Scenario:Vaseraga - Adding Fuel to the Fire

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Adding Fuel to the Fire

The crew reach a town where there seems to be a conflict between two factions, which they're dragged into when Vaseraga is mistaken for a hostile agent. When he's attacked by the militia, he has to fight.

The crew heads for a certain town, but everyone is shocked to find the city thrown into a chaotic conflict.
Vyrn: Yikes... This is awful...
Vaseraga: The residents here are fighting each other. Could this be their doing...
Young Man: Hey! You lot! Are you with us or them?
Vyrn: Say what? Calm down, buddy!
Young Man: I don't know you... Are you outsiders? Wait.. They must have brought in agents!
Vaseraga: Hold on. We're just skyfarers passing through. We have nothing to do with whatever's going on here.
Young Man: I guess I can trust you...
Young Man: After all, why would they hire more agents while the fight's already in their favor...
Young Man: So you're really just outsiders... Sorry about the cold welcome.
Vaseraga: What's going on in this town? It looks like a war zone.
Young Man: Yeah... This town was split into two factions a little while ago.
Young Man: Something triggered a fight between them, and this is the result... They say it was all started by such a trivial thing too.
Young Man: We're at a big disadvantage right now... Fortunately no one has been killed yet.
Vaseraga: Tell me more. What set the fight in motion?
Militia 1: There he is! He's the only one left!
Militia 2: It's time to end this battle! Let's go!
Young Man: Ugh! Damn them!
Vyrn: Hey! Those guys are coming after you!
Militia 1: Who the hell are these people! You bring in shady reinforcements?
Young Man: Wait! They have nothing to do with this!
Militia 2: Ha! You must have hired yourself some agents! Let's take them all down and get this over with!
Vaseraga: Looks like we can't talk our way out of this. We have no choice. Get ready, (Captain).

Adding Fuel to the Fire: Scene 2

A young man resists the militia and tells Vaseraga he's only fighting because a battle broke out. When backed into a corner, the man tries to release monsters on the town, and the crew has to stop him.

(Captain) and company are able to drive off the militia that came for the young man.
They press the young man for details, but he's not exactly calm.
Young Man: Ugh! Damn them... I knew they didn't want to talk it out!
Vaseraga: Why are you fighting? Do you want neighbors to hurt each other?
Young Man: Why am I—hell if I know! The battle broke out, so all I could do is fight...
Young Man: And it won't end until one side wins! If we lose, who knows what will happen?
Vaseraga: And what are you willing to do for that victory?
Young Man: Grr!
Vyrn: What're you trying to get at, Spiky?
Vaseraga: I know better than most what happens to a man when he won't give up on victory even when he's cornered.
Young Man: What do you mean?
Vaseraga: I'm saying you need to find a better way.
Vaseraga: You stink of monsters. Are you planning to release them in the town?
Young Man: ...!
Young Man: I have no choice! There aren't any men left who can fight!
Young Man: What can one man accomplish? I have to do whatever it takes!
Vaseraga: I'll say it one more time. Find a better way.
Young Man: Or else what? Are you going to stop me? Go ahead and try! Get 'em!
Monster: Gwoargh!

Adding Fuel to the Fire: Scene 3

Vaseraga speaks of his past to try to stop the young man. He then goes to the man's base when he notices that someone is deliberately prolonging the battle. When he draws his scythe, the change in one man's expression reveals that this battle is the Foe's work.

Young Man: I need to end this. We thought we could win at first, so I rallied everyone to battle...
Vaseraga: I was once in the same situation as you.
Vaseraga: I've lost fellow skyfarers due to my own arrogance.
Vaseraga: The regret I felt was pure torture. I sought power in response... and I got what I thought I wanted through countless rituals.
Vaseraga: My body no longer feels pain or much of anything else. Would you pay the same price I did for power?
Young Man: I can't stop fighting no matter what you say...
Vaseraga: These are just words. I don't expect to stop you with them.
Vaseraga: Someone tried to stop me as well, but I didn't listen. Just like you.
Young Man: But how could you understand? You're already strong!
Vaseraga: Not at all. I'm powerless. I don't even have the power to persuade one young man.
Vaseraga: Leave this to me, boy. I'll find a way to end this. That's part of our job.
Vyrn: You can say that, but I don't know if this'll be settled so easily.
Vaseraga: Someone is fanning the flames to keep this battle going.
Vaseraga: Once the agitator is found and defeated, that'll be the end of this conflict.
The crew follows Vaseraga's suggestion and heads for the young man's base.
The sudden arrival of outsiders creates quite a stir there.
Vyrn: Oh boy... How do you plan to find anybody in this crowd, Spiky?
Vaseraga: The crowd will only make it easier. Watch.
Vaseraga: Great Scythe Grynoth! Drink the blood of the primal beast to strengthen your edge!
The great scythe lights up in response to Vaseraga's call. Most of the onlookers just watch with puzzled expressions.
But one man's expression suddenly changes.
Man: You! It can't be...
Vaseraga: And there you have it. The Foe was behind this all along.
Man: Ugh...
Vaseraga: You can't talk your way out of this. Only the Foe knows about our weapons.
Man: Urgh...
Man: Gwoagh!
Vyrn: Whoa! That guy showed his true colors! (Captain), let's get 'im!

Adding Fuel to the Fire: Scene 4

With the agitator defeated, the battle ends. As Vaseraga drinks, he speaks of his organization's formless Foe. He asks (Captain) to help him fight this nemesis when the time comes, but then he cuts himself off.

With the agitator defeated, no one's left to incite any fighting. The battle ends for now, but it seems like the true cause has not yet been dealt with.
The crew leaves the town, but Vaseraga still has something on his mind that night.
Vaseraga: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Spiky! What are you doing all alone?
Vaseraga: Drinking. This drink is apparently a specialty of the town we just left.
Vaseraga: ...
Vaseraga: (Captain), I've heard that what happened in that town is happening on other islands as well.
Vyrn: Say what?
Vaseraga: This seems to be the work of my organization's enemy, the Foe. They plant seeds of conflict in the hearts of men.
Vyrn: Really? And what does this Foe wanna do?
Vaseraga: We don't yet know why agitators are being sent to various places.
Vaseraga: What I'm more worried about is the conflict erupting in these places. Fighting without reason.
Vaseraga: Things aren't too bad yet. We can end the battles by stopping the agitators, the tangible causes of the problem.
Vaseraga: But things will get more complex once the battles caused by them start intertwining with each other...
Vaseraga: Even this scythe, Grynoth, won't be able to stop a war like that.
Vyrn: That sounds pretty complicated.
Vaseraga: And yet the truly horrifying part comes later. (Captain), what will you do? Stopping the agitators won't stop the war, you see.
Vaseraga: We'll be fighting something that can't be stopped with weapons or words, and doesn't even have a physical form.
Vaseraga: In fact, our organization's Foe will eventually cease to exist in any way, preventing us from interacting with it.
Vaseraga: That's why we must stop this Foe while we can. And to do that... I must ask for your help.
Vaseraga: Never mind. Forget what I just said.
Vaseraga murmurs that he's sick of feeling like the battle will never end, and he pours himself another glass.
At the thought of the wars being incited by the Foe, (Captain)'s fists clench in frustration.