Scenario:Sevilbarra - Fate in the Demon Blade

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Fate in the Demon Blade

After airships carrying goods for the Knickknack Shack are attacked by a powerful gang of thieves, (Captain) and the crew agree to take the goods instead, and capture the thieves if possible. When Sevilbarra hears that the thieves' leader carries an unusual sword, he seems to know something.

Looking for work, the party visits the Knickknack Shack.
There they find Sierokarte in a very somber mood.
Vyrn: Hm? What’s wrong Knickknack Lady? You look really serious...
Sierokarte: Well...a crew of thieves is infesting the sky. They go after my goods, and I just want to cry.
Sierokarte: My supplies are stolen, and people are hurt. The other merchants and I are all left in the lurch.
Sevilbarra: That sounds just terrible. I bet they have guards, too, if they’re carrying precious cargo.
Sierokarte: I hear the thieves’ leader has an unusual sword—it makes him strong enough to fight back a horde.
Sevilbarra: ...An unusual sword? What kind of sword?
Sierokarte: That’s all I know, I’m sorry to say... Try asking again, on some other day.
Sevilbarra: ...I see...
Sierokarte: Those goods should have gone to my clients, you see. I have new ones here—would you take them for me?
Vyrn: Leave it to us! We can deliver ‘em, no problem!
Sierokarte: Oh, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much! I knew I could count on you in a clutch!
Sierokarte: But...if you run into those air thieves, please do take care. Not that I’d mind if you got them out of my hair...
Lyria: Yes, of course we'll be safe, I promise! Let’s go, (Captain)!
Sevilbarra: ...... ......
Vyrn: What's wrong, Straw Hat Guy? If you keep sitting there you'll get left behind!
Sevilbarra: Uh, right! Sorry, sorry. I’m coming!
Sevilbarra: (A man with an unusual sword... Is it really him this time?)
The party accepts the goods from Sierokarte, and sets off aboard the airship.

Fate in the Demon Blade: Scene 2

Sevilbarra reveals to (Captain) that the man with the unusual sword may be the foe he has been chasing. Just as Sevilbarra is about to explain himself, another airship crashes into them from behind, and thieves rush aboard. (Captain) and the crew fight back against the thieves, who plan to commandeer the ship.

Everything seems to be going well as (Captain) and the crew get closer to their destination.
Keeping a watch out for monsters from the deck, (Captain) comes across Sevilbarra standing off to one side by himself.
Sevilbarra: Hm? ...Oh, it's you.
Sevilbarra: ...Oh, not, I have nothing to report.
Sevilbarra: Acting strange? Me? Heh heh, Maybe I am.
Sevilbarra: Ever since I heard about the man with the unusual sword? Ah, so you noticed.
Sevilbarra: ...That man... He just might be the man I’ve been searching for.
(Captain) gets ready to listen quietly as Sevilbarra opens up about his past.
But before Sevilbarra can say another word, an airship rushes toward them from behind.
Sevilbarra: Wha—! We're gonna crash!
The airships collide, and the impact sends (Captain) tumbling to the floor.
Sevilbarra: Are you all right, (Captain)? Tch... What's going on here?
As Sevilbarra helps (Captain) to his feet, men from the other ship pile onboard.
Thief Crew Member: Dammit... What is wrong with that guy? We’ll just have to commandeer THIS ship!
Sevilbarra: Commandeer? That doesn’t sound very nice. I think it's time to put your feet to the fire.
Thief Crew Member: Shut up! We got no other choice... Men! Take these guys out already and make this ship ours!
Sevilbarra: Sigh... Looks like this “man with an unusual sword” isn't with this bunch...
Sevilbarra: Well, no one can protect one better than oneself! Let’s go, (Captain)!

Fate in the Demon Blade: Scene 3

After an emergency landing, a young Harvin named Krelkulkil emerges from the theives' airship. He was engaged to Sevilbarra's sister, and both men now seek the man who took her life. When Krelkulkil has left, Sevilbarra reveals his past to (Captain) and the crew, explaining that he seeks revenge for his sister's murder, and that he wishes to destroy the stolen sword that caused her death.

Thief Crew Member: Eyaaarrrgh! What the hell! These guys are crazy strong...too...
Sevilbarra: ...What do you mean "too"? There was someone else?
Sevilbarra: ...Agh! Because of that crash, we’re losing altitude!
Sevilbarra: Ignore these thieves for now—we need to make an emegency landing!
Urged by Sevilbarra, (Captain) rushes to the ship's bridge.
They make an emergency landing on a nearby island, followed by the other ship.
Lyria: Whew...we made it down safely. Is everyone okay?
Vyrn: Yeah, but...what the heck was going on with that other ship?
The moment Vyrn voices his concerns, a new figure emerges from the other ship.
???: ...... ......
A young Harvin man holds a long sword too big for his body in one hand, drags out a large, bedraggled man behind him with the other.
Thief Crew Member: Ack! B-boss! No... Even his sword's broken!
Krelkulkil: ...That wasn't him, either...
Muttering in annoyance, the younger man pulls the large man forward and throws him on the ground.
(Captain) eyes the young man warily. Sevilbarra steps between them.
Sevilbarra: ...Krelkulkil.
Krelkulkil: ......! Sevilbarra!
Krelkulkil: ...So you’ve been looking for him, too.
Sevilbarra: Yeah... Unfortunately, it looks like that was another miss...
Sevilbarra tries to continue speaking to Krelkulkil, but the young man turns his back to him.
Krelkulkil: ...The rare flower has not yet bloomed. But some day I shall see it's barren petals fall by my own hand!
Spitting out the words like venom, Krelkulkil vanishes from sight.
Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil... There's nothing I can say to him now...
Seeing the self-derision in Sevilbarra’s profiled features,(Captain) and the others hesitate to speak.
Sevilbarra: ...I'm sorry. I’ve gotten you mixed up in all of this, and I haven’t even told you what “this” is.
Lyria: Um...Sevilbarra? Who WAS that man?
Sevilbarra: His name is Krelkulkil. We're both after the same man.
Lyria: ......! After...the same man?
Sevilbarra: ...I'm the heir to an ancient school of swordfighting.
Sevilbarra: There is a magic sword handed down in our school. It holds great power, but drives those who wield it to madness.
Sevilbarra: With the proper physical and mental training, one can wield the Demon Blade safely. This training was the goal of our school.
Vyrn: Gulp...Demon Blade? Like the one that guy had earlier?
Sevilbarra: Yes. That was the Demon Blade that was kept by Krelkulkil’s family.
Sevilbarra: Special sorcery has been handed down through the Krelkulkil Family—sorcery that seals the power of the Demon Blade. That’s how they kept their sword through the generations.
Sevilbarra: Over the years our school has started dwindling in number. We weren’t sure if we would find a successor.
Sevilbarra: So my younger sister was betrothed to Krelkulkil, and our Demon Blade would have been entrusted to his family.
Vyrn: Huh? Betrothal? As in, marriage? ...So that guy was your brother-in-law!
Sevilbarra: Yes... Well, he was supposed to be, anyway.
Sevilbarra: Until a man attacked my sister's bridal procession. He was after the blade. Everyone in my family was killed.
Sevilbarra: Even my sister... She had looked so happy until that morning...until her bridal gown was stained with blood!
Lyria: That's terrible... It’s just too cruel!
Sevilbarra: Shamefully, I got badly hurt in the attack, and he stole the Demon Blade right out from under me.
Sevilbarra: ...Krelkulkil lifted the seal on his family’s Demon Blade and took it to chase after the man—my sworn enemy.
Sevilbarra: Once I was all healed up, I left my hometown in search of the man, just like Krelkulkil.
(Captain) and the others are at a loss for words after hearing the gruesome story of Sevilbarra's past.
Sevilbarra: If it weren't for that Demon Blade, none of this would've happened...
Sevilbarra: That's why I’ve made it my mission to break the sword in two.
Sevilbarra: Then I can finally stand before my clan’s grave!
Sevilbarra's resolve is unshakable—the result of firm determination hardened by anger and hatred.
Two men, bereft of the ones they love, walk the path of revenge. To what conclusion will it lead them?
For now, all (Captain) can do is watch as the fate of their new ally unfolds...