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Riverside Joyride

(Captain) and company accept a mission to transport cargo through the mountains to a remote village. The trail is treacherous, made worse by a pack of monsters that ambush and surround the crew.

(Captain) and company arrive on an island and accept a mission in the town next to the docks.
They are to cross the mountains and deliver goods to a village on the other side of the island. It will take a few days to get there.
Lyria: This path is really steep, isn't it?
Jeanne d'Arc: The requester told me these roads were treacherous, but this is ridiculous.
Vyrn: Ain't a problem for me, but you guys look like you're havin' a rough time—
Camieux: Eeeep!
Camieux trips on a tree root as if to prove Vyrn's point. (Captain) lunges to steady her.
Camieux: Waaah! I'm sorry, (Captain)!
Camieux: Ooh, I was trying my best to be careful, but I'm such a clumsy-wumzy.
Izmir: We walked a good distance yesterday too. Your legs must be tired.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain), I know it may add on another day or two, but it might be safer to slow down.
Jeanne d'Arc: To undermine fatigue is to invite injury.
Jeanne d'Arc: Given the amount of cargo with us, we should observe safety above all else.
Lyria: I'm sorry for slowing you down, (Captain) and Jeanne.
Camieux: Ooh... I need to be stronger if I want to call myself a skyfarer.
The two girls look apologetic in their exhaustion.
(Captain) reassures them not to worry and orders the party to cut pace.
Izmir: This might be a good time for a break. Let me put some ice on your legs. That should help.
Camieux: Thank you, Izmir!
Camieux: But what about you? How will you ice your own legs? By dipping them in a river?
Izmir: I'm fine. A trail like this is easy for someone who used to live on a snowy mountain.
The crew continues to hike through the mountains while tending to the tired.
Jeanne d'Arc: Watch your footing, everyone. You don't want to fall into the river because of a misstep.
Camieux: Yipes! You'll get dragged away in an instant by that current!
Camieux: Gulp... And it's a sheer drop too... I won't look down, I won't look down!
(Captain) provides support for the tottering Lyria while encouraging Camieux.
Izmir: Speaking of rivers, I heard that the village we're going to is famous for its freshwater fish.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? You're a regular fountain of facts!
Izmir: I had a chat with the requester and picked up a tidbit in the process.
Vyrn: Okay, here's the plan. We get to the village, find that famous fish, and stuff our bellies with 'em!
Jeanne d'Arc: That is a splendid idea, Master Vyrn. It would be a well-earned reward—
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
Jeanne d'Arc: Shh! Everyone, stop!
Camieux: Wh-what?
Jeanne d'Arc: There are monsters up ahead. They have probably already sniffed us out.
Izmir: ...!
Jeanne d'Arc: Here they come! Ready your weapons!
The bushes rustle in response to Jeanne's call to arms.
Lyria: (Captain)!
A monster leaps from the thicket, its claws slamming down on (Captain)'s weapon with a terrifying screech.
As if on cue, other monsters stream out from their hiding spots and surround the crew.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain)! I'm going to create an opening! Follow behind me!
(Captain) gives a quick nod, but Jeanne has already turned to face the monster horde.

Riverside Joyride: Scene 2

The cargo is delivered to the village safely, and the village merchant insists that the crew spend the night free of charge. The next morning the village children lead the crew down to the river for a day of relaxing and rafting.

(Captain) and company successfully break through the monsters' siege.
They overcome the steep mountain road and two days later arrive at the village.
Vyrn: Phew... That takes care of the delivery. Now we can finally get down to some R & R!
Village Merchant: You actually got everything over the mountain! I owe you skyfarers so much.
Village Merchant: I'm sorry you had to come by foot, but an airship dock was never constructed on our side of the island.
Village Merchant: You all must be tired. You're more than welcome to stay here and rest your weary bodies.
The crew takes up the merchant's offer and prepares to spend the night.
They welcome the soft embrace of a warm bed not felt since leaving port. Tomorrow's sun rises all too quickly.
Lyria: Yawn...
Good morning, (Captain)...
Still shaking out the cobwebs, (Captain) and Lyria step into the inn's dining room.
Jeanne d'Arc: Good morning, Master Vyrn. (Captain), Lyria, did you two sleep well?
Lyria: Good morning, Jeanne!
Lyria: Hehe, I slept like a log.
Camieux: I'll never take my bed for granted ever again.
Crew members slowly trickle in for a late breakfast. They're not only met by food but two small voices.
Mischievous Boy: Hey, hey! What's up, skyfarers!
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh, who do we have here? Do you live here?
Bubbly Girl: Yep! Um, since you're skyfarers, that means you get to fly all over the place, right?
Mischievous Boy: Tell us a story! Pretty, pretty pleeease?
Vyrn: So you wanna know our exploits, eh? All right, let 'em have it, (Captain)!
Bubbly Girl: Yaaay! Thank you!
Bright, shining eyes grow wider and wider as they listen with rapt attention.
Mischievous Boy: Whoaaa... That. Is. Awesome!
Bubbly Girl: Thanks for telling us! Storytime is the best!
Lyria: We're glad you enjoyed it. Right, (Captain)?
Mischievous Boy: Come play with us! We'll show you a super-mega-cool place if you do!
Camieux: Um, super-mega-cool?
Mischievous Boy: Yeah!
While this exchange between the crew and the kids continues, the merchant joins in.
Village Merchant: Are you going to the river with the children?
Bubbly Girl: Noooo! Don't spoil it!
Village Merchant: Hoho, sorry, my dear.
Jeanne d'Arc: The river? Actually we did see a powerful river as we were coming here.
Izmir: Splashing around in those currents would be a fantastic thrill.
Village Merchant: Haha. Well, the section of the river behind the village is considerably calmer. The children play there all the time.
Jeanne d'Arc: I see. Indeed swift currents are not to be trifled with.
Bubbly Girl: Can we go and eat at the river with the skyfarers today, Father?
Village Merchant: Ah, I like that idea.
Village Merchant: What do you say? Does a riverside fish-a-cue wet your whistle?
Izmir: Fish-a-cue?
Mischievous Boy: We put fish and veggies on sticks and grill 'em next to the river! I'm great at poking that stuff!
Lyria: Wow! That sounds like fun!
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you need help getting things ready? You have already provided us with lodging... I would rather not trespass on your kindness any further.
Village Merchant: Heavens no, it's quite all right. It was a tough trek getting here. Please enjoy yourselves.
Bubbly Girl: Enough talking! Let's go swimming and grilling!
The children lead their skyfaring entourage to the river.
Camieux: Aaah... Cool and refreshing!
Lyria: It feels different from the sea... Maybe it's because of how the water flows?
Jeanne d'Arc: The riverbed is covered in pebbles, and it's actually pretty deep. Will we be okay if we fall in?
Mischievous Boy: Cannonball!
Camieux: Eeek!
Camieux: Hey! What's the big idea!
Mischievous Boy: Ahaha! Come on in!
Camieux: You asked for it!
Camieux begins her splash assault on the children while the other crew members chill in the water.
Izmir: It feels nice with the sun's rays shining down. What a wonderful place.
Jeanne d'Arc: Haha, I cannot think of a more enjoyable spot. It truly is super-mega-cool as they called it.
Mischievous Boy: Huh? Nah, the super-mega-cool part is something else!
Jeanne d'Arc: Some... thing?
Bubbly Girl: Yeah! There's rafts tied up ahead.
Mischievous Boy: You let it take you down the river! It's like you're flying. Whooosh!
Jeanne d'Arc: So the river current becomes stronger up ahead.
Jeanne d'Arc: That certainly sounds like rapids...
Camieux: Um, isn't that kind of dangerous?
Bubbly Girl: Nope! The river turns into a lake at the end. That's where we stop.
Mischievous Boy: You've gotta try it! C'mon, let's ride!
Izmir: I'm always up for a thrill. I'll have a go at it.
Bubbly Girl: Wheee! Take my hand, Miss Ice!
Camieux: I'm kind of scared, but I just have to suck it up! I'll prove I'm brave!
Camieux: Bring it on! No river's going to beat me!
Mischievous Boy: That's two! What about the rest of ya? Chicken?
Lyria: Um... (Captain)?
  1. I go with the flow!

Choose: I go with the flow!
Vyrn: Hah! Then I'm comin' too!
Mischievous Boy: Sweeet!
Jeanne d'Arc: Haha. If I were to refuse now, I would be abandoning my friends. I shall come too.
The votes are in and river rafting has won the day.

Riverside Joyride: Scene 3

Everyone takes a break from playing in the water to help set up the grill. The smell of the food draws the attention of monsters, and the crew will have to drive them off before they can eat.

Camieux: Waaaah!
Izmir: Teehee...
The crew and the children split up into multiple rafts and launch into the current.
Lyria: We're going so f-fast, (Captain)!
(Captain), eyes closed reflexively, clings to Lyria.
Vyrn and Jeanne hold on for dear life just behind them. The back of the raft dips close to the rocks on the riverbed.
Vyrn: Yikes! I'm slipping, I'm slipping! Grab me, Jeaaanne!
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh no! Hang on, Master Vyrn!
Mischievous Boy: Waahaha!
The powerful current gradually peters out, and the rafts drift gently into the calm waters of a lake.
Izmir: It seems our journey has come to an end. That was exhilarating.
Camieux: Sigh... My heart won't stop pounding...
Bubbly Girl: See? Fun, huh?
Lyria: I was worried at first but flying through the wind was such an amazing feeling!
Mischievous Boy: Um, you okay, lizard? You don't look so hot.
Vyrn: Ungh... Lizard... I ain't...
Jeanne d'Arc: Perhaps you should go lie down for a while?
Vyrn: Down...
Izmir: Can we do it again?
Bubbly Girl: You bet!
More fun ensues as everyone thoroughly enjoys their time at the river. Eventually the village merchant comes to get them.
Village Merchant: Hey, folks! It's time to get grilling!
Lyria: Be right there! Let's go, (Captain)!
The crew climbs out of the water and joins the merchant and his children to help set up the fish-a-cue.
Soon the air is filled with the enticing aroma of grilled fish and vegetables.
Vyrn: Aw yeah, my stomach smells what's cookin'!
Mischievous Boy: My tummy's gonna eat itself...
Jeanne d'Arc: Haha, I think this has been cooking for long enough. Be careful not to burn your tongues—
Camieux: Huh? Do you hear that?
Mountain Animal: Cuuue!
Lyria: Oh, an animal. I guess it was lured here by the smell?
Mountain Animals: Cue! Cue! Cuuue!
Vyrn: Oh snap! Did they all come from the mountain?
Izmir: I'm guessing it's not our company they seek.
Camieux: Well, it does smell delicious, so...
Jeanne d'Arc: While I do sympathize, if we allow them to join us, there won't even be crumbs left for us.
Jeanne d'Arc: It is unfortunate, but we must chase them away, (Captain).
Camieux: Shoo! Go back to the mountains!

Riverside Joyride: Scene 4

Later that night, Jeanne awakes from a nightmare wracked with guilt and decides to take a dip in the river. When (Captain) appears to investigate, Jeanne questions whether she is allowed to enjoy herself despite the tremendous revelation she bears. (Captain) reassures her that everyone needs to make time for themselves.

Vyrn: Humph. Done and done. They're heading home.
Jeanne d'Arc: What an unpleasant interruption. At least now we can return to our meal.
Izmir: Yes, before the food turns to charcoal.
Lyria: This is for you, (Captain). Piping hot fish, fresh off the grill!
(Captain)'s cheeks puff with freshwater goodness.
With their bellies full from the bountiful feast, (Captain) and company remain by the river until nightfall.
The crew members bid good night to the children, and they all return to their respective rooms for a quick trip to Sleepytown.
But one crewmate stirs late into the night.
Jeanne d'Arc: Ngh... Ugh...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
Jeanne d'Arc: Why today...
Jeanne lifts her head in the pitch-black room and wipes the sweat dripping from her brow.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: Night sweats are the worst. A dip in the river will do me good.
(Captain), who had been sound asleep, awakens to the dull thud of footsteps that seem to pierce the stillness of night.
Curious, the captain slips out of the covers to investigate.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: Hm? Is someone there?
(Captain) steps out into the open.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain)? I'm sorry if I woke you up.
Gran is the Main Character

Jeanne d'Arc: No, don't go. Did you come to see me because you were worried?
Jeanne d'Arc: Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat? I needed to freshen up.
(Captain) notices how pale Jeanne's face looks in the moonlight.
Unable to suppress concern, (Captain) gently probes Jeanne for more information.
Jeanne d'Arc: I... had a dream.
Jeanne d'Arc: People were yelling at me. Pointing fingers. Questioning if I understood the import of my mission.
Jeanne d'Arc: I spent today uncharacteristically enjoying myself without a care.
Jeanne d'Arc: And in doing so, wasn't I neglecting my duty? Such was the nature of that guilt-ridden dream.
Jeanne d'Arc: I am right to be scolded.
Jeanne d'Arc: Today I was not Jeanne d'Arc, keeper of the revelation.
Jeanne d'Arc: For a brief moment I think I had reverted back to being a simple country girl.
Jeanne d'Arc: That cannot happen, for I am not allowed to forget my duty to save the people...
Jeanne d'Arc: For I have been given a crucial mission...
(Captain) searches for the words to soothe a conflicted heart.
  1. But you are who you are, Jeanne.

Choose: But you are who you are, Jeanne.
The captain encourages Jeanne to take the time to enjoy life as it comes.
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you... think so?
Jeanne still seems lost. (Captain) grasps her chilly hand.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: Thank you, (Captain).
Jeanne d'Arc: Um...
Jeanne d'Arc: You don't mind staying for just a bit longer, do you?
(Captain) nods, and Jeanne is able to produce a meek smile.
She carries the enormous burden of saving the world on her shoulders.
Such a burden is enough to crush any and all who dare take up the cause, let alone this girl of pure heart.
But she is not alone. That solidarity is what gives her strength to face the future.