Scenario:Levin Sisters - United We Stand

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United We Stand

With Yurius defeated, Mina, Mona, and Mena put the crew up for the night at their home. Mena's room is full of magical staves and swords despite her commitment to martial arts. She explains to Lyria how she tried to emulate her sisters' fighting styles before she found her own.

(Captain) and the others emerge victorious from their showdown with Yurius. Afterward they pay a visit to Mina, Mona, and Mena's house.
The Grandcypher is under repairs after the damage it suffered from the Celestial Eye, leaving the crew without a roof over their heads.
The sisters kindly offer to put the crew up for the night.
Mena: Oww... I'm all scratched up from those gross tentacles... It really smarts.
Mona: How 'bout a quick round of shock therapy?
Mina: Stop teasing her. Those wounds need treatment.
Mona: Yeees, Mina.
Vyrn: Haha! You'd never guess they were fighting for their lives just a little while ago!
Lyria: Yeah! I guess everyone can unwind a little now that things are settling down.
Lyria, Mena, and the others get ready for bed, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.
Lyria: Um... Where should we sleep?
Gran is the Main Character

Mena: You can sleep in my room, Lyria!
Mena: Sorry, but (Captain) and Vyrn, do you mind taking that couch over there?
Vyrn: Oh, as long as we've got a warm blanket, the two of us can bunk anywhere. Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Sorry for the bother, Mena, but thank you!
Mena: My room's this way. C'mon, follow me!
Mena grabs Lyria's hand and pulls her along to her room.
(Captain) trails along after them, carrying Lyria's bags.
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Djeeta is the Main Character

Mena: (Captain) and Lyria, you can sleep in my room!
Mena: Vyrn, you're basically just a big plushy, so you can come too!
Vyrn: Excuse you! I ain't no plushy! I'm a genuine dragon!
Lyria: Sorry for the bother, Mena, but thank you!
Mena: My room's this way. C'mon, follow me!
Mena grabs Lyria and (Captain) each by the hand and pulls them along to her room.

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Lyria: Wooow! Your room is full of swords and staves!
Lyria marvels over all the weapons decorating Mena's walls.
Lyria: Oh, but, Mena, I thought you specialized in martial arts?
Mena: Yep, now the only weapons I use are my own two trusty fists.
Mena: But before I chose that path, I was always practicing magic and swordplay, trying to copy my sisters.
Lyria: Oh, I see!
Lyria: So then what made you change directions?
Mena: Oh, well...
Mena: I didn't have the kind of polished sword technique that Mina does or Mona's talent for magic.
Mena: Mina suggested that my natural agility might be well-suited to martial arts, and that's how I wound up with the style I use now.
Lyria: Oh... So there's a perfect style for each person.
Mena: Mina told me a long time ago that even if I admire my sisters, I shouldn't try to be exactly like them.
Mena: We may be sisters, but it makes sense that we'd each have different strengths and preferences.
Mena: So I decided to become the strongest brawler in the family!
Mena: Not that there's much competition... since I'm the only one in the family.
Mona: Knock, knock! Blanket delivery for our guests!
Lyria: Thank you, Mona!
Mona: Sooo... what are we talking about? Thought I heard something about becoming the family's best brawler.
Mena: Lyria wanted to know why I decided to become a martial artist.
Mona: Oh, reminiscing about the past, are we?
Mona: She's calmed down a little lately, but she was pretty rowdy when she was younger. A regular handful.
Mona: Especially around the time she first joined the Sky Knights.
Mena: Mona! They don't need to hear about that!
Mena shoves her way between Mona and Lyria, red-faced.
Mona: Whyyy? It's a touching story chock-full of character development!
Mona: You guys wanna hear it, right?
Lyria: Yes! I'm really curious!
Mona: Then pop a squat, kids! It's story time!
Mena: Monaaa! Nooo!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn plunk down in front of Mona, ears pricked attentively.

United We Stand: Scene 2

Mona overhears Mena talking about the past. Mona tells Lyria and (Captain) the story of Mena's first Sky Knights assignment: to find a lost cat. Suffering from an inferiority complex due to her inability to use powerful magic like Mona, Mena wanders away from her partner and charges into a monster fight when she should retreat.

One day, long before rising up the ranks, Mena is tasked with one of her very first assignments with the Sky Knights.
She stands in the town outside the castle, her nervousness apparent to any onlooker.
Mena: (I feel like everyone's staring at me. It's this uniform, isn't it?)
Knight-in-Training: Looks like we're partners today, Mena. Good to be working with you!
Mena: Huh? What's up with that armor? I thought we were looking for a lost cat!
Knight-in-Training: What? They said today's mission would be kinda risky, so trainees should be sure to wear their armor. Didn't you hear?
Mena: What is this thing? A tiger?
Knight-in-Training: No, it's not the cat that's dangerous...
Monster: Groooar!
Mena: Whoa! What's that monster doing here?
Knight-in-Training: We're supposed to wear armor because monsters have been hanging around closer to the city lately!
Knight-in-Training: Damn... Over here, ugly! You'll never lay a claw on our citizens!
Monster: Graargh...
Mona: Phew...
Mona: That was close. Are the two of you all right?
Mena: Mona! What're you doing here?
Mona: I'm working, of course. Clearing out the monsters and trying to figure out what's been bringing them closer to town.
Knight-in-Training: I didn't know you were Mena's older sister! That lightning spell was very impressive!
Knight-in-Training: Mena, can you do spells like that too?
Mena: Huh? Uh... I...
Mena: A-hem!
Mena: I'm not much good with lightning magic, but I've got a lightning-quick right jab!
Mena raises her fists and begins to bob and weave, showing off her footwork as she shadowboxes.
Mena: Ha! Daah! Yah! Hah! Hyah!
Mena: Hiii-ya-ya-ya-yaaah!
Mena: Haha! Whaddya think of that!
Mona: ...
Knight-in-Training: ...
Mena: C'mon now... Don't leave a girl hangin'...
Mona: Mena, don't overextend yourself.
Knight-in-Training: That's right! Even if you can't use powerful magic, you can still look for a lost cat!
Mena: That's not as encouraging as you seem to think it is...
Mona: All right, I gotta get back to work. Those monsters aren't gonna hunt themselves.
Her favorite staff in hand, Mona heads out.
Mena: (Ugh... I'm so embarrassed...)
Mena: (I'm Mona's little sister... I oughta be just as good as she is!)
Mena can't help her frustration.
Though she resolved to follow her own path and focus on martial arts, her feelings of inferiority to her sisters have not been so quick to fade.
Mena searches all around town, questioning townsfolk for clues to the missing cat's whereabouts, but to no avail.
Mena: Sigh...
(I can't use magic worth a darn, and now I can't even find one little cat. Real hot stuff, Mena...)
Mena: Hm?
Mena: Wait... Where's my partner!
Mena: (Oh crud... I was so preoccupied I didn't even notice we got separated!)
Mena charges around at random, trying to find her lost partner.
Cat's Voice: Mrrrow...
Mena: Huh? Was that...
Cat: Mrrrow.
Mena: White fur with black paws... And its collar...
Mena: That's the one! I gotta grab it!
Cat: Rrreow!
Mena: Whoa! Easy!
Just as Mena is about to swoop up the cat, the feline springs out of range and makes its escape.
Mena: Hey! Come back!
Mena: Gasp!
Oh, crap!
Monster: Grrraaahhh!
Cat: Mrroow...
After leading Mena on a merry chase all the way into the woods outside town, the cat comes face-to-face with a monster and seems to rethink its life choices.
Mena: Haaah!
Mena: Phew... Gotcha at last...
With the cat safely in custody, Mena breathes a sigh of relief. Just then, a large shadow falls over them both.
Alpha Monster: Grrglgraaahhh!
Mena: Waaahhh! Don't tell me... that's an alpha monster!
Mena: (What do I do? I can handle the small fry, but I don't think I can take down a monster this size...)
Knight-in-Training: I didn't know you were Mena's older sister! That lightning spell was very impressive!
Knight-in-Training: Mena, can you do spells like that too?
Mena: That's right... I'm Mina and Mona's little sister!
Mena: You don't scare me, you big, ugly lug! I'll show you I'm just as strong as my sisters!
Mena: Haaahhh!
With sibling rivalry burning in her heart, Mena charges the monster.

United We Stand: Scene 3

Word of the missing Mena gets back to Mona, who reaches out to Mina for help finding her. They spot their youngest sister up a tree, surrounded by monsters. After a stern lecture about Mena's recklessness, the three sisters join forces to defeat the alpha monster who has been causing increased monster activity around the town.

Around that same time, Mina and Albert were secretly training in an out-of-the-way location.
Mina: Huff... Puff...
How was that, Sir Albert?
Albert: Huff...
It's slow going, but we're starting to move in sync.
Mina is a crew member

The two were trying to perfect a powerful combined attack using Mina's water magic and Albert's lightning.
Later it would come to be known as the Albert and Mona Special.
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Mina not in crew

Perhaps because of the kingdom's frequent lightning storms, many of the Sky Knights of Levin are proficient in lightning magic.
Fearing the hazards inherent when lightning meets water, many of Mina's fellow knights preferred to give her and her water magic a wide berth.
She trained in swordplay on her own, not wanting to cause her comrades any trouble.
Albert, however, saw the potential for a devastating technique and asked her to join him in devising one.
Mina's adulation for Albert, the man who strove to cultivate her potential, would come a little later.

Continue 1

Mona: Huff... puff...
Mina! I thought I'd find you here...
Mina: What's wrong, Mona? You're all winded.
Mona: Mena's missing. She was out on an assignment, but she got separated from her partner.
Mina: What!
Knight-in-Training: It's all my fault. I was so caught up in questioning witnesses...
Mona: Well... She's not a kid. I'm sure she'll find her way back by sundown...
Mona: But monsters have been venturing into town today. I couldn't stand it if anything happened to her...
Mona: I tipped off the other squads on monster patrol, but I'm still worried...
Mona: Mina, please, will you help me look for her?
Mina: ...
Albert: You're not going to go, Mina?
Mina: It sounds like there's already a search party on the case...
Like Mona, Mina can't help but worry about their younger sister. Of course she wants to join the search.
But she hesitates to throw away training time with Albert for personal reasons.
Albert: Mena is an important member of the Sky Knights. The order cannot afford to lose knights.
Albert: This is no time to hesitate. Let's go!
Mina: Thank you, sir!
Knight-in-Training: I'll show you where I last saw her. This way!
Monster Mob: Grrr!
Mena: Oh no... More of them just keep showing up... What am I gonna do?
Mena has taken refuge up a tree. The lost cat cradled in her arms, she looks down, trembling, at the ever-growing throng of monsters.
Mena: Eek! They're starting to climb the tree!
Mena: No! Stay down there! Get away, get away, get awaaay!
Mina: Mena! Is that you?
Mena: !
Mina: Haaahhh!
Mina: Any rabble who touch my sister will meet the business end of my blade!
Mina carves a path through the monsters, her expression every bit as fearsome as her sword.
Mona and the others are forced to follow at a considerable remove or risk being caught in the crossfire.
Mona: It's been a while since I saw Mina get serious... She's really amazing...
Albert: (I'm not even needed here...)
Monster: ...
The monsters are no match for Mina's fury, and at last even the ones gathered under Mena's tree are sent running.
Mina: Are you all right?
Mena: Y-yeah... Thank you, Mina...
Mena hands the cat down to Mina and slowly climbs down herself.
One might expect a joyful family reunion now that the youngest sister has been rescued from peril.
Mina: Mena! Atten-shun!
Mena: Yeek!
Mona: Ohhh, Meeena... You know what you've got coming, don't yooou?
Mena: Eeeyooow! Tha' hurss!
Albert: (Here we go again.)
Mina: Shame on you. Why didn't you call for backup?
Mina: You're so quick on your feet. You should have been able to retreat before so many of them converged on your position!
Mena: Because... You two are so strong...
Mena: I thought... Mona wouldn't have any trouble taking out these monsters... so I shouldn't either...
Mena: Oww! Ooowww! What'd I dooo?
Mona: "When trouble calls, three sisters answer." How many times do I have to tell you?
Mona: And even I retreat if I can tell I'm outclassed. You have to properly assess the threat at hand!
Mina: There's nothing wrong with looking up to us or striving to emulate us.
Mina: But not if that means putting your health and safety at risk.
Mina: If you keep working hard, you'll get stronger. You just have to be patient and not rush things.
Mena: I understand... I'm really sorry for worrying you.
Seeing Mena contritely bow her head, Albert smiles.
Albert: Heh... The apples from this particular tree didn't fall very far apart.
Mina: Sir Albert?
Albert: Mina also has a bad habit of trying to solve all her problems herself.
Mina: Wha!
Mena: Hm? What's wrong, Mina?
Mona: Yeah, what's wrong, Mina? Your face is bright red.
Mina: N-no it isn't! Shut up!
Albert: Pfft...
Albert: Well, we've recovered our missing knight. Time to head back.
Alpha Monster: Grrrgraaargghh!
As Albert and the others are about to head back, a gigantic monster appears.
Mona: What the heck is that! That thing is huge!
Mena: It's the alpha! Attacking it before is what brought all the other monsters out of the woodwork!
Mina: You attacked an alpha monster? Mena, how could you do something so reckless!
Albert: I'm afraid the sisterly lectures will have to wait.
Albert: If we take down the alpha, the monsters should stop congregating around the town.
Albert: Mena, you've found the source of the recent disturbance. Albeit by accident... but still. Well done.
Mena: Huh? All right! Sir Albert told me I did good!
Albert: I trust you understand, however, that I am not praising your rash actions?
Mena: Y-yes sir. I'm sorry.
Albert: I'll join you. Everyone, prepare to attack the alpha!
Mina: Understood!
Mina: Everyone ready?
Mona: Let's rip him a new one!
Mena: No one can stand against the three of us united! Prepare yourself, monster!

United We Stand: Scene 4

Lyria is touched by Mona's story of sisterly cooperation. Mona and Mena share how much they respect and rely on Mina. They are interrupted by Vyrn, who is desperately trying to escape Mina's recitation of "The 100 Virtues of Sir Albert."

Mona: Anywho, that's how the town's monster problem got sorted out, and the cat got saved.
Mona wraps up her little trip down memory lane.
Lyria: Wow! I'm so glad you all came out of it okay!
Mena: I did have a tendency to charge in without thinking in those days. Remembering it makes me cringe...
Mona: Yup. I think you've gotten a little more careful since.
Lyria: Mina mentioned your motto back at the castle when we were looking for Yurius.
Lyria: "When trouble calls, three sisters answer." What a great motto! What you can't do by yourselves, you can if you work together!
Mena: Riiight?
Mena: But you know, it was Mona and I who came up with that, to stop Mina from working herself to death trying to do everything on her own.
Mona: That's not quite right, Mena.
Mona: I came up with it to keep Mina from a workaholic's early grave, and you from leaping before you looked.
Mena: What! You did?
Mona: Mina needs your strength to hold her back, and you need hers to hold you back.
Mona: That's why we needed a three-sister rule.
Mena: It's so weird that we were both thinking along the same lines... But I guess you're right. I do need someone to haul back on the reins sometimes.
Mena: When I think back, you were always the one who kept the peace between the three of us, Mona.
Mona: You bet I did. It's not easy being the middle child, you know.
Lyria: Wow... You really had it tough, didn't you?
Mena: In fact... Don't you act more like the oldest than Mina does?
Mona: Hm... I've never really seen it that way.
Mona: When push comes to shove, Mina's always been there for us, don't you think?
Mena: Yeah... I could never compete with her when she gets serious.
Lyria: Hehehe... I guess she's not the oldest sister for nothing!
Mona: True.
Mena: I worry about her sometimes, but she's the most dependable older sister a girl could ask for!
Mona and Mena trade a smile, warmed by their mutual respect for their older sister.
Vyrn: Lyria, (Captain), heeelp!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Vyrn, what's the matter!
Mina: I see, I see! So you want to share the enlightenment with (Captain) and Lyria too!
The door bursts open to admit a flustered Vyrn with a fired-up Mina on his tail.
Lyria: Um... What enlightenment?
Mona: Oh, uh, Lyria? You don't wanna ask that.
Mena: Yeah... If she gets her paws on you right now, you're in for it.
Mina: Oh, Lyria, are you interested too? Well then sit right down next to Vyrn!
Mina: I'm about to recite The Virtues of Sir Albert: Number Twenty-One! How the leader of the Sky Knights treats his order like family!
Mina: Every day Sir Albert makes his rounds, greeting every single knight and checking how everyone's doing! He always has a kind word for anyone who isn't feeling well!
Mina: He'll always lend an ear to our problems, no matter how small, and devote himself wholeheartedly to helping us solve them!
Mina: He's so good and just. A perfect leader for an order of knights! Doesn't your heart just skip a beat at the thought of him!
Vyrn: I said I'd heard enough! Why won't you listen!
Mina: Don't be such a spoilsport. I haven't even gotten to the best of Sir Albert's virtues!
Lyria: I'm a little curious about those virtues...
Mena: Don't do it, Lyria. Last I heard, they went all the way up to a hundred.
Mina: How about this, then? The Virtues of Sir Albert: Number Eighty-One!
Mina: Our leader is a sensitive soul who loves to gaze out at the sunset!
Vyrn: I don't care!
Vyrn: I'm beggin' ya, put a cork in it!
Mena: Mm... It's no good. She's gone.
Mona: Hey, Mina? Let's calm down, okay?
Mina is incredibly serious about her responsibilities both as acting leader of the Sky Knights and as the eldest of her siblings.
While her single-minded devotion is something her sisters can always depend on, perhaps the purity of heart behind it is also why she often makes them worry...