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Fate Episodes

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Sunflower in the Snow

(Captain) and company brave the frigid cold in search of a giant in the snowy mountains. All the while Miria—a pop idol from another world—plays blissfully in the snow. Miria volunteers to sing a song for the villagers who have been attacked by a giant. She requests that if the song goes well, (Captain) and the crew make snowmen and igloos together. (Captain) accepts the request and accepts Miria as the crew's newest member.

Miria—a star from another world—joins (Captain) and company in search of a giant in the snowy mountains.
But their search is turning out to be much more difficult than they had first anticipated.
In the midst of their hardship, only Miria's eyes can be seen sparkling with excitement.
Miria: Wow! This is amazing! It's like a winter wonderland!
Miria: Ahaha! The snow's so soft and fluffy! Kinda cold though!
Vyrn: Pant... Pant... How can you still jump around like that?
Vyrn: Huff... Wheeze... It's so cold. I feel like I'm gonna turn into a popsicle any second now.
Miria: Hehe! I'm an outdoorsy kinda person, so the cold doesn't bother me!
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze... Boy, I wish I had your stamina. Urgh.
Miria: Aww, don't be like that! C'mon, Vyrn-kun! You can do it!
Miria: Hmm, but now that you mention it, those villagers back there didn't look too perky either.
Vyrn: Guess that's what happens when you keep getting attacked by a giant. They might run out of food at this rate.
Lyria: Oh no, that would be awful!
Miria: Gotcha... Well, we better find that giant then! And fast!
Miria: We have to do our best to get everyone back to their old selves and put a smile on their faces!
Lyria: Hehe, you always know how to cheer someone up, Miria-chan.
Vyrn: She sure does! I'm feelin' better already.
Miria: Hehe, glad to hear it! I might be far away from home, but I'm still an idol!
Lyria: U-um, is an idol someone who cheers people up?
Miria: Yup! An idol's job is to bring smiles and joy to anyone and everyone!
Miria: So that's just what I'm gonna do! Tons of smiles, mountains of joy!
Vyrn: Whoa, I see. You sure are something, Miria.
Lyria: She really is! I'm surprised; I never realized being an idol was such a big deal.
Miria: I've still got a long way to go though. There are tons of idols way more amazing than me out there.
Miria: But I'm no pushover! I'm going to be even better than them one day!
Miria: And one day, I'm going to be the world's top idol!
Miria: If I can get back to my world, that is...
Miria: Sigh... How am I going to get back?
Lyria: Um, d-don't worry! There has to be a way! I'm sure everything will turn out fine.
Lyria: And once we're done with this job, we'll help you too!
Miria: R-really? You'd do that?
Lyria: Of course! We'd never abandon a friend in need!
Lyria: Right, (Captain)?
Miria: Hehe! Thanks everyone.
Miria: Let me help you out in exchange, (Captain)-san! It's the least I can do!
Miria: Now, what should I do first... Oh! I've got it!
Miria: How about I sing a little song for the villagers?
Miria: It might help put some spring back in everyone's step!
Vyrn: Heh, good idea! One song from you is sure to perk everyone up!
Miria: It's settled then! Look forward to the performance!
Lyria: I can't wait to hear you sing, Miria-chan!
Vyrn: All right! No time to lose then! Let's find this giant quick!
Vyrn: Wouldn't wanna miss out on Miria's song and all those villagers's smiles, now would we?
Miria: Yeah! Oh, and (Captain)-san...
Miria: If... if my performance goes well...
Miria: If I can cheer everyone up... I have a request.
Vyrn: Hm? What kinda request?
Miria: I want to make a great big snowman! All of us together!
Miria: Oh, oh! And an igloo too!
Vyrn: Heh, sounds like my kinda request! We'll be more than happy to do that! Right, (Captain)?
  1. We'll do it. Promise.
  2. We'll see how the song goes first.

Choose: We'll do it. Promise.
Miria: Oh, thank you, (Captain)-san!
Miria: Here, give me your little finger. Pinkie swear!

Choose: We'll see how the song goes first.
Miria: Don't worry, it'll be fine! I'm a star, remember? Singing's my specialty!
Miria: I'll make you jump for joy like you've never jumped before!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Yeah! And once this is all over, we're gonna make the biggest snowman you've ever seen!
Miria: Hehe. Thanks, guys!
Miria: All right! I'm going to give this everything I've got! That town is getting cheered up if it's the last thing I do!
Thus, (Captain) and company welcomed Miria as their newest crew member.
Miria continues to bring joy to the hearts of all those she meets.
Eventually this will even lead to the establishment of a sky-spanning Miria fanclub... But that's a story for another day.

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More Mature Than She Looks

(Captain) and company are caught in a blizzard and find that they have been separated from Miria. When the crew heads towards the sound of Miria's voice, they find a horde of monsters surrounding Miria and several animals clinging to her. (Captain) and company rush to save Miria and the animals from the monsters.

(Captain) and company are caught in a blizzard.
Once the storm subsides, they find that they have been separated from Miria.
Lyria: Miria-chan! Where are you?
Vyrn: Miria! If you can hear us, say something!
Vyrn: This is bad. There are monsters in these mountains. She's not going to last long out here by herself...
Lyria: Yeah... We need to find her soon.
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong, (Captain)? You hear something?
Miria: Hey!
Vyrn: H-hey, that voice!
Lyria: It sounds like Miria-chan!
Vyrn: I can hear it coming from over there!
Lyria: (Captain), quickly! We have to get over there!
Lyria: Pant... Pant... Miria-chan!
Miria: Lyria-chan!
Vyrn: Whoa! What the heck is this? There're monsters everywhere! She's completely surrounded!
Once in view the crew sees several animals desperately trying to cling to Miria for dear life.
Not only that but a swarm of vicious monsters has encircled them and is slowly drawing closer.
Lyria: Oh no! We have to help her!
Vyrn: Got that right!
Miria: Be careful not to hurt these animals next to me!
Miria: These poor little guys are being bullied by those mean monsters!
Lyria: Understood! Let's go, (Captain)!

More Mature Than She Looks: Scene 2

(Captain) and company succeed in driving away the monsters and approach Miria to see if she's all right. They find Miria and the animals cuddling in delight. Miria teaches Lyria how to pet the animals. Though Miria is younger than Lyria, her demeanor makes her seem like the older sister of the two. As Miria begins to talk about her family, the animals suddenly become alarmed by the arrival of more monsters. Miria jumps into action to protect them.

(Captain) and company succeed in driving away the monsters that surrounded Miria.
The crew approaches Miria to see if she's all right.
Boar: Grrrrr!
Squirrel: ...!
Rabbit: ...!
Lyria: Huh?
Miria: Hey now, be nice! No more cuddles if you don't listen!
At Miria's words the animals let out a sorrowful cry, drawing close to her as if in search of forgiveness.
Vyrn: Whoa, awesome! They calmed right down!
Miria: Lyria-chan! Everyone! I'm so glad you're all safe.
Vyrn: Hey, we should be saying the same to you!
Miria: Oopsies, sorry! Haha! I'm fine. Not a scratch on me! All thanks to you guys, of course!
Miria: Oh! And have you seen these fluffy-wuffy snuggle munchkins I found?
Boar: Snort!
Squirrel: ...!
The animals light up in delight as Miria pets them.
Vyrn: You sure are easygoing...
Vyrn: Hey, wait! There are monsters mixed in with the animals!
Miria: Haha! No worries! They're fine. Right, little guy?
Monster: Rawr!
Vyrn: You've gotta be kidding me.
Lyria: Haha, he sure looks like he's enjoying it.
Vyrn: Man, Miria's even more awesome than I thought.
Lyria: Ha... Haha... Yeah, but...
Vyrn: Hm? You okay, Lyria? What's with all the fidgeting?
Lyria: They're... they're just so fluffy and wuffy and snuggly! I want to pet them too!
Miria: Well then! Come on in and join the cuddly fun, Lyria-chan!
Lyria: Yay! I'm going to pet them like there's no tomorrow!
Lyria reaches out to one of the animals near Miria and strokes it.
Lyria: Wow! It's so soft! And warm too!
Lyria: Hehe! Come here, little guy! Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?
Boar: Grrrrrr!
Vyrn: Hm? Whoa, Lyria! Why's he growling at you?
Lyria: Oh! Wh-what's wrong?
Miria: Lyria-chan! You have to be more gentle when you pet them!
Miria: He's saying it hurts!
Lyria: Oh, I'm sorry...
Miria: Here. Pet him like this. Soft and gentle. Soft and gentle.
Lyria: Um... Like this?
Miria: No, no, no! Like this! Soft... and gentle.
Lyria: Hmm, l-like this?
Miria: Yeah! That's it!
Boar: Snort!
Miria: Ahaha! Does that feel good, little guy?
Miria: Look, Lyria-chan! He seems to be really enjoying it!
Lyria: Whew... Thank goodness.
Vyrn: Sigh... Y'know, this scene right here really makes Miria look like the older sister between the two of you.
Miria: Well, you just might be right!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Miria-chan, you're my big sister?
Vyrn: Uh, I don't think so.
Miria: Actually I really am a big sister! To a super adorable little sister!
Lyria: Wow! Really?
Miria: Yep! She was just born! She's so tiny, her hands are like itty-bitty maple leaves!
Miria: Aww, thinking about her is making me homesick... I hope she's doing okay.
Miria: I can't wait to get back and play with her again.
Lyria: Sniff... It sounds like she's really precious to you.
Miria: You bet! I love her just as much as my mom and dad!
Lyria: Aww, I can tell.
Miria: Hey, why the long face? Was it something I said?
Lyria: Well... it's just...
Boar: Grrrr!
Miria: Ah! Lyria-chan! He's mad at you again!
Lyria: Huh? B-but I didn't do anything!
Miria: What? Then why would he... Oh no!
Monsters: Grooar!
Miria: D-don't worry little guys! I'll protect you!
As she speaks, Miria steps in front of the animals as if to shield them.
Miria: If you want to get to them, you'll have to go through us!

More Mature Than She Looks: Scene 3

(Captain) and company drive away the monsters once again and get ready to leave the snowy mountain. But Lyria and Miria refuse to abandon the animals and decide to bring them to the safety of a nearby forest. After parting with the animals, Lyria asks Miria is she feels lonely in this foreign world. Miria replies with a cheerful smile that while it is indeed lonely, she knows in her heart that she'll be able to meet her producer and the others again one day if she sticks with (Captain) and company. The crew vows to never let that heartwarming smile down.

Miria, (Captain), and company succeed in driving away the monsters.
Vyrn: Well, we've found Miria. Guess we better get going, (Captain).
Vyrn: We don't know when the next blizzard might hit, not to mention the possibility of more monster attacks. We're sitting ducks here!
Lyria: But we can't just leave these animals to fend for themselves!
Miria: She's right! We can't abandon them! They saved me!
Vyrn: But we can't exactly sit here and do nothing either.
Miria: Oh, I've got it! Remember that deep forest we saw on the way up here? How about we head there?
Vyrn: Hey, good idea! It's definitely safer over there than it is here. It'll be a lot easier for them to hide from predators in a forest.
Lyria: That's perfect! Let's bring everyone there then!
Miria: Thanks!
Miria: Okay, time to go guys! Bye-bye!
Boar: Snort!
Squirrel: ...!
Rabbit: ...!
Lyria: Um, Miria-chan? One of them is following you.
Miria: Huh?
Rabbit: ...
Miria: Oh, he followed us! Hmm, what're we going to do, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hey! There's another one over there!
Lyria: I think that one might be the mother. She looks bigger.
Miria: Oh, you better go back to your mommy, little guy! Look, she's waiting for you!
Rabbit: ...!
Miria: No, you have to go home! Mommy's calling for you!
Rabbit: Squeak...
Miria: Hehe, bye-bye!
Vyrn: Whoa, he went back! They really do listen to you, Miria!
Miria: Hehe! Big sister power!
Lyria: Miria-chan? Can I ask you something?
Miria: Hm? What is it, Lyria-chan?
Lyria: Um... Have you felt lonely since leaving your world, Miria-chan?
Lyria: You're here all by yourself, separated from the people you care about...
Miria: Yeah, it's definitely lonely. I'm so far away from my mom and dad, and Producer too...
Lyria: Mhmm...
Miria: But it's all right! I've got you and everyone with me!
Lyria: R-really, Miria-chan?
Miria: And I have a feeling that if I stick with you guys, I'll be sure to meet Producer and the others again someday!
Miria: I guess (Captain)-san promising me had something to do with it too.
Miria: You said you'd get me back to my world, and I know you'll do just that! So I'm not worried one bit!
Vyrn: Heheh. You're really taking this well!
Lyria: Sniff... I'm so touched, Miria-chan!
Lyria: We'll find a way to get you back home no matter what! You can count on it!
Lyria: And until we can do that, you can think of us as your family!
Miria: Haha! Thanks, Lyria-chan!
Miria: I guess that makes me your big sister!
Miria: (Captain) can be the mom. And Vyrn can be... the pet?
Vyrn: Hey! Why am I the pet? I ain't no pet!
Miria: Hahaha!
Miria gives a hearty smile in front of (Captain) and company.
The crew looks on at Miria, her cheerful smile beaming warmly like a sunflower in full bloom. The crew vows to never let that heartwarming smile down.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
がんばろうね♪ We can do it!
みりあ、一緒だからね! We're all in this together!
(主人公)さん!褒めて褒めてー♪ Flatter me, (Captain)-san!
かわいい動物いないかなー? Any cute little animals around?
ウィンクあげよっか☆ Here's a wink, just for you!
(主人公)さん!手、繋いでいーい? (Captain)-san! Can I hold your hand?
一緒にあそぼーっ! Let's go have some fun!
かわいいダンスに歌、もっともっと練習しないと! Gotta practice more to be the cutest performer I can be!
ていやー☆ Hiya!
レッサーアライグマはいないかなー。 I wonder if there are any lesser raccoons around?