Scenario:You - Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 2

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Kou and the Hollow Existence - Chapter 7: Her Atonement - Episode 2

The crew returns to Mimaka with You in tow to explain her circumstances. Though the majority of the townspeople are unwilling to forgive You, the innkeeper wants to give You a chance at redemption and asks the crew for help with repairs to her establishment, scorched in the battle earlier.

The townspeople of Mimaka are busy rebuilding their damaged homes, when (Captain) asks them all to gather in the town square.
(Captain) and Kou explain the circumstances behind the events that have unfolded. You bows her head in repentant apology the entire time.
It doesn't seem to go over well, however.
Mimaka Resident 1: All right. I'm sorry to hear that, but what else do you want me to say?
Mimaka Resident 2: Is her being sorry supposed to bring our town back to the way it was?
You: Ooh...
You: I'll do whatever I can! Tell me what you need, and I'll take care of it!
You: I'm not asking you to forgive me, but at least let me help out somehow!
Mimaka Resident 1: No thanks. Honestly I don't wanna see your face around here anymore.
Mimaka Resident 2: Who in their right mind would let a ticking fire bomb stay in their town?
You: That won't happen again! I swear!
Mimaka Resident 2: Hah. I'm not gambling on that. Look, we're busy, so take a hike.
Mimaka Resident 1: Well said! Get lost! We aren't going to lock you up, but don't go getting the wrong idea!
You: Nnh...
The townspeople start to disperse, unwilling to accept You's sincere words.
You stands there heartbroken, but it's Kou's emphatic pleading that comes to her aid.
Kou: Please wait! I have something to say!
Mimaka Residents: ...!
Kou's sudden urging takes the townspeople by surprise.
When they turn back around, they see (Captain) and company bowing their heads in solidarity.
Mimaka Resident 2: Wait, why are you guys taking the fall with her!
Yuel: I know how tough it is for y'all to forgive her, but can't ya at least give the girl a chance?
Societte: I believe she's good at heart. So please don't write her off.
Kou: This is how far we'll go. Allow us to offer ourselves in helping You make up for her mistakes.
  1. Please.

Choose: Please.

You: You guys...
You: (What am I doing?)
You: (I knew for a fact it wouldn't be easy at all for anyone to accept my apology!)
You: (I can't believe I'm feeling sad for myself when everyone is apologizing on my behalf! I have to do more to fix this!)
You: Ngh...
The girl stifles her tears and resolutely bows her head once more.
You: Please give me a chance!
Mimaka Resident 1: W-well...
Hesitation sets in among the crowd, unsure what to say or do. In the end it's a familiar elderly woman that speaks up.
Innkeeper: Very well. I could use some more hands at my inn.
Lyria: It's the innkeeper!
You: Are you really okay with that?
Innkeeper: Of course. Good help is hard to find these days. I'm not letting this opportunity get away.
Innkeeper: Besides, it looks like you've learned your lesson. There's not a lick of evil left in your body, right?
You: Right! No more bad stuff! Promise! You can pull my tongue out if you catch me lying!
Mimaka Resident 1: Humph. Words are cheap.
Innkeeper: Which is why we should let her actions do the talking.
Mimaka Resident 2: Yeah, that's one way of doing it, I guess.
Innkeeper: This poor young girl is pouring her heart out.
Innkeeper: That's worth giving her a chance if you ask me.
Mimaka Resident 2: ...
Kou: Thank you, innkeeper!
You: Yeah, thanks—I mean, thank you very much!
Innkeeper: Don't mention it. Come on then. All of you chin up. We've got lots of work to do.
Innkeeper: I expect great things from you, girl.
You: O-okay! Leave everything to me. I'm gonna work my tail off!
Thanking the elderly woman profusely, (Captain) and the others follow her to the inn.