Scenario:Sutera - Shopping With My Sis

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Shopping With My Sis

Sutera has been taken out on a shopping trip by her older sister, Metera. As thanks for helping her pick out a new outfit, Metera also buys Sutera some new clothes. Sutera is reluctant to try on her new clothes at first, but at Metera's insistence she acquiesces. After shopping they visit a tea shop, where they reminisce about their childhood.

In a hotel room in the middle of a bustling city, Metera looks over at her younger sister, Sutera, with concern.
Sutera: (…Something seems to be bothering Metera…)
Sutera: (…Maybe she really does hate having me around…)
Metera: Humph, I'm bored…
Metera sprawls out on the bed, and looking up at the ceiling begins to mutter.
Metera: Say, Sutera, you're not busy today, are you?
Sutera: Wha! Um… Er… Why do you ask?
Metera: Well, I've been thinking about getting a new outfit for winter…
Metera: I was just thinking, maybe you'd like to come along?
Sutera: I'd be more than happy to join you, sister, if you'll have me. Though I don't know if I'll make good company…
Metera: I invited you didn't I? I'm sure you'll be fine.
Metera: All right, so it's settled! Well, there's no point hanging around, let's go already!
Sutera: Hey, w-wait for me!
The sisters make their way through the bustling streets, made all the busier by the end of year festivities.
They wander around, and an attractive boutique catches their eyes.
Metera: Heheheh! It really is nice to be in a proper city once in a while.
Metera: C'mon Sutera! We're not gonna leave until we've checked out every little thing in this place!
Sutera: OK! We'll find something for you no matter what!
Metera: Humph… There's no need to be so serious, we're not exactly going in to battle here.
Metera: I mean, I brought you out here to let off some steam, so just relax, will ya?
Sutera: OK!
Metera enters a shop, and without so much as a by-your-leave starts trying on different outfits.
Metera: Hmm… I really like the color, but I think I already have something like this…
Metera: I'm here to get something new, there's not much point in buying something I've already got.
As Metera tries on outfits Sutera is in the corner, nervously looking for anything her sister might like.
Sutera: Hmm… I wonder if Metera would look good in this…
Metera: Sutera, get over here!
Sutera: Right away!
The reason Metera wants Sutera is to put the clothes she wants to buy on her, so she can see what they look like on someone.
Metera changes Sutera's clothes as though she were a clothing store mannequin.
Metera puts outfit after out fit on Sutera, looking critically at each one, until she finally finds one she likes.
The younger sister then waits patiently outside the changing rooms.
Sutera: Oh, sister? Is everything all right in there?
Metera: Ready? Ta-daaa!
Metera: What do you think? Doesn't this just scream of winter sophistication?
Sutera: A-absolutely! It looks very good on you!
Metera: Heheh! I tried to do something with my hair to match the outfit, what do you think?
Sutera: …Amazing, as always! It really completes the ensemble!
Metera: Th-thanks…
Sutera: Your genius extends even to your hobbies! There's no way I could come up with an outfit like that!
Sutera fawns over Metera, oblivious to how awkward she is making her big sister feel.
Seemingly in an attempt to put an end to her flattery, Metera pushes Sutera into the changing room.
Sutera: Wha! Metera, what are you doing?
Metera: OK, now it's your turn!
Sutera: What?
Metera: Don't worry about it, just try it on!
Sutera: Uh… Oh…
Sutera does as her sister asked, and changes into a new outfit.
Sutera: OK, I've tried them on. Are we done here now?
Metera: Yep! Looks my choice was right on the money once again!
Metera: You're my sister, so of course you got the looks, but your wardrobe really needed an update!
Sutera: What?
Metera: Hey shop lady! We'll take the lot!
Sutera: Metera, what are you doing!
Metera: Don't worry about it! It's not often I get to treat you, so just let me do something nice for you for once.
Sutera: But…
Metera: If it helps, just think of it as a late Christmas present, OK?
Sutera: …OK! Thank you!
The two sisters, having finished shopping, leave the store in their new outfits and take a walk through the town.
Sutera: Hee hee… I never thought that I'd be out buying clothes with you, sister…
Metera: Sutera, watch out!
Sutera is about to walk straight into a pillar, but Metera saves her at the last minute.
Sutera: Huh? Oh, I'm so sorry!
Metera: Honestly, if something like this has made you this happy, I've been a terrible older sister.
Sutera: No, you're not a terrible sister! It's just… Today, with you… Hmm, I don't know how to say it…
Metera: Don't worry, you don't need to!
Metera looks across to Sutera.
Metera: Aaah… I'm getting a little tired. Maybe we should take a little break.
Sutera: Yes, let's! I was just thinking about suggesting the same thing!
Metera: OK! Let's find somewhere we can get some tea.
The two sisters find a quiet tea shop just off the main road.
Sitting by the window, they wait to be served.
Metera: Hmm… I think I'll have the herb tea and cake, please.
Sutera: Me too.
It doesn't take long for their tea and cakes to be brought out.
Outside, pure white snowflakes start to fall.
Sutera: Do you remember? It was a snowy evening just like this…
Sutera: You said you were going to try and catch whoever it was who was leaving presents by people's beds.
Metera: Huh? I did?
Sutera: Yes… And I remember you're trap worked like a charm, it caught the culprit well enough.
Sutera: Hee hee… I was so scared I called out for father…
Metera: Ah, no I think I remember…
Sutera: Who would have thought that the culprit was father…
Metera: Well I knew all along that he was doing it.
Sutera: What! You… You knew?
Metera: It was obvious! But it was just too much fun to keep you guessing.
Sutera: Metera, how could you!
Metera: You were such an easy target back then.
Metera: Wow, now that you've brought that up though, it's bringing up a lot of memories.
Sutera: L-let's not do this! Some things are better left in the past.
Metera: You know you really are cute when you squirm like that.
Sutera: Hmm…
Sutera: I'm not the only one who hasn't changed!
Metera and Sutera continued to reminisce about their childhood.
Out of the window they could see the beautiful winter scenery.
The sisters' lively conversation echoed into the stillness of the night.
They finish their herb tea.
The sisters eventually get up to leave.
Sutera: Oh, Metera, what are we going to do about the bill?
Metera: Oh, don't worry about that. I've already sorted it.
Sutera: You didn't have to do that! First you buy me these clothes, and now you pay for the tea?
Metera: Well it was my idea to come out tonight in the first place, it's only right that I pay. Don't worry about it!
Sutera: B-but…
Metera: C'mon, just for today can you let me be your big sis?
Metera ruffles Sutera's hair
Sutera: Hee hee. OK, I give in!
Metera: All right then. Well, I think it's time we head back.
Sutera: Do you think we should buy some souvenirs for (Captain) and the others?
Metera: What a good idea! It's a little late though, the stores might be closed…
Metera: We'll just have to try and persuade them to open up for us!
Metera and Sutera head out into the town once more.
Their footsteps are clearly visible in the fresh snow.