Scenario:Yuel - A Flower from the Ashes

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A Flower from the Ashes

Yuel has found the treasured swords, but must now learn the "third dance" that has been passed through generations of the royal family. The frustrated Yuel who has failed to make any progress asks Societte for her secret to dancing success. Societte tells her that it's the scenes of nature that she thinks about as she's dancing that give her the edge. Yuel doesn't miss a beat as she runs off in search of such scenes.

With the red dance Yuel finally completely possesses the power of the Ninetails.
Her spirit fire is stronger than ever, and she is now training with Societte to perfect the "third dance," another royal dance she must know.
Societte: The first dance.
Yuel: Societte, that was beautiful! OK, my turn!
Yuel: The third dance…
Yuel: Waaah!
Societte: Are you all right?
Yuel: Ugh… I think so.
Yuel: Ooph, that was a disaster. How is it even supposed to go?
Yuel: Societte, what's so different about you that you can dance like that?
Societte: Hmm, it could be what I think about when I dance?
Lyria: What? What do you think about?
Societte: Hmm, I think about the sky, the forest, rivers and springs… That kind of thing.
Yuel: Oh! Let's give that a go!
Societte: W-w-wait, Yuel!
Yuel: What for? (Captain)'s waiting for us! C'mon, let's go!
Societte joins the running Yuel and they catch up to the rest of the crew.

A Flower from the Ashes: Scene 2

Yuel, having trouble getting into the right mindset to perform the "third dance," runs off into the forest. As Yuel tries to practice in the seclusion of the forest a horde of goblins shows up and tries to steal the swords that she has gone through so much to obtain. She fends them off with her spirit fire until (Captain) and the rest of the crew turn up to help finish them off.

The crew joins Yuel in climbing mountains, crossing rivers, exploring caves and traversing forests as she learns the dance.
However try as she might Yuel can't improve, and the frustrated woman now flops to the ground in exhaustion.
Yuel: Ugh! I've had it with all this dancin'! I'm not getting' any closer to learnin' the damn thing!
Societte: Yuel? Y'know…
Societte: Dancin' isn't about whether you're good or not, it's about how it makes you feel.
Yuel: …Pshaw. Of course you'd say that, Societte, you're an amazing dancer. You just don't get it!
Societte: Ah! Oh, I'm sorry…
Yuel: …Ah! What am I saying!
Yuel: Societte I'm so sorry! That's not what I meant at all! Ohhh…
Yuel stands up and runs away.
Societte: Y-Yuel! Oh dear…
Vyrn: What's wrong with her? Just because she maybe offended Societte…
Societte: …This is bad! She might…
Societte: (Captain)! We have to go after her! If we leave her she might…
The crew calm down the teary-eyed Societte, then listen to her story.
Meanwhile, Yuel has run off into a part of the forest she's never been to before.
Yuel: Haaah… Haaah… Something's very wrong…
Yuel: I… I'd never say something like that to Societte… Something's really very wrong…
Yuel: I feel… I feel like I'm turnin' into someone else…
Yuel: U-ugh…
Yuel: …No, I can't stop now… I still need to learn the dance…
Yuel slowly starts to dance.
Yuel: Societte always starts like this, slowly, gracefully…
Yuel: The third dance…
Yuel: I can't give up now… Just one more time…
AS Yuel continues to dance, a figure in the bushes looks on.
Goblin 1: Hmm?
It is a gang of goblins. They watch Yuel's undulating movements with great interest.
Yuel: (…I thought I felt something. Goblins… But why are they just standing there watching me…)
Yuel: (…Maybe they want to dance with me? Hahaha, like that would happen…)
Goblin 1: Oho, she's dancin'… What's she doin' all the way out here?
Goblin 2: Gwahahaha! I dunno, but she sure is good!
Yuel: (…I have to ignore them… Just focus, Yuel…)
The goblins seem to get bored of just watching her, and join in with the dance.
Yuel: (…Are they really doin' this? They're not like any goblins I've met before…)
Goblin 1: Slowly… Gracefully…
Goblin 2: Bump!
Goblins 1 & 2: Gwahahaha! This is fun!
Yuel: (…Are they making fun of me? How dare they…)
Yuel: (…F-focus… Ignore all distractions… Just calm down…)
Goblin 1: Hmm… Somethin's missin'…
Saying this, the goblin jumps on Yuel.
Yuel: H-hey! What the hell are you doin'? Now you're really makin' me mad!
Goblin 2: We want yer swords, missy! C'mon, hooman, hand 'em over!
Yuel: No! There's no way you're getting' your dirty mitts on my swords!
Yuel: Are you seriously tryin' to rob me after makin' fun of me like that?
Yuel: You've got some nerve!
Yuel summons up a firestorm and blasts it toward the goblins.
Goblin 1: Gwaaagh! I'm burnin' up!
Goblin 2: Boy! Get out here and teach her a lesson!
Yuel: You've got no right getting' mad! Ugh, now I'm really gonna burn you to a crisp!
As the crew searches for Yuel they see a plume of black smoke rise suddenly from the forest, and they rush to investigate.
They find the source of the smoke, and see Yuel surrounded by countless goblins.
Vyrn: Wh-what is this? Where'd all these goblins come from?
Lyria: Over th-there! It's Yuel!
Societte: Yuel?
Yuel: Get off me! Go to hell! Ugh!
Goblin 1: Guaaargh! I'm on fire!
Vyrn: Whoa, what's she doing?
Lyria: Societte's right! We have to get to her!
Vyrn: OK! But there's a sea of goblins between us and her, we're gonna have to deal with them first!

A Flower from the Ashes: Scene 3

Yuel defeats the goblins, but in doing so she is consumed by the spirit fire and loses consciousness. Lying on the floor she hears the voice of the Ninetails, which admonishes her for her weakness. Hearing Societte's desperate voice calling for her, Yuel wakes up. AS the crew rejoice that Yuel is going to be fine, flames eject from the sacred swords in Yuel's hands and form into the shape of the Ninetails. Yuel resolves to show this manifestation of the Ninetails' power just how strong she can be.

The crew manages to fight off the goblins, but the effort is too much for Yuel, who collapses.
Societte: Yuel! The Ninetails' power, it's too much! She's burning up!
Yuel: Haaah… Ugh… burn… ing…
Vyrn: I've never seen a fever like it! She's too hot to touch!
Yuel: Uuuuuugh…
Yuel feels the heat burning out from her heart, incinerating everything, but from within the pain she hears a voice.
???: I misjudged you, my daughter. You make for a weak vessel.
Yuel: Ugh… That voice… You're…
???: …You cannot perform my dance? Then I have no need of you.
???: I cannot let you incorporate your essence into mine.
???: …You are to be discarded, like the trash you are.
Yuel: So… So hot… I'm… burning…
Lyria: What are we going to do? What can we do?
Vyrn: We need to break this fever! Quick, get some cold water!
Societte: No. Water won't cool her. This is the power of the Ninetails. It's burning her from the inside.
Lyria: What! Then how can we…
Societte: I'll do it! Using my power, I can…
Societte unfolds her fan, and begins to dance.
Societte: The dance I learned from my parents… is supposed to calm the Ninetails' fury… Please work!
Societte: The white dance… Snow.
As Societte begins chanting a flame as blue and as cold as ice begins to wrap around Yuel.
Yuel: (…I can't… Ugh… How did it come to this…)
???: I cannot let you incorporate your essence into mine.
Yuel: (…I'm fading… That's right… I couldn't learn the dance… I couldn't stand the flame…)
Yuel: (…The flames took me… Something overpowered me…)
Yuel: (…What was it I said to Societte… She was so hurt…)
Societte: Dancin' isn't about whether you're good or not, it's about how it makes you feel.
Yuel: (…How it makes me… feel…)
Yuel: (…I have so many feelings… I feel I want an adventure… I want to find treasure…)
Yuel: (…Societte… I want to be with you! …I want to protect you…)
Yuel: (…Right… I always have so much on my mind… I've always worried over the little things…)
Yuel: (…That's who I am… That's how I feel…)
Societte: Yuel!
Yuel: (…Societte! It's all thanks to you…)
Yuel: Ngh… Ugh…
Societte: Yuel! Yuel, are you awake?
Vyrn: She's gonna be fine!
Yuel: Societte… Thank y… ugh…
Yuel starts to grimace, and the swords she still had in her hands begin to release a torrent of flame.
The fire starts shifting into a form in front of the crew.
Power of the Ninetails: GRAOOOOGH!
Yuel: Wh… what is that thing?
Societte: I… I can feel the power of the Ninetails coming off it!
Vyrn: What! That thing is the Ninetails?
Societte: No! But I think it might be a manifestation of a part of its power…
Lyria: So that is what was burning Yuel up from the inside…
Yuel: …No… I can see now that I was doing that to myself.
Yuel: Like the Ninetails said, I'm weak…
Power of the Ninetails: GRAOOOOGH!
Yuel: But… I'm not like that now. Now it's time to show you just how strong I can be!
Power of the Ninetails: GRAOOOOGH!

A Flower from the Ashes: Scene 4

Yuel realizes that the "third dance" must come not from the power of the Ninetails or from Societte, but from herself. The dance causes the manifestation of the power of the Ninetails to disappear, and it appears to have accepted her as it's true owner. Delighted by this turn of events Yuel invites Societte and the rest of the crew to dance with her. They all join in and have a merry time.

Yuel's display of power stops the manifestation in its tracks.
Vyrn: I-is it over?
Yuel: Not yet. Ain't that right, Ninetails? Power alone ain't enough.
Power of the Ninetails: Graoogh…
Yuel: Watch this. This ain't from Societte, and it certainly ain't from you.
Yuel: This is all me.
Yuel entwines the spirit fire around her and starts a violent, free-form dance. It is a mesmerizing performance.
Everyone watching the dance feels their spirits lifting, and smiles breaking out on their faces.
Societte: Hee hee… Such a pretty color. It really soothes the soul, don'tcha think? Just like Yuel…
When Yuel finishes her dance the crew can't help but break out into applause.
Power of the Ninetails: Graoogh…
Seeing Yuel's performance, the Power of the Ninetails returns back into the swords.
Yuel: …I guess I won.
Societte: Yes! I'm sure that was its way of showin' that it accepts you as its true owner!
Yuel: Right… OK… Say, Societte…
Yuel: I'm sorry about earlier. Even if I was under the Ninetails' influence, I shouldn'ta said those things.
Societte: Don't worry. I was a bit shocked at first, but I could tell it wasn't you sayin' those things.
Societte: By the way, you're not hurt are ya? You didn't get burned at all?
Yuel: Societte, you've always been too kind for your own good. Hee hee.
Societte: Stop it, you're embarrassing me. Hee hee.
After a brief embrace Yuel picks up the swords once again.
Yuel: All right, I think it's time for another dance! Societte, care to join me on this one?
Societte: OK!
Lyria: Heehee, it's so nice to see friends getting on so well.
Yuel: Hey, what're you all doin' just standin' there? You should join in as well!
Vyrn: What! You want us to… d-dance?
Yuel: Of course! This one's a dance everyone can join in on!
Lyria: B-but, I've never danced before…
Yuel: Don't worry! It's not about being good or bad, it's about how it makes you feel!
Yuel: Right, Societte?
Societte: Absolutely! Erm… (Captain), will you be joinin' in as well?
Vyrn: Heh, looks like we're gonna have to! Come on, (Captain), let's dance!
(Captain) smiles and nods and joins in with Societte and Yuel in their dance.
Yuel's new dance is more than just the end of her own personal quest for the sacred swords…
It also gives the crew a new energy and enthusiasm as they continue on their voyage.