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Two as One

While Vira is busy conversing with other guests, she notices several men who appear to have an interest in Katalina. She fends them off before they have the chance to make their approach.

Vira: ...
Vira is at the ball with (Captain) and the crew as her companions for the night.
Vira: ...
Vira walks slightly ahead of the crew, showing them down the corridor leading to the hall.
But churning inside Vira is a whirlpool of unforgettable memories.
Vira: Katalina, good work at the ball. It's just like you to earn such thunderous applause from everyone.
Katalina: Haha, that was for you, wasn't it? My clumsy dancing wouldn't bring in that kind of praise.
Vira: Oh, no... I'm here merely as an accessory to your beauty, Katalina.
The biggest event at the Albion Military Academy—the Holy Knight Festival.
Once the festival comes to an end and everything is cleared away, the hustle and bustle within the academy just a moment ago dims to a peaceful silence.
Vira: Once again, thank you for having me as your dance partner at the festival tonight.
Katalina: I should be the one to thank you. It was an honor for you to choose me as your partner.
Katalina: But it looks like I'll be the target of much resentment for the next while. I hear some candidates even had a duel for the right to be your partner.
Vira: They should know from seeing us together that there is no one suitable to be my partner but you, Katalina.
Katalina: I'm flattered to hear you say that, but... I'm not holding you back, am I?
Vira: Of course not. It was truly a blissful evening. If I had dreamed it, I would have woken and chided myself for the extravagance...
Katalina: Heh, I see. I'm glad you feel that way.
Katalina: Our last Holy Knight Festival... I really enjoyed myself too. Thank you.
Vira: ...!
Vira: (That's right. By the time the next Holy Knight Festival comes around, Katalina will no longer be here...)
Vira: (Soon, Katalina will graduate and leave Albion... and the two of us will be separated.)
Chancellor: Well, well! So you've become a skyfarer, Lady Vira!
Vira: Yes. I now spend my days flying across the skies as part of a skyfaring crew.
Vira: This is the captain of the crew, (Captain). (Captain) is a most valorous and admired person in whom I place my trust.
Chancellor: Ah, so you're (Captain)! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I've heard many good things about you.
(Captain) hurries to return the diplomatic gentleman's greeting, almost knocking over a glass of water.
As the party warms up, guests begin to walk around the castle hall, conversing among themselves while enjoying the luxurious buffet in front of them.
The ball is split into two parts, with the first being a banquet and the second a dance party.
Vyrn: So that guy back there was the chancellor... After that was some nobleman, and then a rich merchant... It's just one important guy after another!
Lyria: Vira, you're amazing! You're so calm even in a place like this...
Katalina: Yeah, it's really impressive. You don't feel nervous in the least among influential people, do you?
Vira: Hehe. I appreciate the compliments.
Lyria: ...
(Captain) notices a change in Lyria's expression as Lyria watches the exchange between Katalina and Vira.
Lyria: I-I don't feel nervous either! Katalina taught me all kinds of things before!
Lyria: Let's see... When you greet someone, first you stand straight, then pull one foot back, and...
Katalina: Heheh, that's perfect. But be careful not to step on the hem of your dress.
Lyria: Thanks, Katalina!
It is then that Vira hears a small voice from the corner of the hall.
Vira: ...
Vira looks over to see that the guest of honor, from whom she received the invitation to the ball, has made his arrival.
Vira: I'm sorry, Katalina. I must go and exchange courtesies with a few guests...
Katalina: Okay. I'll take care of things here.
Vira: Thank you. If you'll excuse me.
Vira: ...
Vira leaves the crew to talk with other guests at the party, but remains alert as she keeps an eye on Katalina's surroundings.
Gentleman: The lady over there in the blue dress... I've never seen anyone more beautiful! It would be my utmost pleasure to ask her for a dance...
Vira: (That man over there! He's eyeing Katalina with a most distasteful look...)
Vira: Good evening, I don't believe we've met. I'm Vira Lillie.
Gentleman: Hm? Oh, could it be that you're Albion's former Lord Commander? It's a pleasure to meet you.
Vira: (Insolent man... I'll make sure you have no chance to ask Katalina for a dance.)
Vira: (I'm the only one who can be Katalina's partner... Isn't that right, Katalina?)
Vira intercepts the man just as he is about to approach Katalina.
However, as Vira is preoccupied with him, another man steps up to Katalina.
Nobleman: Divine lady, may I have the pleasure of introducing myself? My name is Spence Permm.
Nobleman: I serve as the lord of a residence within close proximity of this castle. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Katalina: This is an honor... I'm Katalina Aryze, a humble skyfarer.
Nobleman: Well, I'll be! The house of Aryze is a noble family famed for their swordsmanship... Are you well versed in the art of swordsmanship as well, Lady Katalina?
Lyria: Yes! Katalina is really strong! Oh, um, I'm Lyria!
(Captain) greets the man and explains that all of them travel together as a crew.
Nobleman: I see... To possess both strength and beauty—I must say, you are most captivating...
Vira: Pardon my interruption, Lord Permm.
Nobleman: Lady Vira! I'm happy to see you faring well. It's been a long time since I last had the pleasure of conversing with you at the dinner party.
Vira: Yes, I believe I was still serving as Albion's Lord Commander at the time. It has been a while.
Vira: I noticed you were with my fellow crew members, so I thought to take this opportunity to offer my greetings.
Nobleman: Oh! Then these must be...
Vira: Yes. They are essentially my family now, you see...
Vira: (In my moment of absence, Katalina's beauty has already attracted the attention of a pair of fiends...)
Vira: (But I can't afford to let anyone get close with her today...)
As Vira continues to converse with a smile on her face, she is filled with a new determination.

Two as One: Scene 2

Vira and Katalina are reflecting on their days at the academy when a nobleman comes up to ask Katalina for a dance. Vira and the nobleman face off in a passionate dance battle to determine Katalina's rightful partner.

Katalina: Sigh... What should I do...
Vira: Are you worried about the dance at the graduation ceremony?
Vira: The valedictorian and student representative are required to dance in front of everyone at the ceremony, aren't they...
Katalina: Yes... I don't like standing out.
Katalina: And they're telling me to hurry up and decide on a partner so we can start practicing... I'm really feeling the pressure.
Vira: Who are you thinking of asking?
Katalina: That's the thing...
Lyria: Munch, munch... It's so juicy and just melts in your mouth... This steak here is really good too!
Katalina: Hehe. Don't stuff too much into your mouth all at once, Lyria. Take small bites.
After briefly mingling with other guests, (Captain) and the crew are now enjoying the extravagant feast in front of them.
The first part of the ball gradually begins to wrap up. The tables are cleared away, transforming the hall into a dance floor.
Vira: ...
Vira watches as the venue changes, dazed and lost in her memories.
Katalina: What are you going to do, Vira?
Vira: ...
Katalina: Vira?
Vira: Huh? O-oh, I'm sorry, Katalina. You were saying?
Katalina: Are you all right? You were talking the whole time with all those people—maybe you're tired.
Vira: There's no need to worry. I'm fine.
Vira: I was just lost in thought and feeling... a little nostalgic.
Katalina: Nostalgic?
Vira: Yes. Do you remember fretting about who to choose as your partner back at the academy?
Katalina: Yes... I do.
Vira: And who will you choose as your partner tonight, Katalina?
Katalina: Well, I don't plan to stand out too much tonight. What about you, Vira?
Vira: Hehe, that's just like you. I'm waiting... to be asked.
Katalina: By someone here?
Vira: Yes.
Katalina: ...
Vira: ...
As Katalina pauses to think, Vira stands close by, gazing at her intently.
Nobleman: My apologies for interrupting your conversation. Lady Katalina, if I may...
Vira: ...!
Katalina: Oh, the gentleman from earlier...
Nobleman: I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Nobleman: You see, I just couldn't get the beautiful image of you out of my head, Lady Katalina...
Nobleman: If you don't mind, would you give me the honor of being your partner for the dance tonight?
Katalina: O-oh! Me?
Vira: (He couldn't have cut in at a worse time! And he's serious...)
Vira: ...
With this unexpected turn of events, Vira carefully considers her options before coming to a calm decision.
Vira: Lord Permm, please wait.
Nobleman: Lady Vira?
Vira: I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you as you were making your invitation.
Vira: However, if there is one thing that I cannot yield tonight, it is this.
Vira: Tonight, what stands beside the quiet blue can only be a burning flame of red... I pray you understand.
Nobleman: ...!
Nobleman: Lady Vira, I understand your intentions.
Nobleman: However, I feel it within my heart... that this encounter must be fate.
Vira: With all due respect, fate is on my side.
As sparks fly between them in their clash to win the right to accompany Katalina, the orchestra begins to play on the dance floor.
Nobleman: Since neither of us appears to have any intention of giving in... why don't we decide this in a manner befitting of nobles?
Vira: I concur. A single dance will speak louder than a thousand words.
Vira and the nobleman take their positions, closing their eyes to focus on the music.
Katalina: Hey, Vira, just what are you...
Vira: Please watch, Katalina... as I prove my feelings!
In a single moment, the two begin to whirl across the dance floor, devoting their bodies and souls to expressing through dance the burning emotions inside each of them.

Two as One: Scene 3

Katalina remembers that she once asked Vira to be her partner for a ball at the academy that never came to be. Katalina finally fulfills this promise by inviting Vira to dance. Vira's deepest wish comes true as the two of them waltz gracefully into the night.

Vira: Whew...
Nobleman: Huff... Huff...
As the music comes to a close, Vira and the nobleman finish their dance and turn to face each other.
Nobleman: I didn't think you would go so far...
Nobleman: I accept my defeat, Lady Vira. Your performance was a beautiful display of dancing flames.
Vira: Thank you. Through this challenge you have proved your sincerity, and for that you have my respect as well as my gratitude.
Nobleman: The one who should be grateful is me. This has been a valuable experience.
Nobleman: I pray that tonight will be one of happiness for the both of you.
The man gives them an earnest smile and waves his goodbye before disappearing into the crowd.
Katalina: Did you say challenge?
Vira: Hehe. Katalina, do you remember now?
Vira: There were challenges like this back when we were in Albion too...
Vira: To protect what we cannot afford to yield. To decide our partners for the ball. And to keep our promises...
Katalina: ...!
Katalina: Vira, could it be that you...
Seeing Katalina coming to something of a realization, Vira smiles gently at her.
Katalina salutes in Albion fashion and offers her hand to Vira.
Katalina: As valedictorian, I, Katalina Aryze, ask you to be my partner for tonight's dance.
Vira: As student representative and upcoming valedictorian, I, Vira Lillie, humbly accept.
Vira takes Katalina's hand, and the two of them move gracefully to the dance floor.
The music rings out across the brightly lit hall as Vira and Katalina begin to swing, their light steps adding to the rhythm of the melody.
Katalina: If I remember correctly, the valedictorian is the one who's supposed to ask, right?
Vira: Yes. I'll never forget.
Katalina: About the ball after the graduation ceremony... Can I count on you, Vira?
Vira: K-Katalina!
Vira: Are you sure you'd like to leave such a big responsibility to me?
Katalina: Yes. With you there, even if I make a mistake, I know you'll cover for me.
Katalina: There's no one else I can count on but you... because I know I can trust you.
Vira: Katalina... You can count on me! I'll see to it that this becomes a celebration you won't forget!
Vira: Finally... Finally, it's done!
Vira: A dress spun from the threads of fate—the only one of its kind.
On Vira's desk are stacks of documents and tools for the purpose of making her dress.
After many complications and obstacles, the finished product has finally appeared before her—a single dress in a shade of deep crimson.
Vira: With this dress, I'll do my best to ensure this special occasion will be perfect for Katalina.
Vira: Then hopefully, my feelings will...
But this was a promise not to be fulfilled.
Albion's Lord Commander passed away suddenly, and after the martial arts tournament, the situation changed drastically.
Katalina: So you've been waiting... for me to invite you.
Vira: Yes... As selfish as it is, I've been waiting for you.
Vira is overjoyed as tears well up in her eyes.
Vira: All this time, I wanted to show you this dress... This dress that I'd chosen just for you.
Katalina: It suits you. You look beautiful.
Vira: Katalina...
Gentleman: What an exquisite dance! It's as if they have wings on their backs...
Nobleman: Like angels in some beautiful painting... A scene from heaven.
As light radiates from Vira and Katalina's dance, the other guests fall into a hush. They watch mesmerized, forgetting their own steps.
The dazzling hall, the glorious music...
It is as if everything had been prepared for Vira and Katalina's sake.
But Vira remains oblivious to her surroundings. All of her senses are focused on the person in front of her—Katalina.
Vira: (Oh, Katalina... I wish we could dance on like this forever.)
Under the bright lights, their two shadows slowly merge and become one.
Vira: (Those words I wanted to say to you back then... They're no longer needed, are they?)
A distant smile plays on Vira's lips as she continues to dance, spellbound.
Eventually the music fades away, and with that, the dance of blue and red comes to an end. Vira and Katalina find themselves enveloped in a thunder of applause.
What Vira had wished on her crimson dress has finally come true. She breaks into a genuine smile.
Among the cheers that surround them, Vira gazes on at Katalina in a dream-like state.
There is a promise a girl has yet to fulfill.
There are words this girl has yet to say to the woman she admires most in all the skies.
The words are written in a certain diary, over traces of the many earlier versions that preceded them.
The date written in the corner of this entry is just a few days prior to the passing of Albion's Lord Commander.
Vira: Katalina, my heartfelt congratulations on your graduation.
Vira: Although we won't be able to see each other for a while, soon I, too, will graduate—then I will be free to follow you wherever you may go.
Vira: Even if we leave this academy, no matter where in the skies you are, Katalina... You and I will always be together.
Vira: My beloved Katalina... I look forward to spending an eternity with you.