Scenario:Yurius - Writhing Intent

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Writhing Intent

Some time has passed on Levin since the tragedy caused by the Celestial Eye, and Yurius and Albert are hard at work on proposals that will reinvigorate their homeland. While they are called heroes by the locals, their proposals are met with resistance from a lord named Galia.

One day (Captain) and crew receive a letter from Albert and Yurius.
The contents reveal the current state of Levin.
Vyrn: Haha... They wrote a list of everything they've done to restore the place. That's so like them.
Lyria: Hehe... Sure is. I wonder if they're doing okay.
Levin is a kingdom covered by thunderclouds in the easternmost point of Phantagrande.
The crew was once involved with an incident that occurred there.
A researcher and knight named Yurius was investigating the Astral Void Lacrima.
But he was consumed by the power of the primal beast sealed within it.
Yurius: Aggh!
Tentacles: ...!
King of Levin: Urgh!
Albert: Your Majesty!
Yurius: Heh heh... Heh heh heh...
Yurius: Ahahaha!
Albert: No! What have you done, Yurius!
Yurius killed his own father, the king of Levin, in the presence of his best friend, Albert.
The released Astral Void Lacrima became the Celestial Eye and floated in the sky, wreaking havoc within the kingdom.
(Captain) and crew helped Albert and the Sky Knight sisters combat it.
Together they stopped the Celestial Eye, brought Yurius back from his temporary insanity, and restored his human form.
Afterwards Albert appointed Yurius as the Disaster Operations Planning Executive (D.O.P.E.), and the two vowed to do everything in their power to rebuild their kingdom.
Lyria: (Captain), should we go pay them a visit?
(Captain) nods, and they set a course in Levin's direction.
Albert: (Captain) and crew should receive our letter soon.
Yurius: I expect so. I hope they're well.
Albert and Yurius walk hurriedly through the town for a meeting.
Levin Citizen 1: Skies be! Foudre and Astros!
Levin Citizen 2: The heroes from "The Saint Lethan Tales"... Those names fit them perfectly!
Albert: That story... Someone read that to me as a boy... Never would I have imagined anyone would call me by that same name.
Yurius: A hero? I'm just the opposite.
Albert: The Celestial Eye killed the king. And you and I killed it.
Albert: That is our story, and it makes you innocent.
Yurius: That's just a tale you told the people.
Albert: To rebuild our kingdom. You understand why, right?
Yurius: Yes.
A serious atmosphere is building in the grand hall of Saint Lethan Castle, where a meeting is currently taking place.
???: Hm... Invest in a hot-spring resort, you say?
Mallow, a lord with considerable ownership over parts of the land, looks at Yurius and questions him.
Yurius: Levin is a point of traffic. A resort would be the perfect place for travelers to rest.
Yurius: We must not forget that our hot springs are unparalleled in their healing properties.
Yurius: A move like this could even pave the way for increasing tourism now and in the future.
Yurius: Put simply, I propose we garner foreign capital by making use of our best natural resource.
Yurius: If we could place the resort somewhere close to our famous wineries, that would be even better.
Yurius: With that said, as the Disaster Rejuvenation Coordinator, I propose we build a resort in the southwest of Levin.
Lord 1: I see... That argument is sound.
Lord 2: There is reason they call him Astros.
Yurius receives primarily positive responses to his proposal from several of the attending lords.
But several of the other lords grunt in disapproval.
???: Humph. You expect us to invest in amusements? How nice it must be to have your head in the clouds, believing peace is at hand.
Lord Galia, a young man who also rules over some local areas, leads the opposition.
Lord Galia: We are stretched too thin as is. And you want us to encourage an increase in foreign visitors? Have you thought of public safety?
Lord Mallow: Lord Galia, calm yourself. Yurius has a point: we need foreign capital.
Lord Mallow: As for security... Captain Albert, what say you?
Albert: We would have that under control. The Sky Knights are made of the best warriors in Levin. Outsiders will not be allowed to run free.
Albert: All evil under the thundercloud will be struck by lightning. I promise that my light will dispel any darkness.
Lord 1: Oooh... He seems dependable.
Lord Galia: ...!
Albert's words tip the scales in Yurius's favor.
And with that, his plan is approved.
Yurius: Hah. The Thunderswift Lord's words still carry much weight.
Albert: Don't say that. They agreed to your plan because it was the best course of action. That's all.
Yurius: I'm almost honored, but... I can't say that was all there was to it.
Yurius: The reason they even listened to our idea is because we have the masses on our side.
Lord Galia: So at least you're aware...
Lord Galia: They were simply too afraid to reject your proposal and chose instead to stay clear of public criticism.
Yurius: Lord Galia. Were you still here?
Lord Galia: Humph. Oh yes. I had a quick word for our heroes.
Lord Galia: That is if you have a moment to spare before you flee the kingdom...
Albert: We are doing no such thing. As you well know, we are still investigating the Celestial Eye.
Lord Galia: Only the gullible population at large believes in that nonsense!
Lord Galia: The rest of us know the truth. We know there is more to the story.
Yurius: ...
Lord Galia: Do you know why the simpletons praise you as heroes?
Lord Galia: They're afraid. They believe following a hero will lead to their salvation.
Lord Galia: Heroes? Hah! You're cowards who prey on the weak!
Lord Galia: Move...
Yurius: Cowards?
Lord Mallow: Please pay his words no mind, Captain Albert, Sir Yurius.
Albert: Lord Mallow...
Lord Mallow: I believe Lord Galia is simply upset that land he presides over would not benefit directly from your proposal.
Lord Mallow: Any great endeavor will always be met by some resistance.
Yurius: Kind words.
Lord Mallow: Nothing of the sort. I believe the kingdom's restoration rests on your shoulders.
Lord Mallow: Till we meet again.
The two watch quietly as the third party leaves.
Yurius: I'm not hungry. I'm going back to my study.
Albert: You will have a helping. A lack of nourishment will impair your ability to concentrate. Those are your own words.
Yurius: ...
Albert: Are you still thinking about what Galia said?
Yurius: The people are under the impression that I'm a hero.
Yurius: Am I lying to them? Am I betraying them?
Albert: You're not! Everyone is watching you.
Albert: As the Disaster Operations Planning Executive, you have come up with many plans and put them into action.
Yurius: Perhaps...
Albert: Yurius. Stop looking at the past and face the future.
Albert: We promised to build a better kingdom. Do you remember, my friend?
Yurius: I do. And we did. I'm sorry I let myself get so weak.
Yurius: I can't afford to do that aga—
Yurius: Gaah!
Yurius: My... head... Urgh!
Albert: Y-Yurius! Are you okay?
Yurius: I'm fine... I just need to... Aahh!
Yurius: (There's too much I need to do... I can't let my body give out...)
Yurius: Huff... Huff... I really will need to skip a meal. Let me gather some materials from the library.
Albert: What? You want to work? You need to res—
Yurius: Tch... Is the workaholic telling me not to do my job?
Albert: I... apologize...
Yurius: In any case, my friend, I'm fine.
Yurius struggles to walk as he parts ways and heads to his study.
Albert watches quietly as his friend leaves him behind.