Scenario:Stahn Aileron - Unfamiliar Blue Skies

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Unfamiliar Blue Skies

On the way to visit his friend Leon in the town of Luinith, Stahn is suddenly swallowed by a black rift. A moment later, he finds himself standing on a street corner. After pursuing his friend Leon, Stahn eventually loses sight of him. Soon after, he learns that he is on a floating island in a strange new world. He then attempts to gather information on Leon's whereabouts, leading to his encounter with (Captain) and the others.

The city of Luinith, on the western outskirts of the Kingdom of Sylvarant.
After bearing witness to the Crystallization Anomaly that appeared in the city, Stahn leaves his sister Lilith at home and sets out to meet his friend Leon.
Stahn: The Crystallization Anomaly has spread to Luinith...
Stahn: I can't just sit around doing nothing. Maybe Leon will have an idea...
Stahn: Hey, Leon!
Seeing his friend in the distance, Stahn tries to catch up with him. But suddenly...
Stahn: What the heck?!
A black rift suddenly materializes before Stahn's eyes.
Stahn: Aaaaaagggghh!
As he lets out a bewildered scream, Stahn is swallowed by the darkness.
And then...
Stahn: ...Hmm?
Stahn: What the...?
Stahn finds himself standing at a street corner.
Stahn: The heck just happened? I remember heading toward Leon and calling out to him...
Stahn: Oh, there he is! Leon!
Stahn breaks into a run, just managing to see Leon's cape disappear into the alley ahead.
Stahn: Geez, Leon! Wait up already!
Stahn: Leon? ...Aw, shucks. He's gone...and I'm lost!
Leon is nowhere to be found. And to make matters worse, Stahn finds himself standing in an unfamiliar town.
Stahn: Er, what's going on? This isn't Luinith.
Stahn: You've got to be kidding me!
Stahn's mad search for Leon soon brings him to a port outside of the city.
Stahn: Clouds? Or wait...the sky? Oh my gosh, the ground is floating!
Stahn's eyes widen as he gazes over the strange scenery that lays before him.
Stahn: This is incredible! And so beautiful... Wait, am I dreaming?
Staring out over the sea of clouds, Stahn gives his own cheek a pinch.
Stahn: Ouch! No, that definitely hurts. But if this isn't a dream, then why am I here?
Stahn: Well. I have no idea what's going on. But it seems like Leon is here, so I guess I'll start looking for him.
Looking for information, Stahn passes through the doors of a bustling pub.
Waitress: Welcome!
Stahn: What the? Some of these people have animal ears and horns growing out of their heads! Now I know I'm in a different world...
Stahn: Um, excuse me?
Customer: Hmm? What's up, pal?
Stahn: I hope you don't mind me asking, but, uh... This isn't Luinith, is it?
Customer: Lui-who? Nope. Never even heard of a place by that name.
Stahn: Yeah, I thought so.
Stahn: Then how about this: Have you seen a swordsman with black hair who's about this tall and wears a cape?
Customer: Can't say I have. Lookin' for someone?
Stahn: Yeah. I kinda got separated from my friend...
Waitress: What'll you have, hon?
Stahn: Oh, sorry. I'll have milk, please.
Waitress: You got it. That'll be 150 rupies.
Stahn: ...Rupies? Not gald?
Waitress: Gald? What's gald?
Stahn: So my money's no good here, huh? This day just keeps getting better.
???: What's the matter, friend?
Stahn: Oh, just having a little cash-flow problem.
???: What, for milk? Hell, I'll cover you.
Stahn: No, no! I couldn't possibly!
???: Hey, so, we happened to overhear your conversation just now and I think we've got an idea who you're lookin' for.
Stahn: Really?! You saw Leon?
???: Sure did. Want me to take you to where I saw him?
Stahn: That'd be a huge help!
Waitress: So are you gonna order something or what?
Stahn: Oh, sorry! Could I get a rain check?
Waitress: Sure thing. Come back sometime, 'kay?
Shifty Goon 1: (Heh heh heh. Look at the sword that kid's packin'. Damn fine piece of weaponry.)
Shifty Goon 2: (Yeah. Doesn't seem like he's got any cash, but that'll just make it easier. All we gotta do is trick this dope and take that sword!)
Stahn: Sorry to keep you waiting! ...Uh, is everything all right?
Shifty Goon 1: Peachy. Now let's get a move on.
Stahn: Lead the way!
Deceived by their silver tongues, Stahn follows the thugs outside.
Little did he know that he'd soon have a fateful encounter with (Captain)'s party...