Scenario:Vane - Make the Best of Today

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Make the Best of Today

Vane plans to send one of his subordinates home to celebrate his anniversary with his wife and advises the knight to prepare a nice dinner for her. (Captain) and company head into the forest with them to help them gather ingredients.

(Captain)'s crew reaches Feendrache and is strolling through town.
Lyria: Wait, isn't that Vane over there?
Lyria points at Vane, who's talking to one of his White Dragon Knight subordinates.
Vane: That's it for today's patrol, and there are no other tasks right now, so... All right! You're done for the day!
Dragon Knight: What? No, sir! I'll help you with your paperwork, Vice-Captain, sir!
Vane: Nah, it's fine! That's my job.
Vane: I mean, we already took care of everything that needed to get done today! Now go on! Get out of here and go home, buddy!
Dragon Knight: But it's too early, sir.
Vyrn: Hey, Vane! Whatcha up to?
Vane: Huh? Oh, hey! See, I'm trying to get this guy to go home, but he's giving me a real hard time.
Dragon Knight: With all due respect, Vice-Captain, sir, why are you trying to dismiss me so early? There's still plenty of work to do.
Vane: Your anniversary's today, right? Don't you think you should go home and be with your wife?
Dragon Knight: Y-you remembered?
Vane: Yeah, thanks to you gushing about it the other day.
Vane: One look at that grin on your face and it was seared into my memory!
Dragon Knight: But circumstances are different now...
Dragon Knight: The people are still uneasy after the incident the other day. It's not right for me to get to relax with my wife.
Vane: Don't be stupid! It's even worse to let a little emergency ruin your fun!
Vane: I can't very well entrust the protection of our country to you if you don't even take care of your loved ones. Now run on home!
Dragon Knight: But there's no way I'll be able to get an anniversary gift in time.
Vane: You're goin' home anyway! At times like these, it's important to tell her how you feel!
Lyria: He's right! You should take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your wife!
Vane: Still, I wouldn't feel right sending you home empty-handed. Hmm.... You need some kind of gift... I mean, it is your anniversary.
Vane: Say, do you have any ideas for a good present, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hmm... It should be something that'll make his wife happy... And something that won't take too long to prepare...
Vane: Oh, I know! Why don't you cook dinner for her so she doesn't have to?
Vane: She makes lunch for you every day, right? This is your chance to thank her for it!
Dragon Knight: Um... But I hardly ever cook.
Vane: Ha-ha! No problem! I can help you cook!
Dragon Knight: Thank you so much, Vice-Captain, sir! I'll do my best!
Dragon Knight: But... Um... This is embarrassing, but there's not much in my wallet right this second.
Vane: Aw, don't worry about that! Just come with me!
(Captain) and company follow Vane outside the town.
Vane: This time of year, there are plenty of ripe fruits and mushrooms you can pick!
Vane: We'll whip up a meal using the freshest ingredients, and your wife'll be sure to love it!
Lyria: Wow, sounds lovely! Let's help them gather ingredients, (Captain)!
Dragon Knight: Thank you, sir... And (Captain) and the rest of you... I really appreciate all the help!
Vane: Monsters and other animals like to forage around here, so try not to get eaten!
Vane: Wait, we don't have time to goof off! We've gotta factor in the cooking time! Let's hurry, (Captain)!

Make the Best of Today: Scene 2

Infatigable, Vane and his subordinate gather tons of mushrooms and fruits. They even catch a fish, but Vane worries that their haul won't be enough, so he decides to go after a rabbit to make it the final ingredient.

Vane: Oh, these mushrooms are edible! They'd be really good in a soup!
Dragon Knight: Ah! I ate this fruit on a march once. Might as well pick some!
Lyria: Wow! You two are doing a great job! Look at all the food we've gathered!
Vane: Heh-heh! Well, all that military training taught us to be self-sufficient, you know.
Vane: Plus... Oh, that's right! There's a river near here where we can fish! Let's go, everybody!
Lyria: Hmm... The fish don't seem to be biting much...
Dragon Knight: Ha-ha! Fishing takes patience, you know. But you might have a point.
Vane: Upsy-daisy!
Whew. Hmm... You're a little too small, buddy. Back you go.
Dragon Knight: You're really good at fishing, Vice-Captain, sir! That was your third catch!
Vane: Heh-heh! Back in the day, me and Lancey would compete to see who could catch the most... Whoa!
There's a tug on Vane's line, and he deftly reels in his next catch.
Vane: Oh! Now this one would make a fine meal!
Vane: Hmm... But this isn't quite enough to fill the dinner table.
Vane: I'd like to keep fishing, but we've gotta head back if we're gonna cook everything in time.
Dragon Knight: This is already plenty. Thank you.
Dragon Knight: All I need to do now is buy the rest of the ingredients at the market on the way home.
Vane: Okay, then let's—
Vane gets to his feet but suddenly freezes.
Vyrn: Huh? What's the matter, Vane?
Vane: Shh! Look over there...
Dragon Knight: Oh! It's a rabbit!
Vane: Sorry, little guy, but we need you to join us for dinner tonight!
Vane: All right. I'll sneak behind him to cut off his escape. You guys help me catch him, (Captain)!

Make the Best of Today: Scene 3

(Captain) and company do some grocery shopping to get the rest of what they need. On hearing about the subordinate's upcoming wedding anniversary, shopkeeper after shopkeeper give him goods to help out. As thanks, he decides to hold his anniversary party in the plaza so everyone can attend, and Vane is thrilled to see his subordinate so happy.

Having successfully caught the rabbit, (Captain) and company return to the royal capital.
Vane: We need to prepare this rabbit as quickly as possible... We might not make it in time, but let's do our best!
Vane leads the party on a tour through various stores.
Vane: Good day, ma'am! I need a few things.
Grocer: Why, hello, Vane! That's a lot of things you're carrying! What's the occasion?
Vane: Heh-heh! Well, you see, it's this guy's anniversary today!
Vane: He's decided to treat his wife to a nice home-cooked meal, but we need to pick up a few things first.
The owner of the tavern next door overhears Vane talking and peeks his head out.
Bar Owner: Well, doesn't that sound swell! Here's a little freebie from me! Share a glass with the missus, Sir Knight!
Dragon Knight: What? No, I couldn't! Let me pay you...
Bar Owner: Ha-ha! It's fine! Just take it!
Grocer: I'd like to do something to help you celebrate too! Here, Mr. Knight! Why don't you take these potatoes?
Butcher: Oh? What's all the fuss?
One after another, shopkeepers come and give the knight a little something, and his arms are soon full.
Florist: Tee-hee! My turn! Here you go. Enjoy your anniversary!
Dragon Knight: Uh... Thank you very much! I appreciate it, everyone.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Look at all that! There's no way the two of you will be able to eat all of it.
Dragon Knight: About that... I was thinking, instead of a dinner for two, maybe all of you could join us for a party.
Dragon Knight: You're all welcome, skyfarers! And of course, you too, Vice-Captain, sir!
Vane: Wha? Are you sure? But wouldn't we just get in the way?
Dragon Knight: Are you kidding? I'm sure my wife would be thrilled to have all these people celebrate with us.
Dragon Knight: Besides, part of a White Dragon Knight's job is to keep the town lively and happy!
Vane: ...!
Well said, my man! I'm proud to be your vice-captain!
Vane: Well then, let's gather everyone in the plaza and have an outdoor get-together!
Dragon Knight: Oh! That's right! We should invite the captain too.
Vane: Oh, please do! And don't forget Siegfried and the other knights!
Vane: Oh yeah! And Percival! Can't forget him!
Dragon Knight: Okay! But I'll start by telling all the shopkeepers.
Vane: Got it! And we'll carry everything to the plaza.
Vane: Now then... What shall we make today?
Lyria: Hee-hee! This is exciting, isn't it, (Captain)?
Thus the knight and his wife have a wonderful anniversary party with all of their friends.
Seeing his subordinate look so happy, Vane smiles once again.
This kind and bighearted knight will surely continue to protect the happiness of all the people he holds dear.