Scenario:Tweyen - Encountering the Eternals I

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Encountering the Eternals I

(Captain) and company return to the Knickknack Shack for advice on awakening the Two-Crown Bow. A woman shows up there after they leave. She's interested in the crew and seems to be looking forward to them awakening the weapon.

(Captain) and company successfully release more of the Two-Crown Bow's hidden power.
Thanks in part to Sierokarte, the awakening of the Two-Crown Bow draws steadily closer.
Sierokarte: Looks like you're going to have to be patient and carry on for a while yet.
Sierokarte: To awaken the weapon, you'll need to increase both its strength and the depth of its hidden power.
Vyrn: I see... It's been slow going so far, but I guess we'll just have to keep at it.
Sierokarte: Yep! You just can't awaken a weapon in a day!
Just as (Captain) and the others are leaving, another customer pays a visit to the shop.
???: I'm back. They might have been mountain monsters, but they were easy enough to trounce.
Sierokarte: Oh! It's just like you to finish so quickly.
???: By the way, Sierokarte, have you heard of the Grandcypher? It's the airship that just landed.
Sierokarte: Of course! Those guys are regular customers.
???: I see. I saw them from the mountain, and they had something pretty interesting.
???: The Two-Crown Bow... I saw one of them wielding it. It takes some pretty impressive skill to do that.
Sierokarte: I hear you. (Captain)'s crew is actually famous around these parts.
???: I see... I had a feeling they weren't ordinary skyfarers.
???: I guess you could say their bow skills make them look like... big shots.
Sierokarte: ...
???: ...
Sierokarte: Hee-hee... Your sense of humor has certainly gotten better, Tweyen.
???: Hee-hee. Not bad for something I came up with on the spot, huh?
Sierokarte: Even so... To see an airship land from the mountain... Your eyesight really is amazing!
???: Hee-hee. You're the only one who ever praises me for that. Okay, see you later.
???: (Are they seriously trying to awaken the Two-Crown Bow? Hee-hee... This could get interesting.)