Scenario:Seruel - The Young Protector

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The Young Protector

After the fall of the Irestill royal family, Seruel confides in Naoise about what his purpose should be now that he's no longer a prince. He goes on to bemoan feeling unloved by his father as a child, while Scathacha listens from the shadows.

The kingdom of Irestill fell prey to monsters, a ruination wrought by King Connor's blunder.
But the island itself is undergoing a resurgence. The royal siblings, Seruel and Heles, have abolished the monarchy in favor of elected representation.
The former prince and princess left Alster Island shortly thereafter in order to allow the fledgling parliament a chance to burgeon without obstruction.
That is how they came to call (Captain)'s crew their new home.
Heles: And that's pretty much the gist of it.
Naoise: I see. Thank you, Heles.
Seruel: Is something the matter?
Naoise: Heles was just telling me about a letter she received from my mother.
Seruel: Ah, a letter from Elisheba. How is her injury from that time the castle came under siege?
Naoise: She is recuperating without any complications. You needn't concern yourself with her convalescence.
Seruel: Elisheba raised me and my sister as if we were her own. How could I not worry?
Seruel: Moreover, had she not joined the defense of the castle, we never would have heard about the situation at home while we were away.
Seruel: Nor my father's final words... I am most grateful to her.
Naoise: ...
Seruel: King Connor... Father...
Seruel: ...
Seruel: Naoise, I've been pondering day and night about who I am.
Naoise: ...
Seruel: With the formation of the parliament on Alster, I am a prince no more. It follows that I'll never get to take up the crown.
Seruel: I've made my peace with this decision. I am truly proud to do so for the people and Alster.
Seruel: And yet, it would appear that I am approaching the road's end of which I call my purpose.
Seruel: I was raised to become a king ever since I came into this world, but as it stands now, what else am I supposed to live for?
Seruel: What is the purpose of my existence... Perhaps that is the burning question that keeps me awake at night.
Naoise: Seruel...
Seruel: Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was probably already aware of the uncertain path before me.
Seruel: It's similar to the coldness I felt from my father as a child, this frightening sense of anxiety.
Naoise: That's...
Seruel: My apologies. I didn't mean to bemoan my situation.
Naoise: If you would pardon my insolence, is it wrong for a man who is no longer a prince to show a bit of weakness from time to time?
Seruel: Heh... You have a point there.
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha: Oh dear. What a silly fellow you are.

The Young Protector: Scene 2

Heles hears about Seruel's troubles from Scathacha and suggests that he consult the oracle-stone of Lia Fail. Seruel agrees, and the crew sets off for Alster Island, where the stone that had chosen the first king of Irestill still stands.

Heles: Seruel.
Seruel: What brings you here, Sister? Do you need help making tea and cakes again?
Heles: Let's save that for another time, shall we? No, I came to talk about you.
Seruel: ...?
Heles: You seem troubled about what to do with your future. Scathacha informed me about it.
Seruel: How did she... But I only spoke with Naoise...
Heles: She has incredible hearing. It would be wise to remember that.
Seruel: So she was eavesdropping on me. She's taken up quite a nasty hobby.
Heles: You always confide in Naoise when there's something troubling you.
Heles: That's fine, but why don't you come speak with your elder sister once in a while?
Seruel: And hand you the keys to all my secrets? Surely you jest.
Heles: Seruel.
Seruel: I understand. Then I presume my big sister has come up with a suitable plan for me?
Heles: No, that's not what I'm here for. But I can point you in the right direction.
Seruel: ...
Heles: Seek out the oracle-stone, Lia Fail.
Heles: All who touch it are given insight into their fate. That's how the first king of Irestill came to be.
Heles: It will no doubt show you the path to the future.
Seruel: Lia Fail... An oracle-stone that chooses kings, you say...
Heles: You've already agonized over who you are and what it is you should do.
Heles: You could brood over it for a hundred years and still have the answer elude you; sometimes it's necessary to seek help from other sources.
Seruel: I haven't been lectured by you since we were kids. It's strangely nostalgic.
Heles: Why must you always act like a petulant child?
Heles: What nerve. When did your upbringing take a turn for the worse?
Seruel: It's not like you were the one who raised me. Isn't that right? I'm the one who should feel exasperated here.
Seruel: However, I do appreciate your advice. Consulting Lia Fail is worth a try.
With his mind made up, Seruel asks (Captain) for a favor, and soon the crew is on its way to Alster Island.

The Young Protector: Scene 3

Seruel and his entourage arrive at the cave housing Lia Fail, defeating monsters as they continue deeper inside. Sensing Seruel's anxiety, Scathacha teases him the entire way, but ultimately assures him that no matter what the oracle says, Seruel is still Seruel.

Seruel, Heles, and Scathacha arrive at the cave housing Lia Fail.
Seruel: ...
Scathacha: Oh, what have we here? That's a funny face you've got there, Seruel. Nervous much?
Seruel: Sigh... It seems the true dragon has picked up a few bad habits.
Seruel: At the very least, perhaps she should look into correcting that penchant for listening in to private conversations.
Scathacha: I can't help it if your big mouth bounces from end to end aboard the airship.
Seruel: Spare me...
Scathacha: Whatever Lia Fail has to show you, remember this well.
Scathacha: You are who you are.
Seruel: Thank you. I'll take that to heart.
Scathacha: Let's head inside. We've already come this far, might as well have some fun regardless of what the prediction is.

The Young Protector: Scene 4

The oracle-stone reveals that Seruel is worthy of wielding Gorm Glas, the sword bequeathed to him by his father, King Connor. The glowing of the sword is proof of acknowledgement by its predecessor, but Seruel can't believe that his father would hold him in that regard.

Seruel and the others head into the cave and come before Lia Fail.
Heles: Seruel. Touch the stone, close your eyes, and uncloud your heart.
Seruel: Okay.
As Heles, Naoise, and Scathacha look on, Seruel extends his hand toward the stone.
Seruel: Lia Fail... Look into my future and reveal to me the path I should seek!
Naoise: What's going on? It's not just Lia Fail that's glowing, but so is Seruel's sword!
Seruel: ...
Naoise: Seruel!
Seruel: I'm fine. I have been granted an answer along with the light.
Heles: What did Lia Fail tell you?
Seruel: That I am worthy to be the true wielder of the sword Father passed down: Gorm Glas.
Heles: Gorm Glas is entrusted to the protector of the kingdom, a sword inherited from one royal to the next.
Heles: When you and I departed for other lands, Father placed that sword in your care.
Seruel: Yes, he did.
Seruel: Gorm Glas will only gleam in the hands of someone deemed worthy by the previous protector. That is what was revealed to me.
Naoise: The previous protector? Without question that would refer to the late King Connor.
Naoise: And Gorm Glas's blade was shining only moments ago.
Naoise: Therefore His Majesty has judged Seruel as deserving.
Heles: ...
Seruel: Father acknowledged me...
Seruel: (I do not doubt Lia Fail's veracity...)
Seruel: (But...)
Although he has received Lia Fail's wisdom, it's difficult for Seruel to readily accept.
A storm of confusion continues to rage within his breast.