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The Role of a Guardian

Sutera, Aster, and the rest of the crew pay a visit to the town where villagers from Sutera's home have set up a traveling hub. The villagers are struggling to adjust to a life in the world outside of their island, as their relationship with the native townspeople steadily sours. Sutera decides that as a guardian, it is her duty to assist the villagers in solving their issues—without asking for her sister Metera's help.

Sutera once spent her life as a guardian, dedicated solely to protecting the altar of her home village.
A being known as the Forbidden One was sealed inside, but its true form eventually came to light as the primal beast Marduk.
Along with that revelation came a demonstration of its terrifying power to confuse and provoke with illusions.
However, Sutera's sister Metera proved triumphant by rallying the villagers and overpowering the primal beast.
As a result of their efforts, the village lifted its restrictions on outside travel, bringing in a new age of adventure and discovery for their people.
Some time has passed since then. Sutera now finds herself traveling alongside a certain crew.
Vyrn: Hey, Sutera! What're you spacin' out here for?
Sutera: Oh! Hello, (Captain). Vyrn. Lyria.
Sutera: Your performance during our earlier monster extermination request was eye-opening. I learned a lot.
Lyria: You were amazing as well! Nothing fazed you at all.
Sutera: I was hardly any assistance. I still have much to work on.
Vyrn: Training's important, but you should take time off too, y'know? Now's a good chance, actually, since we don't got any requests on the back burner.
Sutera: Ah... About that...
Before Sutera can finish, a small girl bounces into sight.
Aster: Sutera!
Sutera: Aster!
The sudden arrival is Aster, a girl from the same village as Sutera. Sisters in everything but blood, they greet each other warmly.
Aster: You're going to visit everyone, right? Can I come along too?
Vyrn: Huh? What're you talkin' about?
Sutera: There's a hub of sorts on a nearby island, one which people journeying from our village have set up.
Sutera: I was hoping to check in on them. Would it be too much trouble to ask you to drop us off?
Aster: Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't realize you hadn't told them about it yet.
Sutera: It would be polite to greet them face-to-face, considering the letters they've been sending us.
Lyria: I see. We have plenty of time before the next request, so it should be fine to take them, right?
(Captain) gives an approving smile.
Vyrn: I'm kinda curious to see how they're doin' too! It's been a while.
Sutera: Thank you for your consideration! Though I do feel slightly irresponsible for having to rely on you so often...
Aster: Truly, we're super grateful!
Permission received, Sutera, Aster and the crew fly to visit the villagers.
Aster: Wow... The letters weren't kidding. This town is beautiful!
Sutera: A nice place to live if I've ever seen one. I do believe... Ah, yes, this should be the building where our villagers live.
Villager 1: Sutera? You're actually here! It's good to see you!
Sutera: It's good to see you as well. (Captain) was kind enough to bring us for a visit, so here we are.
Sutera: How is everyone? Settling in well?
Villager 1: Er... Well... Everyone's alive and healthy, but...
Sutera: ...?
Before speaking further, the villager gathers others to tell the full tale.
Villager 2: We were overjoyed to be able to travel the world after the Forbidding One was defeated...
Villager 2: But adjusting to a life outside the village has been leaps and bounds harder than we expected.
Guardian: As much as it pains me to admit it, we've had a lot of trouble getting along with the townspeople.
Villager 1: We do our best, of course. But at the end of the day, we're just a bunch of people from the middle of nowhere who don't know the first thing about living in a town.
Villager 2: People look at us funny when we gather like this too... Makes me nervous...
Sutera: I'm beginning to get the picture. Friction between newcomers and those already living in the same place is not uncommon, at least from what I've heard.
Villager 2: There are also the goons that've hounded us because we clearly don't know what we're doing. We're easy pickings for them.
Aster: That's horrible! We have to do something to help, Sutera!
Sutera: Right you are. I shall lend my aid.
Could you go into more details about the issues troubling everyone?
Guardian: But... Aren't you in the middle of your own journey? We can't possibly bother you for our sakes.
Sutera: I am a guardian of our home and also the village chief's daughter. I have a duty to help my people.
Aster: I'll help out too! Don't you worry about us—Sutera and I are more than willing to lend a hand!
Sutera: (Captain), would you allow us to take leave for the time being?
Sutera: I realize we already owe you and the crew so much, but...
Vyrn: Pffft, what're you talkin' about? There ain't no way we'd leave you two behind to fix this alone.
Lyria: Yeah! We want to help out everyone from Ciziermai Island!
Sutera: You guys...
No version of Metera in crew

Vyrn: By the way, shouldn't we get your sis in on this too? Since she's from the same village and all.
Sutera: Oh, Metera? Her help would be most invaluable, but...
Vyrn: We could find her if she's hangin' out on an island close by.
Sutera: ...
Any version of Metera is a crew member

Vyrn: By the way, shouldn't we get your sis in on this too? Since she's from the same village and all.
Lyria: Ahaha, she can take off in a flash and go wherever she wants, right? That could be helpful.
Metera had done exactly that a few days prior, leaving for her own leisure with no indication as to when she would return.
Vyrn: Ms. Shameless stands out pretty well, so we should be able to find her if we go lookin'. How about it?
Sutera: Well...
Sutera spends a moment considering her uniquely talented sister.
Sutera: Ever since we were young, I've relied far too much on her. She's aided me more times than I can count.
Sutera: Relying on her forever would do me no good. Our village has entered a new era, and as a guardian I must learn to stand on my own two feet.
Sutera: Which is why I'd like to solve this without asking for Metera's help.
Aster: ...
Sutera: Aster, I would appreciate it if you'd join me in this endeavor.
Aster: O-of course!
  1. You've come a long way.
  2. Guess the search is off.

Choose: You've come a long way.

Lyria: You really have!
Sutera: No, I... The fact that I've only just decided this means I still have a long way to go.
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Choose: Guess the search is off.

Vyrn: Yep. Our attention's gonna be focused on lendin' a hand here!
Sutera: Okay!

Continue 1

The course of the crew is decided.
Guardian and friends prepare for their task ahead.