Scenario:Volenna - Intertwined Fate

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Intertwined Fate

As the party volunteers to slay the monsters in the mountains, a young boy requests that they take him along. He explains that he wants to avenge his dog that was killed by the monsters. However, Volenna dismisses his request and Lyria convinces him to stay at the village.

During their journey, (Captain) and company came across a village suffering from repeated invasions by monsters.
The party decides to save the village by slaying the monsters in the mountain.
Lyria: Now, let's go save those villagers!
Volenna: It's good that you have enthusiasm, but I hope you're ready for this.
Volenna: A battle's outcome is mostly determined by the preparation... Hm?
Boy: ...
Volenna: Hey, kid. What do you want?
Boy: Um... Please take me with you to beat those monsters!
Lyria: Wha?! It's dangerous!
Boy: But I want to get revenge! My dog died trying to save me from the boss of those monsters...!
Volenna: No.
Boy: Please, lady! He was like a brother to me!
Volenna: No. You'll only be a burden.
Boy: But... I'll do my best not to get in the way! So please...
Volenna: Hmph...
Vyrn: Oh! Ah... He's gone. You didn't have to be so cold!
Lyria: But she's right about it being dangerous for a child.
Lyria: Um... We promise to take care of those monsters. So wait for us in the village, okay?
Boy: ...

Intertwined Fate: Scene 2

Volenna dismisses the idea of getting revenge for the dog that died protecting his young master. She explains that risking the boy's life after it was saved by the dog would be an insult to the dog's efforts.

Vyrn: Ugh... There's no end to these monsters... We can't keep this up forever!
Volenna: The problem isn't their numbers... Their strength must be in their boss' leadership.
Volenna: Once we take out the leader, they should be easy to take care of.
Vyrn: I see! Let's go find that boss then!
Volenna: If the boss is the cautious type, it should be in the depths of the mountains protected by its minions.
Volenna: Remember not to let your guard down, (Captain).
Lyria: Earlier... That boy said his dog was killed by the boss of those monsters, didn't he?
Vyrn: Yeah... Let's take out that boss and get revenge for him!
Volenna: How foolish.
Vyrn: Wha?! Why would you say that?!
Volenna: The idea of going to get revenge is foolish in itself.
Volenna: That boy's dog gave his life to protect him.
Volenna: Throwing his life away in an attempt to get revenge would make that death meaningless.
Volenna: Why should we let him to do that?
Lyria: I see... I didn't think of it that way...
Vyrn: Tch! There are nicer ways to say that, you know?
Volenna: Hmph.
Volenna: Wait... (Captain). Look at these footprints... They're bigger than the other monsters.
Volenna: Hmph, you can hide all you want but I know you're there...!
Monster: Grrrr...
Volenna: There it is...! That's a lot of confidence. (Captain), let's go!

Intertwined Fate: Scene 3

Volenna speaks to the young boy in front of his dog's grave. As a bodyguard herself, she expresses her pride in the dog for protecting the boy with his life. Next next day, the boy sees the party off and tells them that he would also like to protect someone when he grows up.

(Captain) and company successfully defeat the boss and the remaining monsters.
When they report back to the village, the villagers are elated. Not only do they offer a reward, but they ask the party to stay and rest.
Vyrn: Hey! They said they're gonna give us food at the dining hall!
Lyria: Yay! I'm starving! Let's go, (Captain)! You too, Volenna... Aren't you coming?
Volenna: Sorry, but there's something I want to talk to a villager about. Go ahead without me.
Lyria: Sure! You must be tired, so don't overwork yourself, Volenna.
Volenna: Yes, I know. I'll see you later.
Boy: ...
Volenna: There you are.
Boy: It's you...
Volenna: This is for your dog.
Boy: Huh? ... Flowers...? Thank you...
Volenna: Your dog was a loyal bodyguard. He protected you from harm in the face of danger. As someone who shares the same duty, I'm proud of him.
Boy: T-Thanks...
Boy: But... But you know. I wanted him to... Be alive, with me...
Boy: Waah... sob...
Volenna: This dog is fortunate. Not only did he fulfill his duty, but he has someone who cares enough to cry for him.
Volenna: Give him your farewells, and cry as much as you'd like.
Boy: Waaaaahhh!
Volenna softly pats the boy's head as he cries over his dog's grave.
The next day, the party is fully rested and ready to leave the village.
Vyrn: Well, it's time to go! Hm? That's...
Boy: Pant... Pant...! W-Wait!
The boy calls to (Captain) and company with eyes that are red and puffy from crying.
Lyria: What's wrong? Do you need something?
Boy: Um... Miss?
Volenna: What is it?
Boy: When I grow up... I'm gonna be someone who will protect others, like my dog. No matter what.
Volenna: Hm... Good.
Volenna: You look like a new person today. Don't forget those words.
Boy: I won't!
Volenna's bluntness can be seen as cold by some.
However, the young boy was touched by the kind intentions behind her stern words.