Scenario:Yngwie - Beginnings

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On his way to a rendezvous at a bar with some famous old friends, Yngwie gets a little lost. (Captain) and Vyrn arrive in time to provide both directions and backup when monsters attack.

Yngwie: That rocky cliffside...
Yngwie: It's all coming back now. A short trek down this way should get me there.
One summer day in the Auguste Isles...
Yngwie is walking along the coastline while the rest of the crew does their own thing at the beach.
He appears to be searching for something amid the hustle and bustle.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Ah, the signboard's come into view! Is that the bar you mentioned, handsome?
Yngwie: Mm, I like the look o' that.
Yngwie: 'Cept the place I'm looking for is on the outskirts—we'll know by the red lanterns. Used to be a hot watering hole for us rookie skyfarers.
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Teehee, red lanterns?
You're going to be meeting old friends, right?
Yngwie: Friends? I wish. They're legends that I looked up to back in the day.
Yngwie: They helped me a ton when I was a kid. Thought I'd take this chance to say hello.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Oh, so that's what's going down. Well, I hope you'll come play with us later then!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: I had so much fun listening to your stories! I want to hear more about your adventures!
Yngwie: Gladly. I'm all yours if I come outta this in one piece.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Yay!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: "In one piece"?
Vyrn: Ah! There you are, Yngwie!
Yngwie: (Captain), Vyrn. Looking for me?
Vyrn: Yup, just passing on a message from Eugen. He was wondering why you haven't shown up yet.
Vyrn: He seemed pretty worried because you were making some big shots wait for ya.
Yngwie: I'm headed there right now. Just got a bit lost is all.
Yngwie: Can you and (Captain) show me the way?
Vyrn: Sure... But what're you doing hanging out with these ladies if you're on your way to the meetup? Are they going too?
Yngwie: I was only asking them for directions.
Vyrn: Hm? But it seems like they didn't know the way, soooo... why're you still walking with them?
Yngwie: That's how I roll.
Vyrn: Wha?
Yngwie: You know how it is. Bikinis, vacation, summer romance.
Vyrn: Nuh-uh, I don't see the connection.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Aww, how adorable! He even has wings!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Hey, mister! Is it okay if I give this little guy a hug?
Vyrn: Ack! Hey, hands off!
Yngwie: Good going, Vyrn. I'm almost jealous.
Yngwie: Well then... What say we get going, (Captain)? Lead the way.

Beginnings: Scene 2

Yodarha and Aletheia are waiting when Yngwie finds his way to the bar. When he was young, Yngwie challenged them both and grew from the experience—now he hopes to learn from them once more. Aletheia is the first to agree to a duel.

(Captain) and company make their way to a certain back alley.
Ahead of them is a quaint, old-fashioned bar in what looks like the poor quarter of town.
Yngwie looks nostalgically at the signboard.
Yngwie: There's no mistaking it—we're here. I owe you one, guys.
Vyrn: Nah, don't worry about it!
Vyrn: You know... This is a pretty shabby joint if I've ever seen one.
Yngwie: Doesn't bother me. This was my old haunt after all.
Yngwie: Though it does strike me as odd how the place is just as run-down as it was a few decades ago. Like if you came back a century from now it'd still look exactly the same.
Vyrn: Ahaha. You ready to head in? Eugen's already waiting inside.
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Hey, wait... Can we try a place that's a little more modern?
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Yeah, it doesn't seem all that pleasant... Surely there's another bar around the corner we can go to.
Yngwie: No, I need to be here. Thanks for tagging along. I'll see you girls later at the beach.
Vyrn: Whoa—wait for us, Yngwie! We're coming in too!
Bikini-Clad Girls: ...
The crew parts ways with the young women and enters the bar.
Eugen is already seated with two others.
Eugen: Finally found your way, huh... 'Bout time, Yngwie.
Yngwie: Sorry about that. Town's changed a lot more than I thought. The view, the bikinis—everything's so much better nowadays.
Eugen: Bikinis, eh... That's your excuse for showing up this late?
Eugen: Thanks a bunch, (Captain). I was just about to blow a gasket from waiting.
Vyrn: What's with this get-together between you ol' chums anyway?
Any version of Yodarha is a crew member

Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... Same old Yngwie.
No version of Yodarha in crew

???: A-hyuk-hyuk... We had a drink ahead of you—hope you don't mind. Gosh, how many decades has it been, Yngwie?
The aloof old man goes by the name Yodarha. He, too, was a renowned warrior back in his prime.
Unforeseen circumstances caused him to retire from the world for some time, but his skills with a blade continue to be the stuff of legend.
Aletheia is a crew member

Aletheia: Oho, quite the gathering we have here today, wouldn't you say?
Aletheia not in crew

???: Ohoho, I see I'm not the only one to have sprouted new grey hairs, Yngwie. Word is you're back in action nowadays?
The old man named Aletheia chuckles to himself. Like Yodarha, he is a master swordsman who has carved out countless legends in various lands.
His reputation as the Sage of the Sword precedes him; there isn't a swordsman worth their salt who hasn't heard of Aletheia.
Yngwie: Sorry to keep you two waiting. It's good to see you're in good health.
Yngwie: And thanks for setting this up, Eugen.
Eugen: Sure. Now how about we get down to business?
Eugen: Tell us why you had me call out our swordmaster friends.
Vyrn: H-hold on a sec. You were friends with them all along, Yngwie?
Yngwie: Must've forgotten to mention it. They trained me back in the day before I had my own proper crew.
Yodarha: Heh, trained you? You came at us out of the blue!
Yngwie: What can I say? I was an arrogant little snot. Told myself I was too cool to be someone's apprentice.
Aletheia: I remember it as if it were yesterday. Who'd have thought I'd struggle against a kid in his teens.
Yngwie: It's fresh in my mind too. Took me three months to fully recover after each of those bouts.
Yngwie: Gave me a chance to pick up a few of your moves though. Also taught me to value determination.
Vyrn: Wow... You really were an arrogant little snot.
Yngwie: You could say the same for all skyfarers. Getting along in years doesn't change that a bit.
Eugen: ...
You sure about that?
Yngwie: Mm-hm. I'm here to settle things once and for all. So that I can live without regrets.
Yngwie: Yodarha, Aletheia, care to have one last duel with me?
Vyrn: Eh?
Yodarha: Hum?
Aletheia: How interesting...
Eugen: Really now... Don't you think you're taking it a bit too far?
Vyrn: W-wait up! What's the point in duelin' outta the blue?
Yngwie: There is no point. I just need to see which one of us is the better man.
Yngwie: So? What do you two say?
Yodarha: ...
Vyrn: You guys need to think this through. This isn't going to end well.
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... We'd never have gained the fame we won for ourselves if we didn't take risks.
Yodarha: Right, Sage?
Aletheia: Let's get this over with. I'll go first, Blade.
Vyrn: No way! You guys are doing this for real?
Eugen: Too late, Vyrn... Once they get going, there's no stopping 'em.
Yngwie: Appreciate it. Follow me outside—I know just the spot.
Aletheia: Right, of course. By the by, have you forsaken the way of the sword?
Yngwie: Had to. Lost the use of my good arm.
Aletheia: Aye, what a shame. Imagine how skilled you would be today if you had continued your training...
Yngwie: Not the biggest fan of supposition. I like to believe the Yngwie in the here and now is me at my best.
Yngwie: My scars, my failures... Everything that I've ever been through makes me who I am.
Aletheia: Haha... Come at me with everything you have then!
Yngwie: I'm ready to be schooled, Aletheia!

Beginnings: Scene 3

Impatient for his turn, Yodarha interrupts Yngwie and Aletheia's duel. Yngwie reveals that he still doesn't know everything there is to know about his mysterious armor. He sheds it to continue fighting, cluing Yodarha in to the true purpose of this challenge.

Yngwie: Nrgh!
Aletheia: Haagh!
Yngwie and Aletheia go all-out.
The ebb and flow of their duel continues without either of them ceding an inch. Yodarha chimes in when both combatants fall silent.
Yodarha: Enough! There's no need to take this any further!
Yngwie: You've gotten soft, Yodarha... Aletheia and I are just getting started.
Aletheia: Indeed... I can still go on.
Yodarha: Nuh-uh! Now that I'm all fired up, I can't have you all worn out before I get my chance!
Yodarha: Your turn to warm the bench, Aletheia!
I'll be the one to cut down that kooky contraption!
Yngwie: Huh? Ah, you mean my armor?
Yngwie: Found it in some wayward skydom. I'm still trying to work out its kinks.
Yodarha: Surely you jest! You would entrust your life to equipment you're unsure of?
Yodarha: I don't know if you're gutsy or reckless... Just be careful your defenses never lead you to complacency.
Yngwie: Meh, you're probably right. Like I said, I'm still working out the kinks.
Yngwie: You'll see...
Yodarha: Hm?
Yngwie: Ready to keep this dance going?
Eugen: Hey, why did he chuck his armor?
Vyrn: Now he's just beyond reckless!
Yodarha: Heh... So that's what you're after.
Yodarha: You force yourself into a corner to find new ways of dealing with things... You're a fighter through and through, Yngwie.
Yngwie: That goes for both of us.
Yngwie: You're gonna school me one way or another, Yodarha!

Beginnings: Scene 4

With Yngwie's armor in its new configuration, the battle escalates until the town's safety is in danger and Aletheia intervenes. Yngwie admits that he wanted to be pushed to the limit in order to draw out his armor's latent capabilities.

Yngwie: Rgh!
Yodarha: Ngh!
The clash against Yodarha is equally intense.
But instead of the gradual ebb and flow seen in the matchup with Aletheia, Yngwie and Yodarha are launching their deadliest techniques against each other.
The danger this presents is apparent to everyone.
Yngwie: I'm ending it! Full Metal Cannon!
Yodarha: Oh, no you don't! Ultimate Flash!
Yngwie & Yodarha: Hrrgh!
Aletheia: Agh!
Aletheia: Stop this farce at once! Keep going, and you'll end up blowing the town to bits!
Yngwie: Ah, my bad. Guess I got a little carried away.
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk... Did I go and use too much force again?
Yodarha: Well then, Yngwie. Can we consider your goal accomplished?
Yodarha: You called us here for a chance to draw out the power lying dormant within your armor, I take it.
Yngwie: Was it that obvious? But yeah, I definitely made some progress.
Aletheia: Haha, you never were one to shrink from a life-threatening training session.
Eugen: Whew... It's finally over, eh... You old-timers really scare me sometimes.
Eugen: But wait... Yngwie, whaddya mean by power lying dormant?
Yngwie: My armor reacts when I get into a critical state.
Yngwie: Figured I needed something to make up for the strength I've lost over the years. It'll come in handy when I go looking for my daughter in other skydoms.
Vyrn: So you were just looking to power yourself up... You looked pretty serious halfway through though.
Yngwie: Yeah, that happens.
Vyrn: There you go brushing it off again...
Yodarha: A-hyuk-hyuk! You haven't changed a bit, Yngwie!
Aletheia: Bwahaha! We're always up for another round.
Yngwie: Whew... Appreciate the help, you two.
Yngwie: I've got my next appointment comin' up, so... Au revoir.
Eugen: Seriously? He's gonna keep going after nearly killing himself?
Vyrn: Wait, don't tell me...
Bikini-Clad Girl 1: Hey again, handsome! Let's go swimming at the beach!
Bikini-Clad Girl 2: Why don't we have a bite to eat first? I found a really nice beach house!
Yngwie: Choices, choices... Too bad there's only one of me...
Yngwie: We've got plenty of time. I say we just keep walking and go with whatever comes up first.
Bikini-Clad Girls: Okay!
With the help of the legendary swordsmen, Yngwie acquires a new power.
This prompts him to reconsider the basics—including his path in life.