Scenario:Lucio - Bringer of Dawn

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Bringer of Dawn

At a theater a young man calls out to (Captain) and claims to know the truth about the Crimson Horizon legend, but his handsome features get him tangled up in a fight. The young man later finds (Captain) on the Grandcypher, and through a memory explaining his goal to defend this world from the beasts of the Crimson Horizon, he convinces (Captain) to let him join the crew. He asks to be called Lucio, but will reveal nothing more about his true identity.

Performer: Ladies and gentlemen!
Silence please!
Performer: Thank you for joining us tonight to witness the reenactment of a bloodcurdling, yet true, tale.
Performer: The story of the bottom of the sky...
The Crimson Horizon!
Performer: Are you ready? Then I challenge you to watch until the very end without once covering your eyes!
Having heard excellent reviews, (Captain) and the crew visit a theater to watch a stage performance.
The play is a terrifying tale based on the legend of the bottom of the sky.
Lyria: Oh w-w-wow! That p-p-play was amazing!
Io: Humph! That show was for babies! I w-w-wasn't scared at all!
Vyrn: Whoa... I'm getting dizzy. Let go of me already.
Rackam: Oh, you're shakin' in your boots! I bet it was too much for you kids, huh?
Rackam: But come on... A world deep at the bottom of the sky? With monsters more terrible than anyone's ever seen?
Rackam: It's total fantasy.
Io: How can you say that? No one's ever come back from the bottom of the sky to say what it's like, have they?
Rackam: Then how'd you figure the place must be a monster-ridden nightmare?
Io: Oh!
Rackam: Besides, how do you think those monsters know everything that goes on in the sky realm?
Rackam: They prey on the wicked, trying to trick their way into our world.
Rackam: But it's all just a bedtime story for kids, you see.
Rackam: Do bad things and the monsters will come for you!
Io: Yikes...
???: But you don't know for sure that's all there is to it...
Rackam: Huh?
???: The legends of old have always been based on some truth.
???: It's simply that few people possess the power to peer into the mysteries of the future.
???: Their lifetimes are mere fragments of the grand tapestry, which lies beyond mortal comprehension.
???: So it is. And so it has been.
From the shadows of the theater, a young man walks slowly up to (Captain).
???: In days gone by, a tale of such gravity would never have been made up.
???: Such is the vast span of time that has passed since the beginning of the world.
With sorrow in his eyes, the young man extends his hand toward (Captain).
???: A great crisis is facing us all.
???: If you wish, I will tell you the truth about this world... (Captain).
Theatergoer: ...
Rich Lady: ...
A hush falls over the throng of people in the lobby.
Rackam: Uh... nice performance, kid! Are you one of the actors here?
Io: That was amazing! I thought the play had finished already!
???: The play? No, you misunderstand me.
???: Hey there! You!
Manager: You wanna be an actor, son? I could make you the star of my next show!
Rival Manager: Hey! Butt out, pal! I scouted this guy first. He's mine!
Manager: What?
Young Lady: What a handsome face! Please accept this flower as a symbol of our meeting like thi—
Young Lady: Aaah!
Rich Lady: No, no, you must take this piece of my handiwork instead. I insist.
Rich Lady: That silly girl must be out of her mind offering you a flower like that!
Young Lady: What did you say?
Vyrn: Oh boy, they're coming at him from all sides!
In a flash, a huge argument breaks out around the young man. (Captain) and the crew can only watch in silent awe.
???: Stop! Please!
Vyrn: Whoa! Don't tell me this guy is going to stop these folks all at once!
Rackam: Yeah, they're all fired up. They're not even listening now.
Io: No! Look! Everyone's so captivated by him that he's got all their attention.
Rackam: Huh? How?
???: My master told me something once...
???: He said I must bring peace and prosperity to this world.
???: So please. I implore you!
Managers: Oh...
???: You must not fight over me!
Ladies: Huh?
Silence reigns once more in the room, but only for a moment.
Manager: Take that!
Rival Manager: Then take this!
Rich Lady: You little—
Young Lady: Aaah! How dare you!
Ignoring the young man's plea, everyone begins fighting again.
Vyrn: Oh boy... What's wrong with these people?
Rackam: Come on! We're leaving! Let's go, kiddos!
Io: Now? But what about all these people fighting?
Rackam: Leave 'em to it. Nothing good's gonna come from getting involved.
Rackam: And, besides, there's something about that guy I don't like.
Io: Really? He sure seemed nice to me...
Rackam: Yeah, yeah, yeah! You kids wanna think everyone's your friend...
Rackam: Now let's scoot out of here! Before we get hit by a stray punch...
Io: Oh! Wait for me! Hey!
At that moment, the young man's voice can be heard clearly above the din of the crowd.
???: Wait! There's something you have to know!
???: I must tell you the truth about the Crimson Horizon!
Vyrn: Huh? What's the matter, (Captain)?
(Captain) turns to look back at the young man.
But the theater's security arrives and surrounds the brawling crowd. The young man vanishes from sight.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), you know what? Something keeps bothering me...
Vyrn: How come that guy Spangles knew your name?
Lyria: Gosh, you're right! That's sort of strange.
Rackam: Come on, it's not such a stretch.
Rackam: After all our struggles with the Empire, we're a pretty well-known crew now.
Rackam: It's not too hard to imagine that some people might know our captain by name.
Vyrn: Maybe... But it's still weird the way he walked up to (Captain) like that.
Vyrn: And then the bickering started before he had a chance to finish what he was saying.
Io: I wonder what he was trying to tell you, (Captain)...
Io: Maybe it was something super important.
Rackam: Yeah. Maybe something like asking to join our crew, right?
???: Indeed, that's an interesting idea!
Vyrn: Huh? It's you! What are you doing here, Spangles?
???: What am I doing here? You mean, why have I come?
???: To finish giving (Captain) my message, of course.
Rackam: No, we mean how the heck did you get here!
Rackam: You just stay right where you are, buddy!
Rackam: What makes you think you can just breeze in after all that craziness before, huh? Just who are you anyway? Answer me!
After a brief pause, the young man lets out a heavy sigh.
???: I didn't expect it would be so hard to get to talk to you, (Captain)...
Rackam: Hey! What'd you say?
The young man murmurs, and the world starts to warp strangely before (Captain)'s eyes.
???: There's no cause for alarm. What you are about to see is a scene from my memory...
???: Of how the world looked at the very start.
(Captain)'s eyes flutter open.
A sea of clouds covers the world.
???: In the beginning there was only the void.
???: But after an immeasurable amount of time, a being of great power arrived.
???: And life blossomed on the land that this great being created.
???: This, (Captain), was the dawn of the world.
???: It was yet undivided. And there was an era of great happiness.
???: But then the gods rent the great being in two. One half fled this world, and at the bottom of the sky the Crimson Horizon was cast open.
???: The Crimson Horizon.
Another plane. The source of chaos in all its many forms.
???: And once the otherworldly beings of that plane began to plot against the sky realm, a gate began to open as well.
He points to a parting in the sea of clouds through which an ominous-looking tower slowly comes into view.
???: It was called... Pandemonium.
???: The Astrals, who came from beyond the stars to rule this world, disposed of it.
???: First they used the power of the gods to seal the terrible beasts inside it. Then they buried it all at the bottom of the sky.
???: But little by little, the otherworldly beings, with their sights set on power, began to breed...
???: ...!
???: And after ages of imprisonment in the Crimson Horizon on the edge of this rift in the sky...
???: They've spilled out of Pandemonium into the sky realm, having amassed unimaginable power.
???: That is why I've come to this world. To give you this message.
???: Will you help me, (Captain)? Will you lend your strength to the battle against these terrible fiends?
  1. All right. I'll do all I can.
  2. Just what are you exactly?

Choose: All right. I'll do all I can.
His tale is full of unanswered questions and powers unthinkable...
But (Captain) knows deep down inside that it's the truth, and there's no avoiding the fight ahead.
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Choose: Just what are you exactly?
???: You want to know more about me, do you? I'm afraid the time is not yet right...
???: Even if I were to tell you now, it would slip from your memory without a trace.
???: One day when you've surpassed the skies... When you've ventured beyond the stars...
???: Then I will tell you my real name.
???: Will you accept this answer for now?
His tale is full of unanswered questions and powers unthinkable...
But (Captain) knows deep down inside that it's the truth, and there's no avoiding the fight ahead.
Continue 1
???: Thank you, (Captain). For believing in me...
???: It is still some time into the future that these otherworldly beings will make their move.
???: But there is much I must learn about your world before that time comes.
???: So please, (Captain), allow me to join your crew of skyfarers.
(Captain) blinks and looks around to see the deck of the Grandcypher.
The young man is laughing and chatting with Rackam and the others, as if none of the visions were real.
???: Well, thanks to (Captain)'s magnanimous nature, I'm delighted to be able to say that I'll be joining you.
Rackam: Sure! Welcome aboard, my friend!
Io: With a former actor joining the ranks, we've gotten a pretty flashy lineup now, huh?
Vyrn: Hey. What's wrong, (Captain)? You look confused.
Vyrn: Something bothering you?
(Captain) asks the young man what they should call him now that he's a member of the crew.
???: Ah, yes... I should have introduced myself properly before.
Lucio: Please call me... Lucio.
And so Lucio, a former actor perhaps, joins the crew to better understand people and learn about the world in turn...
Radiating brilliance yet shrouded in mystery, like a faraway star in the night sky.