Scenario:Zooey - Peacemaker's Float

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Peacemaker's Float

The crew discovers from two youngsters that the dolphin float they're riding on was made in limited quantities and are no longer for sale. A sudden scream resounding from the seaside provides them with little time to be disappointed.

The crew come across a most mysterious sight as they accompany Zooey along the seashore.
They find two youngsters riding the waves on dolphins.
Lyria: Wow! Look at them go on those dolphins!
Vyrn: Wait, take a closer look. Those aren't really dolphins... What are those things?
A closer look reveals that the two are riding on floats modeled after dolphins.
Zooey: Hmm, it seems different from surfing.
Noticing the crew looking at them curiously, the two emerge from the water.
One of them thrusts his float at the crew for them to see.
Upbeat Lad: Hahaha, these are called ride-on floats! They're all the rage these days.
Upbeat Lass: There are even tournaments with them.
Vyrn: Hey, we should try it too! Where can we get some?
Upbeat Lad: Well, to be honest... very few were manufactured and they're already sold out everywhere.
Lyria: Aww, I really wanted to ride on a dolphin.
Zooey: I want to ride one too, but there's not much we can do if they aren't sold anymore.
There's little time to be disappointed as a scream suddenly resounds from further down the beach.
Panicked Teen: H-help! Aagh!
Monster: !
Upbeat Lad: Uh oh, isn't that where monsters gather?
Zooey: We'd better get to him fast, (Captain).

Peacemaker's Float: Scene 2

The crew gets to borrow a ride-on float as thanks for saving a friend of the two youngsters. Since it's only meant for two, Zooey creates another float using her celestial powers.

The crew drives the threat away and saves the young man.
Zooey returns to the beach and apologizes to the youth.
Zooey: Forgive me... I'm oblivious to dangers that do not threaten the world.
Panicked Teen: Erm, I'm not sure what you mean, but there's no need to apologize! I'm just glad to be safe. Thanks for rescuing me!
Upbeat Lad: Yeah, totally. We want to thank you too!
Upbeat Lad: You dimwit! How many times do I have to tell you not to go down there?
Upbeat Lass: C'mon, we should just be glad he's safe. Besides, we should do something to pay these guys back.
Upbeat Lad: You're right...
How would you guys like to borrow this float?
He hands over the ride-on float to the crew.
Lyria: Really? Can we?
Upbeat Lass: Sure! Have a blast!
Vyrn: Woo-hoo, we get to ride on dolphins!
Oh, wait...
Vyrn: It doesn't look like we can ride this together.
Lyria: Seems like it's for two...
Upbeat Lass: Sorry, but this is the only one we have.
Zooey: Don't be sorry. We're grateful just to be able to use it. Why don't Vyrn and Lyria try it out first?
Zooey: Don't worry about the rest of us. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves.
Vyrn: I'll take you up on that. Let's go, Lyria!
Lyria: Okay!
Lyria takes the float and runs toward the sea with Vyrn.
Dyrn: Gwaah?
Zooey: It's not that I'm not interested. Actually, I really want to ride on the float.
Zooey: But the same goes for Vyrn and Lyria. And I'd rather see them enjoying themselves.
Lyrn: Gwaar.
Zooey: Haha, you're worried for me? It's a strange feeling considering you were born of my powers.
Zooey: Born of my powers... That's right!
Zooey: (Captain), I just thought of a great idea! We just need to use my powers!
(Captain) watches in confusion while Zooey shuts her eyes in concentration.
Zooey: Heed my will! Come forth, Peacemaker's Wings!
Peacemaker's Wings: ...
Zooey: Haha! I did it, (Captain)!
Upbeat Lad: Huh, is that another ride-on float? But how did she...
Zooey: I gathered the power of the stars and gave it form. Try touching it. It should respond like a proper float.
Upbeat Lass: Wow, it really is a float. This is amazing.
Zooey: Hehe, although I wonder if it's really okay to use the power of the stars for this.
Zooey: Hm, I guess it's all right. Let's go down there, (Captain)!
(Captain) runs after the float-wielding Zooey.
Meanwhile, Vyrn and Lyria are handling the ride-on float expertly.
Lyria: Woo-hoo!
Vyrn: Whee! You're really good at this, Lyria!
Zooey: That's for sure! I should have Lyria teach me.
Lyria: Zooey? (Captain) too? How did you get that float?
Zooey: Haha, I made it myself.
Anyway, better watch out for those waves!
Lyria: Yikes! Vyrn, hold on tight!
Zooey and Lyria skillfully glide across the high-rising waves.
Upbeat Lad: Those guys have a knack for this.
Upbeat Lass: They're better than us!
Urgh, makes me a bit jealous though.
Lyria: Ahahahaha! That was so much fun!
Zooey: Yeah, I didn't know floats could be so much fun!
The crew is having a good time on the waves when their floats come to a sudden halt.
Vyrn: Huh? Did we bump into something?
Sea Monster: ...
Vyrn: Ugh, a monster?
Lyria: Yikes! What do we do?
Vyrn: It seems pretty calm. We should be able to ride around it.
Sea Monster: Graah!
Lyria: Uh-oh, it's getting angry!
Zooey: We'd better take care of it, (Captain)!

Peacemaker's Float: Scene 3

After training for an upcoming ride-on float tournament, Zooey and (Captain) take a walk on the beach to ease the tension of the big day. When they find two children parted with their float, they decide to forfeit the tournament in order to help look for it.

Despite the minor incident, the crew enjoys riding the waves until the sun sets.
They're received by warm applause when they return ashore.
Upbeat Lad: That was incredible, everyone! Why don't you enter the float tournament? We can lend you ours!
Upbeat Lass: It's the biggest competition for ride-on floats. It'll be a piece of cake for all of you!
The youngsters explain the details and that the grand prize is a deluxe seafood platter.
Lyria: Deluxe seafood platter... I'll do it!
Vyrn: Is there any fruit? Either way, count me in!
Zooey: I've never participated in a tournament, but this sounds like fun.
The youngsters leave after telling the crew the tournament schedule.
Vyrn: All right, Lyria. Practice for the tournament starts tomorrow! We won't lose to Zooey!
Zooey: Ah, that's right. Participants join in pairs, so I guess that makes us rivals.
Lyria: Teehee! I'm going all out, Zooey!
Zooey: I don't expect any less. (Captain), we should begin training tomorrow too.
The crew returns to the inn to rest up for the next day.
The next morning, Lyria and Vyrn are practicing hard on the waves.
Zooey watches them with delight.
Zooey: It feels strange knowing that I'll be going up against them.
Zooey: It doesn't look like they'll go easy on us, so we'll have to give it everything we've got. Let's do this, (Captain)!
(Captain) and Zooey go to the beach with the ride-on float.
They ride the waves for a while, but struggle to draw any speed.
Zooey: Hm, it must be a problem with our center of gravity.
Zooey: (Captain), can you hold on to me? The tighter, the better.
(Captain) clings to Zooey.
Zooey: All right. Off we go!
As expected, the float quickly gains speed and slides across the waves.
Zooey: Haha, we did it! Doesn't that feel good, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods while enjoying the spray of the water.
Zooey: I get the feeling we'll get better if we can keep this up.
(Captain) and Zooey continue practicing until the sun sets.
On the day of the tournament, the crew nervously awaits its turn.
(Captain) grows jittery as the other participants reveal their high-flying maneuvers.
Zooey: Don't worry, (Captain). We'll be okay.
Zooey: Although I can understand if you're nervous. How about we go for a walk? We have some time left anyway.
(Captain) agrees, and they enjoy small talk while walking along the beach.
Some time later, (Captain) is completely free of tension.
Zooey: Thank goodness you're feeling better now. Let's get back to the tournament. Our turn should be coming up soon.
Just then, they spot some children crying on the beach.
Zooey: Hey, what's wrong? Did something happen?
Kid 1: Sob... Our float was swept away.
Kid 2: We looked away for a second, and the sea took it from us.
Zooey: Forgive me, (Captain). It looks like I won't be able to participate in the tournament.
(Captain) nods with a smile.
Zooey: You don't mind? Haha, you're too kind, (Captain).
Zooey gently rubs the children's heads.
Zooey: We'll go look for it. Wait here.
Zooey and (Captain) go deeper into the sea in search of the missing float.
Zooey: Found it!
After gliding along the surface of the water for a bit, they find the missing float stuck in between some monsters.
But the monsters swim out further into the sea at an alarming speed.
Zooey: (Captain)! We're going straight ahead on the next wave! Hold me tight like you did during practice!
(Captain) nods and clings to Zooey.
Zooey: Here we go!
Zooey catches up with the monsters at breakneck speed and takes back the float.
Zooey: Whew, I never would've imagined that the practice we did would come in handy here.
Zooey: Next is—
Monster: Graah!
Zooey: Let's take them out, (Captain).

Peacemaker's Float: Scene 4

While Zooey and (Captain) are searching for the missing float, Vyrn and Lyria win the ride-on float tournament and receive a deluxe seafood platter as a reward. The crew spends the night enjoying a scrumptious feast, resulting in precious memories for Zooey.

Tournament Host: And the winner of the ride-on float tournament is...
Tournament Host: Team Vyrnia!
Vyrn: Woo-hoo! We did it, Lyria!
Lyria: I can't believe we really won!
Lyria: But Zooey and (Captain) are...
Vyrn: They lost by default, huh? I wonder where they went.
Shortly after, (Captain) and Zooey return to the group.
Vyrn: Hey, where did you guys go?
(Captain) explains their reason for forfeiting.
Lyria: So that's what happened.
Vyrn: Geez, you guys are kind to a fault.
Vyrn: Wait, if you weren't around...
Lyria: That means you didn't see us riding the waves? We were incredible out there!
Zooey: Apologies. Can you show us tomorrow? I'd love to see your technique.
Vyrn: Hehe, if you insist! We'll show you the moves that scored us the championship!
Zooey: I'm looking forward to it. Congratulations on winning, you two.
Lyria: Teehee, thanks!
Lyria: Ah! Should we dive into the deluxe seafood platter then?
Lyria: Let's invite the guys who lent us the ride-on float too!
Vyrn: Good idea! We can use the beach house.
Zooey: Let me know if you need help setting up.
Later on, the crew holds a party where they serve the food Lyria and Vyrn won at the ride-on float tournament.
During the meal, Zooey sits beside (Captain).
Zooey: Hehe, looks like everyone's having a good time.
Zooey: I had a lot of fun myself, even if it was my first summer with everyone.
Zooey: I'll treasure these memories forever.
Zooey: Thank you, (Captain).
Zooey blushes with a smile.
Feeling the bonds between them strengthening, (Captain) returns the smile.