Scenario:Vira - Liege of Albion

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Liege of Albion

One day, Katalina and Vira receive an invitation letter for a tournament that will determine the next Lord Commander of Albion. Vira originally suggests that only she and Katalina attend, but then they decide to enter with the rest of the order when they discover that it's a team event. And so, the party heads to Albion, where the tournament will be held.

One day, Katalina and Vira gasp in surprise as they receive a letter at the Knickknack Shack.
Katalina: This is...
Vira: I see...
Vyrn: What's with the weird expressions, you two?
Vira: I don't mind the comment toward me, but how dare you say Katalina looks weird...
Katalina: Now now, don't make a big deal of it.
Katalina: Anyway... Vira, you received the same thing...?
Vira: Yes... The details might be different, but the gist of it seems to be the same.
Lyria: You both received the same letter...?
Katalina: Not a letter... but an invitation. From Albion, the place where we learned swordsmanship.
The letter contains an invitation to a tournament which will decide the new Lord Commander that will fill the now empty seat at Albion Citadel.
Vyrn: Hm? But I thought the Lord Commander was chosen from within Albion...
Vira: Yes... but it seems this time is different.
Katalina: They seem to be calling out to Albion graduates, as well as everyone else that has a connection with Albion.
Katalina: What should we do? We could ignore this invitation, but...
Vira: Yes... Personally, I think I have an obligation as the previous Lord Commander to at least show up...
Vira: How about just the two of us go to Albion...?
Katalina: Ah, well... It seems there won't be a need for that.
Katalina: This competition will be team based. It seems we can all attend as a group.
Vira: Wha...?! B-But...
Vira: I would feel guilty about everyone taking the trouble to go to Albion with us...
Vira: It may be better if it was just us two...
  1. Let's all go together.
  2. Bye then.

Choose: Let's all go together.
Katalina: Yes... This is a good opportunity. Why don't we go and test our abilities?
Vira: Tch...
Katalina: Hm? What is it, Vira?
Vira: Oh, nothing... .
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Choose: Bye then.
Vira: Thank you, (Captain). Well then, let's start packing...
Vyrn: Hey! If we're allowed to participate, let's all go together!
Vyrn: It'll be a good way to test our abilities, and we might be able to gather information with all those people there!
Katalina: Hm... That's a good point.
Katalina: The Albion graduates are spread throughout the lands, so it will be a good opportunity for gathering information.
Vira: Tch... The lizard should have kept his mouth shut...
Continue 1
Lyria: So it's decided then! Let's head to Albion!
Monster: Grrrrrr...
Vyrn: Oh boy... I forgot that Albion had monsters even inside the town...
Vira: Hehe... It brings back memories.
Vira: Now, let's quickly take care of them and get the registration over with.

Liege of Albion: Scene 2

The party arrives at Castle Albion to register for the tournament which will determine the next Lord Commander of Albion. Judging from the warm welcome by the soldiers, it's clear that they still hold her in high esteem as the Lord Commander. After they confirm that they will be able to withdraw later on, the party enters the tournament to test their abilities and to liven up the show.

(Captain) and company arrive at Castle Albion to register for the tournament which will determine the next Lord Commander of Albion.
Albion Soldier: Lady Vira?! I didn't know you would grace us with your presence... Have you returned to become our Lord Commander again...?
Vira: I have no intention to do so. I will never leave Katalina's side again.
Vira: I am only participating to test our order's abilities, and to liven up the tournament.
Albion Soldier: V-Very well...
Vira: According to the rules... withdrawal from the tournament is allowed, correct?
Albion Soldier: One may withdraw from the tournament at any time, unless it's during the grand finals. After all, there are many others that are only participating to test their abilities as well.
Albion Soldier: In any case, the tournament is sure to be a hit with Lady Vira attending!
Vyrn: I didn't know you're so popular as a Lord Commander, Vira!
Vira: Although I was appointed reluctantly, it's not my nature to neglect my duties.
Katalina: About that... I'm truly sorry.
Vira: Please, Vira... Don't look so sad.
Vira: No matter how we got here, I'm with you now... That's all that matters to me.
Albion Soldier: Ah... It seems your first opponent was decided.
Vira: Hehe... Well then, let us inform the citizens of the previous Lord Commander's triumphant return!

Liege of Albion: Scene 3

The party steadily wins their matches through the tournament. As they prepare to withdraw from the tournament, (Captain)'s party finds out that they have been moved into the grand finals due to the other participants becoming injured. They later discover that it was part of a scheme by the Erste Imperial Army, who planned to take over Albion by winning the tournament. In order to protect the place which holds precious memories with Katalina, Vira and Luminiera stands to face the soldiers.

A few days later. (Captain) and company completed their matches for the day, and head to the inn from Albion Castle.
Vyrn: Hey! Maybe we can get pretty far in this tournament!
Vira: Of course. We have me and Katalina on our team, after all.
Vira: And (Captain) is quite skilled as well...
Vira: ...?!
Lyria: W-What's wrong, Vira?
Vira: Nothing... I just thought I sensed menaced from somewhere...
Katalina: We were in combat just a few moments ago. Perhaps you're still a bit high-strung.
Vira: Perhaps... There doesn't seem to be any monsters around either...
Vira: In any case, I think it's time to withdraw and continue on our journey.
Vira: If we withdraw too close to the finals, it may bring down the mood of the tournament...
Katalina: You're right. I think this was enough to test our abilities...
Albion Soldier: Lady Vira! T-There's something I must tell you...!
Vira: You're in quite a hurry... What's the matter?
Albion Soldier: Well, you see... Your skyfarer order has been... moved up to the grand finals.
Katalina: What?! W-We meant to withdraw along the way...
Katalina: Wait a second! Weren't there several more matches left until the finals?
Albion Soldier: We're confused as well... The participants were injured outside of the castle and one by one, they've withdrawn from the tournament...
Katalina: What...?
Vira: By the way... who is our opponent for the finals?
Albion Soldier: Well, you see...
Vira: I never would have thought I'd see you here...
Imperial Soldier: Well, this is a good opportunity... We simply need to win this match, and Albion will be ours.
Imperial Soldier: All we would need to do is place one of our own as the Lord Commander!
Vira: You may be related to Albion, but I can't believe you were allowed to participate...
Vira: I suppose you're responsible for the other attendees withdrawing as well?
Imperial Soldier: Hm? I have no idea what you're talking about. How would we know anything about the other participants getting injured?
Imperial Soldier: In any case... thanks to them, we ended up here mostly without even fighting...
Imperial Soldier: We've been lacking a bit of exercise... I won't be going easy on you...!
Vira: The size of the Erste Empire honestly doesn't interest me in the slightest...
Vira: However, Albion is where my relationship with Katalina began...
Vira: And here is where we endured hard work together and deepened our bond...
Vira: I'm sorry, but I can't give this precious place to depraved men such as yourselves.
Imperial Soldier: Tsk, impudent girl... I don't care if you were the previous Lord Commander, I'll crush you right here...!
Vira: You may try... but know that you're not facing a mere girl.
Vira: You will experience firsthand the power of I, Vira Lillie, and the guardian Luminiera!!

Liege of Albion: Scene 4

As the crowd wildly cheers for Katalina and Vira, they reminisce about the events from 6 years ago. Katalina draws her sword in response to Vira's request to for an all-out duel, but Vira laughs and tells her she was joking. The party is taken aback by Vira, who says she was satisfied to see Katalina's serious expression, but they continue on with their journey.

(Captain) and company defeated the imperial soldiers and thwarts their plans.
(Captain) and company receive uproarious cheers and applause.
Vira: Albion was just in danger of being taken over... There are more important matters at hand.
Vyrn: I always thought there's something odd about the folks of this town...
Katalina: ...
Vira: Katalina...? Is something the matter?
Katalina: Oh, no... I was just reminded of something.
Katalina: This atmosphere, this smell, this applause... It's all the same as 6 years ago...
Vira: ... Yes... Hehe, you're right...
Vira: Katalina. To tell you the truth, I have one regret.
Katalina: Hm? What's the matter?
Vira: Six years ago, when we battled for the spot of Lord Commander... I told you I had no regrets about our match that day.
Vira: However... There's one thing that's always been on my mind.
Vira: I wanted to fight you without holding anything back...
Vira: Not as the Vira Lillie that regards you with such love and respect, but as a knight.
Katalina: ...
Vira: And I also think... if I had beaten you down so convincingly that you were unable to recover...
Vira: Perhaps you never would have left my side.
Vira: What do you think? Would you like to settle the battle that we couldn't 6 years ago... Right here and right now?
Vyrn: H-Hey... What are you...
Katalina: Vira... If that is your wish, I will oblige.
Vyrn: Oi! Katalina, you, too?!
Lyria: Katalina...?
Katalina: (Captain)... If something happens to me, I want you to take care of Lyria.
Katalina: ...
Vira: Heh, hehe... hehehehe... It was a joke, Katalina...
Katalina: J-Joke...?!
Vira: I wouldn't be able to fight you without holding back...
Vira: Of course not... You're the person I fell for.
Katalina: I-Is that so?
Vira: It is. We may not have fought each other...
Vira: But the look in your eyes when you gripped your sword to face me... It gave me shivers...
Vyrn: Oh boy... As usual, I can never tell what Vira's thinking!
Vira: Hehe... I'm only thinking about Katalina at all times.
And so, the matter at Albion once again comes to an end.
The next day, (Captain) and company receives news that the tournament that will decide the next Lord Commander will be re-opened.
(Captain)'s party senses something deep within Vira's eyes, but continues to journey alongside her.