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Fate Episodes

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Tenacious Heart

(Captain) saves Iroha from a tight spot after finding her taking on Abyssean fiends alone outside of the village. Thinking it would be better for her if they trained together instead, the captain offers to spar with her.

After sussing out where the magic puppets were produced, (Captain) learned that an entity known as the Wyrm God was the root of the problem.
While investigating the Wyrm God, they also helped the locals prepare and patrolled the area.
Iroha: This should finish you! Taaah!
Abyssean Fiend: ...!
Abyssean Horde: ...
Iroha: Goodness... They do not know when to stop, do they?
(Captain): ...!
Abyssean Fiend: ...!
Iroha: (Captain)!
Your backup is sincerely appreciated.
Iroha: I believe that should be the last fiend in this area. Let us return to the village and—
Abyssean Fiend: ...!
  1. Get down!
  2. Watch out!

Choose: Get down!
Iroha: ...!
(Captain): ...!
Making sure Iroha is out of the way, (Captain) lobs a counter attack at the Abyssean fiend.
Abyssean Fiend: ...
Iroha: You swung your blade with such precision—and just in the nick of time.
Iroha: Impressive as always, (Captain).

Choose: Watch out!
Trusting in Iroha's reflexes, (Captain) quickly lobs a counter attack.
Iroha: Eep!
The blade narrowly grazes Iroha and slices through the Abyssean fiend.
Abyssean Fiend: ...
Iroha: Phew... Y-you are certainly one to fight with your heart, (Captain).
Iroha: I must admit it gave me a bit of a fright there.
Iroha: But I am glad you had faith that I would get down in time!
Continue 1
In need of a respite, Iroha and (Captain) search for a safe place to rest.
The two slowly make their way through the forest, making sure to inspect their surroundings this time.
Iroha: I must thank you once again for your help earlier, (Captain).
Iroha: I was so focused on the enemy before me that I had neglected to check behind me.
Iroha: It is quite embarrassing that I cannot even seem to handle Abyssean fiends on my own, is it not?
As Iroha looks down on herself, (Captain) asks a question.
  1. Why do you fight alone?
  2. Wouldn't it be easier if we fought together?

Choose: Why do you fight alone?
Iroha: It is all part of my training.
Iroha: As I am now, I do not hold a candle to you or the others in the crew.
Iroha: But if I put myself in challenging situations, I may just be able to grow stronger.

Choose: Wouldn't it be easier if we fought together?
Iroha: Indeed it is as you say.
Iroha: However, I am still weak. If I am to fight by your side, I know that I will only end up relying on you.
Iroha: So I have decided to force myself to grow as a warrior, and face the Abyssean fiends on my own.
Continue 2
Iroha: I do apologize for any inconvenience that decision may have caused you.
Iroha: It may seem selfish, but I must train harder so that I may someday cast away these weaknesses...
(Captain) realizes that there must be an important reason for Iroha to put herself in danger.
The captain offers her a proposal.
  1. Care to join me for training?
  2. Shall I teach you my ways?

Choose: Care to join me for training?
Iroha: Hmm... That certainly would be an effective way to strengthen my hand, would it not?
Iroha: Very well. I shall accept your offer.

Choose: Shall I teach you my ways?
Iroha: ...!
I would be most grateful, (Captain)!
Iroha: If someone of your caliber were to assist me in training, then surely...
Continue 3
Iroha: Harder, (Captain)! Strike me as if to kill!
Impressed by her overwhelming fighting spirit, (Captain) prepares an attack even stronger than the last.
The sounds of their dancing blades echoed throughout the forest.

Tenacious Heart: Scene 2

Lyria and Vyrn bring (Captain) and Iroha some rice balls from the village, and the four decide to eat together. While eating, Iroha reflects upon similar memories she shared with her mother and another person she cherished. Vowing to become stronger so that she can protect others, she resumes her training with (Captain).

(Captain) has offered to help Iroha train in the forest.
After some time has passed, the two put their blades down for a breather.
Iroha: Phew... It seems that my technique needs a bit of polish.
Iroha: I now realize just how large the gap between us really is, (Captain).
Iroha: If only there were something I could work on to shrink that gap...
Iroha: What is it do you think I am lacking?
(Captain) mulls over Iroha's question for a moment, then arrives at a suitable answer.
  1. Muscles.
  2. Stamina.
  3. Adaptability.

Choose: Muscles.
Iroha: I could stand to gain some, yes...
Iroha: If you are convinced this is what I need, then that is what I shall do.

Choose: Stamina.
Iroha: That could indeed be the key.
Iroha: If you are convinced this is what I need, then that is what I shall do.

Choose: Adaptability.
Iroha: To be ready for any situation... I suppose using the same strategies over and over will only take me so far.
Iroha: I see. I will need to diversify my technique so that I can adapt to any occasion.
Continue 1
Iroha: Hmm...
Iroha: Something about training with you has stirred my heart in a mysterious way...
Iroha: It feels so familiar. Almost nostalgic.
Iroha: I must have undergone similar training like this once before.
Iroha's stomach suddenly growls loudly.
Iroha: Oh, heh... How embarrassing.
Iroha: I do get quite hungry after a training session. Ah, if only we had brought some rice balls...
Lyria: There you guys are!
Lyria: The villagers said you were both training in the forest, so we came here looking for you!
Vyrn: And I bet you're both all kinds of hungry after training, so we brought you some rice balls! Let's eat 'em together!
Iroha: Oh my! Such impeccable timing—I was just getting hungry!
Iroha: Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Shall we, (Captain)?
The captain nods eagerly, grabbing a rice ball before finding a shaded area beneath a tree to sit down.
A short meal break was just what the (Captain) needed.
Lyria: Nom, nom... This is really good, isn't it?
Iroha: It truly is! I must offer my compliments to the people of the village after this!
Vyrn: Haha! You'd better slow down, Lyria—you've got a whole bunch stuck on your face!
Lyria: O-oh no! Where is it?
(Captain) takes a handkerchief and wipes Lyria's mouth.
Iroha then notices something on (Captain)'s face.
Iroha: (Captain), you also have a bit of rice stuck on your face. Riiight... there. Got it!
After removing it from the captain's face, Iroha puts the grain of rice in her mouth.
  1. I'm not a kid, you know...
  2. Did you just...

Choose: I'm not a kid, you know...
Iroha: Oh! I am so sorry, (Captain). I assure you that was not my intention!
Iroha: Sometime long ago, someone close to me—perhaps my mother or father—once did the same for me as a child.
Iroha: Of course, doing something like that to a feathered skyfarer such as yourself was incredibly rude of me.

Choose: Did you just...
Iroha: Oh! I am so sorry, (Captain). It must have been an old habit of mine.
Iroha: Sometime long ago, someone close to me—perhaps my mother or father—once ate rice balls like this with me.
Iroha: And I think they once did the same thing to me as a child.
Iroha: There was something nostalgic about eating rice balls together like this... I suppose my hands just moved on their own.
Continue 2
Iroha: Either way, I did not mean to overstep my bounds.
Iroha laughs gently to herself before reminiscing over once forgotten memories.
Iroha: Eating like this... it seems to have awakened some more memories.
Iroha: Rice balls were my favorite food. My mother and father used to make Shogun rice balls for me.
Iroha: My mother would always say I would grow beautiful black hair by eating their seaweed wrappers.
Iroha: She would always make so much for me, telling me to eat my fill.
Lyria: Judging by your hair, you must've eaten quite a lot!
Vyrn: Yeah, all the other girls in the village were talkin' about your hair too!
Iroha: Thank you. Some say that a woman's hair is a representation of her life. Even before—
Iroha: ...
Lyria: Before? Did you remember something again?
Iroha: Yes, but... It is a bit blurry.
Iroha: It is a vague memory of being complimented for my dark hair. I think... I think I was just a young girl.
Iroha: And it is something that I have always treasured about myself.
Lyria: Wow... That's a pretty important memory, don't you think, (Captain)?
The captain nods in agreement at Lyria's words.
Iroha: Although it is not quite clear, I just know that this memory is an important one.
Iroha: Whoever it was that complimented me must have been someone very dear to my heart.
Iroha: I am sure it is the same person who taught me how to fight, and how to protect others.
Iroha: And I wanted to grow strong, so that I could protect him and the world that we lived in.
Iroha finishes her last rice ball and stands up, brushing her hands off.
Iroha: Now that our bellies are full, shall we resume our training?
Iroha: I feel quite invigorated from our meal, so do not expect me to hold back!
(Captain) finishes the last rice ball and stands up, ready for round two.
Once again the sounds of their blades can be heard echoing throughout the forest.

Tenacious Heart: Scene 3

In order to protect Diella Village from an incoming horde of Abyssean fiends, Iroha offers to hold them off by herself while (Captain) and the others return to alert the villagers. In the heat of battle, she remembers the words of her former master, vowing to continue protecting the people of her own world.

After a few days of training with (Captain), Iroha begins to get the hang of adaptive combat.
Iroha: (Pull back here, bait the attack, wait for the opening, and...)
Iroha: There!
Iroha: How was that, (Captain)? I feel like I was able to adapt quite smoothly there!
(Captain) agrees, noting how she has visibly improved since last time.
Iroha: It is an honor to receive your praise!
Iroha: And it is all thanks to you that I have been able to polish my technique like so.
Iroha: Training with you has helped me regain a feel for battle.
Iroha: You really do resemble that person in so many ways...
Suddenly, a loud rumbling can be heard in the distance.
Vyrn: Hey, uh... Any of you guys hear that?
Lyria: Yes... I think it's coming from deep within the forest...
Iroha: Not only that, it is moving toward the village. We should make haste.
(Captain) quickly nods in agreement before making way toward the sound.
Abyssean Horde: ...!
Vyrn: What the—where'd all those Abyssean fiends come from?
Lyria: A-are they heading for the village?
Lyria: Oh no... We need to let the villagers know right away!
Iroha: They are moving too quickly—we will need to slow them down and get ahead of them at the same time.
Iroha: (Captain)! I will handle the fiends—you make sure the village is safe!
Vyrn: No way! Are you seriously gonna handle 'em on your own?
Iroha: No need for worry, Vyrn. Thanks to (Captain), I know I will be able to take care of them.
Iroha: If we want to protect the village, you are going to have to trust me!
Iroha: And I can no longer run at full speed after our session, (Captain)... This is something that only you can do now!
Trusting in Iroha's confidence, (Captain) quickly departs for the village with Lyria and Vyrn.
Iroha: Okay... I must stall as many of them as I can, and keep them away from the village.
Abyssean Horde: ...!
Iroha: Now then... Whichever one of you fiends is ready to taste steely death, step right up!
Abyssean Horde: ...!
Iroha: This area should be okay for now, but I must not let my guard down.
Iroha carefully checks the surrounding area for any remaining fiends.
Iroha: Who goes there!
Mother: O-oh, you must be the newcomer to our village!
Mother: Oh, thank the heavens! Please save us!
Child: There were so many of them... We ran away!
Child: But we're too scared to return to the village alone like this.
Iroha: I see... It certainly would not be wise to tempt fate against such numbers.
Iroha: Follow me. I will get you back to the village safely, so—
Abyssean Fiend: ...!
Iroha: Watch out!
Iroha steps in to protect the two, but the Abyssean fiend has already approached its victims.
Iroha: (Ngh... If I swing my blade now, I risk attacking the mother and her child...)
Iroha: (But if I do not act quickly, then...)
Abyssean Fiend: ...!
Mother: Eeeep!
Iroha: (I will not make it in time... I really cannot protect anyone, can I?)
Expecting the worst, Iroha shuts her eyes.
In that moment, a familiar voice calls out to her.
Adventurer: ...
Iroha: Do not... give up...
Iroha: (I remember now... No matter how dire things look, never give up.)
Iroha: (A strict, yet kind instructor once etched those words into my heart...)
Iroha: (I may have lost my memories, but how could I forget something so important!)
Iroha: (How shameful... I still have so much to learn!)
Iroha: Worry not, Master. I shall not give up here—not now, not ever!
Iroha: Both of you, get down!
Iroha bursts into a sprint, weaving herself in between them before unleashing a series of blows.
Iroha: Amatsu: Hanadoki!
Iroha: Amatsu: Choun!
Iroha: Amatsu: Fuga!
The blades barely miss grazing the mother and child, taking out each of the Abyssean fiends with surgical accuracy.
Iroha: This fight is over—you are finished!
Iroha: Amatsu: Gachirin!
Abyssean Fiend: ...!
Mother: Oh, thank you so much!
Mother: I don't know what we would've done without you!
Child: Thank you, miss! You're super duper strong!
Iroha: O-oh no, not at all... I still have much to learn.
Iroha: But I am glad to see you both seem to be unscathed.
Iroha: I aimed for the fiends, but I would be mortified if my blade had even grazed you.
After making sure that the two were indeed unscathed, Iroha lets out a sigh of relief.
Vyrn: Hey! You okay?
Lyria: Did you get hurt?
Iroha: Ah, (Captain)! Lyria and Vyrn, too! I presume that the village is safe.
Vyrn: Yup! Charlotta and the others helped us put a stop to those fiends before anyone got hurt.
Lyria: We came back because we were worried for you, Iroha. So you're really okay?
Iroha: Indeed I am. And I was able to send back those Abyssean hordes as well.
Vyrn: That's awesome! We'd better head back to the village before they start poppin' up again!
Iroha: I could not agree more.
Iroha joins the others as they set out to return to the village.
She takes the opportunity to whisper something to (Captain).
Iroha: Thank you, (Captain). It was thanks to you that I was able to remember an important lesson.
Iroha: The spirit to never give up—no matter how the world may change, my heart must remain resilient.
Iroha: That means not giving up on the people of this village.
Iroha: And one day, when I return to the world where I once was, I will be strong enough to protect those dear to my heart.
Iroha: So in the meantime, will you join me for some more training sessions?
Always one ready to spar, (Captain) nods enthusiastically.
Iroha smiles warmly at the captain's response.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
(主人公)殿、共に鍛錬いたしませぬか? Shall we train, (Captain)?
ビィ殿の赤い体は、少し親近感を覚えます Something about Vyrn seems familiar...
私めも(主人公)殿のように強くならねば…… I must become strong, like (Captain)...
プリッシュ殿はいつでもハラペコでございますな Prishe always has food on her mind, doesn't she?
おにぎりとお茶で一服いたしましょう How does tea and rice balls sound?
リリゼット殿は華やかな雰囲気の方でございますな Lilisette is quite dazzling, don't you think?
危険には早々に対処せねば Let us take care of this at once.
我が力の限り、人々を守ってみせましょう I will do everything in my power to protect others!
ルリア殿にスィーツを分けていただきました! Lyria shared some of her sweets with me!
この地で出来そうな鍛錬の手法は…… I wonder if I could train here somehow too...