Scenario:Metera - On the Prowl for a Hottie

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On the Prowl for a Hottie

Metera visits Korwa at her house to invite her to a mixer. However, the roles are reversed as the latter ends up asking the former to model for an upcoming fashion show. Unable to refuse the request, Metera becomes a student at a modeling academy.

With the holiday season approaching, Metera takes to the streets in hopes of landing herself an alpha male.
Metera: Hm... Why is it so hard to find a man who'll take me by the arm and knock me off my feet?
Every chap who crosses her path is taken by the lovely scent she leaves behind.
Passerby: (Hot damn, talk about a mega-hottie! I'm gonna go chat her up!)
Passerby: Hey, miss? Any chance you'd be up for—
Metera: Sorry, busy here.
Passerby: Yeah? When do you think you'll be free?
Metera: Do I really have to spell it out?
Passerby: Uh-huh! Lemme know!
Metera: Don't get in the way of a gal who's occupied, you hopeless dimwit. You can go away now, Mr. Baldy.
Passerby: Wha...
Metera: Oorrr... would you prefer I put a hole through your noodle?
Passerby: Aiiie! I-I'm so sorry!
One look at Metera's wicked smile as she nocks an arrow is all it takes for the passerby to run off in a panic.
Metera: Sigh... It's just one loser after another. Why's it so hard to find the right guy?
Metera: Hm?
Metera's attention turns to the dress at the storefront.
Metera: Wait, didn't Korwa design that one?
Metera: Ah, I've got the perfect idea!
Having come to some sort of epiphany, Metera takes flight and soars off into the skies.
Some time later she arrives in front of a building and knocks on the door.
???: Be right with you!
Metera: Heya! How's everything going, Korwa?
Korwa: What the... Metera?
Metera: Hehe... I just had to see you. Is this a bad time?
Korwa: Nuh-uh, not at all! Come on in!
Korwa perks up at Metera's surprise visit and takes a break from her work.
The two shoot the breeze over tea, catching up on everything that's happened since they last met.
No version of Korwa in crew

Korwa is a dress designer and a close friend of Metera's.
Though the pair don't get to meet very often, Metera shows up at her atelier every now and then to say hello.
Korwa: It's been a while. How've you been?
Metera: Good, good. How are things with you?
Korwa: Busy with work as always. Not much has changed really.
Metera: Yeah? So that means you haven't found yourself a "happy" partner yet?
Korwa: Hm?
Metera: I was just thinking... you, me, and one other girl ought to get together...
Metera: And string along three hot guys for a group date before the holidays start.
Korwa: Ooh, I like the sound of that! Definitely count me in!
Korwa: At least that's what I'd like to say. Thing is, the deadline's looming for a dress that'll be exhibited at an upcoming holiday fashion show...
Metera: Oh yeah? No worries.
Metera: I wouldn't wanna get in the way of a working girl anyway!
Korwa: Aw, don't say that! I'm super pumped that you even thought to invite me!
Metera: Hehe... Thanks anyhow. Let's go drinking again sometime when things cool down for both of us!
Metera: Well, guess I'll be going then!
Korwa: Ah, wait up.
Metera: Hm? What is it?
Korwa takes on a serious tone, stopping Metera in her tracks.
Korwa: Metera, would you be interested in posing as a model?
Metera: A model? Me?
Korwa: Mm-hm! I need a model to showcase the centerpiece of my holiday dress collection!
Korwa: I couldn't find anyone suitable, but look at you! I think you'd be perfect!
Metera: Mm... I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I'm not sure I wanna go through the hassle. I think I'll pass.
Korwa: Ahaha, I thought you'd say that. But consider all the attention you'll get if you go up on stage!
Korwa: Who knows, you might even score yourself a total hunk! C'mon, whaddya say?
Metera: That's a really good point you bring up...
Korwa: Right? So you'll do it then?
Korwa: Because you absolutely have the perfect figure for the dress I have in mind! Ah, I couldn't be happier!
Metera: Hey, wait! I haven't exactly made up my mind yet!
As if brushing off Metera's hesitation, Korwa hands her a folder that holds a memo and documents.
Korwa: You'll want to go here ASAP!
Metera: Huh?
Still not quite sure what has just happened, Metera gives in to the fashion designer's persistence and makes for the building specified in the documents.
Metera steps inside the structure to find a class in session.
Instructor: Imagine a line drawn on the ground and walk it!
Student 1: Yes, Teach!
Instructor: Hey! Keep those heads up! Eyes up front, chins in!
Student 2: Got it, Teach!
Instructor: Is it so hard to walk the walk?
Instructor: Ugh, at this rate you won't even make it as third-rate models!
Metera stands dumbfounded at the sight before her.
Metera: What have I just walked into...
Instructor: Hm? A new applicant, I take it?
Metera: Erm... I think I came to the wrong place...
Instructor: Nuh-uh, that application form's for my lessons. Give it here.
Metera: Whoa, wait up!
The instructor forcefully grabs the folder from Metera.
Instructor: So your name's Metera, I see...
Instructor: Oh my! You've got a recommendation from the illustrious fashion designer Korwa!
The mere mention of that name sends the room into an excited frenzy.
Student 1: You hear that? Korwa's backin' her!
Student 2: She must really be something!
Metera: Huh? Me? I'm just...
A crowd begins to form around Metera as word of the recommendation spreads.
Student 1: Hey! So, um, what's Korwa to you?
Student 2: You're a model too?
Instructor: Quiet, please! Return to your practice!
The instructor orders the students to break off and resume their routine.
Instructor: Metera, right? I get the feeling you're not really sure what you've gotten yourself into.
Instructor: So what it'll be? Are you in or out?
The instructor's provoking gaze sets off a jolt of determination in Metera.
Metera: Ugh, you people drive me nuts! Fine, fine! I'll do it!
Instructor: Great! That look in your eyes reminds me of myself back in the day.
Instructor: Leave it to me to turn you into a first-rate model!
Instructor: Hehehe... You'd better be ready for what's coming, 'cuz I won't be going easy on you!
Seeing the potential that Metera holds, the instructor is all worked up.
Metera: Sigh... How did this even happen...
Metera: This suuucks!
As much as she spurns the idea, Metera is now a student at the modeling academy.