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Lamenting Comrades

Vaseraga allows Grynoth to take over his mind, which sends the Draph into a hallucinatory recreation of his tragic past. Grynoth uses this opportunity to assume complete control over Vaseraga's body.

The crew is struggling against the weapon-turned-god Grynoth. But even with Vaseraga's strength, it proves to be too strong.
When the smoke clears, the crew discovers that Vyrn has been taken.
In order to get him back, they land on Moon Sliver, the stronghold of their enemies.
They find themselves locked into battle, when Neutronon—a sinister ally of the Foe—makes a proposition to Vaseraga.
Vyrn: Urgh... Argh!
Neutronon: Your augmented body provided fodder for Grynoth while you were wielding it.
Neutronon: We will exchange this little dragon's freedom for your form.
Neutronon: Do we have a deal? The choice is yours.
Vaseraga: Fine. Release Vyrn first. Then you can do with me as you like.
Neutronon: Wonderful.
Vyrn: Cough! Cough!
Neutronon: Go ahead. Take Grynoth in your hand.
Vaseraga: Vyrn. Eustace is nearby with the others. Take this path and meet up with them.
Vyrn: O-okay, but what are you going to do, Spiky?
Vaseraga: Don't worry about me. Go.
Vyrn: I'll bring backup real quick, so just hang in there!
Vaseraga: ...
Its blade buried in the ground, Vaseraga grips Grynoth's shaft.
Vaseraga: ...!
Zeta: Vaseraga's this way?
Vyrn: Yeah, just ahead!
Vaseraga: ...
Zeta: Vaseraga!
Vaseraga: Graaah!
Zeta: It's completely controlling him! All he can do is fight!
Grynoth begins consuming Vaseraga, causing the man to experience a series of unwelcome flashbacks.
Vaseraga: This is...
Crew Member 1: Captain Vaseraga!
Vaseraga: ...!
Familiar voices call Vaseraga's name.
Vaseraga: You... Why are you all...
None of the old faces seem to realize Vaseraga is there. Instead they're all focused on a different figure.
Vaseraga: What is it?
Addressing the crew is another Vaseraga.
Vaseraga: (This is a memory of that day...)
Crew Member 2: I heard our next job is gonna be a preeetty big one.
Vaseraga: You bet. Bigger than you can imagine. In fact, our next opponent's the toughest one yet.
Vaseraga: A primal beast.
Crew Member 1: Ahaha! Hell yes!
Vaseraga: We've grown into the leading crew—known across this whole island.
Vaseraga: A primal beast will be a mere warm-up for us. Am I wrong?
Crew Member 2: Nope. As long as we have you at the helm, Captain, there's nothing to fear!
Vaseraga: (Wait! Don't go through with it!)
The men go about their preparations, heedless to Vaseraga's cry.
Vaseraga: We're leaving, crew! Lift off!
Crew Members: Yeaaah!
Vaseraga: (Don't go! Turn around! There's still time!)
Vaseraga: ...!
In the next instant, he is transported back to a day he had hoped to never relive.
Vaseraga: Pant... Pant... Crew... Get out of here—now!
Crew Member 1: Cough, cough! Captain Vaseraga, we're not going to leave you here!
Crew Member 2: It's coming! It's going to attack again!
Primal Beast: ...
Crew Member 2: Ur-urgh! Forget about me—save the captain!
Vaseraga: No! Don't challenge the primal again! I was the one who decided to face it. I'll be the one to go down with it!
Crew Member 1: As long as you're out there, Captain, then our crew will continue. You'll keep our dreams alive...
Crew Member 1: Gasp!
Vaseraga: No, stop! Just stop!
Crew Member 3: Let's do this! Protect the captain!
Crew Members: Aaaah!
Vaseraga: (The rest of the crew... They sacrificed themselves one by one until no one's left standing...)
Vaseraga: (This was...)
Vaseraga: (This is all my fault...)
Crew Member 1: Captain Vaseraga, if you hadn't signed us up for this, you think we would've survived?
Vaseraga: Of course. My pride brought your deaths.
Crew Member 2: We gave everything we had to protect you. There was no greater honor.
Crew Member 1: But, at the last moment, I knew I didn't really want to die...
Vaseraga: ...
Vaseraga: I'm sorry, crew...
Vaseraga: You didn't deserve this!
???: Vaseraga, are these people the only ones you should be apologizing to?
Vaseraga: Rookie...
Society Rookie: It's your fault I'm dead too, is it not?
Society Rookie: You said it yourself...
Vaseraga's consciousness slips away as resentful voices echo inside his head.
Vaseraga: Getting upset over something would only make me repeat my mistakes.
Vaseraga: I've decided to live my life for them, and I need to stay true to that decision.
Vaseraga: That's right... Those were awfully big words I said back then... But turns out I couldn't live up to them.
Vaseraga: I couldn't protect them... I can't protect anything!
???: You're right. You can't protect a thing. You continue to repeat your errors.
Vaseraga: Are you Grynoth?
Grynoth: You thought to abandon yourself to save your friends.
Grynoth: But that was all for naught.
Grynoth: No. I should say you never intended to protect anyone.
Vaseraga: Stop...
Grynoth: After all, the one who led those skyfarers to their fate and the one who watched as that young man was attacked... was you.
Vaseraga: You're wrong... That's not what I wanted at all!
Grynoth: There is no point in avoiding the truth. You've already accepted the blame.
Vaseraga: ...!
Grynoth: You had your sense of pain removed to escape from that suffering. And then you made yourself into a living shield.
Grynoth: But you can't run from the past. You murdered your crew and watched as your comrade died.
Crew Member 1: Captain Vaseraga...
Society Rookie: Vaseraga...
Vaseraga: ...!
Grynoth: There is only one way to escape your pain and atone for your sins.
Grynoth: Release your will. Give everything to me.
The shadowy figure bears down on Vaseraga. All of the man's deceased allies follow suit.
Vaseraga: ...!
He draws his weapon. But as the familiar faces begin to creep closer to him, his hands begin to tremble.

Lamenting Comrades: Scene 2

Zeta senses that Vaseraga has let Grynoth manipulate his mind and body. She comes at the Draph with a full assault to snap him out of the automagod's spell.

Vaseraga: Guh... Argh!
Grynoth: Modifying your body to run away from the sensation of pain. How weak.
Grynoth: To escape the final agony—one no man should be able to elude—you decided to sacrifice yourself.
Grynoth: You who have vowed to protect your allies... You couldn't even do that.
Vaseraga: ...
Grynoth: You hate how impotent you are, don't you? You've been running from yourself for so long.
Grynoth: I shall free you from the pain, from your past—from all that torments you. Now, abandon your body and will.
Vaseraga: ...
Grynoth: This must be a relief. Yes. It is exactly the end you wanted.
Vaseraga: G'ungh!
Vaseraga: This...
Vaseraga: This is how it has to be...
Vaseraga: ...
Zeta: Haaa!
Vaseraga: ...!
Zeta: The hell are you doing! You really wanna give up everything to Grynoth?
Vyrn: Yeah, Spiky! You hear us in there, right?
Vaseraga: ...!
  1. Vaseraga!

Choose: Vaseraga!
Zeta, (Captain), and Vyrn are confronting a rampaging Vaseraga. They yell at him with all their might, trying to summon his mind back to reality.
Vaseraga: Raaah!
But their efforts seem to be in vain.
The hulking man continues his onslaught with a vigor none of them have ever seen before.
Zeta: Damn it! What do we do!
Vaseraga: This...
Zeta: ...!
Vaseraga: This is how it has to be...
Zeta: Vaseraga's stopped moving!
Vyrn: What did Spiky just say! What does he mean?
Vaseraga: ...
Vaseraga's body convulses, and his head raises.
Zeta: You!
Vyrn: What just happened? Something about him changed...
Zeta: There's no telling what... But I don't sense a trace of Vaseraga in there anymore!
Zeta: And what did he mean by this is how it has to be? Did he want to work alone so he could end up as some kind of armor-wearing vegetable?
Vaseraga: ...
Zeta: That's it! I'm pissed! I am so going to chew him out!
Vyrn: But it doesn't look like talking to him is doing much good...
Zeta: You've got that right. That's why before we spit anymore crap at him...
Zeta: I'm going to rattle that dumb brain inside his helmet!
Vaseraga: ...

Lamenting Comrades: Scene 3

Zeta is able to draw out Vaseraga's consciousness with her Spear of Arvess, causing Automagod Grynoth to take a new form. Vaseraga and Zeta then team up to take it out.

Zeta: Take this!
Vaseraga: ...!
Vyrn: Maybe you should take it a little easier!
Vyrn: Hey! You do anymore to him, and he'll be a goner!
Zeta: Spear of Arvess! Give form to my faith and become a piercing fang!
Zeta: Yaaah!
Zeta pins down the catatonic Vaseraga with her spear.
Zeta: (Vaseraga... Snap out of it!)
She firms her grip on her weapon, closes her eyes, and says a silent prayer.
Zeta: Vaseraga!
Vaseraga: ...
Zeta: You can hear me, can't you! Say something already!
Vaseraga: Ze...ta...
???: A weapon the same as me... Arvess has intervened with his mind.
Zeta: Vaseraga. I don't know what you're suffering from, and it's not my place to ask...
Zeta: But you can't just keep it all inside and expect to die! Not while I'm around!
Zeta: Whatever's going on, we'll do something about it! Just trust us!
Zeta: Remember what you told (Captain)!
Vaseraga: What I... told (Captain)?
Vaseraga: That little dragon and that girl with the blue hair... What would you do if you had to abandon one of them?
Zeta: Back then you said you'd protect whoever (Captain) couldn't! This is the same!
Vaseraga: The same?
Zeta: We're your partners!
Zeta: We'll figure out what to do! So don't you dare lock yourself up and throw away the key like this! You dumb oaf!
Vaseraga: ...
Vaseraga: Partners... Allies...
???: Baffling. Your thoughts were so clearly stacked toward self-annihilation, but mere words have brought you back.
???: Inconceivable, considering the only thing you've ever desired is to disappear.
Vaseraga: Hm. Maybe Zeta knocked one of my screws loose with that beating.
Vaseraga: That... Or here at this final hour I've finally learned what the word partner means.
???: I realize you won't see it my way. I've determined there are too many errors in this body. Switching to forced shutdown mode.
Vaseraga: You're right. It is baffling—it's something I've forgotten this whole time.
Vaseraga: But I've finally remembered. Every ally I've ever had was a softhearted fool... But not one of them abandoned me.
Vaseraga: My partner used Arvess to make a path to reach me. That's how tenacious she is.
Zeta: Humph. Bout time you realized. You could've asked for help a lot sooner.
???: More errors found. Increasing forced shutdown intensity.
Grynoth: ...
Zeta: Looks like it wants a fight. Guess it couldn't beat Vaseraga.
Vaseraga: Glad you have so much confidence in me.
Zeta: Yeah, as long as you start letting us help you. You feeling better?
Vaseraga: Yes. Thanks to you.
Zeta: Then we're all gravy. Now then, let's get that thing out of your body.
Vaseraga: Got it.

Lamenting Comrades: Scene 4

Thanks to Zeta's unyielding resolve, Vaseraga has learned the true value of camaraderie. He boards the Grandcypher with a newfound trust in his fellow skyfarers.

Vaseraga: Aaargh!
Zeta: Haaah!
Grynoth: Why! Did you not seek destruction? Why have you reverted!
Grynoth: Gaaah!
As the specter of Grynoth begins to fade, so too does the surrounding scenery. Soon Vaseraga and Zeta find themselves in a completely different dreamscape.
Zeta: Huh... Wait a minute... Vaseraga, is this your memory?
Zeta: Sorry... Feels weird peeping at it...
Vaseraga: It's fine. The past is the past. I never wanted to talk about it with anyone, but I don't mean to hide it either.
Zeta: ...
Zeta stares at the dizzying display. Accompanying the unbelievable sights is the scent of blood.
She comes to the realization that maybe it's from the wounds she inflicted on Vaseraga.
Vaseraga: I should thank Grynoth.
Zeta: What?
Vaseraga: I couldn't forgive myself for the deaths of my crew. In a way, Grynoth showed me that all I've been doing is wallowing in self-persecution.
Vaseraga: All I've ever thought about was settling the past, just so I could escape the guilt.
Vaseraga: But seeing them all once again... Thanks to Grynoth's illusions, it felt like I was able to see them all properly buried.
Zeta: Um. I see... So I guess you're all good then?
Vaseraga: We'll see. I'll never be able to run away from their memory.
Vaseraga: That's why they'll always be with me wherever I go. I've finally come to terms with that.
Zeta: That's good. But I think you're forgetting who really saved your bacon.
Vaseraga: Ah. You're right. You deserve thanks along with (Captain) and the crew. And I'll have to go and thank the one who forged this great scythe too.
Zeta: All right then.
Zeta: If you ever start to feel this way again, you better say something sooner. Got it?
Vaseraga: Got it. But I think I'm okay now.
Vaseraga: If there's something I can't bear alone, then I'll take that as a signal I should be relying on someone else for a little support.
Zeta: And just how are you going to get that support?
Vaseraga: Having any one of you around me is more than enough.
Having awakened from their vision, Vaseraga and Zeta go on to fight a fierce battle with the enemy's vanguard.
But the opposing forces prove to be no match for their combined teamwork.
After all is said and done, they stand victoriously beside (Captain) and the crew.
Almeida: Whew... Vaseraga, good to see you back safe and sound from the battle.
Vaseraga: I'm still alive because of this fine weapon you've forged.
Vaseraga: I've come in person to express my gratitude.
Almeida: Ah... Hah... Ahahaha... It embarrasses me when you say that to my face...
Vaseraga: Then I won't overstay my welcome. I'll head back to the airship soon.
Vaseraga: I'm looking forward to using your services in the future. When that time comes, I know I can count on you.
Almeida: Yeah, you've got it!
Almeida: Hehe. Vaseraga, I can tell you're a little different than before.
Vaseraga: Do you think so?
Almeida: Yep. You actually talk to me about stuff now!
Almeida: It's like you've gotten a little softer or something.
Vaseraga: I see.
Almeida: Well, see you around!
Vaseraga: Definitely. Thanks again.
Vaseraga: (There's no doubting it.)
Vaseraga: (I've come to understand my weakness and fully trust my allies.)
Vaseraga: (Perhaps this is the power that I should have been looking for the whole time.)
The confrontation with Grynoth has given Vaseraga the ability to face both his past and his true self.
Reaffirmed that his fellow crew members will never abandon him, he confidently steps aboard the Grandcypher.