Scenario:Yuel - Losing is Winning

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Losing is Winning

(Captain) and crew head to an island in search of the sacred treasures, but to no avail. What's more, Societte disappears during their search. The crew then start searching for her instead, and they find her captured by two unwholesome-looking scoundrels.

Societte is a crew member

Yuel and the crew meet up with Societte, Yuel's oldest friend and heir to an ancient royal family.
The two friends are talking on deck when things start to get heated.
Yuel: What the hay! Why didn't you ever tell me, Societte!
Societte: I... Um... The thing is... Oh...
Yuel has only just found out that Societte is heir to the throne of the royal bloodline and its sacred treasures.
Yuel is indignant that Societte, her oldest and dearest friend, could have kept this from her.
Yuel: Sigh... So you're sayin' you don't trust me?
Societte: No! That ain't it...
Societte wells up, explaining to the irate Yuel why she had hidden the truth from her all this time.
Yuel: Oh, that makes sense, I s'pose. Sorry I couldn't see that earlier.
Societte: It's okay. You've got nothing to apologize for. I'm the one at fault here...
Finally understanding each other, Yuel and Societte make up and promise to be there for each other from now on.
Some time has passed since Yuel and Societte reunited.
Yuel is playing with her foxflame on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Yuel: (I'm out of practice... My flame's so small...)
Yuel: (What the hay? I can't even grill this stupid fish right...)
Vyrn: Yuel?
Yuuuel! You listening?
Yuel: What do you want, Vyrn? Are we at the island yet?
The crew is heading to an island where the weapons that Yuel and Societte are looking for are said to be hidden.
Vyrn: We're already there. I've been calling your name for a while now.
Yuel: O-oh, f'real? Hahaha... I was so spaced out I didn't hear a thing.
Societte: Are you okay, Yuel?
Yuel: Uh-huh! I'm fine, don't you worry! All right, let's get treasure huntin', Societte!
Yuel laughs off the crew's concern, takes Societte by the hand, and rushes off the ship. (Captain) and the others run after them.
The crew arrives at the ruins of a
long-abandoned village, where they split up to look for the weapons.
No matter where they look, however, the weapons remain elusive.
Yuel: Hmmm, they ain't here... Are you sure we got the right island?
???: You look familiar...
Yuel: Huh? Who said that?
Yuel: Societte, did you hear that?
Yuel: Wha! Where'd Societte go? Hey! Heeey!
The crew hears Yuel yelling and comes running.
Vyrn: What's wrong? We heard you shouting!
Yuel: Societte's disappeared!
Lyria: Oh no! We have to find her!
The crew searches desperately for Societte and eventually finds her flanked by two shady-looking men.
Scoundrel 1: Oh look, you brought us some of your friends... Hm? Does that girl have a tail?
Scoundrel 2: That must mean she's got royal blood too! Today just keeps getting better and better!
Yuel: Societte! Who the hell're these two bozos?
Societte: They said they're tied to the royal household. And they're gonna show us to the weapons!
Societte: Hee hee. I'm so glad I bumped into you guys.
Scoundrel 2: Y-yeah! We're good guys! So just come with us, and we can—
Yuel: Liar! I can tell from back here that you ain't no royal anything! Now let Societte go!
Scoundrel 1: Looks like the jig is up, man. And this silver-haired simpleton was so close to helping us too...
Yuel: Hey, who're you callin' a simpleton? Societte's trusting, sure. But that doesn't make her simple!
Societte: Um... Yuel, you're makin' me blush...
Vyrn: What're you blushing for! You're being kidnapped!
Yuel: Yeah! You should be panicking or something!
Scoundrel 2: Tch... We were gonna just take your friend with us and kindly ask her about the sacred treasures...
Scoundrel 1: But now we're gonna have to take the weapons, info, and power of Ninetails by force!
Yuel: Not on our watch! C'mon, guys! Let's get 'em!

Losing is Winning: Scene 2

The crew holds the ruffians at bay, but Yuel's foxflame suddenly goes out. Seeing Yuel fall to the ground, the leader of the scoundrels decides to enter the fray.

Scoundrels 1 & 2: Guargh!
Yuel: Shut up! You try kidnapping Societte, you get bopped! End of story!
Scoundrel 1: Heheheh... You still think we were only after the girl? We want all heirs to the royal family... including you.
Yuel: Huh? I ain't part of the royal family. I just know how to use the foxflame is all.
Scoundrel 2: There's no point in hidin' it, princess. Those ears and tail gave you away the moment we saw you. Proof of your inherited ability to use the power of Ninetails.
Yuel: R-really? I never realized...
Societte: N-now that you mention it, my parents had the same ears and tail...
Yuel: Huh? But my parents didn't...
Yuel: Anyway! You're just tryin' to distract us so you can run away, ain'tcha? It'll take more than that to fool us!
Scoundrel 1: Eeek! It's the truth! Honest!
Yuel has the scoundrels cowering in fear when her foxflame suddenly goes out.
Yuel: Huh? Wh-what!
Yuel: W-weird... C'mon! Flame 'im!
Societte: What's wrong, Yuel?
Yuel: My foxflame isn't workin'. It's like it just... went out or somethin'!
Vyrn: What?
Yuel: C'mon, work!
Yuel looks around in perplexed fear, then collapses to the floor.
Societte: Yuel!
Yuel: My power... It's gone...
Scoundrel Boss: Bweh heh heh... Not sure what happened, but looks like this is the chance of a lifetime! Good thing I waited before tryin' to run.
Scoundrel 1: Boss!
Scoundrel 2: We was wondering where you were, boss! You were trying to run away?
Yuel: H-he was just gonna use you two as a shield and save his own worthless hide...
Scoundrel Boss: Watch what you're sayin'! I would never send my boys into a fight I didn't think they could win!
Yuel: Y-you thought they could win? You really underestimated us, mister. Ugh...
Societte: Yuel! You don't have to say anything. Conserve your strength!
Societte: I'm not gonna run like that spineless jerk! I'll protect ya, Yuel!
Yuel: Societte...
Scoundrel Boss: I told you I wasn't gonna run! Now get your foxy hides over here!
Societte: No! I'm not going anywhere! And you won't get your hands on Yuel either!

Losing is Winning: Scene 3

When the depowered Yuel heads outside to cool down, a mysterious man appears before her. He leads the crew to a shrine in which two ancient swords deemed sacred treasures are kept. Yuel picks up the swords and regains her powers, but the crew is accosted by a horde of burning monsters.

(Captain), Societte, and the crew protect the suddenly powerless Yuel and defeat the bad guy boss.
The crew picks up the collapsed Yuel and brings her back to the airship.
Yuel: A... Ahahaha... I'm fine now. Thanks, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Are you sure you're good to walk on your own?
Yuel: If I say I'm all right, then I'm all right, y'hear? I may not have my foxflame, but at least I can walk.
Yuel: Man, I feel so helpless.
Yuel: I never thought I'd ever lose my foxflame... What's goin' on with me?
Societte: ...
Societte: Erm... This is just a theory, but...
Societte: The power of Ninetails was passed down along with the sacred treasures and dances.
Societte: I received my power from my parents along with everything else.
Societte: But, Yuel... You never received your powers through such traditional means, did you?
Yuel: Yeah, just sorta always had them. An ancestor of mine happened to have these powers too though. Think there's a connection there?
Societte: It's just a guess. But it may just be that your powers are incomplete, Yuel.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Think there's a way to bring her powers back?
Societte: Hmm... If we can get our hands on the treasures, there might just be something we can do.
Yuel: But we've already looked everywhere for 'em and came up empty-handed. Ain't there another way?
Yuel: Whatever! We'll find a way. We always do!
Lyria: A-are you sure about this?
Yuel: I'm fine! I may not have my powers right now, but I still have Societte!
Yuel: And I don't need my powers to carry on looking for the sacred treasures, do I?
Yuel: I mean... not being able to grill my fish is definitely gonna suck, but I gotta keep on keepin' on!
Vyrn: That's it? Nothing else?
Yuel: Ahaha! It's a total pain in the butt, no denyin' that!
Yuel: Hmm... I think I'm just gonna go get some fresh air.
Vyrn: Heheh... Nothing gets her down, does it?
Societte: ...
Yuel: Hmm...
Yuel: I put on a strong front, but what am I gonna do?
Yuel: Not having my powers really screws things up for me...
???: You look... so much like my master... I'm so glad I finally found you...
Yuel: Who're you? And what're you mutterin' about?
???: Master Yuel... Retrieve the power you have lost... We await your arrival at the village...
Yuel: What was that all about? And how'd that weirdo know my name?
Yuel: ...
Societte: Y-Yuel?
Yuel: Whoa! Societte?
Vyrn: Heheh, and don't forget us too! Societte got worried when you didn't come straight back inside.
Lyria: We were all worried, so we decided to go look for you.
Societte: Yuel, are you gonna go after that guy? If you are, I want to come with...
Lyria: We'll come along too! Right, (Captain)?
Yuel: Hee hee. Thanks, guys. Seriously.
The crew heads to the ruined village in search of the mystery man from before.
Arriving at the village, the crew is filled with a sense of unease.
Vyrn: Weird. We didn't find anything the last time we looked. But now...
Lyria: I can sense a great power here... But it's not a primal beast. I've never felt anything like it.
Societte: D-don't worry, Yuel. I'll protect you...
Yuel: Ahahah, thanks. But you really don't have to, Societte.
The crew approaches a strange shrine with great trepidation.
Within the shrine they find a pedestal. Two rusted swords are firmly ensconced within the shrine's rock surface.
Societte: A-are those... the sacred treasures?
Yuel: You're right... Bit faint, but they've sure got the scarlet crest engraved on 'em...
???: Yuel... Until now your power was only borrowed. Come forth now and make it your own.
???: These swords represent the two royal dances. They are the treasures of the true royal household... And you, their promised heir.
Yuel: Their promised heir...
Yuel reaches out as if in a trance and touches the blades.
At the moment her fingers make contact, the crew becomes wreathed in flame.
Yuel: What the? A trap?
???: Fear not, my daugher.
Yuel: Huh? What did ya say?
???: I am one of the nine flames. Will you be able to make my power your own, my daughter? Let us see...
Yuel: Daughter? What're you talkin' about?
Societte: Yuel! There are monsters comin' out of the fire!
The silhouettes of countless monsters appear from within the roaring blaze.
Burning Monster: Your... vessel...
Yuel: What the hay! Don't come any closer!
Burning Monster: Aaaagh...
Yuel balls her fists and spiritual flames erupt around them, quickly turning the monsters to ash.
Yuel: H-huh? My powers are back!
Yuel: Hahaha! Yes! I can grill my fish again!
Vyrn: That's nice, Yuel, but right now we have bigger fish to fry!
Burning Monster: We must... test....
Societte: They're still coming at us, Yuel!
Yuel: Geez, this is annoying! Guess I'll just have to take 'em on myself!

Losing is Winning: Scene 4

Once the crew defeats the onslaught of burning monsters, the surrounding flames disappear.
???: You've done well, my daughter.
Yuel: What do you think you're doin' springin' a trap like that on me all of a sudden?
Societte: Yuel! The swords, they're glowing!
Yuel turns to the swords, which are now shining a dazzling shade of red.
Yuel: Wow, they really are.
Yuel grabs the swords by their hilts and pulls them from the pedestal in one swift movement.
Yuel: ...!
The light pouring from the designs on the blades intensifies, and Yuel is enveloped in spirit fire.
Yuel: Whoa! What's happening? It's like something's flicked on inside me...
The moment Yuel picks up the blades, a deluge of memories that had previously been locked away spill forth into her mind.
Yuel: ...
Societte: Yuel... You okay?
Yuel: I'm fine. But you should all take a couple steps back.
As she says this, Yuel readies the swords and once again becomes wreathed in foxflame.
Yuel: Crimson Dance: Yugetsu!
Yuel almost begins to sing as she dances along with the foxflame.
Lyria: Wow! It's beautiful!
Societte: That's... That's one of the dances dedicated to Lady Ninetails. Yuel, that's incredible!
Societte: But how do you know it?
Yuel: I don't know! When I picked up the swords, I just knew I could do this dance!
Vyrn: You just could? That doesn't explain anything!
Yuel: Don't worry about it! Not everything needs an explanation!
Yuel: I have my powers back! I have the sacred treasures! I have the dance!
Yuel: This is the best day ever! Now I can help Societte get her throne back!
Societte: What? Erm... about that...
???: You have done well, my Yuel. But that dance is not enough.
???: You must perfect the third dance if you are to be successful.
Yuel: Th-third dance?
Societte: Erm, yes. There are dances named after colors, and others that are simply numbered.
Societte: For the numbered dances, there are ten in total.
Societte: A true heir to the throne must learn at least one of those ten.
Yuel: What? Oh...
???: Those swords contain the memories of yet more dances. I'm sure you have what it takes to—
Yuel: Memories? This is gettin' way too freakin' confusing!
Yuel: I can't keep up with all this! Someone explain what's goin' on in a way I can understand!
Societte takes the confused Yuel by the hand and then begins to speak.
Societte: Ah... Erm, Yuel, have strength... I'm here for you...
Yuel: You're right! As long as I have you, Societte, I can do anythin'!
Vyrn: And don't forget us! We'll do all we can to help!
Lyria: Just let us know what you need us to do! We'll be there in a flash!
Yuel: Hee hee. Thanks.
???: Hoho... You have good friends...
As the mysterious Erune man observes this touching scene of friendship, he begins to flicker like smoke in the wind.
???: Yuel. You are the true heir... I've waited so long to see you come into your inheritance...
???: But now... My time is done... I must entrust you... to the power of Lady Ninetails...
With a smile the man disappears, entrusting his memories of Lady Ninetails to Yuel.