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Ninetails Hunt

Yuel and Societte witness a terrible vision of nine Erunes performing a ritual that turns Ninetails to stone. Distraught, the pair decides to search for the petrified Ninetails.

Yuel: Hey, Societte! Wanna learn my dance next? The crimson dance, I call it! Here, I'll teach you!
Societte: Sure thing, Yuel!
One day Yuel and Societte take turns teaching each other their dances.
At last the time has come for Societte to teach Yuel her closing dance.
Societte: ...?
Yuel: ...!
When they complete it, a strange sensation comes over the two of them. Suddenly, they lose sight of everything around them.
Yuel: (T-the heck?)
Societte: (What's happening? I can't see anything!)
In the middle of their confusion, a scene suddenly springs forth in their minds.
A village aflame. Nine Erunes with furious expressions on their faces stand against a blazing, nine-tailed monster.
Waving the nine sacred treasures passed down from their lost kingdom, they dance furiously in the face of the nine-tailed beast.
One of the Erunes, who closely resembles Societte, finishes the closing dance. The monster writhes in agony and slowly turns to stone.
Yuel: Societte!
Yuel: Societte, you okay?
Yuel rouses Societte from unconsciousness.
Societte: Urgh... Y-Yuel? W-was that...
Yuel: I saw it too. It was like... It was like we were there, fighting alongside the other successors.
Societte: I don't get it, but... that flaming beast. It was Lady Ninetails.
Societte: Still, I... I can't believe it. How could that terrifying monster be Lady Ninetails?
Societte: That was nothing like the stories my parents told me...
Societte is unnerved by the images she's just seen. Yuel takes her hand in an attempt to reassure her.
Yuel: I don't get it either. But we gotta just keep puttin' one foot in front of the other!
Societte: Huh?
Yuel: Call it a hunch, but that was no dream. No illusion, either.
Societte: Yeah. I have the same feeling...
Yuel: Right? We gotta find the stone that monster turned into! I bet that'll tell us something!
Societte: Right... Gotcha...
Yuel: Worried, huh? Me too. But it'll be okay. We're in this together.
Societte: Right. Thanks, Yuel.
Societte and Yuel decide to search for the stone monster they saw in their visions.
After the two explain the situation to (Captain) and crew, everyone heads out to gather information.

Ninetails Hunt: Scene 2

The crew hears rumor of the slaughterstone, which sounds like it may be the petrified remains of Ninetails. When they attempt to see it, however, a warrior blocks their way.

After traveling near and far to gather information, (Captain) and the crew have a few good leads.
Yuel: The slaughterstone?
Vyrn: Yeah. On one of these islands there's supposed to be a freaky stone that kills everything around it.
Societte: A stone that kills...
Societte: I... I can't believe such a thing would be Lady Ninetails, though...
Yuel: Right? That's not the Ninetails you'd always heard about, Societte.
Societte: Ninetails was kind. She protected the kingdom, the people... everyone.
Yuel: Hm... She definitely doesn't sound like the slaughterstone.
Yuel: But the beast we saw in our vision definitely does.
Vyrn: Well, standing here thinking about it's not gonna do us any good! Let's go find it!
Yuel: Couldn't agree more! I hate thinking!
And with that, the crew heads to the island where the slaughterstone is rumored to be located.
Having arrived at a heavily forested island, the crew sets out to find the stone.
It doesn't take long for (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria to encounter a heavily armed man.
Imposing Man: Who are you? Not that it matters. Whoever wanders past this point faces grave danger.
Imposing Man: Turn back. Unless you want to die to a terrible stone that kills with poison mist.
Lyria: That wouldn't happen to be the slaughterstone, would it?
Imposing Man: You're a very knowledgeable girl. But that won't do you any good here. Turn back now unless you want to die.
Vyrn: Hold it, bub! We've got something we need to do with that stone cold killer!
Vyrn: Whoa!
Imposing Man: If you won't cooperate, I'll remove you by force.
Vyrn: Guess this guy's not willing to listen!
Yuel: What was that sound?
Societte: D-did that man over there attack you?
Imposing Man: Bring as many friends as you like. You're not getting through me!
Vyrn: Watch out! Here he comes!

Ninetails Hunt: Scene 3

The elder of the nearby village stops the fight and explains that a young boy who once lived nearby requested no one be allowed near the slaughterstone. The crew members explain their situation to the elder, who relents and allows them to see the stone.

Kindly Elder: Stop! That's enough out of the both of you!
An old man's shouts suddenly interrupt the fight.
Imposing Man: Elder? But why?
Kindly Elder: Would the child have asked for this? Enough.
Yuel: Who are you guys, anyway?
Kindly Elder: I'm the elder of a local village, and this man is one of its residents.
Kindly Elder: My apologies for his rather... reckless behavior. He was simply trying to keep a promise.
Societte: Oh?
Kindly Elder: If you have time to listen to an old man ramble on, I can explain.
The crew members nod and follow the elder to his village.
They eventually settle in at the elder's home.
The elder stares intently at Societte and Yuel.
Societte: If you keep staring at me, I'm gonna get embarrassed...
Kindly Elder: Oh, how rude of me! The more I look at you, the more I realize how much you look like him. Like the child.
Societte: You mentioned a child before...
Yuel: Does the child have something to do with why you won't let us get at the stone?
Kindly Elder: He does. A child once lived in the place where the slaughterstone is.
Kindly Elder: He'd come to play in our village all the time.
Kindly Elder: Strange boy, he was. Wrapped in an aura of unapproachability, yet always cheery and well-mannered.
Yuel: Hold on! But the slaughterstone is supposed to kill anyone who gets close to it...
Kindly Elder: That's right. Hence why none of us from the village dared to go near it.
Kindly Elder: Only the child ever visited it, acting as if he had not a care in the world.
Societte: He certainly doesn't sound like your average boy...
Kindly Elder: He wasn't a bad child. On the contrary. He slew monsters, helped with the fields...
Kindly Elder: Why, he was like the village guardian! A credit to his generation.
Vyrn: Hmm... You make it sound like the little guy's not around anymore.
Kindly Elder: He's not. Recently he just up and left the island.
Kindly Elder: We promised him to let no one near the stone.
Societte: So that's why you were so insistent...
Yuel: Makes sense to me. But we still gotta get at that stone!
Societte: P-please! There's something we gotta check out!
Kindly Elder: Hm. Special circumstances, it sounds like.
Kindly Elder: Very well. Promise me one thing, though. If you sense danger, I want you to flee immediately.
Societte: Got it! Thanks so much!
With permission in hand, the crew members once again head toward the location of the slaughterstone.
They proceed past the area where the armed man stopped them earlier and begin to sense a poisonous miasma.
Lyria: Cough... It's getting tough to breathe.
Yuel: Huh? I'm just hunky-dory.
Societte: Same here. You don't need to push yourselves, everyone.
Suddenly a monster appears from the underbrush. It seems to be in pain.
Monster: Rggh... Grrgrghhh!
Thrashing and writhing, the monster bares its fangs and leaps at (Captain) and the crew.
Yuel: We don't have time for you, buddy!

Ninetails Hunt: Scene 4

Societte and Yuel find the slaughterstone and witness a continuation of their previous vision. This time the Erunes perish after the petrified Ninetails shatters into three pieces. With a new mystery to unravel, Societte vows to find the truth.

The crew proceeds forward after defeating the monster.
But the miasma just keeps getting thicker. Lyria and Vyrn struggle to breathe.
Lyria: Cough cough... Rgh...
Yuel: Lyria!
Lyria: Sorry... I'm just... feeling a little dizzy...
Societte: I should be the one apologizing. If only I'd realized sooner...
Societte: It's only going to get worse from here. Let's head back.
Vyrn: But we haven't found the slaughterstone yet!
Yuel: Your lives are more important!
Lyria: Yuel, Societte... You're not affected by the poison?
Societte: No. But something feels a little off.
Vyrn: You guys should go ahead on your own. We'll head back.
Societte: B-but Vyrn...
Vyrn: I said it's fine! Go on. Just... be careful.
Yuel: Gotcha. You be careful too, everyone.
(Captain) and company fight their way back through the miasma.
After seeing their friends off, Yuel and Societte head deeper into the miasma.
Societte: This... must be the slaughterstone.
The pair come upon a massive stone that's spewing out poison gas.
Yuel: Huh? A little smaller than I thought it'd be.
Societte: Yeah, and something about it feels... hollow.
Societte's hand is drawn to the stone. She touches it.
Yuel: Gasp! T-this again?
Just like when they performed the closing dance, the two of them suddenly lose consciousness.
Soon a familiar vision fills their thoughts.
It appears to be a continuation of the scene they saw earlier.
Nine Erunes stand around the monster, now turned to stone. One of them looks like Societte. She dances, causing the stone to shatter.
???: ...!
The stone splits into three fragments, which are flung into the far reaches of the sky.
Poison gas floods from the stone fragment. The nine Erunes have nowhere to run and collapse on the spot.
Societte returns to consciousness. Feeling drained and weak, she collapses.
Societte: What... was that? I don't understand...
Societte: If what we just saw really happened, then everyone who turned Lady Ninetails to stone... died?
Societte: Does that mean Lady Ninetails... killed everyone?
Societte seems shaken by the incomprehensible experience.
Seeing her, Yuel lovingly pets her friend's head.
Societte: Yuel...
Yuel: I've got no idea what's going on either. It sure makes my head hurt just thinking about it, though...
Yuel: Is Ninetails good or bad? Why'd that group of people turn Ninetails to stone? Why'd they die?
Yuel: Oh! I think I just thought of something super smart!
Societte: What did you think of?
Yuel: All this stuff is new, right? New mysteries, sure, but it's stuff we didn't know before!
Yuel: And there's that kid who used to live here! Maybe he's a successor? We've gotta find him and grill him on what went down here!
Yuel: Am I on fire or what? Maybe I was a genius this whole time and never even realized it!
Societte: Heh heh heh...
Societte: You always lift my spirits, Yuel. Thanks again.
Yuel: No worries! You've done plenty for me, too!
Societte: Thanks so much... Seriously.
Societte can't help but thank Yuel for everything she's done.
Now these two mystery chasers have a host of new questions to find answers to.
One thing's for certain, though: they're definitely getting closer to the truth.