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Memories, New and Old

Yuisis stops a group of thugs from shaking down some food stall workers, but she ends up getting soaked with water in the process. After changing into a yukata, she enjoys a summer festival with the crew.

(Captain) and company arrive at a town on Auguste. They're delivering materials requested for a summer festival.
Vyrn: Wowie, it's busy out here!
Lyria: Sure is! I'm excited just being here!
Eagerness crosses the faces of the crew members as they watch the grounds undergo preparations for the festival.
Yuisis: ...
Yuisis, however, is the only one among them with a somewhat forlorn expression.
Vyrn: What's with you, Crazy Girl?
Yuisis: It's just... This brings back memories of my gang... Back when I still had my family...
Yuisis: The town we ran would also hold a big summer festival each year like clockwork.
Yuisis: I'd often go with the family—my sisters and I dressed in our yukatas.
Yuisis: Haha, they'd always buy me stuff like candied apples.
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Siegfried (Summer) not in crew

Lyria: Um, what's a yukata?
Yuisis: It's a type of clothing worn on a certain island. One of my sisters is from there, so of course she had one made for me too.
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Yuisis: I remember the first time I wore it. Everyone kept sayin' "how cute" this and "how cute" that...
Yuisis: At the time I was hopin' the ground would open up and swallow me whole...
Yuisis: Sorry. That's a snoozer.
  1. Says who?
  2. No, tell us more.

Choose: Says who?
Vyrn: Yeah. I mean, you're always putting up with what we have to say, but you barely talk about yourself.
Yuisis: Stories about me aren't interesting.
Yuisis: They always turn into tales of cruelty.
Lyria: But when it comes to friends—and family—isn't it okay to share anything with them?
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Choose: No, tell us more.
Yuisis: Again, I don't know why you'd want to hear my stories. You wouldn't like 'em.
Yuisis: They always turn into tales of cruelty.
Lyria: Actually we'd really like to hear what you have to say.
Lyria: So it doesn't matter if you think we'd like them or not!
Vyrn: Yeah! Because friends—and family—can share anything with each other.
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Yuisis: You want to know about me because we're family?
Lyria: Yes! Do you think otherwise, Yuisis?
Yuisis: No, you're right, Lyria.
Yuisis: Okay. I'll try to come clean a little more often from now on.
Vyrn: Switching gears here, thinking 'bout Crazy Girl enjoying a summer festival in her yukata thingy...
Vyrn: Eh... I just can't see it, you know?
Lyria: Hahaha... Mm-hm. Because she can be so straight-forward.
(Captain) nods in apparent agreement with Lyria's comment.
Yuisis: Hey... What kinda girl do you guys take me for?
Vyrn: Haha, my bad, my bad. First impressions are pretty hard to break.
Yuisis: You need to learn it's quality over quantity. Small fries like that ain't worth much in a real fight.
Yuisis: Now, you're way outta line with this little turf war of yours.
Yuisis: And gettin' heavy-handed with respectable strangers is not somethin' I'm willin' to overlook.
Yuisis: Time for some payback, scumbag.
With that the Erune woman brandishes her sword at the thug.
Lyria: No, stop!
Vyrn: Hey, take it easy, Crazy Girl!
Yuisis: Why're you tryin' to stop me? This lowlife broke the rules.
Yuisis: When someone breaks the rules and threatens the family, it's up to those in power to settle the business.
Yuisis: I may not be the most respectable person around, but I'm still allowed to enjoy a festival.
Lyria: Oh yeah! Since we're already here, why don't we finish the request and go walk around?
  1. Sounds good to me.
  2. What do you say, Yuisis?

Choose: Sounds good to me.
Lyria: Heehee. This time you get to have fun with us, Yuisis!
Yuisis: Yeah. Haven't done stuff like that with my family since I left home.
Yuisis: Can't wait to see what kinda food stands they've got set up at this thing.
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Choose: What do you say, Yuisis?
Yuisis: Me? I just do what you guys do.
Vyrn: Er, that's not the point. (Captain)'s askin' for your opinion.
Yuisis: My opinion?
(Captain) nods.
Yuisis: Well, if you say so... Then I want to go. Haven't been to a summer festival since I left home...
Lyria: Yay! Then we're all set!
With a plan in place, (Captain) signals everyone to move out.
Yuisis: Can't wait to see what kinda food stands they've got set up at this thing.
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Yuisis: Personally I'd be happy with just findin' a place that serves briny-bites.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that?
Yuisis: They stick bits of seafood into batter, shape 'em into balls, and then fry 'em up real good.
Yuisis: Glaze 'em with some sauce and down the hatch.
Yuisis: They're a delicious blend of crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside.
Yuisis: Candied apples'd be good too. Stains your tongue red, but the tartness of the apple mixed with the candy's texture is too good to pass up...
Vyrn: Haha, you've totally got food on your brain. That's all you can talk about.
Yuisis: Well, isn't food what makes a festival? And it all tastes better in the company of others.
Yuisis: I was already thinking how fun it'd be to go around with everyone...
Vyrn: All right. Let's finish this request and hit the festivities.
With that, they head to the food stall that gave them the request.
Yuisis: According to the map the requester provided, their food stall should be around here somewhere...
Man 1: Oh yeah? And who da hell gave ya permission to set up shop here?
Lyria: Gasp! What was that?
A loud, angry voice comes from out of nowhere.
Turning toward the commotion, the crew sees a group of goons imposing their will on some hard-at-work vendors.
Man 1: Oy! Dis here's part of our turf!
Man 2: Heh. Ya wanna stay, then ya gots to pay us a management fee!
Lowain: Say what? That was you guys? Aw snap, that's some bad news bears, makin' a boss crew do junk like that.
Tomoi: Word. Maybe you guys, like, passed Mr. Top Dawg on your way over, and you're just late to the party. Bummer, right?
Elsam: Double word. Let's all be cool, 'kay? Ain't nothin' that can't be fixed with some words and a squid snack.
Man 1: Cram it! Give us da money, or you'll be eatin' through a straw, ya clueless mooks!
Yuisis: I think we found it.
Lyria: You mean...
Yuisis: Yeah. That's the stall we got the request from.
Vyrn: What's Lowain and his bros doing here?
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No version of Lowain in crew

Lowain is a man enamored with Katalina. He's accompanied by his two buddies, Elsam and Tomoi.
Lowain joined the crew to have ample opportunity to pursue his love.
The other two are there to cheer him on.
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Yuisis: Ah, I recall them sayin' they needed to leave for a while to go take care of some pressing business.
Man 1: You punks listenin'? Quit chirpin' and hand it over now! Ya don't wanna know what happens next if ya don't!
Vyrn: Whoa, forget about that! We've gotta save Lowain and the others!
Yuisis: I'll handle this. 'Specially since they don't seem worth gettin' (Captain)'s hands dirty.
Yuisis approaches the men.
Yuisis: Sigh... Hold a festival and you attract the flies. Just like these maggots.
Man 1: Fine, have it yer way—
Yuisis: There's no need for that.
Man 1: Huh?
Yuisis: I don't know which gang you belong to, but extortin' the innocent doesn't fly in my book.
Yuisis: Considerin' you're in the biz, you oughta be ashamed.
Man 1: What the? 'Ey, you've any idea who yer messin' with here?
Man 2: Hah! She's spunky. You think pickin' a fight with us is gonna scare us away?
Yuisis: Why would I need to lift a finger against scumbags like you?
Yuisis: The first thing you need to understand is where you sit on the totem pole.
Man 1: That's it, Princess! We ain't afraid to put the hurt on a broad!
Yuisis's words enrage the men, who pull out daggers from behind their backs.
Yuisis: And here come the knives.
Yuisis: In this line of business, drawin' weapons means you've made peace with the fact that your life is on the line.
Yuisis: So lemme ask you this... Have y'all made your peace?
The men's knees begin to waver under the ferocious aura of malice surrounding Yuisis.
Man 2: Gulp! Oy... I think she's for real...
Man 1: Piece o'... Yer lucky I'm lettin' ya off today! But don't count on it happenin' again next time!
Intimidated by Yuisis, the men spit their final words in contempt, kicking the stall before leaving.
Yuisis: Sigh... And that's why lowly goons are—
Lyria: Watch out, Yuisis!
Jarred loose by the men's kicks, a barrel stacked above the stall comes crashing down toward Yuisis.
Yuisis: ...!
Yuisis slices the barrel in half as it falls.
But the instant she splits the barrel open, she is soaked from head to toe by the water stored inside.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Are you okay, Yuisis?
Yuisis: Yes... I'm fine.
Yuisis: But I owe you an apology for damagin' your goods.
Lowain: No way, man. If you hadn't been here, those duders woulda turned this place cray! You deserve big-ups, Yuisistah!
Tomoi: Word. Those tater-punks wouldn't take the hint, like they'd been chewin' on dark essence or somethin'. How's a squid as thanks sound to you?
Yuisis: Thanks for letting me off the hook.
Vyrn: Anyway, what brings you guys here?
Lowain: So a local bud of mine runs a shop out here.
Lowain: Told us this place turns into a rodeo during the festival. We're gonna flex our helper muscles till it's over, natch.
Elsam: How 'bout you guys? Gonna party it up? Man, totes wasn't expecting to see y'all out here though.
Lyria: A-actually we came to deliver some things for the festival...
Lowain: Say what? That was you guys? Aw snap, that's some bad news bears, makin' a boss crew do junk like that.
Elsam: Bahaha! It's a miracle two-for-one: (Captain) and Yuisis. What a gut buster.
Yuisis: In any case, if you would take the stuff you ordered, we'll be on our—
Yuisis: Achoo!
Yuisis: Ugh... No surprises there, considerin' I'm soaked to the bone.
Elsam: Whoa, Yuisistah gonna catch the cold bug! I'll go grab a towel.
Tomoi: And I'll boil up a bowl of squid noodle soup!
Vyrn: Um... Really though, why don't you just go change?
Yuisis: That's probably the best idea. Thing is, I don't have a change of clothes on me.
Lowain: Bwuh? Just had a flash of brilliance. Mind if I slip a note in your suggestion box?
Lowain: Here's the deal. My bud's girl owns a fancy-schmancy clothing shop nearby.
Lowain: Why don't you pick out something you like as thanks for savin' our bacon?
Yuisis: Oh, you don't have to go that far for me—
Lowain: Naw, we owe you big. Woulda failed to hold down the fort for my bud otherwise.
Tomoi: Word. If we'd let things get any more haywire, other stalls woulda swooped in on us.
Lowain: Yup. As Granny used to say, "Beef takes half a day to stew, but a favor only takes half a jiffy."
Yuisis: Very well. When you put it that way, I will gladly accept your offer.
Yuisis: If you'll excuse me, (Captain), I'll be right back.
Vyrn: Sure! We'll finish the request while you're gone.
After taking care of the request and saying goodbye to Lowain, the crew continues to wait for Yuisis.
Yuisis: Sorry to keep you waiting, (Captain).
Lyria: Oh my, Yuisis... Those clothes are...
Yuisis: That shop happened to carry yukatas, so I decided to go with it. How do I look?
Yuisis performs a little twirl to show off all angles.
  1. It's very... alluring.
  2. Too cute to handle!

Choose: It's very... alluring.
Yuisis: A-alluring? Really? Um, thank you, (Captain).
Lyria: Oh no! Are you okay, Yuisis? Your face is all red!
Yuisis: Back then my sisters would always tell me how cute I was...
Yuisis: But this is the first time someone's ever used the word alluring...
Yuisis: It's, um, kind of embarrassing really...
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Choose: Too cute to handle!
Lyria: Yes! It's not just the yukata. I also like what you did with your hair!
Vyrn: Yeah. The way you've got it all tied up, it's nice to see something different.
Lyria: Isn't it? It's like... It's like really seductive!
Yuisis: D-don't compliment me like that.
Yuisis: It feels awkward comin' from you guys.
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Yuisis: But thank you all the same.
Yuisis smiles through her embarrassment.
Vyrn: Since we got that request outta the way, let's go to the festival!
Yuisis: Mm. Move out.
Yuisis begins to walk with a light skip in her step.
(Captain) and company follow suit, smiling to themselves as they gaze upon this side of Yuisis.