Scenario:Vane - Make the Best of Today

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Make the Best of Today

Vane tries to send a subordinate White Dragon Knight home to celebrate his anniversary with his wife. The subordinate worries about what to give her as a gift, and Vane suggests he prepare a nice dinner for her. Thus, (Captain)'s party follows them into the forest to help them gather ingredients.

(Captain)'s party has arrived at Feendrache and is strolling through the town.
Lyria: Wait, isn't that Vane over there?
Lyria pointed, and lo and behold, the White Dragon Knight named Vane was standing there.
Vane: That's it for today's patrol… and there's no other tasks for right now, so… All right! You're done for the day!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: What? No, sir! I'll help you with your paperwork, First Officer, sir!
Vane: Naw, it's fine! That's my job!
Vane: I mean, we already took care of everything that needed to get done today! Go on, now! Get out of here and go home, buddy!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: But it's too early, sir!
Vyrn: Hey Vane! Whatcha up to?
Vane: Huh? Oh, hey! See, I'm trying to get this guy to go home, but he's giving me a real hard time.
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: With all due respect, First Officer, sir, why are you trying to dismiss me so early? There's still plenty of work to do…
Vane: But isn't it your anniversary today? Don't you think you should go home and be with your wife?
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Y-you remembered?
Vane: Of course! You were gushing about it the other day!
Vane: One look at that grin on your face and it was seared into my memory!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: But circumstances are different now…
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: The people are still uneasy after the incident the other day! It's not right for me to get to relax with my wife!
Vane: Don't be stupid! Are you really gonna let this emergency ruin your fun? That's even worse!
Vane: How can you be expected to protect the country when you don't even treasure those close to you? Now run on home!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: But… I don't even have an anniversary gift ready…
Vane: Who cares? Times like these, it's more important to tell her how you feel!
Lyria: He's right! You should take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your wife!
Vane: But he can't go home to her empty-handed! Hmm…. He needs a gift… I mean, it is their anniversary…
Vane: Say, do you have any ideas for a good present, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hmmm… It should be something that'll make his wife happy… And something that won't take too long to prepare…
Vane: Oh, I know! Why don't you cook dinner for her?
Vane: She makes lunch for you every day, right? So you can use this opportunity to make it up to her!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Umm… I've only ever cooked once or twice in my life…
Vane: Wahahaha! No problem! I can help you cook!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Thank you so much, First Officer, sir! I'll do my best!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: But, ah… This is embarrassing, but… the contents of my wallet are a little sparse…
Vane: Aw, don't worry about that! Just come with me!
(Captain)'s crew follows Vane outside the city.
Vane: This time of year, there are plenty of ripe fruits and mushrooms you can pick!
Vane: We'll whip up a meal using the freshest ingredients, and your wife is sure to love it!
Lyria: Wow, that's awesome! Let's help them gather ingredients, (Captain)!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Thank you, sir… And (Captain), and everyone else… I really appreciate all the help!
Vane: Monsters and other animals like to search for food around here, so try not to get eaten!
Vane: Wait, we don't have time to goof off! We've gotta factor in the cooking time! Let's hurry, (Captain)!

Make the Best of Today: Scene 2

Vane and his subordinate show off their resourcefulness at gathering food, amassing a large amount of fruits and mushrooms. Vane claims that he learned to be self-sufficient through military training. They catch a nice fish from the river, but worry that it won't be enough. Just then, a rabbit appears, and Vane decides to make it the final ingredient. Thus, the party gears up to catch it.

Vane: Ooh, these mushrooms are edible! They'd be really good in a soup!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Ah! I ate this fruit on a march once. Might as well pick some!
Lyria: Wow! You two are doing a great job! Look at all the food we've gathered!
Vane: Heheh! Well, all that military training taught us to be self-sufficient, you know.
Vane: Plus… oh, that's right! There's a river near here where we can fish! Let's go, everybody!
Lyria: Hmmm… The fish don't seem to be biting much at all…
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Haha! Fishing takes patience, you know. But you might have a point…
Vane: Hrrgh!
…Whew. Hmm… You're a little too small, buddy. Back you go!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: You're really good at fishing, First Officer, sir! That was your third catch!
Vane: Hehe! Back in the day, me and Lancey would compete to see who could catch the most… Whoa!
There was a tug on Vane's line, and he deftly reels in his next catch.
Vane: Ooh! Now this one would make a fine meal!
Vane: Hmmm… But this isn't quite enough to fill the dinner table…
Vane: I'd like to keep fishing, but we've gotta head back if we're gonna cook everything in time…
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: This is already plenty. Thank you.
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: All I need to do now is buy the rest of the ingredients at the grocer.
Vane: Okay, then let's…
Vane gets to his feet, then suddenly freezes in realization.
Vyrn: Hmm? What's the matter, Vane?
Vane: Shhh! Look over there…
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Oh! It's a rabbit!
Vane: Sorry, little guy, but we need you to join us for dinner tonight!
Vane: All right. I'll go around behind him and chase him this way. You guys help me catch him, (Captain)!

Make the Best of Today: Scene 3

(Captain)'s party decides to do some last-minute grocery shopping. Learning the details of the situation, the shopkeepers each offer small gifts. As thanks, Vane's subordinate decides to host a party and invite everyone. The large-scale anniversary celebration puts a smile on his face, and his happiness brings a smile to Vane's face, too.

Having successfully caught the rabbit, (Captain)'s party returns to the royal capital.
Vane: We need to prepare this guy as quickly as possible… We might not make it in time, but let's do our best!
Vane led the party on a tour through various stores.
Vane: Good day, ma'am! I need a few things…
Grocer: Why, hello, Vane, dear! That's a lot of things you're carrying! Is there something special happening today?
Vane: Heheh! Well, you see, it's this guy's anniversary today!
Vane: He's decided to treat his wife to a nice home-cooked meal, but we need to pick up a few things first.
The owner of the shop next door overhears Vane talking and peeks his head out.
Bar Owner: Well, doesn't that sound swell! Here's a little freebie from me! Share a glass with the missus, Sir Knight!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: What? No, no, I couldn't! Let me pay you…
Bar Owner: Ha ha ha! It's fine, it's fine! Just take it!
Grocer: I'd like to do something to help you celebrate, too! Here, Mr. Knight! Why don't you take these potatoes?
Butcher: Oh? What's all the fuss?
One after another, shopkeepers came and gave the knight a little something, until eventually his arms were full of ingredients.
Florist: Heehee! My turn! Here you go. Enjoy your anniversary!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Oh, uh… Thank you very much! I appreciate it, everyone!
Vyrn: Haha! This is amazing! There's no way the two of 'em will be able to eat all this!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: About that… I was thinking, instead of a dinner for two, maybe all of you could join us for a party.
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: You're all welcome, skyfarers! And of course, you too, First Officer, sir!
Vane: Wha? Are you sure? But… we couldn't possibly intrude!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: I know my wife would really love to celebrate our anniversary by throwing a big party.
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Besides, it's a White Dragon Knight's job to keep the town lively and happy!
Vane: Wahahahaha! Well said, my man! I'm proud to be your first officer!
Vane: Well then, let's gather everyone in the plaza and have an outdoor get-together!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Oh! That's right! We should invite the Captain, too…
Vane: Oh, please do! And don't forget Siegfried and the other knights, too!
Vane: Oh yeah! And Percival! Can't forget him!
Knights of the Order of White Dragons: Okay! I'll go gather everyone at the plaza, then!
Vane: Got it! Then we'll carry everything there!
Vane: Now then… What shall we make today?
Lyria: Hehe! This is exciting, isn't it, (Captain)!
And so, the knight and his wife have a wonderful anniversary party with all of their friends.
Seeing his subordinate look so happy, Vane can't help but smile.
This kind and big-hearted knight would continue to protect the happiness of all the people he held dear.