Scenario:Teena - A Flame That Transcends Time

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A Flame That Transcends Time

At Teena’s insistence, the party decides to participate in a festival called the Wandering Soul Festival. The Wandering Soul Festival is a festival passed down through generations of the village. It uses the holy flame to light Soul Boats that are then drifted on the river, signifying their gratitude for the souls of their ancestors. While the party is being explained about the festival, monsters appear on the outskirts of the village.

During the journey, Teena asks that the party stops at a village to watch the Wandering Soul Festival.
While the party moves through the dark forest, they hear the sounds and music of a festival.
Teena: I think it was around here...
Vyrn: Hm? Isn’t it that village?
Lyria: Yes! They look like they’re having fun! Let’s join them!
Teena: Oh! There’s such a huge bonfire in the middle of the village... This is the place I was looking for...
Lyria: Wow! It's giving off so much warmth.
Vyrn: Hey, old man. What’s that giant bonfire?
Villager 1: Hm? That is the holy flame that has been kept for several hundreds of years ever since the village began. You didn’t know that and you came to this village?
Teena: Well... I’ve only heard about this village from my mother when I was still very young...
Villager 1: Oh! Oh, I see! Then you should know about the ceremony of souls with the holy flame, which we hold this time of year.
Teena: The ceremony of souls?
Villager 1: We take Soul Boats and light them with the holy flame and drift them on the river. It is our tradition to express gratitude for the souls of our ancestors.
Teena: Oh, really...? Souls of the ancestors...
Villager 1: Haha... I suppose you don’t believe me. The ceremony of souls is done at the end of the festival. So just think about the person you’d like to meet the most!
Villager 2: Ahhhh! There’s a monster at the edge of the village! S-Somebody help!
Teena: O-Oh, no! We need to go help, too! (Captain)!

A Flame That Transcends Time: Scene 2

The party defeated the monsters that appeared on the outskirts of the village. They now wait for the climax of the Wandering Soul Festival when they drift the Soul Boats on the river. However, the party hears about monsters gathering outside the village and they decide to head there.

Villager 2: Thanks. You saved me back there.
Villager 2: Phew... Looks like we can safely do the ceremony of souls now.
Teena: I’m glad nothing happened to the village.
Vyrn: Geez... Those monsters have such bad timing. Hey, let’s go check out the festival!
Lyria: Sure! I want to see the ceremony of souls!
Villager 1: Hey! The monsters are gathering outside the village! Can you please help us by chasing those monsters away?!
Teena: No way! Why would there be so many monsters gathering here...?
Teena: Let’s go! (Captain)!

A Flame That Transcends Time: Scene 3

Because of the monsters’ attack on the village, the holy flame was extinguished. But thanks to Teena’s magic, the fire burns again. According to a surprised villager, a mage who used a similar kind of magic has protected the holy flame before. Teena looks out to the river at the Soul Boats and reminisces of her mother.

Villager 1: Ahhh! The holy flame has been tipped over!
Villager 2: O-Oh, no! The holy flame is about to go out! Our ceremony of souls will be ruined...
Villager 1: Gah! We must defend the history of our village... The holy flame!
Villager 2: Gah... It’s no good... The kindling is going out... What should we do?!
Teena: Excuse me! If you’d like... please use my flame as kindling!
Villager 1: What’s that supposed to mean? A-Anyway, as long as we can protect the kindling, I don’t care what it is! Please help!
Teena: Here I go...!
In the next instant, the fire that is unleashed from Teena’s palm mixes with the kindling.
The flames rise up from the kindling and merge with the fire from Teena’s palm, giving off an eerie light.
Teena: What is this...? I feel a warmth in my palm...
Villager 2: Wha...?! What’s going on here?!
Villager 1: What?! Could you be... the mage that saved the festival in the past...? No, it can’t be...
Teena: A mage who saved your festival? C-Can you please tell me more about that mage?
According to the villager, there was a mage who saved the village from danger. That mage supposedly used the same magic as Teena.
Teena: Mother... Could that be Mother...?
Villager 1: I’m sorry... That mage didn’t mention their name before leaving, so I don’t know for sure.
Villager 2: I do remember that the mage was quite close to a skilled swordsman who she traveled with. This is all I can tell you...
With the help of the mage in the past and now by Teena in the present day, the holy flame has been kept safe.
Its light will never be extinguished as it is passed on to the future.
Villager 2: Thank you. I never thought that our village would rely on one family so much... I honestly don’t know how to thank you.
Villager 1: Oh, right! I know what to do! Please join us for the ceremony of souls!
Vyrn: Huh? It’s okay for us to join?
Villager 1: Hahaha! But of course! You are our savior!
And this is how (Captain) and party joined the ceremony of souls at the climax of the Wandering Soul Festival.
Teena: I never knew such a gentle and warm fire existed...
Teena: Maybe those two watched it together back then...
Lyria: Wow... I feel breathless just seeing something so beautiful...
Vyrn: Haha. Lyria is moved to tears. But I know what she means!
Teena: Mother... Have I become as strong as you?
Vyrn: What’s wrong, Teena? You’re getting all sentimental and everything. You okay?
Teena: No... I’m fine... Totally fine! Or at least... I’m okay now!
Teena: Now where should we go next, (Captain)?!
Teena is reminded of her mother’s image as she looks at the soft, flickering lights drifting on the river.
Having matured through her journey with her friends, she holds back her tears. The day when she will truly be a great mage is close.