Scenario:Zehek - Degenerate Body and Mind

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Degenerate Body and Mind

One day, Zehek suddenly became a shut-in. This is because he was worried that rampant use of magical powers may have hurt our heroes. Once he learned that (Captain) and friends were concerned about him, he realized that friends were there to support each other.

One day, Zehek suddenly became a shut-in.
The party was worried about Zehek’s well-being. They held an emergency meeting to ascertain the cause of his troubles.
Vyrn: So what’s going on? Have you seen Zehek recently, Lyria?
Lyria: Seems like he wants to avoid me for some reason...
Lyria: It’s weird... It even seems like you were even having your meals in your room, and never left it at all.
Vyrn: Yeah... Not just me and (Captain), but also Lyria...
Vyrn: For now, Zehek is going to have to try to find out what was the cause of all this...
Lyria: Yes... Yesterday when I passed in front of your room, Zehek, there was something...
Vyrn: Hm? What’s wrong...?
Lyria: We heard a voice that sounded terribly angry coming from your room.
Vyrn: Hey hey... We better hurry up...
Lyria: I’m worried... Let’s go visit Zehek and see how he’s doing.
The party gathered in front of Zehek’s room. They began to call out to him.
Vyrn: Zehek! Why don’t you come out of your room for a little bit? There is a nice breeze today!
Lyria: Zehek! Why don’t we have a snack together?
Vyrn: Whaaaaa! Look... Zehek... These snacks look crazy delicious!
Lyria: Hahaha... Zehek... I want to give you some special snacks that I set aside just for you!
They all tried telling him how they felt, but no response was forthcoming from his room.
Vyrn: Hey hey... He has to be in there...
Lyria: Maybe we should be more stern with him?
Vyrn: Nah, with someone like this isn’t it best to be more lighthearted than expected?
Vyrn: Hey! Zehek! What are you doing in there? Please answer us!
Zehek’s Voice: Nothing at all! Just leave me alone!
Vyrn: Oh? It seems like Zehek is in there!
Lyria: Um... Zehek? Are you avoiding us? Just show us your face, at least...
Zehek’s Voice: *Cough* *Cough* I’m fine... Stay away from me!
Vyrn: Hey... Are you sick or something?
Lyria: What’s wrong?! Zehek? Can I come in?
Zehek’s Voice: Ugh... Cough... Knock it off! Get away from me!
Lyria: This is bad! (Captain)! Something is wrong with Zehek in there...
Vyrn: What’s going on?! I’m going in there!
Our heroes forced their way into Zehek’s room.
Zehek: Ugh... Ugh... Don’t come any closer!
Zehek was squatting in his room, trying to resist an out-of-control magical power.
Lyria: Aaah! Zehek’ magic powers...
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay?! Zehek!
Zehek: No-Nooo! Ugh... Ugh...
Zehek passed out into (Captain)’s arms.
The party nursed Zehek and he regained consciousness in his bed.
Zehek: Ugghhhh...
Lyria: Oh good... He woke up...
Zehek: Didn’t I tell you all to stay away?
Vyrn: What? What else can we do? We heard you moaning in your room, so...
Lyria: Oh good... Zehek is okay...
Lyria: But why did you try to avoid us by staying cooped up in your room?
Zehek: Ah...
The ashamed Zehek finally began speaking with resolve.
Zehek: I was afraid that I might hurt you all with this magical power...
Zehek: So I stayed cooped up in my room. But I cannot trouble you anymore with this...
Zehek: I want to get off this ship and go off on my journey alone again...
  1. So don’t try and stop me!
  2. Jackasses!

Choose: So don’t try and stop me!
Zehek: (Captain)... You...
Vyrn: Hey now! Why so stuck up? I thought we were all friends?
Zehek: Friends, eh? You think it’s okay to trouble friends like this?
Vyrn: Ah! If your magic powers were out of control you should have just said that! Got it?
Lyria: Exactly! You were trying to avoid us...
Lyria: Because of that, I was worried that you are angry about something, Zehek!
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Choose: Jackasses!
Zehek: ...?! (Captain)...
Vyrn: Wha?! (Captain)! What's wrong?!
Lyria: I think that (Captain) is angry because you didn’t rely on us.
Zehek: Angry because I didn’t rely on you?
Lyria: Yes... Even though you are our friend, you tried to handle the matter all by your own, Zehek...
Lyria: Therefore I think that (Captain) was sad because you did not have faith in us.
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Zehek: You were that concerned about me...
Zehek: (Captain)... I’m sorry to make you worried. Can I rely on you in the future, then?
Thus Zehek’s ties with the party were made stronger than ever.
The following day, the party set out for a nearby town to purchase an herb that could be used to help Zehek.