Scenario:Zehek - Degenerate Body and Mind

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Degenerate Body and Mind

One day Zehek suddenly becomes a shut-in because he's worried that his out-of-control magic will hurt (Captain) and company. But when he learns that they're concerned about him, he realizes that friends are there to support each other.

One day Zehek suddenly becomes a shut-in.
The crew is worried about his well-being and holds an emergency meeting to try to figure out what's going on.
Vyrn: And? Have you seen Zehek recently, Lyria?
Lyria: It seems like he wants to avoid me for some reason...
Lyria: It's weird... He even eats in his room, and he never leaves it at all.
Vyrn: Hmm... So he's avoiding not only me and (Captain) but you as well...
Vyrn: It seems like all we can do for now is try to get Zehek to tell us what's going on.
Lyria: I guess so... When I passed in front of Zehek's room yesterday, I heard something coming from within...
Vyrn: What do you mean?
Lyria: I heard him in there, and he sounded terribly angry.
Vyrn: Whoa... It seems like we better hurry.
Lyria: I'm worried too... Let's go visit Zehek and see how he's doing.
The crew gathers in front of Zehek's room and tries calling out to him.
Vyrn: Hey, Zehek! Why don't you come out of your room for a little bit? There's a nice breeze today!
Lyria: Yeah! I even have some snacks we can eat together!
Vyrn: Wow! You just have to see this stuff, Zehek. It looks almost as good as apples!
Lyria: Hee-hee... If you come out right now, I'll give you some snacks from my special stash.
Everyone tries telling him how they feel, but there's no response from the room.
Vyrn: C'mon... He didn't already leave or anything, did he?
Lyria: Hmm... Maybe we need to try taking a more serious approach?
Vyrn: I'm not sure about that... At times like this, isn't a soft touch often better?
Vyrn: Hey! Whatcha' doin' in there, Zehek? At least answer us!
Zehek's Voice: Nothing at all! Just leave me alone!
Vyrn: Oh? Looks like he's in there after all!
Lyria: Um... Zehek? Are you avoiding us? Just show us your face at least...
Zehek's Voice: Cough... I'm fine... Stay away from me!
Vyrn: Hey... Are you sick or something?
Lyria: What's wrong? Can I come in?
Zehek's Voice: Ugh... D-don't even think about it! Stay away!
Lyria: This is bad, (Captain)! Something's obviously wrong with him in there...
Vyrn: That's it! I'm going in there!
(Captain) and company force their way into Zehek's room.
Zehek: Ugh.... Don't come any closer!
Zehek is squatting in his room, trying to resist his out-of-control magical power.
Lyria: Aahh! Something's up with his magic...
Vyrn: Hey! You okay, Zehek?
Zehek: N-no! Ugh... Ugh...
Zehek passes out and falls into (Captain)'s arms.
The crew takes care of him until he regains consciousness in his bed.
Zehek: Ugh...
Lyria: He finally woke up! What a relief!
Zehek: Didn't I tell you all to stay away?
Vyrn: What? What else could we have done? We heard you moaning in your room!
Lyria: We're just so glad you're okay.
Lyria: But why did you try to avoid us by staying cooped up in your room?
Zehek: Ah...
The ashamed Zehek finally decides to speak up.
Zehek: I was afraid that I might hurt you all with my magic...
Zehek: So I stayed in my room... but I've troubled you guys enough with my problems.
Zehek: I want to get off this ship and go off on my journey alone again...
  1. You can trouble us as much as you want.
  2. Just how dumb are you!

Choose: You can trouble us as much as you want.

Zehek: (Captain)... You...
Vyrn: Hey, quit it with the formalities already. We're friends, right?
Zehek: Friends, eh? You think it's okay to trouble friends like this?
Vyrn: Of course! If your magic was out of control, you should've just said so!
Lyria: Exactly! But you decided to avoid us instead...
Lyria: So I was worried that you were angry about something, Zehek!
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Choose: Just how dumb are you!

Zehek: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's gotten into you all of a sudden, (Captain)?
Lyria: Um... I think that (Captain) is angry because you didn't rely on us, Zehek.
Zehek: Really?
Lyria: Yes... Even though you're our friend, you tried to handle everything on your own...
Lyria: So I think that (Captain)'s sad because you didn't have faith in us.

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Zehek: I can't believe you guys were that concerned about me...
Zehek: (Captain)... I'm sorry I worried you. I hope you guys will continue to put up with me.
Thus Zehek's ties with the crew are made stronger than ever.
The next day, the crew heads for a nearby town to purchase some herbs to help him.