Scenario:Lancelot - The Loyal Knight's Resolve

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The Loyal Knight's Resolve

Lancelot takes some time away from the White Dragons to the see the world with the crew. He's still preoccupied with his inadequacies as a knight and decides to clear his mind by hunting some monsters.

Lancelot leaves the White Dragons temporarily to travel with (Captain) and the crew.
He agonizes over what he lacks in order to be a better knight.
(Captain) is concerned about Lancelot's state of mind and suggests that he sit out the next mission.
Lancelot: Thank you for looking out for me, but I insist on helping you with the request.
Lyria: Are you sure, Lancelot?
Lancelot: Yes. Seeing as you've invited me on board, (Captain), I'd like to do my share.
Lancelot: Besides, I'll end up with cabin fever if I don't get out and stretch my legs.
Lyria: Really? Well, okay, but don't push yourself too much.
Lancelot: Thank you, Lyria.
Lancelot: Now, we must dispatch those monsters laying waste to the farmlands. To battle!

The Loyal Knight's Resolve: Scene 2

Back on the Grandcypher, Vane visits Lancelot in his room, and they have an open discussion about Lancelot's worries. Thanks to Vane's forthrightness, Lancelot breaks out of his slump, and the crew turns back for the capital.

(Captain) and company complete the request and return to the airship.
Vane not in crew

Vane stops by to visit.
Vane: Hey, Lancey, are you in there?
Vane is a crew member

Lancelot: Yes, I'm here.
Vane's shoulders sag as he looks around the appalling mess of a room.
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Vane not in crew

Lancelot: Vane! What are you doing here?
Vane: Hehe, it's been so long that I just had to see your face again!
Vane's shoulders sag as he looks around the appalling mess of a room.
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Vane: Geez, I only took my eyes off you for a second...
Vane starts tidying up the clutter without waiting for Lancelot to respond.
Vane: There. At least I have somewhere to stand now.
Vane: I feel like tea. You want some, Lancey?
Lancelot: Sure, why not.
Lancelot: Heh, you always were a busybody.
Vane: Eh, you might have a point. Can't say I've noticed myself.
Lancelot: Thanks, Vane. I really mean that.
Vane: All right, I'll be in the kitchen.
Lancelot: (You've always been by my side for as long as I can remember.)
Vane returns to the room with steaming cups of tea and a plate of cookies.
Vane: Tea is served! Drink up!
Lancelot and Vane chat idly while sipping their tea.
Eventually there is a pause in their talk, and Vane's expression grows serious.
Vane: Lancey, what's bothering you?
Lancelot: Huh? What makes you say that?
Vane: You can't hide it from me! It's written all over your face!
Vane: Not to mention your room's a disaster area whenever you're bothered by something.
Lancelot: Ugh, am I that easy to read?
Vane: Hehe. Well, I'll leave the jokes at that.
Vane: So why don't you fill me in?
Vane: I probably won't have anything insightful to say, but maybe it'll make you feel better.
Lancelot accepts Vane's kind words.
Lancelot: Yeah, you do have a knack for looking at things impartially.
Lancelot: I've been thinking about what I lack as a knight.
Lancelot: What do you think a knight should protect?
Vane: Huh? Well. Let's see here...
Vane: What should a knight protect... protect... protect...
Vane desperately tries to come up with an answer to Lancelot's question.
Vane: Sorry, Lancey, but I'm stumped when it comes to tough stuff like this.
Vane: I just try to protect the ones I care about with my own two hands.
Vane: I mean, that's pretty much it. King Carl, our friends in the order, the citizens... I want to protect them all!
Lancelot: Heh, now that's a very Vane-like answer. I feel the same way you do.
Lancelot: But what if the citizens are unsatisfied with the king's rule? What then?
Lancelot: When the interests of the king and the people diverge, what is the role of a knight? What is my role?
Vane: Hmm, His Highness is a kind soul who always puts his people's needs first.
Vane: There must be a misunderstanding if the people aren't happy with a king like that.
Vane unfolds his arms and slaps his knee as if stumbling across a revelation.
Vane: That's it, Lancey! We can break that misunderstanding, one piece at a time!
Vane: Our country's full of good people. If we can just show them what the king is thinking, then I'm sure they'll come around!
Lancelot: ...!
Vane: After all it's part of our job to make sure everyone lives in peace and harmony, isn't it?
Vane: Now that's a goal worth fighting for. Right, Lancey?
A smile of satisfaction flashes across Vane's face.
Lancelot: Snort... Pfft... Fwahaha!
Vane: What? Was it something I said?
Lancelot: Sorry, I shouldn't have laughed. But you're right, Vane.
Lancelot: You're a true friend I can always rely on.
Vane: Lancey!
Lancelot: I feel a burden being lifted thanks to you.
Lancelot: Break time is over. Let's ask (Captain) to fly us back to the capital.
Vane: Nice! Now that's the Lancey I know!
The Grandcypher heads back to the capital at Lancelot's request.

The Loyal Knight's Resolve: Scene 3

Lancelot is about to go to the castle, but Siegfried wishes to know if Lancelot has found the answer he has been searching for. Siegfried challenges Lancelot to a duel in order to test Lancelot's convictions.

The Grandcypher arrives at the port of Feendrache.
Siegfried not in crew

Lancelot steps off the airship and is greeted by Siegfried.
Siegfried: So you came back, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Siegfried! Did you come here just for me?
Siegfried: Yes. The king is waiting for you.
Siegfried: But before that, there is something that I have to ask you.
Siegfried: Did you find an answer to what a knight should be?
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Siegfried is a crew member

Lancelot steps off the airship. Siegfried calls out to him before he can continue on to the castle.
Lancelot: What is it, Siegfried?
Siegfried: Did you find an answer to what a knight should be?
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Lancelot: Humph. You're always in tune with my anxieties.
Lancelot looks at Siegfried with an unshaken gaze.
Lancelot: I have my answer. I'm no longer lost.
Siegfried: Oh? And what is that, if I may ask?
Lancelot brings his fist to his chest.
Lancelot: A loyal subject doesn't blindly follow a king's decrees. Loyalty means correcting the king when he has been led down the wrong path.
Lancelot: A knight doesn't just protect the king from threats. He protects the will of a king who loves his country and is loved by his subjects.
Siegfried: Hmm...
Lancelot: I think that's how true chivalry can play a role in protecting the realm.
Siegfried: I see. That's a good answer.
Siegfried: But to achieve that will take strength wrought from steadfast determination that can withstand any danger.
Siegfried: Allow me to test your resolve, Lancelot. Show me your chivalry!
Lancelot: Siegfried...
Lancelot: Very well. I'll meet you head on!

The Loyal Knight's Resolve: Scene 4

After being recognized by Siegfried for his swordsmanship, Lancelot receives an apology from King Carl for his shortcomings. Lancelot renews his pledge of fealty to the king and Feendrache.

Siegfried: Hmm. I detect no hesitancy in your swordsmanship. You've come into your own, Lancelot.
Lancelot: There's still much I have to learn, but I won't be stopped anymore.
Lancelot, victorious over Siegfried, returns to the castle.
King Carl: Siegfried has told me of your troubles. I'm sorry about all of this.
King Carl: My weakness as a statesman has been a great burden on your shoulders.
Lancelot: That's not true, Your Highness!
Lancelot: My indecisive heart was a result of my inexperience as a knight and nothing more.
Lancelot: But knowing my own inadequacies is what drives me forward.
King Carl: I see. Lancelot, your king and your country need you. Please, we must place our faith in you.
Lancelot: I don't deserve such praise. I aim merely to serve the kingdom with loyal devotion.
Lancelot: Should I have doubts about Your Highness's judgment from this point on...
Lancelot: I will relay my opinions unflinchingly at the risk of insubordination.
King Carl: Hmm... That's a terrifying thought...
King Carl: Heh heh heh. Well, try to go easy on me.
Lancelot: Your Highness!
His torment dispelled, Lancelot has turned over a new leaf as a knight.
From this day forth he will be an ardent knight who defends his king and his country; his people and his friends.