Scenario:Teena - A Flame That Transcends Time

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A Flame That Transcends Time

At Teena's request, the crew makes their way to a village to participate in the Wandering Soul Festival and witness the ceremony of souls.

During the crew's journey, Teena asks to visit a certain village to participate in an event known as the Wandering Soul Festival.
Festive music and sounds can be heard in the distance while the crew makes their way through a dark forest.
Teena: I think it was supposed to be somewhere around here...
Vyrn: Oh, isn't that the village right there?
Lyria: Yes! It looks like they're having fun—let's join them!
Teena: Oh! There's a huge bonfire in the middle of the village. This must be the place we've been looking for.
Lyria: Ahh... When you get closer it gets so warm and toasty.
Vyrn: Hey there, pops. What's with the giant bonfire?
Villager 1: Hm? That there's the holy flame that's been kept for several hundreds of years since the inception of this village. You came all the way out to this village and didn't know that?
Teena: Well... I'd only heard the stories about this village from my mom when I was still a child.
Villager 1: Oho! I see. Then you've probably heard about the ceremony of souls with the holy flame we hold every year.
Teena: The ceremony of souls?
Villager 1: We take soul boats and light them with the holy flame before letting them drift on the river. This is our tradition for expressing gratitude to the souls of our ancestors.
Teena: I see... The souls of your ancestors...
Villager 1: Hehe, those eyes still look doubtful. Well, the ceremony of souls is performed at the end of the festival, so just think about the person you'd like to see the most!
Villager 2: Hyahhh! There's been monsters sighted on the village outskirts! S-somebody do something!
Teena: O-oh no! We need to go help them! Come on, (Captain)!

A Flame That Transcends Time: Scene 2

After clearing out the monsters from the outskirts of the village, the crew awaits the finale of the Wandering Soul Festival. However, the festival is interrupted once again as more monsters gather outside the village.

Villager 2: Thank you. You guys really saved us back there.
Villager 2: Phew... It looks like we can safely perform the ceremony of souls now.
Teena: Thank goodness that nothing happened to the village...
Vyrn: Geez, talk about bad timing. Anyways, we should hurry up and check out the festival!
Lyria: Okay! I wanna watch the ceremony of souls!
Villager 1: Whoa! It looks like more monsters have gathered outside the village! Can you guys please do something about them?
Teena: No way! Why would there be so many monsters gathering here? What's going on?
Teena: Come on, (Captain)!

A Flame That Transcends Time: Scene 3

The holy flame is nearly extinguished as a result of the monster attack on the village. However, by using the magic she learned from her mother, Teena is able to provide kindling for the flame.

Villager 1: Ahhh! The holy flame's been knocked over!
Villager 2: I-I can't believe it... The holy flame will go out at this rate! The ceremony will be ruined...
Villager 1: Gah! We must defend the history of our village... The holy flame!
Villager 2: It's no good... The kindling's going out. What do we do now?
Teena: Um! If it's all right with you, please use my flame as kindling!
Villager 1: What's that supposed to mean? A-anyway, as long as we can protect the fire, anything's fine! Please help!
Teena: Okay... here goes!
In the next instant, the fire that is unleashed from Teena's palm mixes with the kindling.
The flames rise from the kindling and merge with Teena's, giving off a mysterious light.
Teena: What... is this? My palm feels so warm...
Villager 2: Whoa! How did you do that?
Villager 1: Impossible! You... Are you the same mage that saved our festival before? No, it can't be...
Teena: A mage that saved your festival? Please tell me more about her!
According to the villager, a mage once saved the village from danger supposedly using the same kind of magic as Teena.
Teena: Mom... Was it my mom?
Villager 1: I'm sorry... The mage didn't mention a name before departing, so I can't say for sure.
Villager 2: However, I do remember that the mage was quite close to an adept swordsman who she traveled with... That's all I can say for sure.
Thanks to the aid of a mage in the past, and once again from Teena today, the holy flame has been kept safe.
As it continues burning toward the future, its light will never be extinguished.
Villager 2: Thank you... I never thought that our village would owe one family so much. I honestly don't know how to thank you.
Villager 1: Oh, that's right! Please join us for the ceremony of souls!
Vyrn: Huh? It it okay for us to join?
Villager 1: Hahaha! But of course, you're the village saviors!
As such, (Captain) and the crew participate in the ceremony of souls at the end of the Wandering Soul Festival with the villagers.
Teena: I never knew such a gentle and warm flame existed...
Teena: Maybe those two watched it together back then.
Lyria: Wow... I feel like its beauty could just take my breath away.
Vyrn: Haha, it's even got Lyria moved to tears.
Teena: Mom... Have I become as strong as you?
Vyrn: You too, Teena? It's pretty rare for you to get emotional like this!
Teena: Nah, I'm fine... It's nothing, really! I'm okay now!
Teena: All righty, (Captain)! Where should we head off to next?
Teena is reminded of her mother's image as she looks at the soft, flickering lights drifting on the river.
She holds back her tears, having matured through her journey with (Captain)'s crew. The day where she realizes her potential as a great mage draws near.