Scenario:Jessica - The Gunslinger's Swimwear

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The Gunslinger's Swimwear

(Captain) and company came to Yudhisthira Island. Jessica and the others were wearing swimsuits to help promote the Knickknack Shack’s new beachwear, but when a monster appeared, they headed into a cave to investigate. Having solved the problem, Jessica and the others advertised their new swimsuits as they enjoyed a well-earned break on the beach.

(Captain) and company came to the oceanic Yudhisthira Island in the Auguste Isles, looking for a little rest and a little fun.
Disembarking from the Grandcypher, our heroes heard Sierokarte had a request for them, so they paid her a visit at her shop.
Vyrn: So? You need us for something? We came here to have FUN, I’ll have you know!
Sierokarte: Yes, indeed! And I don’t plan on getting in the way of your fun!
Jessica: A request that doesn’t interrupt our fun...? Um... What might that be, exactly...?
Sierokarte: The truth is, you see. I’ve started selling a new line of swimsuits in my store.
Sierokarte: But you see... There are a lot of competing shops on this island, so I want to advertise in a unique and creative way...
Sierokarte told them that just hanging out in the swimsuits would be enough to advertise them.
The swimsuits would be their reward, so (Captain) and company accepted the request.
Jessica: Wh-what do you think...? Lyria...? (Captain)...? This is kinda embarrassing for me...
Sierokarte: Teehee! It looks great on you! Just as I expected!
Gran is the Main Character

Jessica: But... umm... Don’t you think this is a little... revealing...? It is, right, (Captain)?
  1. Looks easy to move in. I like it
  2. Looks cute. I like it

Choose: Looks easy to move in. I like it
Jessica: Nnn... It IS easy to move in, but I feel a little... embarrassed... to wear it in front of the men...
Jessica: Hey, don’t stare at me like that! Grrrr!
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Choose: Looks cute. I like it
Jessica: Oh, (Captain)... You flatter me... Huh? You’re being serious?
Jessica: Hehe... If that’s how you feel, (Captain), then I guess taking on this request was worth it after all.
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Djeeta is the Main Character

Jessica: But... umm... Don’t you think this is a little... revealing...? It is, right, (Captain)?
  1. Looks easy to move in. I like it
  2. Looks cute. I like it

Choose: Looks easy to move in. I like it
Jessica: You're right! Swimsuits certainly aren’t very restricting at all.
Jessica: And regular clothes would absorb too much water, so I couldn’t wear them into the ocean...
Jessica: Since we’re here, maybe being in a swimsuit would be more fun.
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Choose: Looks cute. I like it
Jessica: Oh my! Do you mean it, (Captain)?
Jessica: Hehe! Hearing that from a cutie like (Captain) makes me feel a little better...
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Vyrn: Alright! Let’s go play on the beach!
Lyria: Wow...! So this is the ocean! It’s so huge... and it’s sparkling...!
Jessica: What a deep, clear blue...! It’s beautiful...
Jessica: Now I understand why so many people come to this island just to see the ocean.
Vyrn: No wonder it’s called a “resort island!" There’s so many shops! The place is bustling!
Resort Guest: AAAAHHH! H-Help me!!!
Jessica: Was that a scream?! What’s going on...?!
Vyrn: Whaaat?! What’s a monster doing here, of all places?!
Jessica: Everyone! Stand back!!! I’ll shoot it down!
Jessica: Whew... Looks like that was the only monster. Is anyone hurt...?
Resort Guest: You saved me! I found a cave when I was out on a walk, so I went in, and that monster was in there...
Vyrn: I see... So it chased you all the way here.
Jessica: There might be more monsters in that cave. It’s not safe to overlook it. We should investigate.
Lyria: You're right! Let’s check out that cave!
Jessica: It’s quiet... Are there even any monsters in here...?
Lyria: Hm... I don’t sense any monster aura...
(Captain) and company were investigating the cave. Just then, they heard something resound from deep inside the cave.
Jessica: Was that a monster’s growl?! Maybe there’s a monster further inside... Let’s go see!
Monster: ... ...
Jessica: There IS a monster in here...! (Captain), let’s defeat it, quickly!
???: Waaait! Don’t attack it! You’ll hit meee!!!
Jessica: ...? Who’s there?! And... where are you...?
???: Grrr... I’m right here at your feet... I’m stuck under the monster!
Jessica: Oh my gosh! This is bad!!! W-We’ll pull you right out, okay? (Captain), please help me!
Jessica and (Captain) worked together to rescue the young man trapped underneath the monster.
Walder: I owe you one! When I found this monster, I decided to defeat it, but I had a little trouble dodging it when it collapsed...
Vyrn: What the... hey! Walder! What are YOU doing here?
Walder: Nnn... This island is too... busy, you know? So I was looking for someplace quiet, and then I found this cave.
Vyrn: Wow, dude... You sure hate cities, huh? So this island isn’t exactly your speed, either...
Walder: No, no, no! I’m not here because I hate cities. I was just... staking the place out, you know, as a Forest Ranger...
Walder: I’ve been through so much... I went deep inside this cave and came across a monster, so I ended up fighting it...
Jessica: Wow... That does sound terrible! So you’re the one who defeated the cave monster!
Walder: Heh heh heh... The great Walder could never turn a blind eye to a monster that could potentially...
Jessica: Whew! What a relief! Now everyone can safely play on the beach!
Walder: Hey! At least wait until I’m finished, would you?!?
Jessica: We still need to advertise these swimsuits, so let’s go back to the beach and have some fun. After all, we won’t get another chance like this!
Jessica: You’re coming too, right, Walder? It’d be a shame to waste your vacation holed up in a cave.
Walder: Heh heh heh... If you insist, then I suppose the great Walder could... Hey, wait!
Jessica: Hehe! Let’s race to see who can get back to the beach the fastest!
Lyria: Yay! I’m gonna win!
On the sparkling beach, (Captain) and friends found a moment of peace.
The short respite at Yudhisthira Island gave (Captain) and company the strength to continue their journey.