(Captain) tries to rescue a prince named Seruel from thugs, and he asks why anyone would do such a thing for free. (Captain)'s response reminds Seruel of the knight he's searching for, so he decides to join the crew.

???: You people... You're skyfarers, aren't you? Though you look like you've seen better days.
(Captain) and company are visiting a certain town when an unfamiliar young man calls out to them.
Vyrn: What was that, buddy? What did you just say to us?
???: Oh, pardon me... I haven't properly introduced myself.
Seruel: My name is Seruel, and I am the crown prince of Irestill Kingdom.
Seruel: Circumstances being what they are, I am presently searching for a certain man...
Vyrn: You're a prince? But why would a super important guy like you be out searching for someone?
Seruel: I am not as important as my title implies. Irestill was but a tiny kingdom at the foot of a mountain range.
Seruel: We never warred with other countries... Yes, it was a wonderful, idyllic kingdom, if you'll forgive my arrogance in saying so.
Vyrn: Hang on just a sec... Was?
Seruel: Yes... It was wiped out, and in just a single night.
Seruel: I am searching for my own countryman, the knight who caused our kingdom's destruction.
Lyria: A single man did that?
Seruel: I can see from your expressions that you haven't heard of him... You are of no help to me.
Vyrn: Hey! I heard that!
Lyria: Um... In that case, why don't you come with us?
Lyria: We travel to all sorts of different islands, so we might be able to help you find him!
Seruel: I see... That is a fine idea, but I must decline.
Lyria: What? But how come?
Seruel: I am not in the habit of traveling with strangers.
Seruel: My apologies for taking up your time. Thank you for your assistance.
With that, the young man quietly disappears from sight.
Lyria: Aw... I can't believe he shot me down like that, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah! What's his problem?
Seruel: Have you seen this man? He is a famous spear user by the name of Naoise.
Resident: Can't say that I have, though a lot of knights do come to this town...
Thug 1: Hey, you! Are you the guy who's been snooping around?
Seruel: Quite possibly, yes... What of it?
Thug 2: Dude's got 'tude! How about you buzz off? We don't take kindly to people sniffing around our territory!
Seruel: Is that so? Sniffing around your territory? You speak like an animal... but perhaps that's to be expected of one with your intellect.
Thug 1: What was that? Don't get cocky with me, pig...
Seruel: Oh? And what if I do? What will happen?
Thug 2: What?
Seruel: Oh, pardon me. I'm not accustomed to the language of your territory, you see...
Seruel: Let me try to rephrase it in a way you animals will understand.
Seruel: How about... Come at me, bro?
Thug 1: That's enough out of you!
Vyrn: Over here! The townsperson said he saw that prince guy go this way!
Lyria: Yeah! And he also said Seruel was surrounded by bad people...
Seruel: What was that about me and bad people?
Vyrn: Whoa! It's you! You're okay!
Seruel: And why wouldn't I be? What's got you all in such a panic?
Lyria: Well, one of the townspeople told us that you were surrounded by bad people...
Seruel: And? What of it? That shouldn't have anything to do with you.
Lyria: No, it has nothing to do with us, but... isn't it only natural to want to help someone in trouble?
Seruel: Perhaps... but I'm afraid you're too late. I have already taken care of those sorry malcontents.
As he speaks, Seruel points to a mountain of fallen men.
Vyrn: You... took care of them?
Seruel: Not to worry. I merely used the back of my sword... Against my better judgment.
Seruel: By the way, do you people make a habit of this kind of thing?
Seruel: Rescuing people who bear no relation to you... People who are simply in trouble?
Vyrn: Pretty much! Reason being, our (Captain) here is a big ol' softy!
Seruel: I can't imagine you people are on a journey just for the fun of it. Surely you must have a goal in mind.
Seruel: So why, pray tell, would you disregard your own interests and help others without benefit to yourselves?
  1. We simply can't abandon them!
  2. It's a skyfarer's duty to help people.

Choose: We simply can't abandon them!

Seruel: I see... So you have no reason to help people, and yet you do it anyway.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: It's a skyfarer's duty to help people.

Seruel: So it is a matter of pride for those who live in the sky... Good grief. Skyfarers and knights are the most stubborn bunch I've ever known.

Continue 1

Seruel: All right, you've convinced me. I was wondering why you reminded me of him, and this explains it.
Seruel: So I've changed my mind. Would you allow me to accompany you on your journey?
Seruel: I believe you'll find I'm quite capable with a sword. At the very least, I should be more helpful to you than that lizard.
Vyrn: Grrr... Keep your rude comments to yourself, buddy!
Vyrn: Wait a sec! I thought you said you didn't want to travel with a bunch of strangers!
Seruel: You're right. And it's true that I don't know you people all that well.
Seruel: But I know an awful lot about people like you. People who are too nice for their own good...
Seruel: People who tend to disregard their own self-interest and operate purely out of a sense of chivalry and justice...
Seruel: Because the man I'm looking for is exactly that kind of person.
Thus (Captain) and company are joined by Seruel, the prince of a lost kingdom.
It won't be long before (Captain) learns the truth behind what Seruel is searching for.