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By Your Side

Tweyen discovers a letter written by Silva in her room. Meanwhile, back on Ravi Island, Silva continues preparing for their duel.

Silva is determined to right her wrongs and reforge the bond between Tweyen and herself.
Tweyen is a crew member

The sniper leaves a letter in Tweyen's room aboard the Grandcypher.
Tweyen: Silva left this for me...
Tweyen peruses the contents of the letter.
Tweyen: She wants to challenge me...
Tweyen: Silva...
Tweyen: I see. This might be a good chance to settle where we stand as friends once and for all...
Murmuring in deep thought, Tweyen folds the letter closed and leaves her room.
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Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen finds a letter on her bedside table.
Tweyen: Silva left this for me...
Tweyen peruses the contents of the letter.
Tweyen: She wants to challenge me...
Tweyen: Silva...
Tweyen: I see. This might be a good chance to settle where we stand as friends once and for all...
Murmuring in deep thought, Tweyen folds the letter closed and leaves her room.

Continue 1

Silva, back at Ravi Island, is continuing to prepare for the decisive showdown.
Silva: Smoke bombs: check.

Imperial drones: check.

Camieux's special bullets: double check.
Silva: I had to rely on so many people to get all this together. But is it really enough?
Silva: Stop it, Silva. It's too late to turn back now.
Silva: You have to become a monster yourself. Haven't you already made up your mind?
Silva's expression tightens into a stiff grimace as she continues pondering her coming battle. Her brow unfurrows when a monster steps into her keen line of sight.
Monster: Ghraaa...
Silva: My apologies, but I can't have you getting in my way. I'll have to make sure you don't interrupt my training.

By Your Side: Scene 2

The duel commences when Tweyen arrives at Ravi Island. Silva employs a series of successful tactics to ground Tweyen—but just before the Eternal comes crashing down, she begins to levitate again.

Silva: Tweyen should be showing up any moment now.
Silva: I'm ready.
Having arrived at their predetermined arena, Silva conceals herself in the shadow of a sandstone cliff.
Silva: ...
The sniper catches a glimpse of Tweyen soaring through the air.
Tweyen: Silva, you're not showing yourself. So I guess the battle's begun then.
Tweyen: You won't be able to escape my sight... I'll track you down!
Grasping her magic bow, Tweyen prepares to unleash an innumerable volley of arrows.
Just as she releases the first arrow, smoke envelops the Eternal.
Tweyen: Cough, cough!
Silva: (Got her!)
After throwing a smoke bomb, Silva dashes from her hiding spot while simultaneously launching flying vulcans.
Flying Vulcans: ...
Tweyen: Tch!
The vulcans, obscured by the smoke, begin an assault against Tweyen. The Eternal, in reaction, soars to a higher altitude to escape their attack.
Silva: I won't let you get away!
The sniper arrives at a different vantage point and hastily draws her rifle. She sets Tweyen in the crosshairs.
Tweyen plummets from the dissipating smoke screen, a rubber bullet falling from her abdomen.
Silva: You're not through yet. You wouldn't go down that easily, would you, Tweyen!
Just as Tweyen is about to make contact with the ground, she stabilizes her descent with a blast of wind. Floating in the air, she glares at Silva with furious magic eyes.

By Your Side: Scene 3

After their match concludes, Silva apologizes to Tweyen. The Eternal is grateful to have their friendship back.

Tweyen: Tch!
After taking more of Silva's punishing assault, Tweyen is knocked from the air once more.
Tweyen: Is that...
Tweyen expects an excruciating collision with the ground, but her fall is cushioned by a curiously placed mat.
Tweyen: D-did she really predict that I'd fall here!
Tweyen: I didn't notice at first, but she definitely directed me here...
A dumbfounded Tweyen raises her head to the sound of approaching footsteps.
Silva: T-Tweyen...
Tweyen: Silva...
Silva: ...
Unsure of what to say next, Silva extends a hand to the abased Eternal. Tweyen reaches for the outstretched limb but then hesitates and pulls back.
Tweyen not in crew

Silva: It's been so long...
Tweyen: Yeah, it really has...
Silva: I'm sorry, Tweyen.
Tweyen: ...!
Silva: I've wanted to apologize to you for the longest time, for hurting you so much...
Tweyen is a crew member

Silva: And for avoiding you even though we're in the same crew now...
Tweyen: ...
Silva: I was, in a way, running away from you. I wasn't sure I could handle it if I tried to apologize and you turned me away...
Silva: Especially considering how I so deeply envied your powers...
Tweyen: ...
Silva: But no matter how far I ran...
I never lost it—the feeling that I want to be your friend.
Tweyen: Silva...
Silva: To be your friend once again... I, too, felt I had to become a monster.
Silva: You flew to heights I couldn't reach, so I had to catch up to you and shoot you down...
Silva: So that finally we could look at each other one more time and smile.
Silva: But I learned something from fighting you today. We're not monsters at all.
Silva: If we had actually become monsters, if we had gone beyond what people are capable of, then we would fear nothing and no one. But we're not like that.
Silva: That's how I know I'm just like anyone else. You're the same, Tweyen. We still have our fears.
Tweyen: Y-yeah...
Silva: I won't let them. I won't let them call us monsters anymore.
Tweyen: Sniff... Silva...
Tweyen grasps Silva's hand.
Tweyen: T-thank you, Silva. For coming for me.
Silva: I'm so sorry. If I had just gone after you on that day...
Silva: I could've stopped you from suffering for so long.
Tweyen: No, no. I misunderstood you back then too. I thought you were angry.
Silva: Angry?
Tweyen: For getting in your way, despite knowing how much that assignment meant to you.
Tweyen: So I've been worried ever since. I thought... I thought I'd lost you.
Silva: Yeah... I'll admit that little spectacle was really frustrating...
Silva: But thinking back on it, I'm grateful for what happened. You got everyone, including me, out of there safely.
Silva: Thank you, Tweyen. I'm alive because of you.
Tweyen: I guess we are the same after all.
Tweyen: I was scared to find out how you felt, so I avoided you.
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen: You weren't the only one running away, Silva. I was too.
Silva: Yeah, we're the exact same.
Tweyen: Haha...
Little by little the pair finally relax and exchange smiles.
Tweyen: This talk is really important to me, but it looks like something's come to interrupt us.
Silva: You're right.
Silva and Tweyen almost simultaneously notice the distant disturbance.
Tweyen: Seems like a group of monsters nesting in the area.
Silva: I see... So those monsters I took care of before—I guess those were just scouts.
Tweyen: I'll pick off the group.
Silva: Roger that. Leave the alpha to me.
Tweyen: Don't shoot yourself in the foot, Silva!
Silva: Right back at you, Tweyen!
Saving the rest of their emotional reunion for later, Silva and Tweyen confront the monster troop.

By Your Side: Scene 4

Silva takes Tweyen to her real home, a home she hasn't returned to in some ten years. Once there the sniper, the Eternal, the gunsmithing family, and Silva's real parents spend a few blissful days together.

Silva: Phew. That should persuade the monsters to look for new territory. There's a few houses nearby, so we did well to get rid of them.
Tweyen: By the way... Why did you call me out to Mephorash?
Silva: Huh? Oh, come with me for a minute and you'll understand.
Tweyen: What? It's not like you to be so mysterious.
Without answering Tweyen's question, Silva walks out into the sandy wilderness.
She leads Tweyen to an isolated house nearby.
Tweyen: ...
Silva: I'm home!
Tweyen: This place!
???: Aah... Aaaah! Silva! Silva, it's really you!
???: You're such a beautiful young lady now!
Silva: Mother, Father. Finally I'm home...
Silva and her parents exchange an embrace, squeezing tight to make up for the almost ten years since they had last met.
Tweyen: (Ah... That's right. Silva hasn't been home since she left Ravi Island to start her training. This place was closed off soon after she left.)
Cucouroux: Silva! You're back!
Camieux: You said you were comin' here, so I came here first and made some food! It's waitin' for you!
Mama Gunsmith: Come now, have a seat! Don't stand in the doorway, dear! Huh? Who's this?
Mama Gunsmith: Huh? Who's this?
Tweyen: Um...
Silva's Mother: Oh! You're the one that Silva was talking about...
Silva: Yeah. This is my best friend, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Y-yeah! I'm Tweyen! Pleased to meet you!
Silva's Mother: Welcome, welcome! Make yourself at home!
Any version of Camieux is a crew member

Silva's Mother: Everyone, go ahead and pull up a chair. We can keep talking while eating.
Any version of Camieux is a crew member

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No version of Camieux in crew

Camieux: Whoa! You're the Tweyen that Coux talks about Silva talkin' about!
Silva's Mother: Everyone, go ahead and pull up a chair. We can keep talking while eating.

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Silva: There's so much I want to talk about...
Silva: So many things I need to talk about...
Tweyen, Silva's family, and the gunsmiths spend the next few days in peaceful bliss.
And thus the sniper who was once bereft of her family and friend finds herself reunited with all that she holds dear in the world.