Scenario:Vira - Dream of a Summer's Night

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Dream of a Summer's Night

Vira can't focus on her work at the beach house. That evening, she explains to (Captain) that her life has felt like a dream since leaving Albion.

Customer 1: Hey! We'd like to order over here!
Customer 2: Waiter! Are the blazing skewers we ordered ready yet?
Lyria: W-wait a moment please!
Vyrn: Jeez! I guess this is what they call being short-staffed.
One day, the crew finds itself doing part-time work at Sierokarte's beach house.
Lyria, Vyrn, Vira, and (Captain) are overwhelmed with the enormous number of customers.
Customer 3: Excuse me! Three blazing skewers, please! We'd like them to go.
Lyria: Of course! To go!
Customer 1: Hey! Can we order now?
Lyria: Ah, we'll be with you shortly! Er... Vira! Can you send the to-go order to the kitchen?
Vira: ...
Vyrn: Vira? Are you all right? You're just standing there staring off into space.
Vira: What? Oh... I'm sorry. The heat must be getting to me...
Vira: We will show you to your seats right away. How many are in your party?
Customer 3: Oh, no, like we said, we just want some blazing skewers to go.
Vira: I'm terribly sorry. We will prepare it right away.
Vyrn: What's with Vira? She isn't looking too good.
Vira: ...
Before long, the sun goes down and the crowds disappear. As night sets in, the sandy beach is enveloped in darkness.
It is on that empty beach that (Captain) sees Vira standing alone.
Vira: Oh... Hello, (Captain). What are you doing here at this hour?
Vira: You just happened to catch sight of me? Hehe. By chance, have you come here to comfort me?
Vira: I'm happy to hear that, but you don't need to worry about me. It doesn't bother me to make the kind of mistakes I did today.
Vira: It's just that in the middle of the day, I often begin to feel as if I'm in a dream.
Vira: Compared to the rest of my life, I've never been happier!
Vira: That's why, every now and then, I start to wonder if this is all a dream.
Vira: Hehe. If, by some chance, we were in A Midsummer Night's Dream...
Vira: We'd have to be careful that a troublesome fairy doesn't play a prank on us.
Vira: Do you know that play? It's one of the greatest plays of all time!
Vira: It's the story of four lovers who have been bewitched by fairies one midsummer's night.
Vira: Tee hee. Maybe if it's playing sometime, I could take Katalina to go see it.
As her words drift off, Vira smiles and looks out to the sea before her.
Vira: On days like today, I always want to go to the theater with Katalina by my side.
Vira: And there's nothing that can stop me from going.
Vira: This whole wide world, overflowing with nature, sits here before us.
Vira: You know, as a city, Albion is exceptionally large. But as an island, it's actually very small.
Vira: A world this wide and free seems just like a fleeting dream.
Vira: I had never wanted to think too much about it, but...
Vira: Even if I had never met Katalina, I would still have felt the constraints binding me to Albion.
Muttering words of criticism toward herself, Vira's expression hardens and she fixes her gaze on (Captain).
Vira: (Captain), why did you let me on your ship?
Vira: I attacked you and your crew. I was trying to destroy you.
Vira: If it were me, I wouldn't let someone like that on my ship.
  1. You've turned over a new leaf.
  2. I never thought you were a bad person.

Choose: You've turned over a new leaf.
Vira: You think I'm turning over a new leaf? Tee hee! You might be off on that one.
Vira: I wasn't trying to change Katalina's opinion of me.
Vira: Nevertheless... I've become aware of the changes happening within me.
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Choose: I never thought you were a bad person.
Vira: Hehe. (Captain), it seems you have a unique way of thinking about good and evil.
Vira: Even if someone comes after you, you don't think that they're bad. That's very kind of you.
Continue 1
Vira: I've thought this for a while, but (Captain), you really are an unusual character.
Vira: That being the case, I can see why people find you so charming.
Vira: Well, I don't want to make Katalina worry.
Vira: So shall we head back to the house, (Captain)?
Vira turns her back to (Captain) and starts to walk along the moonlit beach.
Then, as they drew near to the house, Vira suddenly turns round.
Vira: Although my thoughts about Katalina will never change...
Vira: I am sincerely glad that the fairies did not gather tonight while we were together.
Vira: Because I've heard fairies only care about taking advantage of your heart.
Vira: Well, good night, (Captain). Sweet dreams.
Before (Captain) can ask her what she meant, Vira turns and heads back to her room.
The next morning, Vira returns to her usual self and goes back to working hard alongside the crew.