Scenario:Siegfried - Purifying Shell

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Purifying Shell

With Siegfried's homeland of Feendrache suffering from pollution, (Captain) and the crew accompany him to a village with mollusks that can solve the problem. They learn that the mollusk population has declined, but monsters invade before they can learn more.

One day the crew gets information from Sierokarte about the mollusks said to cleanse all blight.
To find out if it's true, (Captain) sets a course for Bloodshell Village.
Siegfried: I'm sorry... Once again I've caused us to take a detour on our journey.
Vyrn: Don't be silly! We promised you that we'd check out any rumors we got about those mollusks!
Lyria: Exactly! Besides, you help us all the time.
Lyria: Let us help you for once! Right, (Captain)?
Siegfried: Thank you... It relieves me to hear that.
Vyrn: Don't sweat it! Hopefully we'll find what you're looking for this time!
Siegfried: Indeed... Looking back, this mission has caused enough trouble for you guys already.
Vyrn: Look, Siegfried! I think that's the island!
The crew reaches Bloodshell Village and promptly visits the village elder's house.
Siegfried: So we heard there's a type of mollusk near this village that can cleanse all blight...
Elder: You're right... There are indeed venomolls to be found nearby.
Siegfried: Venomolls, huh? Could you tell me more about them?
Elder: They're just as you've heard: peculiar mollusks that favor a diet of poison.
Elder: The water around our wasteland here was once cleansed of pollution by those miraculous creatures.
Elder: However... their population has decreased a lot since then, and finding them won't be easy.
Siegfried: I see. But why'd the population drop so dramatically?
Elder: Something began dwelling in the lake, disrupting the ecosystem out there.
Elder: Because of this, the water in this area is undrinkable and we're forced to get water from a distant water source...
Vyrn: Oh... I'm sorry to hear that.
Siegfried: But what exactly lives in the lake? Can't anything be done about it?
Elder: We'd love to do something, but no one can step foot in the forest surrounding where the venomolls live.
Lyria: Why not? What happens if you enter?
Elder: ...
Vyrn: Come on... Can't you tell us? We really need those things!
Siegfried: Wait... He must have his reasons.
Elder: You aren't the only ones to come here asking about the venomoll rumors...
Elder: But no one who enters the forest in search of them has ever returned.
Siegfried: What do you mean?
Elder: Exactly what I said. Whatever lies in that lake will eat anyone who ventures there.
Elder: I hope you understand now... Don't throw your lives away so easily.
Just then, a villager dashes into in the room.
Villager: Elder! Monsters suddenly appeared around the village! There's a whole group of them out there!
Elder: What? Hm... They're back again. Quick! Gather any man who can fight!
Siegfried: Hold on. Just leave this to me.
Lyria: Ah! Siegfried!
Vyrn: All right! Sound's like we're up too, (Captain)!

Purifying Shell: Scene 2

To get the mollusks, (Captain) and the crew must defeat the deity Odoro living near the lake. Siegfried is determined to go after it for the sake of the village and his homeland.

(Captain) and the crew wipe out the monsters that appeared around the village.
They gather before the elder once again.
Elder: Incredible! You defeated the monsters so quickly.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! How do you like that?
Elder: Perhaps you can beat Odoro... No. I'm getting ahead of myself.
Lyria: What is this Odoro? Can you tell us?
Siegfried: There's a country I want to save with the help of venomolls.
Siegfried: So please tell us. There might be something we can do.
Elder: Hm... Well, if you insist.
Though reluctant, the elder quietly begins to speak of Odoro.
Elder: Odoro is a creature so horrific we fear to even speak its name.
Elder: It has claimed the venomolls' lake as its territory and rules as the area deity.
Elder: Ever since Odoro appeared, monsters began inhabiting this region.
Siegfried: Just what kind of monster is this Odoro?
Elder: I know not... No one has returned to tell the tale.
Elder: The previous elder, who also knew of Odoro, left us with a parting message warning us not to go near the northern lake.
Vyrn: Whoa... This Odoro sounds like really bad news!
Lyria: Yes... I don't sense a presence right now, but it could very well be a primal beast.
Siegfried: All right... If we defeat this Odoro, will you let us have some venomolls?
Elder: Humph... Certainly. If you have the power to defeat Odoro, that is.
Vyrn: Yikes... This might be a tough job even for you, the Dragonslayer.
Siegfried: Maybe you're right. But I must go even if I don't stand a chance.
Lyria: Siegfried...
Elder: Is there nothing I can say to dissuade you?
Siegfried: I'm afraid not. I going to put an end to this.
Siegfried: You said the northern lake, right? (Captain), what will you guys do?
  1. I'm ready!
  2. I'm shaking...

Choose: I'm ready!
Siegfried: Humph! I knew you'd say that.
Siegfried: I'm counting on you, (Captain).
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Choose: I'm shaking...
Siegfried: Ha-ha! You're trembling with excitement! It's a sign that you're ready to fight.
Siegfried: Don't worry. Once the battle begins, your bravery will steady your hand.
Continue 1
Siegfried: All right... It's time to go!

Purifying Shell: Scene 3

Siegfried, (Captain), and the crew head for the northern lake, debating along the way what sort of creature they will face. The moment they reach the lake, a roar echoes through the air.

Siegfried, (Captain), and the crew advance through the deep forest toward the area of the northern lake.
Siegfried: Our destination should be just ahead. Keep your wits about you.
Vyrn: R-roger that! But what exactly could Odoro be?
Lyria: It's scary that no one knows what it is...
Siegfried: How about it, Lyria? Do you sense any power nearby?
Lyria: No, I don't sense any primal power, or even primal beasts.
Vyrn: What if it happens to be sleeping right now and then suddenly wakes up? Is that possible?
Siegfried: Heh... Well, we'll have an especially grumpy monster on our hands if it is.
Vyrn: Yikes... I sure hope not.
Siegfried: Don't let your guard down. Judging from what the villagers say, it must possess great power.
Just when they reach the northern lake, there's a deafening roar.
Vyrn: Whoa! Is that thing Odoro?
Lyria: No way... Is that really its true form?
Siegfried: Well, whatever it is, it's the ruler of this lake... Don't hold back! To arms, (Captain)!

Purifying Shell: Scene 4

Upon presenting the venomolls to King Carl, Siegfried is invited by the monarch to return to Feendrache. But he chooses to continue journeying with the crew, hoping to repay his debt to (Captain).

After defeating Odoro, Siegfried, (Captain), and the crew leave Bloodshell Village and its grateful residents behind.
They head directly to Feendrache with a cargo of venomolls curled up in their purifying shells.
King Carl: Siegfried! (Captain)! I'm truly glad to see your faces once again.
King Carl: Now, Siegfried. What is it you've come to discuss?
Siegfried: Your Majesty...
Siegfried tells King Carl about his journey to find mollusks rumored to cleanse all blight.
Siegfried: And here they are... The famed venomolls.
Siegfried: If we release these into the river, they'll feed on the pollutants and cleanse the water.
King Carl: What? Is this true?
King Carl: Siegfried! (Captain)! You've done this kingdom a great service.
Vyrn: You know, Siegfried never stopped thinking of the kingdom even while journeying with us!
King Carl: Siegfried. There are none more loyal than you.
King Carl: What do you say? Will you return to serve me again?
Siegfried: ...
Lyria: (Captain)... is Siegfried really going to return to his king?
  1. That might be for the best...
  2. I wanted him to stick with us longer...

Choose: That might be for the best...
Siegfried: Humph! So you think my place is at the royal capital?
Siegfried: I appreciate your thoughtfulness... but my heart is surely set.
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Choose: I wanted him to stick with us longer...
Siegfried: Humph! So you think my place is with your crew?
Siegfried: I appreciate your thoughtfulness... and my heart is surely set.
Continue 1
Siegfried: Your Majesty, your words do me more honor than I deserve.
Siegfried: I would happily accept your gracious offer, but I have an obligation to repay (Captain) for helping me on my travels.
Siegfried: As such, I'd like to help this crew see their journey to its end.
Siegfried: Could you find it in your heart to allow me this role?
King Carl thinks silently for a moment before responding.
King Carl: Very well... I would expect nothing less of you.
King Carl: I am truly proud that you have become such an honorable knight.
Siegfried: Thank you. Once the journey is over, I swear to return to Feendrache.
Lyria: I'm so happy! To think we can continue our journey with Siegfried...
King Carl: Well, it seems you've been blessed with great comrades. It won't be long before the Dragonslayer's name is again respected throughout the skies!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Dragonslayer, huh?
Vyrn: Sorry to break it to ya, but he's got himself a new nickname now!
Lyria: Let's see... What was it again?
Vyrn: You know! Remember what the villagers were calling him after we defeated Odoro?
Lyria: Oh! It was Bearslayer! Siegfried the Bearslayer!
King Carl: B-Bearslayer?
Siegfried: Yes. You see, this Odoro beast was a vicious bear and the area deity.
Siegfried: I was therefore honored with the new title of Bearslayer.
King Carl: Oh... I see...
Siegfried: So I'm not yet sure which name will be known throughout the sky...
Siegfried: But which name do you think sounds better, Your Majesty?
Siegfried decides to continue journeying with the crew no matter where their adventure leads them.
But whether he'll be known as the Dragonslayer, Bearslayer, or something else entirely, is yet to be determined.