Scenario:Sevastien - The Sanguine Hellhound

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The Sanguine Hellhound

It's revealed that Sevastien and Charlotta's lives first became entwined when Charlotta's grandfather saved Sevastien's life. The two have been like butler and madam ever since.

Word of Captain Charlotta's Little Skyfarer's Lunch renunciation, and its subsequent effects on her health, eventually makes its way to the halls of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights.
But among the holy knights, one mysterious old gentleman, Sevastien, is distraught by the news.
He immediately rushes to the Grandcypher and proposes (Captain) and the crew conduct a Big Skyfarer's Lunch Showdown to help in Charlotta's recovery.
Sevastien: Madam, I've prepared some sweet tea for you.
Charlotta: I've given up sweets, Grandbutler! How many times must I tell you?
Sevastien: Oh, Madam, but if you don't eat something, you'll waste away...
Charlotta: No, I certainly won't. As you can see, I am perfectly, healthily gro—
Sevastien: Growing taller? You won't without eating.
Charlotta: M-mind your own business!
Charlotta: You used to tell me the very same thing to make me eat those bitter vegetables... Yet I haven't grown any taller for it...
Charlotta: I won't be fooled again!
Sevastien: Come now, if you won't eat plain bread, then perhaps you'd prefer a pastry? Here's my special Grandbutler brioche.
Charlotta: This is... so adorable!
H-hey, I told you! No more—munch, munch—sweets...
Charlotta: Grr—I can't bear it! Your food is simply irresistible!
Sevastien: Hahaha. Here, wash it down with some more tea.
Charlotta: Th-that's it! Grandbutler, I have to quit this!
Charlotta: What if any of the crewmembers see me? What of my dignity?
Vyrn: Hey, what've you guys been doin'?
Charlotta: Aaah! Vyrn, how long have you been there?
Vyrn: Huh? Us? We've been here the whole time. Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes. You two are such a friendly pair. A madam and her grandbutler—it's lovely.
Charlotta: It certainly is not! Grandbutler and I just share some history...
Lyria: Umm, well, when did this history start exactly?
Sevastien: Please allow me to explain.
Sevastien: It all began in the madam's snow-covered village, a village without nary a soldier, guard, or even vigilante group to speak of.
Sevastien: Hence, her hometown was constantly under attack, whether it be at the claws of monsters or the hands of bandits.
Sevastien: To save them from these dangers, we Lumiel Holy Knights would often go on expeditions to the village.
Lyria: Wow, that sounds so brave... Sevas, I bet you and the other knights were heroes to Charlotta.
Charlotta: Haha. I still remember them to this day. The holy knights, every one of them, ever so radiant in their valiance.
Charlotta: And notably Grandbutl—cough—Sevas was such a reliable man of valor, he became known as the Sanguine Hellhound.
Vyrn: Eek! What a creepy name.
Sevastien: Ahh, youth can be such a terrifying affair. I certainly lived my own wrapped in anger and shame.
Sevastien: And I let my inexperience lead me into disaster.
Lyria: D-disaster?
Sevastien: On one expedition, I ignored my commander's orders and rushed into a monster swarm lurking on a mountain.
Sevastien: I couldn't have been more foolish. When I realized I was trapped, it was already too late. The wounds were so deep, I couldn't even raise my sword.
Sevastien: This is the end, I thought, preparing myself for the worst. But then I heard a gunshot.
Sevastien: A figure brandishing a hunting rifle in one hand appeared on the mountain and began clearing an escape route. Who should it be but Charlotta's very own grandfather.
Charlotta: When Grandfather brought Sevas all bruised and battered back to the mansion, well, I can certainly say it was surprising.
Sevastien: His lordship cared for me, attending to my needs until my wounds were healed.
Sevastien: Unable to hold a sword, I felt myself wasting away. And that's when I had a thought—Sevas, if you can't hold a sword, you can at least hold a kitchen knife. I happily volunteered for cooking duty the next day.
Lyria: So that's how you became so good at cooking!
Vyrn: Yeah, and that's how you got to be best buds with Charlotta's grandpops!
Sevastien: Assuredly so.
Lyria: Haha. After all this time you're still madam and grandbutler. It really is lovely!
Sevastien: (In truth, seeing the madam is not my only goal in coming... No, now's not the time to mention it...)
Sevastien: Oh, where are my manners? Would anyone else like to try one of these?
  1. How about staying here with her?
  2. Did you come to take Charlotta back?

Choose: How about staying here with her?

Sevastien: Haha. What a bold captain to court my conciliation.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain) ain't no apple-polisher! It's just, you're so...
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Choose: Did you come to take Charlotta back?

Sevastien: Haha. Well, let's see... I suppose if you found the madam to be too much to handle, I could take her off your hands.
Vyrn: Huh! We don't want nothin' like that! We're goin' through so much trouble making food for her...
Lyria: That's right! We're going to make the best Big Skyfarer's Lunch and help Charlotta feel better!

Continue 1

Sevastien: Hahaha. Forgive me. I spoke in jest.
Sevastien: In fact, you've brought me a great relief—our concern for the madam is one and the same.
Lyria: Ah?
Sevastien: Hahaha. And it seems she'll continue giving us plenty to be concerned about.
Look now, you've spilled cream on your awwmor.
Charlotta: Ugh! Grandbutler! You know I cannot bear this childish treatment!
Sevastien: Hahaha. That is most unfortunate, because a grandbutler must treat his madam like a madam.
As if he'd been a regular fixture all along, the mysterious old gentleman from the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights finds himself sandwiched into the crew.