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The Most Important Day

Ilsa is taking a break from heading post-conflict operations in a city devastated by the Foe when she bumps into (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn. She invites them to a local joint to try parfaits. While enjoying the sweet treat, they hear the sound of wedding bells ringing in the air.

The members from the Society are successful in routing the Foe's assault at the border.
Even cities still scarred by the ravages of the assault are beginning to return to normal thanks to followup operations helmed by Ilsa.
Ilsa: This is Ilsa.
Ilsa: Yes, it's time to change the guard.
Ilsa: Roger that. Then I'll take my break now.
Ilsa: (Where can I relax... Wasn't there a nice-looking place in this vicinity that just re-opened?)
Ilsa: Mm? It's that crew...
Ilsa spots (Captain) and the others shopping.
Ilsa: (They're the ones that helped out during the assaults.)
Ilsa: (I should say something to them.)
Lyria: Whoa, look at this vegetable. It's such a cool shape.
Vyrn: No kidding! Wonder what it tastes like?
Ilsa: That vegetable is the specialty of this island. It has a soft sweetness, and if you stew it in milk, the flavor is absolutely sublime.
Vyrn: Really? Makes me wanna try it.
Vyrn: W-wait a minute!
Ilsa: You've just been rubber-stamped by this sorry excuse of a drill sergeant! Now grow up and act like professionals!
Ilsa: You're not even fit to be scum between a beggar's toes! Manure has more uses than you! I'd have been better off with a single drop of dark essence!
Ilsa: Consider this your reeducation! I'm the experience you hot-shot garbage fire rejects have been wishing for!
Vyrn: You're that scary lady from before!
Ilsa: I am. Have you come to get supplies for your next departure?
Lyria: Yes... That's right.
Vyrn: You want somethin'?
Ilsa: Your crew helped us during the assaults. I thought I would thank you somehow.
Lyria: Thank us?
Ilsa: Do you like sweets?
Ilsa: There's a store I've had my eye on. If you'd like, I'll treat you to something.
  1. We're in!
  2. Sorry, we're a bit busy...

Choose: We're in!
Ilsa: Glad to hear it. I'm not particularly interested in spending my break time alone.
Ilsa: The shop's this way. Follow me.
Lyria: Ilsa's, um, a pretty scary person. Should we really be going with her?
Vyrn: I hear ya, but it seems like she just wants to thank us.
Lyria: I guess so. Let's see what she wants, (Captain)!
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Choose: Sorry, we're a bit busy...
Ilsa: Ah. I see. You are in the middle of shopping.
Ilsa: I apologize for inconveniencing you. Please forget the invitation.
Ilsa: I'm accustomed to spending my breaks alone anyway.
Vyrn: I kinda feel bad for rejectin' her. Just look at how sad she looks with her back turned like that...
Lyria: Mmm... She really does. Maybe she really just wanted to have some sweets with us.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), we're setting out tomorrow, right? We've got time for a little break, don't we?
Lyria: Vyrn's right! I'll go get Ilsa!
Continue 1
(Captain) and the others follow Ilsa to a confectionary.
Upon entering the shop, everyone orders a parfait according to Ilsa's recommendation.
Ilsa: ...
Lyria: ...
Ilsa: What's wrong? Your ice cream's going to melt.
Lyria: Ah, nothing, nothing! I'll try it now!
Lyria: Nom...
Lyria: Wow, it tastes amazing!
Ilsa: Indeed. I passed by this place while on assignment. Thought I should try it. Glad it doesn't disappoint.
Ilsa: The cookies and cream ice cream is especially divine. I prefer things on the sweeter side, myself.
Vyrn: Cookies and cream? I bet that's delicious!
Lyria: Aww... That flavor wasn't in my parfait...
Ilsa: Care for a bite of mine?
Lyria: Oh, are you sure?
Ilsa: Indeed. (Captain), you should have a taste as well.
(Captain) and the others each take a spoonful of Ilsa's cookies and cream ice cream.
As the succulent, sweet flavor spreads across their palates, smiles spring across their faces.
Lyria: Thanks, Ilsa! You should try a bite of ours too!
Ilsa: Hehe. I won't refuse.
Vyrn: I gotta say I'm surprised. For somebody so scary, you can be awfully normal too.
Ilsa: Ah, none of you are my inexperienced cadets. There's no reason to shout at you.
Ilsa: I don't get angry because I like it.
Lyria: Sigh, that's a relief. Ilsa, you're actually a really calm person.
Ilsa: Well, no more than average.
Ilsa: By the way, it seems that you're acquaintances with Zeta and Vaseraga. How did you come to know two of our members?
Ilsa: I've read the files on you, so I know the gist, but I've never heard the story directly from them.
Vyrn: Ah, that makes sense. You must be a lot higher rank than those two, after all.
(Captain) and the others explain that they once joined Zeta and Vaseraga in taking down a primal beast.
They also explain that they're headed for Estalucia, and that they've already fought a number of other primals on their journey through the skydoms.
Ilsa: Intriguing. I've heard you were strong, but now I see that information is fact.
Any version of Zeta is a crew member

Ilsa: I agree with Zeta's decision to invite you to join us...
Vyrn: Hey... Maybe I need my ears cleaned, but I could swear the way you said that sounded like you want us to join the Society...
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No version of Zeta in crew

Ilsa: After seeing your work in the field, I've put in a good word for you to the brass in the Society...
Vyrn: Hey... Maybe I need my dragon senses checked, but this kinda feels like you dragged us here just to get us to join the Society.
Continue 2
Ilsa: Don't worry. I have no intention of forcing a crew of skyfarers to do something against their will.
Ilsa: But if it's possible, I would like to ask for your cooperation with a certain matter.
Vyrn: Hehe. We'll solve whatever problem you're facin', right, (Captain)?
Ilsa: Good. I'm glad to have made such reliable comrades.
Ilsa: Actually I'm interested in you, Vyrn.
Ilsa: A few days, during all the commotion, you were kidnapped by that group. Do you know why they were after you?
Vyrn: Nope. That's what I wanna ask myself.
Ilsa: Hmm... I was hoping you would have information on them, but if you don't know anything, I suppose that's that.
Lyria: Huh? What's that noise?
Lyria takes a look around to see several villagers stand up from their seats in jubilation.
Village Girl 1: Well, would ya listen to that! Somebody's getting married today!
Village Girl 2: It's been so long since we've heard those bells. How long ago was it, do ya think?
Village Girl 1: Ooo, let's go outside when the carriage passes by. It should go right past this store.
Village Girl 2: Yeah, we don't want to miss our chance to throw flower petals at them!
Excited for the coming ceremony, the villagers leave the shop.
Vyrn: They sure are pumped for this wedding. You think it's a famous person getting married?
Ilsa: That's certainly a possibility; but they're excited for a different reason.
Lyria: What reason could that be?
Ilsa: Well, until recently this city was a victim of the civil war.
Ilsa: A wedding is proof that things are starting to return to normal. It's a simple pleasure, to be sure, but a deep one nonetheless.
Vyrn: I get it. When you explain it that way, it makes a lotta sense.
Ilsa: I've gathered that it is the custom in this city for the bride and groom to be paraded around in a carriage before the ceremony.
Ilsa: Which is perfect timing for us. We should celebrate the ceremony too.
Lyria: Yay! That's a great idea! I can't wait to see it!
Ilsa: I love days like this...
Ilsa spoons another bite of parfait into her mouth and cracks a tiny, soft grin.

The Most Important Day: Scene 2

Ilsa is describing her perfect wedding to Lyria, when the carriage of the newly hitched couple passes in front of the cafe. However the scene is spoiled when monsters appear and attack the crowds.

With the sound of the wedding bells still ringing in the air, Ilsa narrows her eyes and peers out the window.
Ilsa: Sigh... I love magnificent ceremonies like this.
Vyrn: Scary lady like you loving weddings? Can't say I saw that coming.
Ilsa: That hurts. Hasn't everyone contemplated their own wedding at one point or another?
Lyria: I know I have! I would love to try on a really pretty dress.
Ilsa: Really now? What kind of wedding would you like, Lyria?
Lyria: Umm... I don't know how to answer that...
Lyria: A wedding seems more like a dream than something that could really happen to me...
Lyria: How about you, Ilsa?
Ilsa: Me? Good question.
Ilsa composes herself and begins to describe her perfect nuptial rite.
Ilsa: First the dress needs to be white. And it must include an elegant train.
Ilsa: The veil would be shoulder length. And I would wear an adorable silver tiara on my head.
Lyria: That sounds beautiful! I bet it would look perfect on you!
Ilsa: The venue would be decorated in white. And the pews would be adorned with pink flowers.
Ilsa: You would be able to see well-manicured trees outside the windows and a wide, blue sky above them.
Lyria: Just thinking about it makes me excited!
Ilsa: At the ceremony's start, I would enter the room through large doors, accompanied by a dulcet organ.
Ilsa: With all of my friends and family watching, I would exchange vows, then rings, and finally a kiss.
Lyria: Hehe. That kinda makes me blush.
Ilsa: After that, I would go outside while being showered in petals.
Ilsa: Then I would climb the stairs and toss my bouquet to see who's going to get married next. And finally I'll get whisked away while being celebrated by everyone.
Ilsa: That is my perfect wedding.
Vyrn: Y-you've thought about it a lot, huh? Crazy...
Village Girl 1: Ah! The carriage is coming!
Village Girl 2: Hurry, let's go!
Ilsa: Let's go outside too. We must wish them well.
Vyrn: Yeah! Come on, (Captain), Lyria!
They exit the shop to see a man in a suit passing out flower petals in a basket. They each take a handful.
As the carriage approaches, they throw the flower petals at the couple and raise their voices in glee.
Lyria: Yay, yay! Congratulations!
Vyrn: Congratulations, you two!
Ilsa: Congrats! We wish you the best!
Groom: Thank you! Thank you, everyone!
Ilsa: (Mm? That groom. I've seen him somewhere before.)
Ilsa: (I don't recall where. But I've definitely met him.)
Bride: ...!
The couple happily wave to the crowds as they continue down the street, but the carriage comes to an abrupt halt.
Bride: Eek!
Ilsa: Something's happened!
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Hey! Those are monsters! There's a bunch of 'em coming from that way!
What was a beautiful scene of celebration immediately turns into a confusing rampage as the panic-stricken crowds disperse in every direction.
Ilsa: Vyrn, Lyria, you two guide the people into the buildings.
Ilsa: (Captain), you and I are going to take care of these monsters.
(Captain) gives her a strong nod in response. The pair dash toward the rapidly approaching monster swarm.

The Most Important Day: Scene 3

Ilsa and the groom act together to save the bride from the clutches of a man who's been brainwashed by the Foe. Before they can reach him, however, he calls more monsters for backup.

Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa: (Monsters don't naturally swarm in numbers like this. It's clear someone has provoked them.)
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Groom: Aaah!
Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa: Are you injured?
Groom: N-no...
Groom: I'm all... Sergeant Ilsa?
Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa: (Now I remember. This man was a cadet who didn't have what it took to get through my training.)
Groom: It's been so long. I can't believe you're here in this city...
Ilsa: This isn't the time for pleasant chit-chat, Wet Noodle!
Groom: M-ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: Why are you over here whimpering like a damn puppy! Have you made sure your bride's safely evacuated?
Groom: She... She got taken in the chaos...
Ilsa: What! And you just looked on enviously as a monster stole her away—are you happy about that, maggot?
Groom: I was trying to hide from them...
Groom: Sergeant, please... Forget about me... Just save my wife!
Ilsa: What utter nonsense! This is why I started calling you Wet Noodle—because I swear your damn brains are made out of overcooked pasta!
Groom: Eeek!
Ilsa: Why did you decide to get married?
Ilsa: Did you or did you not vow to love each other through sickness and health? Until death do you part?
Groom: I... We did...
Ilsa: Then don't you dare go back on your word now.
Ilsa: You might be made from stupid flour, stretched by weak hands, and boiled too long in over-salted water—but even you promised to protect the woman you love, Noodle!
Ilsa: So don't you dare make the life of someone so important to you anybody else's responsibility!
Groom: B-but, we just had the ceremony, so I'm unarmed...
Ilsa: You've got fists! You've got teeth!
Ilsa: Buck up, Wet Noodle! Looks like we need to finish your training the old fashioned way! We're going in!
Groom: M-ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: Get ready!
Ilsa takes the groom through a swarm of monsters, kicking them aside as they run.
(Captain) senses Ilsa's intention and calls for Lyria and Vyrn to follow her.
Bride: Let me go! I hate you!
Kidnapper: There, there... Just get in the carriage...
Kidnapper: Huh?
Ilsa: That was a warning shot. The next one won't be. Free the woman now.
Groom: Th-that's right! Just let her go!
Bride: Hubby!
Bride: Aaah!
Kidnapper: It's useless to stop me now.
Kidnapper: She and I are going to run away together... It's what she wants, so we're going to go to a faraway island together.
Vyrn: What! You had another boyfriend?
Bride: No! I've never seen this man in my life!
Kidnapper: What're you saying? We've known each other for so long...
Bride: That's not true! You believe me, don't you, dear?
Groom: Huh? I...
Ilsa: Maggot! Do you remember anything I've taught you!
Ilsa: That expression! That tone! Eyes fluttering around like two stupid birds! Those are telltale signs of a lie!
Ilsa: And to top it all off, you don't believe what your wife is saying!
Groom: Y-you're right.
Groom: Hey, stop telling lies! You don't even like her! Let her go!
Kidnapper: It's not a lie... If it were, then why do I have this feeling...
Lyria: That person seems strange. He's talking kind of weird, but he seems sincere...
Ilsa: Hm. I think I know what's happened.
Ilsa: You. What's the girl's name?
Kidnapper: Her name? It was, uh...
Kidnapper: Well what's a name mean when you have love?
Ilsa: Humph. Seems like I was right.
Lyria: Did you figure something out?
Ilsa: Indeed. This man is a victim of the Foe's brainwashing.
Ilsa: Perhaps they did it to him to make a mess of the wedding.
Ilsa: It would lower the morale of the people and delay the city's revival by slipping things back into chaos.
Lyria: That's terrible!
Kidnapper: Umm... Are you people planning something?
Kidnapper: If you're going to try to stop me, I'll have to have you killed...
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Groom: Eeep!
Ilsa: The one who summoned those monsters was this man.
Ilsa: We'll finish talking later. Restrain that man and get him back to the Society.
Ilsa: (Captain), I'm going to need your assistance one more time.
  1. No problem!

Lyria: We won't forgive you for ruining a happy wedding!
Vyrn: First we gotta do somethin' about these monsters! Hop to it, (Captain)!
Groom: Sergeant Ilsa, what should I do?
Ilsa: I believe we were in the middle of your wedding celebration, weren't we?
Ilsa: Here's your orders. You find an opening and save your wife.
Groom: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: Understand? You don't let her suffer so much as a scratch. And don't you dare let her dress get dirty.
Ilsa: Even if you have to crawl through filth and mud to save her, you better rescue her in all her beauty!
Groom: Yes, ma'am!
Ilsa gives the man the thumbs up to start the operation, then kneels down, unholsters her gun, and sets her aim on the ferocious monsters.

The Most Important Day: Scene 4

The groom punches the brainwashed man in the face and saves his bride. Ilsa turns to Lyria and reveals that she wants nothing more than to be saved by a man she loves someday.

Monster: Gwaaar...
Kidnapper: ...
Vyrn: Looks like you're the only one left, pal! Hope you're ready to face the music!
  1. Because here comes the pain!

Choose: Because here comes the pain!
Ilsa: Wait!
Lyria: What's the matter?
Groom: Hiiiyaaa!
Kidnapper: Ugh...
Bride: Pant... I was so afraid...
Groom: You did well. Everything's okay now.
Bride: I don't want to leave your side ever again... I want to stay like this forever...
Groom: I promise I'll never let you go.
The pair meet eyes for a moment before intertwining in a loving embrace.
Vyrn: Heh-heh. Glad we were able to save the bride...
Kidnapper: No... Don't... take her...
The fallen man struggles to rise but manages to draw a knife from his pocket.
Bride: Aah!
Lyria: Oh no! Help her, (Captain)!
Kidnapper: Huh?
Ilsa: Haah!
Shooting the man's knife out of his hand with surgical precision, Ilsa rushes over and twists him onto the ground.
Ilsa: ...!
She then grips his neck, causing him to pass out in seconds.
Vyrn: Th-that's scary... You've got hand-to-hand combat down too, huh?
Ilsa: I'm charged with drilling the new recruits. This much is a cake walk.
Ilsa: This is Ilsa. Target apprehended. Requesting backup immediately.
Soon enough several members from the Society appear and take the man into custody.
Bride: Thank you for saving me. I'm not sure how I can ever repay you...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! Saving people is kinda what we do! Right, (Captain)?
Groom: Sergeant Ilsa, thank you for your advice. I'll never forget it.
Ilsa: Humph. Looks like you've finally grown a spine, Noodle.
Ilsa: Don't ever forget what that feels like. And make your wife happy.
Ilsa: If you ever go back to being a damn worm, I'll make sure your job is a post located six feet underground. Do you understand me?
Groom: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Bride: Um... Six feet underground?
Ilsa: Ah. It's a remark we make to our recruits.
Bride: I-I see. Heh-heh-heh...
Groom: I think that's it for us. We'll be going now.
Ilsa: Right. I wish you both the best.
Ilsa: Sigh...
Ilsa: I want to get married too...
Vyrn: You datin' anybody special right now?
Ilsa: Mm... I'm too busy with work. I don't have the time to find a boyfriend.
Vyrn: I mean, you are going around and tellin' people you'll put 'em in the dirt...
Ilsa: I don't say those things because I like to. I have to say them for training purposes.
Ilsa: But I have to admit there is a conflict between what I feel and what I have to do...
Lyria: I think you'll find a great guy some day, Ilsa.
Lyria: You're such a kind soul after all. Even the bride knew she was safe when you arrived.
Ilsa: No, that's not quite it.
Lyria: Huh? How do you figure?
Ilsa: If I were in her shoes, I would rather be saved by the love of my life over some stranger.
Ilsa: That would make the best day of my life all the better...
Vyrn: Ah... Now I get why you acted the way you did...
Ilsa: That bride managed to live out my dream...
Ilsa: But it's fine. I was able to watch it happen.
Ilsa: Ah. It's almost time to change the guard.
Ilsa: Thank you for coming to get ice cream with me. You helped me in more ways than you know. Thanks.
Vyrn: Our pleasure! Thanks for the parfait!
After a soft grin and a calm wave goodbye, Ilsa turns and begins briskly walking away.
A sigh escapes her lips, her thoughts consumed with visions of the happy couple's embrace.