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Release Date 2019-12-07
Gachapin, Mukku, and the Azure Adventure

A precious part of the captain and Vyrn's family. Possessing extraordinary physical abilities, this dinosaur from another world uses the courage and strength he receives from the Energy Balls on his arms to continuously try new things. Through Akasha's power, he is transported to the Sky Realm by accident and loses his memory. Though essentially a scatterbrain, he often surprises those around him with his skills and inventiveness.



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Fate Episodes

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Detective Dinosaur

One night, Gachapin finds someone digging around the galley in the dark. The culprit, Mukku, manages to get away but begins to feel guilty about stealing the crew's provisions. He is about to admit to his crime when a scream interrupts him.

After the successful completion of another assignment, (Captain) and crew are ready to rest their weary bodies and call it an early night.
As dusk sets in, Gachapin is on the deck of the Grandcypher alone, gazing into the starry night sky.
Gachapin: A shooting star!
Gachapin: Wow, it's so pretty... But it'd be even nicer if someone was here to see it with me!
Gachapin: I should tell Mukku about this. I hope he's still up.
As a chipper Gachapin makes to go to Mukku's room, a mysterious noise reaches his ears.
Gachapin: Hm? What's that sound?
His curiosity getting the better of him, Gachapin tracks the noise to the Grandcypher's galley, where it is pitch-dark.
Gachapin: Huh... I thought I heard something, but maybe it's just my imagination.
Gachapin fumbles about for a light source.
???: Nom...
Gachapin makes out a shady figure in the back of the galley voraciously going through the ship's supply of victuals.
Gachapin: Gwaaah!
???: ...!
Having found the light switch, the astonished Gachapin quickly flicks it on.
Gachapin: Wheeze...
Gachapin: What the... I don't see anyone here...
Gachapin: D-d-did they disappear? Gasp... Maybe it was a ghost!
Gachapin: Yikes, what do I do... I have to tell everyone!
Just as Gachapin prepares to run for his life, he notices something on the ground.
Gachapin: What's this...
The green dinosaur finds a clump of red fur that looks awfully familiar.
Gachapin: ...
Mukku: Phew...
Mukku: ...
Mukku: Wait, wait, wait, what am I even trying to run away from!
Mukku: Sigh, why do I have to be such a glutton!
As famished as he was, Mukku still regrets digging into the crew's provisions without permission.
Mukku: I suppose I should start by explaining myself to the person who just stepped into the galley...
Mukku: But... I just started running away so as not to give myself up, yah see...
Mukku: I'm no different from a thief at this rate...
Mukku: If I end up getting kicked out of the crew, I have no one to blame but myself. Ohh, what do I do...
As Mukku racks his brain for the ideal solution, someone comes knocking on the door.
Mukku: Urk!
Mukku: (I can't very well pretend that I'm not here, can I...)
The gut-wrenching panic that grips Mukku is only exacerbated by the subsequent knock on the door.
Mukku: I-I'll be right with you!
Gachapin: ...
Mukku: Huh? Oh, it's just you, Gachapin!
Mukku: I was sure I'd been caught—
Mukku: Ahem, I mean... You're still up at this hour?
Gachapin: The stars were so pretty and sparkly. I was out on the deck looking at them.
Mukku: Oh, that's what you were up to? You were looking so dog-tired that I figured you'd hit the hay already, yah see.
Gachapin: Hrm... Were you hoping I was asleep?
Mukku: Uh...
Gachapin: Hmmm...
Gachapin: Ahehem...
Gachapin: Ahehehehem...
Mukku: Wh-what are you looking at me like that for! Is there something on my face?
Gachapin: Tell me, Mukku. Were you up this whooole time?
Mukku: Ack!
Mukku: (Uh-oh... Please don't tell me it was Gachapin who came into the galley and caught me sneaking a bite, or a few dozen!)
Mukku: (But I got away before he turned on the lights... He couldn't have seen me in the dark...)
Gachapin: ...
Mukku: ...!
Mukku: (I know that look in his eyes... It's as if he's calling me a big, bad yeti...)
Mukku: (Given how sharp Gachapin is, I wouldn't be surprised if he already has enough proof to convict me...)
Mukku: (I'd probably be better off apologizing. That'd be for the best, yah!)
Ready for the consequences, Mukku decides to come clean.
Mukku: So... Erm, I just wanted to say—
Gachapin: The fact that you responded so fast after I knocked means...
Gachapin: You weren't asleep yet. Am I right?
Mukku: Well, I did get under the covers, but hunger pangs suddenly struck, and...
Gachapin: Ah... I see the amount of food we got for dinner wasn't enough for a big eater like you.
Mukku: Mm... I had already asked for three additional servings, and as a rookie in the crew, I didn't want to risk appearing shameless by asking for more...
Gachapin: Aha... So that's why you did it?
Mukku: Huh? Did what?
Mukku: Agh!
Mukku: (So he knows I had my hand stuck in the cookie jar, along with a few other jars after that! Whew, you're good at this, Gachapin!)
Mukku: (Wait, is this what they call a leading question? My dinosaur friend's becoming a better gumshoe by the day...)
Mukku: (Hehe, you got me real good, buddy.)
Mukku: (But if this keeps up, it'll look like I'm confessing to my crime only because my back was up against the wall, yah see...)
Mukku grows concerned that even if he apologized to (Captain) and company later, that apology could end up taking on an entirely different meaning.
Mukku: (It's all the more reason to own up to my wrongdoing before things go down that path, yah!)
Mukku: No, no, Gachapin! From the very beginning, I was simply—
Gachapin: Hm, still trying to play Mr. Nice Yeti, I see.
Mukku: That's not it either. Look, I admit what I did, but... How should I put this...
Just as Mukku finds himself painted into a corner by Gachapin's brilliant deduction, something most unexpected interrupts.
Lyria's Voice: Eep!
Gachapin: Huh?
Mukku: That voice... Wasn't that Lyria?
The fluffy duo exits the room and rushes toward the direction of the yelp.

Detective Dinosaur: Scene 2

Lyria finds a Murky Mukku in her room. Gachapin mistakes the Murky Mukku as being the culprit from the galley. The crew decides to go after it in the morning.

Gachapin and Mukku are startled by what they find in Lyria's room.
Murky Mukku: M-Murky Murder... Death Zone...
Gachapin: Huh? What's a Murky Mukku doing in here?
Mukku: Yeah, what gives! I thought we already took care of them at Lumacie, yah see!
Vyrn: I was just about to ask the same thing!
Lyria: I was resting in my room when I noticed it curled up in the corner...
The Murky Mukku's appearance reminds Gachapin of the incident in the galley.
Gachapin: Wait... Could it be that this Murky Mukku's the one I spotted snooping around for food earlier?
Mukku: Ah... Actually, Gachapin! That was—
Gachapin: Yeah, it has to be!
Gachapin: I did find your fur in there, Mukku, but I guess there's nothing strange about that since you visit the galley all the time.
Gachapin: I'm so sorry for even thinking that you might be the guilty one...
Mukku: No, you were actually right! You don't know how impressed I was! My stomach started churning, yah see, and—
Murky Mukku: Death Zooone!
Mukku: Yikes!
Vyrn: No time to talk, guys!
Gachapin: All righty! Get behind me, Mukku!
Mukku: R-right...
Mukku: (No thanks to that Murky Mukku, the situation's gotten so much more complex. Bleh...)
Gachapin: C'mon, (Captain)! Let's teach this naughty Murky Mukku a lesson!
(Captain) and Gachapin draw their swords.
Murky Mukku: Death Zone...
Contrary to all expectations, the Murky Mukku turns around and jumps out the window.
Vyrn: Crud! We've gotta go after it!
Gachapin: Let's go!
The crew runs out onto the deck of the Grandcypher in pursuit of the fiend.
Gachapin: Hey, where'd it go?
Lyria: Since it's so dark out here, I can't see the Murky Mukku anywhere...
Gachapin: Yeah, I couldn't tell when it was sneaking around in the galley either...
Vyrn: What's that about?
Mukku: Er... Actually, that wasn't the Murky Mukku's fault...
Gachapin: You think maybe it ran off to the village?
Vyrn: Aw, that can't be good. Who knows what kinda trouble it might cause there.
After giving it some thought, (Captain) suggests they resume the search once daylight breaks.
Gachapin: Yeah, let's do that! I could use a good night's rest myself!
Mukku: Um, guys? Before we break off, I just wanted to get a word in...
Vyrn: Yawn... We'll be all ears tomorrow. Right now, I really need to get my forty winks in.
Mukku: But—
Gachapin: Yeah, I can't stay awake much longer either. C'mon, Mukku.
Mukku: Um, um, but I still haven't...
Mukku: ...
Having missed his shot at apologizing, Mukku goes to sleep somewhat woolly-headed.

Detective Dinosaur: Scene 3

Arriving in town, (Captain) and company encounter several villagers who tell them about a suspicious, furry creature ravaging the fields. The villagers point to Mukku as the offender, but the crew comes to his defense. The crew heads to a nearby cave to look for the Murky Mukku and to clear Mukku's name.

The crew spends the next morning searching for the Murky Mukku once again.
Lyria: Where could it have gone? We just can't seem to find it anywhere...
Gachapin: Murky Mukkus came from your fur, didn't they, Mukku? Do you have any idea where this one is?
Mukku: Gimme a break, Gachapin... My fur might have given them life, but that doesn't make me a stray Mukku tracker, yah see.
Gachapin: Aw, okay.
Gachapin: I thought there might be something connecting you all since the murky one seemed like a real foodie too.
Mukku: Ah... Gachapin, about that! I need to clear something up. The truth is—
Vyrn: Hey, guys! Check out the crowd gathered by that field over there!
Lyria: Let's ask if any of them have spotted the Murky Mukku!
Mukku: Bwuh... Why do I keep getting cut off...
Mukku: At this rate, I'll just have to hold off on apologizing until the whole incident's over.
Gachapin: Mukku, what's keeping you? Everyone's waiting.
Mukku: Oh, right. I'm coming now, yah!
(Captain) and company gather by the field and break into whatever conversation the villagers are already having.
Lyria: Um, excuse me! We're looking for someone...
Calm Cooper: Yeah? Tell us about it.
Lyria: Well, it's dark in color and really bushy...
Raging Roger: Dark and bushy! Yer not friends with the fella, are ya?
Vyrn: Far from it. We're out to give the critter a thrashing it won't be forgetting anytime soon!
Raging Roger: So you folks are victims too, I take it.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Raging Roger: Just take a gander at them fields. The rapscallion ruined all the crops before we could even get to harvesting 'em!
The frustration of the villagers comes as no surprise. The crew shares in their suffering.
Vyrn: Now this is just messed up...
Raging Roger: Tell me about it! You can bet yer sweet bippy that we're out for blood too...
Raging Roger: What the! There it is, right under our nose!
Lyria: Huh?
The crew turns toward the direction that the villager points at, only to find Mukku walking beside Gachapin.
Gachapin: So? Do we have any leads?
Mukku: Yikes, look at that, Gachapin! The fields are all ruined, yah see!
Raging Roger: Ya mealy-mouthed skunk! You got some nerve eatin' and spoilin' our precious crop!
Mukku: Wha? M-me? This must be some sort of misunderstanding!
Vyrn: Wait up! Our buddy here definitely qualifies as bushy, but he's innocent!
Calm Cooper: You sure about that? Because I swear I spotted him running away from the scene last night.
Gachapin: Last night? It definitely wasn't Mukku then.
Gachapin: Because he was with us the whole time!
Vyrn: Cool your jets, everyone! Can't you see Mukku's red? Let's not forget the gourmandizer was a black one!
Lyria: That's right! Since it happened at night, you must have mistaken the two colors!
Calm Cooper: Taking the side of the perp, hm? Please don't tell me you're in on it...
Raging Roger: Well then, we'll just have to give you hell too!
Gachapin: Please, wait! Mukku isn't the type of yeti to do a bad thing!
Gachapin: He's the kindest, bestest friend I could ever ask for!
Mukku: Gachapin...
Mukku: I'm touched to see you vouch for me in such a dire moment, yah see!
Vyrn: (Captain), time to scoot! We're not gonna make any headway here!
Fearing that violence could break out at any second, (Captain) and company flee the scene.
Vyrn: Whew, we got away...
Lyria: But what now... Mukku's as good as guilty to them...
Mukku: I would never do something so barbaric as to trample the fields.
Gachapin: Everything's going to be okay, Mukku. I'll do whatever it takes to clear your name!
Mukku: I-I hope it's not too much to ask...
Vyrn: Nah, you can count on us!
Lyria: Yeah!
Mukku: Thank you so much, everybody!
With their goal set and hearts as one, the crew splits up to look for the Murky Mukku.
Vyrn and Lyria poke around town for information.
(Captain) and Mukku take the mountain path that stretches across the perimeter of the town, leaving no stone unturned.
As for Gachapin...
Gachapin blazes through the wildlands on his own handcrafted gearcycle, looking particularly dashing.
And so the search continues at full steam.
But despite their best efforts, they still have no clue where the Murky Mukku could possibly be lurking.
Lyria: How is it no one's seen anything...
Vyrn: Right? It's not like the thing can just fly and take off.
Gachapin: Hrm...
Batting around various ideas in his head, Gachapin comes to an epiphany when his eyes land on the trees before him.
Gachapin: You know what they say!
Mukku: Huh? What who says?
Gachapin: Haha. The best place to hide a leaf is in the forest!
Mukku: A leaf in the forest, yah say? What? Why?
Gachapin: In other words, if we can't find a Murky Mukku in broad daylight...
Gachapin: That can only mean it's hiding somewhere dark!
Mukku: Ooh, spoken like a true detective!
Vyrn: We're lookin' for a dark place then... How 'bout we try a nearby cave?
Gachapin: That's it!
Lyria: There should be one in the outskirts of the village!
Gachapin: All righty! Let's get going! C'mon, (Captain)!
The crew is greeted by a strange noise as they step into a cavern on the village's edge.
Murky Mukku: Death Zone...
Gachapin: Bingo!
Mukku: Wow! You're the greatest detective ever, Gachapin!
Vyrn: We can save the congrats for later!
Mukku: Oh, right! We need to make an example of him so that I don't get made out to be the bad guy, yah see!
Gachapin: Here goes, (Captain)!
Mukku: Yeehaw!
Go, go, Gachapin! Go, go, crew!

Detective Dinosaur: Scene 4

The crew succeed in capturing the rogue Murky Mukku, and the villagers apologize to Mukku for the misunderstanding. Mukku finally confesses that he was the culprit in the galley. The crew forgive him, and they continue their journey together in good spirits.

The villagers are unable to contain their surprise at the sight of the pulverized Murky Mukku.
Raging Roger: Well, snap my garters... Who woulda thought one of these black furry things really existed?
Calm Cooper: Your name's Mukku, right? We're really sorry for the misunderstanding.
Mukku: Oh, it's no problem at all. I'm just glad we cleared things up, yah see!
Lyria: It's a shame what happened to the crops...
Calm Cooper: Haha, it's something that every farmer's bound to run into at some point. No worries—a little extra plowing on our part never hurt anyone.
Raging Roger: Ya got that right, Cooper! We ain't so lily-livered as to let this get us down!
The villagers see (Captain) and company off as they take to the skies on the Grandcypher.
Mukku: ...
Gachapin: Mukku, you're free as a bird now. Why the long face?
Mukku: Erm... To be honest, there's something I have to apologize to (Captain) and everyone else for.
Vyrn: Hm? But what the Murky Mukku did wasn't your fault.
Mukku: Well, that's not quite it.
The yeti looks to the others with a pained expression.
Mukku: Last night, I...
My tummy was growling so much that I ended up stealing into the galley...
Mukku: Where I then proceeded to sneak in a few too many bites of everyone's precious rations, yah see... I take all the blame for that.
  1. You big, bad yeti!
  2. Ahaha!

Choose: You big, bad yeti!
Mukku: I'm so sorry! I completely understand if you're angry, so I'll gladly accept any punishment you have in store for me.
(Captain) and company trade glances and, recognizing the sincerity in Mukku's heart, accept his apology.
Mukku: ...
Vyrn: It's all cool, Mukku. Now how about you look (Captain) in the eye already!
Mukku: Huh? Wh-why's everyone all smiles? (Captain) called me a big, bad yeti, and...
Vyrn: Heheh! Hang out with (Captain) long enough, and you'll see how much our captain likes to kid around!

Choose: Ahaha!
Mukku: Huh? Um... Is this... a laughing matter? I did something really awful, yah know?
Continue 1
Lyria: Well... This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but...
Lyria: A few of us have snuck into the galley before too.
Mukku: R-really? So it's not just me?
Vyrn: Happens to the best of us! Hrm, don't know if I should be boasting about it though...
Lyria: That's why we know exactly how you feel, Mukku.
Mukku: Wow... But isn't it different when a newcomer like me is the one eating on the sly?
Vyrn: Except we know how sorry you are, so relax already! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) breaks into a cheery grin and pats Mukku on the shoulder.
Mukku: Thank you for this great mercy, everyone! You're all so wonderfully kind, yah see!
Gachapin: Haha. Lucky you, Mukku!
Mukku: Yeah, what a relief.
Gachapin: But if you were the one who snuck into the galley...
Gachapin: That means my original deduction was right all along.
Gachapin: I think I might just have what it takes to be the greatest dinosaur private eye out there.
Mukku: There's no arguing that, Gachapin, but are you sure you should be laughing about it?
Gachapin: But why not? I figured out who the perp was from the start. Isn't that just amazing?
The rest of the crew watches their exchange with an air of amusement.
Just then, the sound of stomachs growling in mild protest cuts the conversation short.
Lyria: Oh my...
Vyrn: Heheh!
Mukku: Not again...
Gachapin: Haha. Looks like we've got more than a few food lovers in the crew, (Captain).
Vyrn, Lyria, and Mukku exchange looks, their blushing expressions turning into bashful smiles.
As they appreciate their moment of calm, the Grandcypher soars the skies, taking the crew to their next destination.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
もう~ムックってば、食いしん坊なんだから~ Mukku can be such a glutton sometimes.
次はどんなことにチャレンジしようかな~ What's something new I can try next?
ぼくはね~恐竜の子どもなんだよ Hey, did you know I'm a kid dinosaur?
ぐふふふ~いいこと思いついちゃった Teehee. I just thought of a really good idea.
目指せ!イスタルシア! To Estalucia we go!
ねぇ(主人公)!なにして遊ぼっか~ What are we going to play next, (Captain)?
ビィ、ルリアちゃん~一緒に歌おうよ~ Vyrn, Lyria, why don't we sing together?
ねぇオイゲンさん、肩揉んであげようか? Eugen? Would you like a shoulder massage?
楽しい思い出をいーっぱい作りたいなぁ I want to make lots and lots of wonderful memories.
グランサイファーってすっごくかっこいいよね~ The Grandcypher is so cool!