Scenario:Therese - A Storied Blade

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A Storied Blade

To cap off the celebration, De La Fille plans to reenact the coronation of the legendary Gem Domain hero. While Therese prepares for her role, the ceremonial crown is stolen and De La Fille turns out to be missing.

Therese defeated a monstrous opponent in her role as legendary hero for the Gem Domain Foundation Day celebration.
Now she chats with (Captain) and the crew as she waits for the next scene—the coronation ceremony—to begin.
Therese: Oof... Just have to get through the coronation ceremony.
Lyria: So you're going to act out the scene where the queen crowns the hero?
Vyrn: The crown is a national treasure, right? That's a pretty big responsibility!
Therese: All I have to do is let Fille set the crown on my head. She's got the difficult role.
Therese: Speaking of Fille... Where'd she get off to?
Vyrn: She said she was going to get ready for the coronation ceremony, but that was a while ago.
The crew wonders what's become of De La Fille.
That is when they hear a commotion in the hallway outside Therese's dressing room.
Therese: Something's going on out there.
Sensing something amiss, Therese bursts out of the room.
Therese: You there, what's going on?
Official: Therese! It's terrible!
Official: The crown for the ceremony! It's been stolen!
Vyrn: Whaaat?
Official: I'll explain at the scene! Please come with me!
Vyrn: Hey, c'mon, (Captain)!
Still reeling at the news, the crew follows the flustered official.

A Storied Blade: Scene 2

De La Fille stows away on the crown thieves' airship, leaving behind a gem as a clue. Unbeknownst to her, these bandits can nullify her lithomancy. Therese, (Captain), and the crew set off in pursuit.

Upon hearing that the crown had been stolen, Therese, (Captain), and the others rush to the storage room.
The sight that greets them is a room full of prone guards and one very empty pedestal.
Official: We assigned an elite unit of lithomancers to guard the crown, but... they were all taken out by the bandits...
Therese: How dare they ply their trade at the Jewel Resort, and on Fille's treasure, no less!
Therese: After them! I'll tear them apart with my own two hands if that's what it takes to get back the crown!
Therese barrels out onto the deck, but it's too late. The bandits' airship has already lifted off.
Vyrn: What do we do, (Captain)? Even if we charge after them, they've got too big a head start...
Therese: Damn! Didn't they leave any clues?
Therese: Hm? What's that?
Something gleams at one corner of the deck, catching Therese's eye.
Therese: This jewel... belongs to Fille. What's it doing here?
De La Fille's Voice: Ahem. This is De La Fille, Queen of the Gem Domain.
Therese: Was that Fille's voice coming from this jewel?
Guard: She's sealed her voice into this jewel with lithomancy.
De La Fille's Voice: To my great chagrin, the crown, our national treasure, has been stolen.
De La Fille's Voice: I was so looking forward to showing Therese off in it... And I will not allow the celebration to be ruined!
De La Fille's Voice: Therefore, I will stow away on the bandits' ship, discover their hideout, and give them a sound thrashing.
De La Fille's Voice: Whoever finds this jewel, would you be so kind as to come and pick me up? The gem should presently emit a beam of light which will guide you to my location.
De La Fille's Voice: Oh, and there's no hurry. You aren't the one responsible for the bandits' head start. All right, see you soon!
Guard: There's a beam of light extending from the jewel... That must be the direction the queen went!
Therese: It's just like Fille to pull a stunt like this!
Therese: She probably thinks she has to handle everything alone just because it's her celebration...
Vyrn: Yeah, but with lithomancy like hers, those bandits'll be toast! Why's everyone so worried?
Guard: Because they knew how to counter our lithomancy! That's why we couldn't lift a finger to stop them!
Therese: You mean to tell me that Fille's magic won't have any effect on them?
Vyrn: Why didn't you say so sooner? C'mon, (Captain), let's move!
Led by the light of Fille's jewel, the crew arrives at the entrance to a mountain cave.
Vyrn: So this is where they're holed up. Looks like security's pretty tight... We can't just charge in blind.
Therese: They've had it!
Bandit: Gyaah!
Vyrn: Huh? Therese, what did I just say?
Vyrn: Well, too late now. Let's go, (Captain)!

A Storied Blade: Scene 3

Things look bad for De La Fille, whose magic has no effect on the bandits. Therese and the crew ride to the rescue at the last minute.

Around the same time that (Captain) and company charge into the cave...
De La Fille: Their hideout is rather more spacious than I anticipated...
De La Fille: ...!
There they are! The bandits who stole my crown...
Bandit: Whoa! Wh-who are you?
De La Fille: Surrender, thieves! Give up the crown peacefully, and I may find it in my heart to be lenient!
Bandit: Well, well. If it isn't the Queen of the Gem Domain! You've got guts, following us all the way here!
De La Fille: My, my. I see my reputation precedes me. Then you should also be well aware of the scope of my lithomantic powers, should you not?
Bandit: Yeah, I hear they're pretty hot stuff... But we're not about to fork over the crown.
De La Fille: Don't say I didn't warn you!
Bandit: Well, that's a real pretty show you put on for us, Your Highness.
De La Fille: Eh? Why didn't it work?
Bandit: Now, how about we show you what we can do?
De La Fille: Hnh!
De La Fille: (How can my magic have no effect? What should I do?)
De La Fille: (If Therese were in my position, she wouldn't let this stop her.)
Bandit: Heh heh... We might find it in our hearts to be lenient too. Why don't you forget about the crown and run along home?
De La Fille: Nonsense! I'll never bow my head to thugs of your caliber!
Bandit: That a fact! Then I guess you'll have to take what's comin' to ya!
De La Fille: Hrgh...
Therese: Get away from her!
De La Fille: Th-Therese!
Vyrn: Phew... That was close! Are you okay, De La Fille?
De La Fille: Captain, everyone... I'm so glad to see you!
Bandit: Damn, here comes the cavalry...
Bandit: But this is our turf, and we outnumber you. I wouldn't take those odds.
De La Fille: Still your tongue! Two-bit crooks like you don't stand a shadow of a chance against Therese!
Therese: Not only did you ruin the celebration, but you dared to raise your hands against Fille...
Therese: You lowlifes have picked your last pocket!

A Storied Blade: Scene 4

Safely back on the Grandcypher, Therese and De La Fille reminisce about their first meeting and reaffirm their friendship. They decide to recreate the coronation ceremony privately on the Grandcypher deck.

The crew defeats the bandits and puts an end to their whole operation.
Therese: Fille! How could you go off on your own like that?
Therese: I was s-so... so worried!
De La Fille: It isn't my fault... How was I to know my magic wouldn't work on them?
Therese: That's no excuse! Fille... How could you be so reckless?
Therese: I can't trust you not to run off again, so... I'll just have to take you into custody!
De La Fille: R-really, now, Therese... I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to hold my hand.
Therese: ...
De La Fille: You needn't look so fearsome...
De La Fille: But... I really didn't think you'd worry so much...
Therese: Of... Of course I would!
De La Fille: Well, then. I shall have to take greater pains not to distress you, dear friend.
De La Fille squeezes Therese's hand tightly in return.
The crew leaves cleanup duty to the casino liner employees who came along, and returns to the Grandcypher.
Therese: ...
De La Fille: Penny for your thoughts, Therese.
Therese: All the fuss today reminded me of how we first met.
De La Fille: Haha... Great minds reminisce alike. That really takes me back...
Therese: ...
Therese closes her eyes.
De La Fille's gentle invitation draws her thoughts back to a time before she was the casino liner's star duelist.
Therese: Ahh... Another loss...
Maybe I'm just not duelist material after all.
Ruffian: I'm tellin' ya I don't know what you're blatherin' about!
Therese: ...!
A fight?
De La Fille: I saw it with my own two eyes. You and your cronies were stacking the deck.
Ruffian: Oh yeah? You got any proof?
De La Fille: I'm willing to venture that a look through your pockets would provide it.
Ruffian: You talk too much. Hey fellas, let's show our guest what happens to snitches around here!
De La Fille: If you mean to get violent, I have a few tricks of my own up my sleeve...
Therese: W-wait!
De La Fille: ...!
Therese: Y-you lot are the ones at f-fault here! I-if you d-d-don't do the right thing and confess...
Ruffian: What're you mumbling about? Never mind. Let's grab this whistle-blower and get outta here!
De La Fille: My, my. Drawing knives and surrounding a lady. Your parents must be so proud.
Ruffian: Nyahaha! That's what you get for stickin' your nose where it doesn't belong!
Therese: ...!
Therese: Listen up, bottom-feeders!
Ruffian: !
Therese: You dare to profane this casino with cheating... And then lift your filthy hands against the woman who catches you?
Therese: You lowlifes are beyond redemption. Prepare to taste my steel!
Ruffian: Yeeeeek!
De La Fille: Thank you for your help. My, my... You've quite the sword arm.
Therese: Oh, no, I... Um. That is! I'm... a duelist, but... I have such a long way to go, yet...
De La Fille: Not from where I'm sitting. I've never seen such passion or skill.
Therese: Um... I... have another duel to get to, so... Enjoy your stay, goodbye!
De La Fille: Ah—wait!
And the lady vanishes.
Therese: Huff... Huff...
Female Duelist: Haha, take that! Come on, at least give me a challenge!
Therese: Urgh...
De La Fille: Where has that woman's flair gone? She was so magnificent earlier.
De La Fille: Shameful. This is such a waste of talent!
Therese: Sigh...
Yet another loss...
De La Fille: You there!
Therese: Huh?
Therese: Y-you're that woman from the floor...
De La Fille: What do you call that sorry excuse for a duel? I'd hardly recognize you from earlier!
Therese: That was different... I just... lost my temper, and... the strength came out of nowhere...
Therese: My opponent just now is a fan-favorite, and I'm just a weakling... There's no one rooting for me...
De La Fille: ...
De La Fille: Such a waste. To think that you can harness such power with just a momentary burst of emotion...
De La Fille: I know! I have a charm for you that will make you braver.
Therese: A... A sword? With a blue blade... It's beautiful!
De La Fille: It's made from gems only produced in the Gem Domain. Would you do me the honor of accepting it? As a reward for helping me earlier?
De La Fille: You were so dashing, so lovely, when you came to my rescue. Even this gleaming blade can't compete with your beauty.
De La Fille: So please, believe in yourself. Then you'll shine even brighter than this sword.
Therese: I'll... shine?
De La Fille: You have my word. I'm quite the connoisseur of things that sparkle, you know.
De La Fille: I want you to have faith in your bright future. And I'd like to be your first fan, if you'll have me?
De La Fille: You're still using the sword I gave you back then, I see.
Therese: Of course. When I hold it in my hand, I feel like I can do anything.
De La Fille: I'm... glad.
Therese: You've looked out for me so much since then.
De La Fille: Well, someone had to! You were hardly eating or training like a duelist should!
Therese: I know... I'm ashamed to think about it...
De La Fille: But look at you now—a star duelist! Which only proves that I know my jewels in the rough!
Therese: I owe all of that to you, Fille. Thank you so much.
De La Fille: Nonsense. It's all due to your innate talent.
De La Fille: And you should know that you inspire me to be brave too.
Therese: I do?
De La Fille: The way you never give ground to any adversary, your positivity and will to win... They spur me on.
Therese: R-really?
Hee hee...
De La Fille: Have I ever lied to you, Therese? Ha ha...
The two share a smile. Suddenly, a thought occurs to the queen.
De La Fille: You know, casting you as the hero in the celebration really was inspired.
De La Fille: You were the living image of the Gem Domain hero, earnestly fighting to rescue the kidnapped queen.
Therese: Oh, come on... You're just buttering me up, Fille.
De La Fille: Hm...? The hero, the queen, and the crown...
De La Fille: That's it! We didn't get to do the coronation on stage. Let's do it here!
Therese: What? Wh-where is this coming from?
De La Fille: Why, this is the very crown bestowed upon the hero by the rescued queen.
De La Fille: There's never been a more appropriate time for the ceremony!
De La Fille: And for that, we need witnesses! I'll go get (Captain) and the others!
Therese: W-wait, Fille! I'm not readyyy!
And so, as (Captain) and company look on, De La Fille and Therese conduct the coronation ceremony on the deck of the Grandcypher.
The blue sword, set aside for the moment, gleams in the light as if granting the pair its blessing.