Scenario:Zehek - Runeblade Gloom

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Runeblade Gloom

Zehek lives in pain each day with an ancient illness. In order to relieve some of his pain, (Captain) and the crew head to an archipelago in search of a certain herb.

Zehek: Wheeze... Huff... Ugh...
Lyria: Um, Zehek... Are you okay? You haven't been looking well recently.
Zehek: Y-yes... This is nothing... This suffering is my fate.
Lyria: Oh... But isn't there some way we can help you with your pain?
Vyrn: Yeah! Isn't there medicine for it or something?
Zehek: Urk... The root of my malady is one of a magical element...
Zehek: Only my master would be able to do anything for me...
Vyrn: Wait, what? You have a master? Where is he? We should go—
Zehek: W-wait, wait! Stop, please! D-don't mention my master... Blargh!
Lyria: Ack! Zehek!
Zehek: I'm fine! I've endured this many times before!
Zehek: A-anyway, just don't look for my master. Nothing good will ever come of it.
Vyrn: Is that so? But if we don't...
Zehek: I thought a situation like this would come one day after leaving my master.
Zehek: There should be an archipelago inhabited by monsters where a pain-relieving herb is known to grow.
Lyria: If we can find something for your pain there, that's where we need to go!
Vyrn: All right! Strike while the iron's hot, they say! Let's go! (Captain)!

Runeblade Gloom: Scene 2

The crew wanders in search of the medicinal herb but encounter imperial soldiers with the same objective. Zehek takes responsibility of the situation and stands up to the soldiers.

Vyrn: Yeah... There's definitely an ominous vibe here... Certainly a place where magical herbs could grow at least.
Zehek: No... I'm sensing something else.
Imperial Soldier: Hey, you! State your business!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! The empire? What are they doing here?
Imperial Soldier: Don't tell me... You're looking for the rare herb that grows in these parts?
Imperial Soldier: Heh-heh... That's a shame. This area is under our jurisdiction now—all the precious herbs here are property of the empire!
Vyrn: Aw, geez... I didn't think we'd run into the empire here of all places.
Zehek: Ugh... I'm sorry. This is all because I wanted to escape this pain.
Zehek: Even if it costs me my life, I will protect you all!
Zehek: Just watch, (Captain)... This is how a man takes control of his fate!

Runeblade Gloom: Scene 3

Shortly after defeating the imperial soldiers, Zehek reaches his limit and passes out. Upon taking him to see a doctor, the crew is relieved that it was merely a cold affecting him.

Imperial Soldier: I-impossible! How could we have been defeated by—urgh!
Zehek: Huff... Puff... Looks like... I took care of them...
Lyria: A-are you okay, Zehek? You're drenched in sweat!
Zehek: This is nothing... Or maybe not—Urk!
Vyrn: H-hey, are you okay? We need to find that herb!
Zehek: N-not to worry... I know my body well.
Zehek: I'll be fine... There's no need to worry...
Lyria: Ahh! Zehek!
Vyrn: Oh, no! Snap out of it! Come on! Hey!
After the battle, Zehek loses consciousness. (Captain) and the crew take him to see a nearby doctor.
Doctor: Hmmm... Yep, that's a cold.
Zehek: Sniffle...
Doctor: The pain he's feeling at the moment is most likely due to a fever.
Doctor: Honestly... If you're feeling feverish, try not to push yourself too hard.
Zehek: Sorry...
Vyrn: Are you kidding! You had us worried sick over a stupid cold!
Zehek: Ugh! Gah! T-the symptoms of my illness have returned!
Lyria: Geez! The next time anything happens to you, it's straight to bed for you!
All's well that ends well—the crew lets out a collective sigh of relief.
However, the ancient illness still rests within Zehek's body, quietly baring its fangs.