Scenario:Shiva - Destruction Incarnate

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Destruction Incarnate

(Captain) dreams about a boy asking for help and then locates his plague-stricken village in real life. There the crew have an unexpected reunion with Shiva, a primal beast whom they once met in a temple on Kluger Island. Shiva demands to know what the crew is doing in the village.

Villager 1: Aaugh... Groooan...
Villager 2: Huff... Huff...
Torrential rains assault this borderland village again today. The putrid air is saturated with a stomach-turning odor.
A sacred tree stands in the center of the village. All around it are villagers lying on thin linen mats.
Villager 3: Aah... Moaaan...
Sores blotch their skin, their voices crackle hoarsely, and every little twitch of their bodies appears to be a struggle.
Villager 4: Aah... Dear Holy One... Save us!
Villager 4: Aah... aah...
Villager 4: Anyone...
Villager 4: Please save...
???: ...
Villager 4: ...!
Shiva: My name is Shiva, he who grants salvation.
The sudden appearance of this sublime being leaves the villagers breathless.
Shiva turns his eyes on the sacred tree at the village center.
Shiva: A plague...
Its bark is peeling off, and a discolored trunk reaches out from within.
The tree has become a nest of disease that scatters deadly spores across the village.
Shiva: ...
Shiva steps close to the tree and holds out a palm to produce apocalyptic fire. The tree begins to crackle and is consumed by fire.
Villager 4: ...!
The villagers—still lying on the ground—are powerless to do anything but watch the flames rise.
Shiva: You who make such powerful entreaties... I grant what you have wished.
Villager 2: Groan...
Villager 3: Huff... Groan...
The villagers weep upon hearing Shiva's words, and the divinity closes his eyes as if listening to their pleas.
Shiva: ...
The decay of the villagers' bodies prevents them from either speaking or moving effectively.
What was once the sacred tree turns to ash and falls in on itself.
Villager 1: Moaaan... Mooaaan...
A moment later, the flame of life goes out within the villagers as it was extinguished in the trees.
Shiva: ...
After meditating deeply, Shiva arrives at a conclusion.
Shiva: It is done.
Shiva: My apocalyptic fire shall return all to nothingness.
(Captain) is slumbering deeply in the captain's quarters of the Grandcypher as it sails the night sky.
Village Boy: Sky... fa... ers...
Village Boy: Huff... Huff... Can you hear me?
Before (Captain)'s eyes is a boy lying in a village that is shrouded by dark, stale air.
Village Boy: Wheeze... My body's hot... And my mind's... fuzzy...
(Captain) attempts to reach out, but the boy is too distant.
Village Boy: I made a... promise...
Village Boy: To look after Mama till Papa comes back...
The boy attempts to push through his shortness of breath to offer a desperate prayer to the sky.
Village Boy: Please... Sky... rers...
Village Boy: You gotta... help... us...
Waking from the dream, (Captain) looks around and realizes the boy is nowhere to be found.
The captain breaks into a cold sweat upon remembering the suffering child.
Village Boy: Please... Sky... rers...
Village Boy: You gotta... help us...
(Captain) rushes to the ship's bridge.
Lyria: Is this... the place you saw in your dream, (Captain)?
The crew uses details from the captain's dream to locate the village.
The sights they see are the same as those from the dream.
Vyrn: Who'da thought this place was real? Maybe you're psychic or somethin'!
Lyria: There has to be a reason that (Captain) had that dream.
Lyria: That boy has to be somewhere in the village. Let's find him as quickly as we can!
Vyrn: Yeah, you said it!
(Captain) stops Vyrn and Lyria the moment they begin walking.
Lyria: What's wrong?
Vyrn: Huh?
In the direction (Captain) points there is a dark, invisible specter.
Vyrn: Whoa... What's that!
Lyria: Huh! Here of all places?
The putrid air and stomach-turning scent hang heavy over the land as if serving to turn back every living creature.
Vyrn: What the heck happened in this village? There's no way we're getting in there with things like this!
Lyria: Eeek!
Vyrn: Huh! What now?
At the startling sight of apocalyptic fire, (Captain) turns away from Vyrn and Lyria and unsheathes a sword.
Lyria: This feels like...
Vyrn: A primal beast!
As the fire settles and the party's line of sight becomes clear, a seemingly familiar figure comes into focus.
Shiva: ...
  1. You're—

Choose: You're—
Shiva: It has been a long while, child of man.
White Serpent: Squeak, squeak...
Lyria: Huh? Do you know who that is, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Never seen that face before...
While the being caresses a white snake, he fixes his eyes toward Vyrn and Lyria.
Shiva: Girl in blue, Lyria; and red dragon, Vyrn.
Vyrn: You mean you know us?
Shiva: Naturally. I command all that is.
Shiva: My name is Shiva, he who grants salvation.
Lyria: So your name's Shiva... How do you do?
White Serpent: Ssh...
Shiva: This is Nagaraja, my beloved serpent king.
Vyrn: Serpent king?
White Serpent: Hissss!
Vyrn: Whoa! You tryin' to tussle?
Lyria: D-don't worry, Vyrn.
Lyria: Nagaraja is his name, right? Hello, my name is Lyria.
Vyrn: Yeah, well... Looks like (Captain) met this guy somewhere. So what's going on?
(Captain) talks to Vyrn and Lyria about encountering Shiva in a temple on Kluger Island.
One night in a dream, the captain crossed swords with Shiva in order to pass one of his trials.
Lyria: I never knew that happened!
Vyrn: And we were sleeping? What a weird story...
The party members are unsure of how to respond to the unexpected reunion with an unexpected adversary.
Shiva, who had been waiting leisurely, opens his mouth once more.
Shiva: Indeed, child of man.
Shiva: (Captain), what is your intent in bringing those two to this land?
Shiva: It is no longer suited for living beings.
Shiva's gaze seems to penetrate their souls.
(Captain) is paralyzed, unable to move under the weight of the ineffable stare.